Players Created An Actual Hunger Games For DayZ

Sixteen teams of two go in. Only one team survives. This is Survivor GameZ, a "last man-standing" deathmatch tournament that happens in DayZ every month.

This weekend, the "finals" for the event were held, and they're definitely worth a watch — months of invitationals have led up to it. If you haven't been keeping up with Survivor GameZ, basically, it takes top YouTubers and Twitch streamers, and forces them to take each other out in a brutal event. Of course, in addition to worrying about other players, contestants have to deal with zombies, supplies, weapons, and the map itself — it's very intense.

It basically turns DayZ into an eSport of sorts, complete with prizes, casters, and viewers. Before the actual "match" starts, teams write storylines to explain the different phases, and competitors are expected to, well, entertain instead of just playing it safe. All of this comes together to make an amazing event where players fight each other for survival.

Here are the participants:










Mr Moon/Blizzehd







You can read more about the rules here, or the history of the event here. Otherwise — start the Twitch vid in this post at around the 47-minute mark. Everything before that is interviews with the creators, as well as some backstory, which you can certainly watch, but they aren't the meat of the event.


    Wow that sounds cool; aren't people clever?

    do they win prizes? then fuck entertaining

      At a guess I would say no. They are youtube and twitch streamers so the prize would be to entertain and grow the number of people subscribing to your channel

      It basically turns DayZ into an eSport of sorts, complete with prizes, casters, and viewers.

      So yep. They win prizes.

    I only recognise PsiSyndicate in that list (the guy who runs around saying he doesn't know whats going on/im so confused)

    And as embedded twitch vids don't come across from Kotaku US cross posts, here is the video refered to in the last sentence: (warning, 3 hours long)

      Look up mr moon and blizzhd (chow). Funny stuff.
      I hope goldglove and grover get owned. Man i hate those 2 :/

    Whats the soundtrack, its was eerie and suited well.

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