Off Topic: What's The Last Good Movie You Watched?

What was the last good movie you watched? What movies are you looking forward to in 2015? What have you been watching recently? Let’s shift gears and talk about movies for a while.

Yesterday, we had the Oscars on in the office for the folks who cover that kind of thing on their website. I was a little bit shocked at just how few movies I had watched in 2014. I hadn’t seen Birdman, hadn’t seen Boyhood. Had seen very few movies that had been nominated to be honest. I think I need to step up my game.

Most of the movies I seem to watch nowadays are animated movies for kids. The good news is most of them are good: How To Train Your Dragon, Big Hero 6, Frozen. It feels as though animated movies are at a very high standard across the board at the moment.

But it’s weird, when it comes time to watch movies about adults for adults, I have a hard time staying awake. I’ve fallen asleep trying to watch Guardians of the Galaxy three times.

What was the last movie I watched that I really liked? Man… maybe Interstellar? I thought that was phenomenal.


    The LEGO Movie.
    I'm really not a massive movie person, I think I've been to the cinemas 3 times in the last 3 years (all 3 Hobbit movies)
    The only movies I'm looking forward to seeing that I'll actually go to the cinemas for, is going to be Star Wars Episode VII, and Warcraft.


      I'm in two minds about the WC movie. I really, really hope it's going to be excellent, but I'm 95% sure it isn't... and I'm afraid that if it tanks, it'll put a massive dent in the chances of big-name game franchises that are ripe for movie adaptations (and kill any chances of them adapting Lord of the Clans into a movie...)

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        I'm cautiously optimistic.
        The Blizzard creative team is heavily involved, they picked a good time in the story to start with, Duncan Jones is a good director, and most of the actors they got are spot-on.
        But yes, only time will tell.

          A good time in the story being right at the start! I'm not that across the plot leaks, but I think it's covering the whole Gul'dan / Medivh bromance and the original opening of the dark portal?

          I guess they could have gone earlier with the first invasion of the burning legion, or even the corruption of Sargeras, but that strikes me more as prequel territory if the first film is successful.

    I rewatched The Grand Budapest Hotel with my parents on Saturday. I still love that film, and I'm glad that it got some recognition.

    I'm looking forward to Avengers 2 (Yes, crass populism) and whenever Inherent Vice finally releases here

      I almost feel like Wes Anderson could pee on some celluloid and it would be symmetrically beautiful and I'd enjoy watching it.

        It'd be bespoke and carefully horizontally composed.

        Really though, I think Grand Budapest is the first of his movies that I've genuinely enjoyed on more than an aesthetic level. Really really good, I know people will hate me for this.

          No, that's fair. It's certainly a lot more...riotous? in its humour than some of his others.

            Sophisticated slapstick?

              There are slapstick components, absolutely. There's also stuff like the nude painting they hang, which is a straight silly gag

                Is that the modern equivalent of a pie in the face?

            While it might be humorous his movies all have a deep melancholic undertone and have a double meaning that can really only be explained after a few screenings.

      Both great choices from either end if the spectrum :D

    Looking forward to... Tomorrowland? And there was one other but I can't remember what it was. I just remember seeing a trailer around Superb Owl time and thinking "Yeah, I'd see that."

    Last "good" movie... Well, I enjoyed Gone Girl. Saw that a couple days ago. Before that it was probably Big Hero 6 or Guardians of the Galaxy because I missed seeing Interstellar in cinema. Waiting anxiously for a home media release.

      Someone should make a movie called Superb Owl...

      You should see Whiplash, its intense.

    I've had a great run with action movies this week - John Wick and The Equalizer are both quite good, and Kingsman is actually excellent.

    I liked Interstellar, but I think it had the same problem as Lucy - fantastic premise that got just a little bit too esoteric for most in the end. I thought it was great, but I think the majority of moviegoers want a story that's bundled into a neater package.

    Just started watching Noise.
    Looks like a pretty good Aussie film.


    Last movie I watched that I really enjoyed was Kingsman: The Secret Service.

    Edge of Tomorrow is probably the most recent movie that blew my socks off, before that I was pretty surprised by Jack Reacher.

      Surprised at how incorrect it was :P ?

        Surprised at how fun it was to watch :P

          haha i honestly didn't mind it, however i think they could have casted better. Jack ryan is described as an unstoppable force of a man. not a 5'5 wirely built scientologist :P

            Have you not seen Collateral? Guy can do menacing...

      I liked edge of tomorrow too. Something about watching Tom cruse die again and again just apealed to me....

      Yeah same here. At first I was skeptical of the casting of Tom Cruise because of how much of a corny action flick Jack Reacher was but it was actually a decent movie to watch.

    Birdman. Thought it was fantastic, great music, acting, directing & script.

    I also saw Jupiter Ascending, didn't hate it. Dumb as it gets but a fun adventure story with great concepts, costumes etc. A good introduction to what I hope spawns many fun sequels.

    Also, great cameo in film history.

    Terry Gilliam

      I really wanna see Star wars & Jurassic World for nostalgic reasons basically. But it'll be fun to take my son, he's just old enough this year.

      I thought Birdman was good, Edward Norton was great and the camera work made it feel like a seamless experience. However, it was kind of funny when Edward Norton's character told Michael Keaton's character off near the start for using too much dialogue, then the movie itself nearly drowned in excessive dialogue to the point I just wanted some characters to just shut the hell up.

