Please, Make A New Power Rangers Movie Like This

Please, Make A New Power Rangers Movie Like This

Yeah, a big part of the appeal of Power Rangers (and Super Sentai) is how damn corny everything is, but let's imagine for a second that someone wanted to make a modern Power Rangers movie. And wanted to ditch corny for more of a Godzilla vibe.

It'd look like this, and this looks badass. It's by artist Eddie Del Rio, who has done a ton of work in video games, but who also worked on the Godzilla movie. So you could say he's something of an expert at this "destroying San Francisco" thing.

The part up top is just a snippet from the full image, which you can see in its full wallpaper-ish dimensions below.

Please, Make A New Power Rangers Movie Like This


    Hasn't Michael Bay done enough damage to our childhoods already? :(

    isn't lionsgate already making a new power rangers movie?

      So which Super Sentai cross over are they gonna butcher this time? xD

        From what I'm gathering, the movie will be a rebooted take of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. So Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger in a sense, although everything will be new footage and costumes and whatnot.

    And then Megazord wins, the Power Rangers celebrate, and then roll credits.

    Next episode, the city is maaagically repaired, no one was hurt, and the Power Rangers STILL haven't learnt to LEAD with "We need Megazord power, now!" And step on the newest monster.

      They couldn't start with that. It was one of the rules not to use more force than was necessary (rule of escalation)

        What about the time they summoned the Megazord to fight regular sized green ranger?

          Its THE green ranger, and evil mind you, i think the rule still applied in that particular situation

      Actually if Super Sentai eps are anything to go by usually if the episode leads of w/ the robots... it ends up w/ a cliffhanger since they've done the obligatory robot scenes already xD

    Did Kotaku miss Pacific Rim? Bin dun.

    Even had the insta-kill weapon forgotten about until the right moment
    "We need mega sword power... now!"

    Power Rangers hasn't been cool since the 1996 movie.

      I grew up with Mighty Morphin, and even I knew there was nothing cool about that movie. :-P

        I grew up w/ dubbed Bioman and Maskmen 8D

        Moving to Australia and then seeing Power Rangers was o_O

        Last edited 05/02/15 6:47 pm

    You know its Basically a rip off from voltron right?

      You know that the Super Sentai series (the series that Power Rangers is adapted from) featured both teams of five and pilotable mechs years before both Voltron and Beast King GoLion (the Japanese series' that it 'borrowed' footage from) was even a thing, right?

        So Voltron is like transformers, and MMPR is a copy. HMMM ok. Sort of prove me right!!

    i'd really like Lionsgate to take a darker direction with the reboot. been following a kickstarter project for awhile now that had a similar idea and i reckon it would work well with today's audience while still being faithful to the original material

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