Off Topic: What Do You Collect?

Off Topic: What Do You Collect?

Some of you collect video games, obviously! Some of you might collect amiibo. What else do you find yourself collecting?

Me? I find I don’t have too much money to splurge on things for the sake of it.


I tend to collect manga volumes. Which is an expensive business, especially here in Australia. The ones I’ve collected in the past include…

— Naruto
— Pluto
— Slam Dunk
— Vagabond

Vagabond has been an especially expensive endeavour, but worth it considering it’s probably my favourite manga of all time. It’s still ongoing, so God knows how much I’ll be spending on that. I’m still missing a few Slam Dunk volumes, but those can also be hard to find.

What do you guys and girls collect?


  • Every year I change what I collect. Last year I was big on vinyl and anime figures.
    This year it seems I’m starting to collect Weiss Shwarz cards. No idea how to play, but they’re so cute.

  • I used to collect LEGO (I have well over 100 sets including Star Wars UCS stuff), comics (mainly graphic novels), figurines (name the Spawn figurine and I probably own it), games (I lost count), records, watches (enough to wear a different one each week of the year)…

    But then I realised that they’re just things that tie you down. So I stopped and I feel much better.

    • I stopped collecting everything for a while & had no other hobbies so got bored.

      Decided to just narrow it down to things I really respect & that I personally consider art.

      No spending hundreds on rare collection crap, no more random posters & stickers & pap.

  • Art books are my main non-game vice. They cost a lot of money, take up a lot of space, and it’s easier and cheaper to look at images on a screen, but there’s something about a big tome full of printed art that makes me happy.

  • I used to collect hot wheels cars. All still in box, mounted on pinboardd in my room.

    Now I have a small collection of back to the future deloreans, with my favorite ones being the sunstar 1:18 scale ones. I’ve got a signed one by Christopher Lloyd. Still waiting on the Ep2 sunstar one to complete that collection.

    I also collect some movie figures. Nothing special, usually just the stuff given free with special editions.

    I also have a few manga volumes

  • I collect usb sticks and then lose them. My favourite is a 8gb one I keep on my keyring with a working offline copy of the spacejam website.

  • Still got a couple shoe boxes full of basketball cards I used to collect back in the golden era of early to mid 90’s. Have to be worth at least $85 now…

  • Gundam master grade, old power rangers robots and a few comic and manga series that I follow (a few is an understatement, my manga shelves are taller than I am and span the length of the loungeroom).

  • Don’t really collect much these days, but went through a couple of periods collecting twisty puzzles (Rubik’s cube-style puzzles); I stopped when I realised I was contemplating a $120 Teraminx which I’d only bother to solve once. The bigger puzzles tended to be more of a chore than anything else, anything beyond a 5×5 provides nothing new. Even my Gigaminx was just a 5×5 with more faces (and solving it involved about 30 minutes straight of matching edge pieces), and my 7×7 cube is just a 5×5 with more busywork. I thought a gear cube would be interesting, but it can be solved with the application of two moves repeated. The Gear cube “extreme” probably provides the most challenge of those I’ve solved… That said, I’ve still got a few I’ve given up on solving altogether – the Square-One still does my head in.

    Also kinda collected fountain pens for a little while, but as a side effect of trying to find one I liked the feel of. I’ve got about twenty now, plus a few dip pens, but only four see regular use.

  • Somewhat related note: I managed to track down the Playboy of my month/year of birth. It was interesting to note that there was about 5 pages of ladies, 100 pages of ads and 50 pages of articles. So it’s true what they say, people really did buy them to read the articles.

    • I picked up a stack of vintage Playboys at a flea market in great condition and yes, people are shocked at how little titillation there was. Even the handful of pages with nudity aren’t even that explicit. Also, it shocked be how many editorials and interviews they squeezed into a monthly magazine.

  • Forever missing volume 3 of evangelion now that the aus publisher has gone belly up T__T (I can accept having a viz one for the final volume, but… not one in the middle! bouhouhou)

  • Games, basically. Still have pretty much all the old ones I had as a kid, and their respective systems – all hooked up and playable. I have a decent collection of art books too. Oh, and Amiibos. I hate that I want them all.

