Poll: How Japanese Gamers Feel About The PS4

Poll: How Japanese Gamers Feel About the PS4

The PlayStation 4 was released in Japan nearly one year ago. So are Japanese buyers of the console happy with their purchase?

Over 1000 PS4 owners answered a customer satisfaction survey in this week's Weekly Famitsu. Many were happy. Some were not. Here's what was asked, what was answered, and a bit of what was said.

How Satisfied Are You With the PS4?

Poll: How Japanese Gamers Feel About the PS4

Very satisfied

I thought the PS3's graphics were beautiful, but when I compared them to the PS4, it was completely different. Now that I've tasted the PS4, I can't go back to the PS3... (Male in his 30s)

The remote play with the Vita is beyond convenient. (Male in his 20s)


I like that I can easily take high quality screenshots. The fact that I can easily upload them is also a plus. (Woman in her 20s)

It's wonderful that by utilising the standby mode, I can purchase a game when outside and instruct my PS4 to download it so that when I get home, I can play without waiting. (Male in his 30s)


I'm still a little unsatisfied with the lack of titles. The current lineup looks to consist mainly of big foreign titles localised for Japan, so I'd like to see more uniquely Japanese titles. (Male in his 40s)

The "Share" function is useful not only for streaming, but for watching other people's streams. (Male in his teens)


I have no problems with the functions and software of the system, but I just wish there were more appealing games. It seems to be mostly FPSs and games with a lot of violence... (Woman in her 30s)

There are a lot of titles that are very pretty, but not enough seem to utilise the unique features of the PS4's system. I want someone to make a game that takes advantage of not the graphics side, but the system side of the PS4. (Male in his 30s)

There are a lot of multi-platform games shared with the PS3, and I don't think the PS4's capabilities are being fully utilized. I'm waiting for a fun exclusive game! (Male in his 20s)

Very unsatisfied

It's unfortunate that online play requires a PS Plus subscription. (Male in his teens)

I purchased one on release day and I've already sent it in for repairs once. I only pray it doesn't break again... (Male in his 30s)

Why Did You Purchase a PS4?

Poll: How Japanese Gamers Feel About the PS4

I thought the Dragon Quest Metal Slime edition PS4 was cute, so I bought one. (Male in his 20s)

I own most of the other consoles, but I didn't have a PS4. (Male in his 30s)

Because it was cheap. (Woman in her 40s)

I wanted to play a racing game, so I bought one with Driveclub. (Male in his 30s)

Compared with the other latest hardware, the PS4 seemed to fit me the most so I decided to but one. (Male in his 40s)

What Title Do You Frequently Play?

GTAV: 206 votes Battlefield 4: 165 votes Destiny: 107 votes Farcry 4: 106 votes Dragon Age: Inquisition: 105 votes Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: 70 votes The Last of Us Remastered: 66 votes Diablo III: 60 votes Samurai Warriors 4: 51 votes Yakuza Ishin!: 44 votes

How Satisfied Are You With the Games?

Poll: How Japanese Gamers Feel About the PS4

Very satisfied

From domestic to foreign, retro to the latest, the vast lineup, plus the wide variety of games is great. (Male in his 30s)

When it came out, the lineup of games was a little underwhelming, but recently the number has increased which makes me happy. (Male in his teens)

I think there may be an imbalance in the genres, but I generally only play Western games, so I'm very happy with the current lineup. (Male in his 20s)


I happy that there are a lot of Western and online coop games. I hope Japanese game makers make more games for not only the PS3, but the PS4 as well. (Male in his 20s)

I wish more Japanese game developers put out games for the console's launch. But they have been putting a lot of effort into indie titles and I feel the lineup has become more varied. (Male in his 20s)


Most of the domestic games seem to be trying to catch up to Western games and there aren't enough games that make me think "This is a Japanese game!" But it looks like a lot more are coming out, so I'm looking forward to that. (Male in his teens)

In terms of games, a lot more titles have been announced for this year, so im impressions are "things are starting from here." Samurai Warriors, Dragon Quest Heroes, Dear of Alive 5 Last Round... The fact that I can purchase the download versions of all these games and the PS4 has room to spare makes me feel the console's potential. (Woman in her 20s)

Slightly unsatisfied

Everything seems to be for adults only. It's becoming a non-family-friendly console. (Male in his 40s)

All the games seem so hard and it feels like there aren't enough titles for light users. I'm not really interested in cars, soccer, or war. (Woman in her 40s)


There aren't enough games. Everything seems to be ports of PS3 titles. (Male in his 40s)

What Titles Are You Looking Forward To? (Up to 3 choices)

Final Fantasy XV: 521 votes Dragon Quest Heroes: 472 votes Persona 5: 389 vptes Bloodborne: 376 votes Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: 308 votes The Order: 1886: 177 votes Yakuza 0: 160 votes God Eater 2 Rage Burst: 151 votes Final Fantasy Type-0 HD: 133 votes Uncharted 4: 92 votes

How Do You Feel About The Price?

Poll: How Japanese Gamers Feel About the PS4

Overall, gamers of all sorts seem happy with the PS4. However, one overarching opinion was the lack of distinctly Japanese games. Of course, not all Japanese games are necessarily a good idea.


    I was a bit letdown by how little use mine got during the first few months but that wasn't a problem unique to the PS4. Now I'm using it more and it's fine, but it's my secondary console so it doesn't get as much love as the XBOX One or Wii U. That's not due to any real issue with the PS4, it just came second in a two horse race. When I move to a new apartment I'm going to setup the lounge to be multi-screen, in which case the PS4 and the XBOX One will work side by side swapping media player duty (since we don't have the technology for a console to play music and games at the same time).

      Completely agree with them though - More JRPG! (and I agree DogMan the first few months were a bit dry)

      The only bad reviews seem to be lack of games that interest the specific wants of the player or they encountered a hardware fault which will always bias the persons experience.

      I would say more HD space would be nice (though you can just do that yourself) and would love if sony upgraded their Wifi within their console so that it doesn't require to be plugged in for remote play.

      I have soo many games now I end up deleting ones on the harddrive I'm not actively using. (COD Ghosts/Killzone etc..)

    For myself, I wouldn't mind playing ported (is that the right word?) PS4 games from Japan. Maybe because I find that there is some appeal to visual novels, but for a lot of them, the storyline is appealing and in-depth. That and pretty artwork.

    The responses in the poll sound about right. Myself, I am very satisfied with the system but feel there is a lack of good titles and lack of variety in said titles at the moment. I think 2015 will be the year that changes this as the system has been out long enough for us to see a bevvy of new titles become available. At the moment though I probably play my Wii U more as there have been some great titles come out from Nintendo in the last 6 months.

    I've been focusing on the PS4 this month because I have so many unfinished PS Plus games... but still have lots of stuff on the PS3 to finish too. Arrrg!

    The Swapper is an impressive puzzle game. Infamous: First Light was too short and those mid-air lumens seem impossible to get.

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