Remake All 3D Marios In 1080p, 60 FPS Please

Yesterday we posted some really gorgeous footage of Super Mario Sunshine running at 1080p/60 frames per second through emulators. It looked gorgeous. Today I stumbled across similar footage for Super Mario Galaxy. Here's what I need Nintendo to be working on right now: a Super Mario All-Stars style package for all 3D Marios for the Wii U. I would buy that in a second.

It worked for the SNES right? Imagine a package featuring Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Imagine all four games running in full HD at 60 frames per second. Imagine how much time you would spend playing that? Imagine how awesome it would be.

Make it happen Nintendo. Now that this idea is in my head I won't be happy until this pipe dream is a hard, glorious reality.


    Because what the world needs is -more- milking of Nintendo franchises...

      Call of duty would like a word with you >.>

      I've given your comment a +1 because I'm going ahead and pretending u aren't being sarcastic :)

    Certain games really do look amazing upscaled - Youtube has heaps of GameCube games that look very nice at 1080p. I would buy this in a second too!

      It's so frustrating that emulators had the power to do all this when the Wii was already out. I played Skyward Sword in HD on my laptop and it looked AMAZING (Though had to return to the console because the controls were wonky). If backyard coders can do this, surely Nintendo can do it on their own hardware? The art style of many Nintendo games is such that an improvement in resolution and framerate would be sufficient.

        Very true. I find the hardest part is mapping a GameCube controller to the Xbox 360 controller. There's usually some weird thing that makes it seem off just enough to annoy me.

        Yeah thats the problem with emulating these kinds of games, nothing is ever quite perfect. Sometimes controls, sometimes its bugs or crashes, sometimes just driver issues. Ends up being a timesink of trying things until you give up (in my experience anyway). Would *much* prefer a proper, tested and fully functioning 1080p all stars, would be amazing.


    I don't buy Nintendo's products to escape reality.

    I buy them to escape the modern video game industry.

    I want this so much. Honestly just give me all the best Wii games in HD and I'll buy them all again.

      How would they ever fit TWO whole games on one disc!?

    As long as the Galaxy games have alternate controls that use the gamepad (button for spin/shake, touchpad for the star cursor thing)

      Yep. Mario 64 needs second stick camera controls too. Sunshine needs a solution to the trigger tank controls. Ultimately though Nintendo have made a lot of games that upscale well so the work would be minimal (although Wind Waker HD shows that they will put in extra work on principal). Where something like Fable had to be rebuilt because the areas felt like wastelands and the realistic aspects of the art style aged terrible. Mario is a cartoon which gets it past half of that and the only 3D Mario game that feels under detailed is Mario 64, and they could probably reuse Mario Sunshine assets to rebuild that pretty quickly.

    dont take 1080p for an answer

    4k or bust

      If the target is the Wii U, then that isn't a realistic wish.

    Except that Sunshine was designed for analogue triggers and the WiiU is a 90’s console.

      90s is a bit of an exaggeration! Try mid-2000s. But I was also going to comment that I'm not sure if the Wii U could run them at 1080p/60. After all, Wind Waker HD was only 1080p/30.

    I've played Galaxy in 1080p / 60fps with Nvidia 3d glasses - now THAT was cool.
    Not to downplay the idea of a remastered collection, though - I'd buy it day 1.

    Mario 3D All Stars would absolutely result in me buying a Wii U. No doubt about it. Nintendo *clap clap* make it happen.

    God I hope this doesn't happen. Nintendo needs to basically retire any game that features Mario or anyone from his world. On top of that, retire almost all gamelines they were making pre 2000. Nintendo relies too heavily on tired old intellectual property and then they wonder why they haven't sold more units to people older than 12.

    Look there is always a market for peddling crappy games to kids, however since the average gamer is in their 30's and they are the ones who you want buying your games & more importantly the actual hardware. A higher definition version of a game they played 5, 10 & 20 years ago does nothing to generate anything more than vague curiosity.

    Nintendo produces good reasonably priced hardware and takes risks with new hardware ideas and that is to be commended, but... great hardware with games I don't care to play will not make me spend money on them.

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