Pick Up 11 Post-Apocalyptic Games For US$4.99

There aren't any big name games in there — like Fallout 3 — but if you happen to be a fan of exploring post-apocalyptic universes and what-not, you could do plenty worse than picking up Bundlestars' Apocalypse Bundle featuring 11 games for $4.99.

I haven't heard of most of the games on offer, but if you're looking for something new and different to play, why not give these a bash?

The 11 games in the bundle are...

— Afterfall Reconquest: Episode 1 — Evoland — Meridian: New World — bit Dungeon II — Claire — Pineview Drive — Madballs in... Babo:Invasion — The Nightmare Cooperative — Sideway New York — AX:EL — Verde Station

Not bad at all.


    I've bought do many games from bundle stars. When I get a decent computer in a few months I'm gonna have so many games to play!

      Yeah, their bundles are usually a bit more expensive than competing sites but they usually contain much better games.

      I was tempted by this one this morning, but I already own Evoland, Madballs and Sideways.
      Still tempted.

    Ironically, The Nightmare Cooperative isn't co-op.

    Check out the fully loaded bundle, I just got that one and it's awesome, really liking the super toy cars game. Only 1 hour left though..

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