One City-Building Game Still Looks Cool...

One City-Building Game Still Looks Cool...

SimCity was a disaster. Cities XXL is a scam. But there is still hope, fans of building cities on your personal computer: there is still Cities: Skylines.

Due next month on PC (and Mac, and Linux), this trailer is showing features and little touches (overpasses!) that are making my urban planning glands pulse with excitement. And, let's be real, those glands don't get to pulse very often.


    "Cities XXL is a scam" please explain.

      Seems to be referencing an article that didn't get reposted to Australia:

      A quick google search brings this up.

      EDIT: Sorry that sounded a little aggressive, I meant I guess thats why.

      Last edited 11/02/15 5:51 pm

      Developer released 'Cities XXL', a full release, full priced game.

      Turns out it is almost literally the same game as Cities XL, with a different coloured UI.

    I'm looking forward to this - please be good. @gydafud Simcity wasn't terrible, but it certainly wasn't the game it had the potential to be.

      It *was* terrible. But honestly, they did a pretty good job of salvaging it in the end (variable height roads/bridges being one of the most important additions), at least relative to it's state at launch.

    Iv been a HUGE player of Cities in Motion 2, so when they announced this, i was following it instantly. It LOOKS like its going to be awesome, and, yes, iv preordered it on steam. But Simcity looked pretty good to start with too... At least the map sizes in this one look Epic in scale, but you don't get access to it all straight away, so less confusion about "Where do i plonk my city hall", which is especially bad in cities XL.

    Oh yeah, and cities XXL should have been a patch. The only selling point is that it now works in multi-core, so no more huge city slowdown... The extra "Eco buildings" are useless little things you plop down that have almost no effect :(

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