    For anyone curious, these are all my physical games and the systems I have (besides my handhelds, which includes a clear Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Advance Micro, 3DS, New 3DS XL Majora’s Mask Edition). The games that have since been added to my collection are Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Majora’s Mask 3D, Metroid (NES), Kirby’s Adventure (NES), and Zelda II (NES).

    The pictures don’t show the game labels real well because photobucket doesn’t completely full-size them, but you can if you save them first, then full size them.

  • I collect Nendoroid figures. As of last month I had 198. This month’s preorders will take me to 200 (and that’s not counting a few doubles I have, or the around 50 or so I have from the smaller-sized Nendoroid Petit range).

    Also have a fair collection of scale figures, though lack of space and cost ended up pushing me away from getting them as often and most of my collection is in storage. Nendoroid stuff was just more efficient to buy, can get 3-5 for the same price and they’ll take less shelf space as one larger scale figure.

    Have a fairly decent artbook collection. Pretty large collection of games from PS2, PS3 and 360 though I’ve moved away from buying physical copies of games for the newer systems.

    Had a largeish collection of Anime DVDs but stopped buying as often when everything moved to HD, since anime lagged behind on Bluray adoption for a long time. Nowadays I tend to just get the highlights. Probably the high point of that collection is the entirety of the Japanese “Ghibli ga Ippai” Bluray releases, Lupin III through Princess Kaguya.

    Have the beginnings of a board game collection too, though it’s still pretty barebones compared to many.

      • It’d be a lot if I bought them all in one go, yeah. But my first one was Haruhi Suzumiya, number 9 in the series, which released in 2008. So you’re talking 200 in a 7-year period which is basically 7 every three months, which isn’t that many. Slow accumulation.

        Most of the general-release ones aren’t that expensive either, and since I buy 2-3 a month on average the shipping cost isn’t insane either. It’s only the limited-release stuff that things get tricky, though Goodsmile sell most of their limited release stuff online internationally in their own store now so most of the time even those aren’t an issue now. Used to have to buy them through a proxy which was expensive and also a pain.

        • Yeah I thought the online store for goodsmile didnt use to be there. My one and only nendoroid is Layton, he doesnt even look nendoroidish! But I still love him. Wanted quite a number though, had Mackenzie from Touch Detective on an open tab for weeks before I closed the tab with a heavy heart.

          • They started selling some of their stuff internationally just after the tsunami. They did a ‘cheerful japan’ campaign where they had some limited-release Nendoroids and Figmas and donated the profits to the red cross tsunami appeal. This was around the time they also hired some English and French translators to work on their blogs and stuff and obviously started to focus internationally. Later on that year after they fixed some shipping issues (they charged for EMS shipping for the initial Miku but the fulfillment company they used decided to ship them sea mail and pocket the difference – mine came through with a crushed box 🙁 ) they expanded their offerings to Snow Miku (usually mail order + Sapporo Snow Festival limited release) and their Goodsmile Racing stuff, then offered the Wonder Festival limited stuff, and from there it’s snowballed and basically every Nendoroid they release, even the generally available stuff, can be puchased through them direct. Not worth it for most (other retailers are cheaper and much cheaper on shipping) but they often have extra bonuses for ordering through them directly. For example their Kantai Collection releases have a bonus blue ‘sea-themed’ base and a awsome special slipcase for the box that’s basically a wrap-around painting parodying the usual artwork you see on ship scale model kits from companies like Hasegawa. Just got to weigh up whether the bonuses are worth paying $10-20 more.

    • I have only one nendoroid, Tomoko Kuroki. Having a hard time figuring out what other ones I want. What’s your favorite one?

      • Hard to pick a single favourite. Yoko (Gurren Lagann) is pretty great. The five K-On girls are excellent displayed together as a band. Have a soft spot for Sakura Kinomoto (Card Captor Sakura). Cirno (Touhou) is great and most of the Kantai Collection ones they’ve been doing recently are excellent, though they can be a bit fiddly to pose. The Wo-Class Carrier is probably the best of those.