      Birdman is insanely good. People tell you its good, and youre aware its going to be good, but then you see it and you realise just how good it is. I think about scenes and moments and their meanings on an almost daily basis ever since.

        I've been thinking about Channing, what a hunk!

        Birdman's ending is a bit soft and maybe it tries to jam in too many ideas - but it's hits so many of them so well that all is forgiven. Norton, Stone and Keaton all knock it out the park, and the direction, sound and editing are all so cleverly done. I can't wait to see it again.

        Runners-up: Whiplash is a cracker, and I quite liked NightCrawler where Jake does creepy even better than Carrel's Du Pont.

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    Last movie i watched was Blade Runner at a cinema in Melbourne during the weekend :)

    Last movie I watched was the 1977 Star Wars on 35mm film or Snowpiercer on Netflix. Not sure which was last.
    Before that, I think the last thing I watched was "Populaire"
    Fantastic film.

    No, seriously!

    1) What's wrong with you? Guardians of the Galaxy was great. I watched it two times in as many weeks.

    2) Birdman looked really interesting. The first I saw of it was a youtube ad, and I actually watched the whole ad, which in itself is amazing, but it was also a pretty long ad (2 minutes or so).

    3) The last good movie I watched was Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses. It was amazing.

    Last movie I saw at the movies was Interstellar, and it's the first time in quite a while I've seen a movie more than once.

    Also watched Edge of Tomorrow recently, that was far superior than my expectations were.

    Whiplash is not the most recent film I've seen but it is by the far the best I've seen in recent times.

      Whiplash is fantastic. Hands down the most tense film I've ever seen.

    Last great movie i've seen was The Shawshank Redemption, that was on the other night, always watch it's on. One of the best movies ever made.

      If you like the movie check out the novella. Better yet, check out the novella as read by Frank Muller on CD. It's the closest you'll come to Morgan Freeman narrating the novella to you, and it's worth the 5 hours runtime.

    Guardians of the Galaxy is my favourite Marvel film. How can anyone fall asleep watching it!

      I am guilty. Watched it with the gf, fell asleep as soon as it started and woke up to credits. She thought it was awesome.

      Gone Girl was the last good one I watched. Interstellar I thought was a bit up its own rear. Space library guitar etc.

    Probably The Babadook. Wasn't really expecting much as I'm not a fan of Australian cinema, but thought it was great!

    And Tusk was pretty fun, too!

      This. The Babadook was absolutely fantastic. As a fan of horror and movies in general. Any horror movie in which you actually care about the well developed characters is truly fantastic.

    I find it very hard to find time to watch TV or movies at the moment. But when I do it is usually on foxtel late at night.

    So my recent movies are a few years ago, I'm a little behind in recent movies.

    I did catch "12 years as a slave" the other night, and I was really impressed. A very moving experience

    Before that I watched "The lone survivor" - very action packed

    My daughter is 2.5 yo, so just starting to get stuck in animated movies for about 1 hour at a time : ) getting there - some quality animated movies out there

    Prometheus, fuck the haters!

    I caught Whiplash on a plane last week, and boy oh boy did I love that movie. I highly recommend it to anyone who's ever wanted to be good at something - so, I guess, everyone should see it.
    The one before that was Kevin Smith's new flick, Tusk. I thought the last three or so movies he put out before his "retirement" were terrible; but since he seriously started smoking pot and not giving a fuck he's going from strength to strength. I'm really looking forward to the next two True North movies and then, obviously, Clerks 3.

      Oh. How did that happen? Oops.

    I think the last new film I watched was John Wick. Had a lot of fun with that. I enjoy Keanu Reeves, despite his limited range. The film has some amazingly well choreographed gunplay, and some interesting choices of firearms used in the movie. Some really unique/unusual weapons in there that Hollywood doesn't tend to use. Little bit of gun porn is always fun.

    The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies was pretty ace too. I have some criticisms of the trilogy, but there's too much I love about it overall in spite of those issues. Martin Freeman's Bilbo is amazing. Also, Richard Armitage. Lee Pace. So good.

    New films? Probably Furious 7. I love how the series evolved over time. The first two films were just a fun wankfest, but I enjoyed the third. Especially from 5 onwards, they just became fantastic action films. Well made, fantastic car chases and stunts, great casting. Plus Paul Walker. Dwayne Johnson. So much fun.

      And the Continental Hotel in John Wick... gawd. I would watch a TV series based around that, no problem. ESPECIALLY if they keep the concierge. His voice and manner! Delectable.

        So good. The whole clandestine secret society feel was just great. Also Lance Reddick is fantastic. Loved him in Fringe too.

        Fuck management!

    John Wick is the most recent film I watched. Not excellent, but alright.

    The thing that stood out the most in that one for me was the choreography. The combat style in that movie is quite unusual for normal Hollywood fare. In fact, I think it's quite video-gamey.

    There's definitely influences from MMA in there, with a lot less standard fighting and way more locks, throws and grapples. The way that the gun fights play out is very reminiscent of shooters, with emphasis on positioning, ADS etc. It never goes first person (thankfully) but I could definitely feel the connection in the way they filmed the sequences.

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