PlayStation Plus Is Free In Australia This Weekend!

Sony Australia has just announced that this weekend, starting from 13 February 17:00 AEST, PlayStation Plus will be free for all PlayStation 4 owners.

Great news. Although I would add, that if you have a PS4 and you don't already subscribe to PlayStation Plus, you probably should — it's worth it for the free games alone. And if you own a PS Vita in addition to your PS4? The value-add is even greater.

The free weekend ends on February 16 at 17:00 AEST. That gives you three whole days of PlayStation Plus benefits.

Nice little offer.


    Awesome! But what games are they?

      Apotheon PS4, Transistor PS4, Thief PS3, Yakuza 4 PS3, Rogue Legacy PS4, PS3, Vita and Kick & Fennick Vita.
      - PS4: Transistor, Apotheon
      - PS3: Yakuza 4, Thief
      - Vita: Rogue Legacy, Kick and Fennick

      EDIT: Though apparently previously it has just been a "Free Multiplayer Weekend" (ie what PS3 used to be all the time). @markserrels, care to clarify?

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        Just a note that Rogue Legacy is "cross buy" for all platforms (PS4/PS3/Vita).

      The details are here:

      The part that is being offered free this weekend is access to multi-player on the PS4 (i.e. the thing you didn't have to pay for on PS3 and Vita). All other features are still behind the paywall.

    A lot of people will be spending a romantic Valentine's weekend with their PS4's. This sounds like a plan to me!

      Sadly, I won't... My single buddy and single me are going to Smash Sausage Kitchen before it closes down to try the 1 kg sausage and mash challenge. (Yes, I'm sure there's a joke there.)

    On valentines day to real smart move Sony

    For those of us already subscribing, we should get an extra free game :P

    As far as I was aware, everyone (not just Australia) is getting to play online multiplayer for free this weekend but not access to the PS-Plus games. I also can't find anywhere else (other than here which has no source listed) saying you do get free access to those games.
    Any idea Mark?

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      That's kind of weird. For a normal PS Plus subscriber, the ability to play the games is meant to expire if the subscription expires. So why can't the three day permit to play these games expire at the end of the period too?

        It'd be nice and I agree they probably could do it, I'm just saying everyone else is reporting that it's a free multiplayer weekend. This article is the only mention I've seen of free PS+ games this weekend, so I wasn't sure if it was an error on Mark's part or new information.

    I didn't quite understand this. Do you get Plus for free for the weekend (like a full subscription with all the instant game collection etc) or do you just get free online multiplayer for the weekend?

      The last time this was on I was able to download and play the free games during that period.

    I haven't used my PS4 for ages, waiting for some more games to come out. Also the free games they were giving out on PS4+ where lackluster, so I let my subscription expire. Wish they had the service for discount again. (was $18 or so when ps4 launched "1yr").

      The PS+ games are getting better for PS4, last month had Infamous: First Light, this month has Transistor and Apotheon - I haven't played that one yet but I keep hearing it's great.

      I do agree with not enough PS4 games in general yet though. I only got my PS4 around Christmas last year so it hasn't been to bad for me yet (a bunch to catch up on) but it really could do with some more big games this year.

        Infamous: First Light was awesome - I genuinely haven't enjoyed playing anything like that for pure gaming 'fun' in a long time (GTA V enjoyment is altogether a different beast), and I finished it in the same month which is unheard of for me as a twin-toddler-dad with f*ck all gaming time !

        I'm not overly impressed with this month's PS4 games though ... much more interested in Yakuza 4 which is PS3 only. Thankfully I have both consoles (and nary an Xbox iteration has ever crossed my doorstep, and I doubt ever will) ....

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      I only just got my PS4 back yesterday. I couldn't log in again after going away for Christmas and Sony Support was useless via email and often I was too busy to call them on the phone.

      Last month looked great - the Infamous games are always pretty good and I was already thinking of buying Transistor (this month's).

    if you have a PS4 and you don’t already subscribe to PlayStation Plus, you probably should — it’s worth it for the free games alone

    This is still the biggest annoyance of the PS4 over PS3 for me.

    Those games are not free..... they require you to pay a monthly subscription. And even then, they are just there to distract you from the fact you are paying money for something that should be free.

    I should not have to pay money to use my console for multiplayer. If you are going to charge me for internet play, at the very least allow access to free LAN play, at least then there aren't any "costs" to be covered, right?

      PC master race grins wickedly in the corner.

        I play most of my games on PC too.

        But I feel sorry for you for missing out on some of the best games released if you are limiting yourself ;-)

      I agree that the games aren't free, however, I look at it as paying the cost of one retail game per year in order to access up to 72 games per year at no extra cost (I have PS4/PS3/Vita). For me that is a no brainer but I understand that I am not getting access for nothing. I guess the only reasonable explanation would be that it does cost Sony something to operate the PSN servers for multiplayer, and if they don't charge a subscription then they would have to cover the cost out of hardware, software or accessory sales. I don't really use multiplayer myself, so the PS+ games are pretty much the main reason I subscribe.

    Are you serious? I paid 79 bucks for a year of ps+ and get 3 free games every month. No, not all of them are killer (ears burning, secret ponchos?) but the majority are sweet. I now have far more games than if i had forked out for them and quite a diversity of games too. Many i would have foolishly overlooked if i was forced to pick what i can afford (which aint much) Some of these lil gems like apotheon and injustice are now responsible for me still not finishing games i bought like far cry 4. So if we were just paying for multiplayer and nothing more yes it would suck. But hey i used to do just that on my 360. I feel we are more than compensated. But some people with entitlement issues are never gonna be happy. Even if sony sent over top-shelf hookers to blow you while playing and gave you cheufer (sorry, no time to spell check that) driven rides in a gold plated limo to your munchy provider of choice, you would still bitch that its not a ferrari and that she wouldnt let you do her in the bum. Some people...

    Maybe Sony could just drop the price and encourage more to sign up permanently?

    Sony really are the complete tard...

    Possibly a stupid question, but does this extend to NZ?

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