        Probably the best of them though is the 2013 Strawberry White Kimono Snow Miku. Really well-made, great design, insane amount of accessories and she had really special packaging.

  • Anime styled figures, mostly of the ‘Persona’ kind because I lack the space to buy all figures that I would like.

    I also have a lot of 5c coins, I just keep them every time I get them in my change. I have about a plastic bag full of them at the moment.

  • Lately it’s been a mixed bag.

    Comic Books
    Sailor Moon S.H. Figuarts
    Retro Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys, mint in box
    WWE PPV’s & Episodes (aka ripping the WWE Network onto a hard drive)
    Pop Vinyls… So many Pop Vinyls…

  • Hot Wheels 1:64 Ferraris and Lamborghinis; classic Transformers action figures; smartphones; Dan Brown novels and video games that I rarely play.

  • Movies for me. I love games but movies will always be number one for me.
    Started with DVDs and have about 300 or so. When i got the PS3 with the first free copy of Casino Royal I switched to Blu ray. I probably have around 600 or so Blu rays now but I haven’t bothered counting in a long time. Takes me a good few hours every six months or so to reorganise and alphabetise them.

  • I dont play any of the tt games but I collect and read Warhammer books, I have a friend that does the same so I guess that’s what keeps it together.

  • Not that much now.

    I used to collect gaming magazines such as Hyper, but I stopped reading it a couple of years ago and during a house move I decided to get rid of the collection (apart from a few select issues) rather than move it.

    Videogames, I tend to trade back the stuff I really don’t want to keep any more, whereas years ago I would have kept everything. Even some of my older stuff I’m thinking of putting on gumtree or ebay. There’s so many remakes and compilations these days I think I prefer to play those versions over the original console (especially since older consoles look terrible on new tvs).

    Basically as soon as you move house a couple of times your collectibles can suddenly become clutter.

    • I have a box of NMS magazines in the garage for some reason. I collected them for years so even though they do nothing but take up space I just can’t bring myself to bin them.

    • Except for the figurines, that pretty much sums me up too. Though I do have the Darth Malgus figure from the SWTOR CE, the Argonath statues from the Fellowship of the Ring DVD CE and Gollum from the Two Towers DVD CE. And I have a set of Warcraft plush toys because why the hell not.

      • I’m only just starting to collect figures. I have 2 DBZ ones and I’m getting a 3rd when I get my copy of Xenoverse. I also have a K-On figure.

  • It’s always changing, but it always seems to come back to Lego and model WRC cars. I’m in the middle of a Lego binge at the moment, it’s been 5 years since my last 😉

  • I have 30+ antique netsuke. And I recently got back into the warhammer-crack-verse. 40K and Fantasy and Lord of the Rings and such…Basically too many man-dollies.

    • I escaped from the Games Workshop cycle of death (collect army, start assembling and painting, new codex comes out, collect army) but still have a shit ton of miniatures in various boxes and cases, mostly Blood Bowl, Necromunda, 40K and LotR. I have most of the GW LotR collection required to play all the scenarios in the game. I also collect Reaper minis (for D&D), Anima Tactics and Malifaux. I kid myself that if I’m ever short of cash, I could ebay my collection for between $20K and $50K depending.

      • I miss necromunda. It was my favorite GW product back in the day but no one at my club plays it now. I think I have the habit under control, but with the rumoured Ad Mech release later this year I might have to buy an entire new 40K army. 😕

        • I was tempted by all the Heresy stuff that Forge World is doing, but the prices are enough to dampen my enthusiasm. That and I have a five year old daughter who ignores instructions not to touch things.

          • ForgeWorld prices are ridiculous, but I’ve got mates who use “china forge” stuff that is about 1/5 the price with free postage that brings them into acceptable ranges. As for little ones you need higher shelves or lockable cabinets.

