Pixelly Simpsons Tribute Is Awesome, Even If You Don't Watch The Show

Pixelly Simpsons Tribute is Awesome, Even if You Don't Watch The Show

Featuring excellent pixel art and some self-deprecating humour from the very talented Paul Robertson.

Co-created with fellow artist Ivan Dixon and featuring Jeremy Dower's chiptune remix of the Simpsons theme tune, Robertson's video (via Polygon) is a one-minute-forty-second love letter packed with references to the show and gaming alike. The animation itself is really cool and well-directed, with some fairly trippy stuff towards the end, so even the non-fans among you should get a kick out of it:



    If this doesn't make it into a future show opening, creativity is dead

    That's the best thing I've seen to do with The Simpsons for 20 years!

    On a side note, there's a lot of 8-bit retro art/games etc happening as of late and it got me thinking (Shovel Knight springs to mind), would these types of things been technically possible in the 8-bit PC/Console gaming era? If not, would the limitation have been memory sizes? Or perhaps these types of creations actually require 32/64-bit processing, even though they are emulating an 8-bit style.. Call me curious?!?

      Excellent question! In fact, the developer of Shovel Knight made a blog post dealing with this very subject! Its a good read: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/DavidDAngelo/20140625/219383/Breaking_the_NES_for_Shovel_Knight.php

    At first I thought it would be a bog-standard recreation of the old simpsons opening in pixel art - neat, but nothing impressive.

    But that ending sequence is something to see!

    Paul Robertson sure does love his monoliths of pixel art pieces. His tumblr is full of them and it is an absolute riot of colour.

    That was amazing! Please make some more (good) pixellated Simpson games Fox =P

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