  • Animation (Both Western and Eastern), comics (both Western and Eastern), games, music, art books, and dust. All in varying formats and amounts.

  • Warhammer 40k Orks
    Various game merch, mostly figurines, including a few amiibos and larger action figures
    Drums and various percussion
    Games, obviously
    Got a lot of movies too, if that counts

  • Primary one’s the Nintendo collection. It’s gotten way out of hand.

    One of my main pride pieces within that is my e-reader collection. I’ve been avoiding the pokemon cards in that since I don’t really understand how they work and from what I can tell the ones marked as e-reader cards don’t even have a dot code strip most of the time. But otherwise I’ve got just about all of the US-released ones. Would kill for a set of the Japanese MvDK ones…

    In terms of non-games, I’ve fallen into the pit of figurines recently. Started out with the Samus and Link figmas, then because I had those I figured I should get Pit. And Dark Pit. And now I’ve got Lucina preordered. Also picked up the Wind Waker Link Nendoroid because while I generally don’t like the look of those things, his one is basically exactly how he normally looks. And then I got the Luigi one, because Luigi. And since I had that one, I had to put down for the Mario one. Also got the Figuarts Mario because that was a really good looking Mario figure. And then had to get that one’s matching Luigi when that came out. And now preordered for Yoshi. And yeah this is kind of a problem.

    Also got all the amiibos piled up there too. Send help.

  • As sad as it sounds I love collecting but I collect nothing. If I start a collection it gets too much of my attention, too many of my resources and ultimately I just end up with a pile of junk taking over my place. Not in a mental illness hoarder sort of way. I’m just good at sourcing things and have bad impulse control, so I end up with a lot of stuff that I don’t particularly want but I buy them anyway just to have a set.
    Even with things like LEGO I have to constantly remind myself that I love assembling a new set but I never touch it again afterwards. I liked making displays but as I grew up I realised that displaying my stuff was more about finding a place to store it all than actually liking having things on display.

  • Lego (mostly Star Wars + SW UCS + Creator buildings), Transformers (Masterpiece figures) + silkscreen posters of favourite movies. That and games, obviously.

  • Games and movies.

    Surprisingly(?), games is nearly all digital these days while I’m still well on board with physical copies of movies. Although console games I still generally buy physical copies (except for the Vita. Because it has no games). No picture handy of physical stuff, but at current check my Steam account has 837 games and 758 pieces of DLC.

  • Commodore computer gear. C64’s, Amiga, C128s and the associated paraphanelia. Have had to stop in the last couple years though as I moved overseas.
    Also have a pretty big board game collection too, maybe not as big as @trjn’s!

    • Jealous man re: Commodore gear.

      As a non-computer geek, can I ask how it works on modern (ish) televisions? Or is it converted for AV?

      • I bought a cable that uses red/white for stereo sound and s-video for display. So works on most TVs that have any type of old school connections. At one stage a few years back my set up involved using a Yamaha amplifier which took in the Commodore connections and then pumped it out via HDMI to a projector. 92″ of Wizard of Wor, Wizball etc was brilliant, haha.

  • Consoles. All the consoles. All are hooked up with AV and ready to rock and/or roll. My missus got the shits when I insured them all at the same time and for roughly the same price as her engagement ring.

    It got worse when I told her the low price of the engagement ring. And then even worse when I said “Oh, and, will you marry me?”
    I won’t mention that it got worse when I couldn’t find said ring.

    Luckily I woke up in hospital and it was all a dream! Then I realised I was locked in and there were walking dead outside……………but then a DeLorean turned up ‘outta’ nowhere! *drinks more Redbull* Then I met two cool dudes called Ted and Bill…………………………who were using a phone box to deal drugs to older men with beards and a chick that looked like Joan of Arc if I knew what she looked like. Then this one time at band camp……………

    Actually, now that I wake up here at work, only the first paragraph is true.

  • Concert Tshirts. I have to get one from any gig that I go to. Prefer to have dates and locations on the back. have about 30 or so, Cant bear to throw any away.

    Have a fair collection of music to, CDs Vinyls cassettes, Anything as long as its in a physical format and I can look at the artwork when Im listening to it. Still have heaps of MP3s, but there is something nice about seeing the Iron Maiden collection (that artwork!) on a shelf than in a folder on a computer

  • LEGO! I collect the big sets like the Creator series. I have to slow down because I have no money anymore. I like to display them.

  • I collect analog emulation synths and drum machines, 90’s-00’s Korg Roland, Yamaha, Quasimidi,

    Oh and cables, lots of cables.

  • Playstation trophies! Pretty pathetic… but at least they don’t take up any room in my house.
    Movies are still my biggest passion. I used to collect a few on video but when DVDs came out stopped. Now I have Netflixs, streaming video rentals, and no time to re-watch anything so I am more than happy. Same with music, I just use Spotify and YouTube nowadays.

  • For me, the only collections I have now, are Naruto figurines, and figures of Clive Barker characters (designed by Todd McFarlane). I’d like to get some more Lego stuff too in the future, as I have a walking AT-AT, and it looks so lonely by itself! All the ones I want are several hundred dollars though (like mindstorm and big technic ones) so it’s not the kind I can just randomly pick up every couple of weeks. Apart from that, I guess my music and movies could be considered a collection, but it’s not the sort of collection that’s on show like the others.

  • Vintage Vonnegut paperbacks, though very casually. Aim is to have them all in much loved 1970s condition.

    Magic cards, I guess, though I don’t collect them so much as accumulate them through play?

  • Records – especially the fancy ones with different colours or picture discs. Only recently got into those, cause you know, gotta be trendy and hipster!

    Headphones – can never have too many headphones. Need a different pair for every genre of music!

    Keyring dongle things – I don’t go out of my way to collect them, but I just started getting them all the time as gifts for my bday or xmas. I had so many I put them on their own keyring and keep them in a draw. They weigh in total about 1.2kgs now.

    PC Games – I don’t have any ‘real’ collections by any means, I just like to buy ones that come in nice packaging/boxes, i.e. most CE’s, but only if it’s a game I also like. My most complete collection would be Diablo; I have Diablo 1 big box, Diablo 2 big box, Diablo 3 CE, RoS CE. Just need LoD big box to finish that off. I could then start going down the path of other Diablo merch like game guides, figurines, posters, etc. There is also the Diablo 2 CE but that fetches way too high a price on eBay.
    I also have a bunch of modern CE’s I like to display on my bookshelf; Dragon Age Inquisition (the giant fake leather box set), Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning CE, Dark Souls 2 w/ Figurine.

  • I wouldn’t say I’m a collector, but my boardgame obsession has grown so dramatically over the past two years it would be easy to come to the conclusion.

    My old man on the other hand… Huge comic collection dating back to the 50s. He also has a monstrous miniatures collection. Nothing fantasy, just old school civil war type stuff. He’s an OG born way ahead of his time.

  • I am Collecting Transformers. Don’t have a huge collection (compared to some) but getting there.
    I am not collecting G1’s though (at the moment) Mainly 3rd party, a few Masterpieces, and bits and pieces from the C.H.U.G ranges. Thankfully I am not out to collect as much as I can, only the ones that interest me…..still, some of them are a tad on the expensive side (but worth it!)

  • Games I never play. Who would have thought game icon pixels were so expensive? But there is some satisfaction in seeing them arrainged on the screen knowing they’re mine. I’m especially OCD when it comes to old favourite SNES/GBA games on WiiU and PS1/PSP games on My Vita.

  • I recently decided to start collecting video game consoles (that have original boxes). I am currently on the lookout for an original PS1, a Mega Drive II, a Dreamcast and a Gameboy Color. What I currently own:

    Nintendo 64
    Nintendo Gamecube
    Nintendo Wii
    Nintendo Wii U
    Nintendo 3DS XL
    New Nintendo 3DS XL
    Xbox 360
    Xbox One
    PlayStation 3
    PlayStation 4
    PS Vita

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