Remember This?

Looks like there might be bit of controversy with the Remember This that everyone struggled with over the last three days. Turns out someone actually guessed it right on day one. So apologies to artemisnz! I didn't actually see that there was a second page of comments.

Anyway, new week, new Remember This!

Good luck everyone!


    "Anyway, new week, new Remember This!"

    Are you suggesting this one will take 5 days to guess? ;-)

    I do remember, but can't put name to it. Racing cars and dots. Rally x meets pacman!!

      Yeah, it is driving me nuts, used to play it all the time, can't think of it.

    That's Battle Course 4 from Super Mario Kart. For sure.

    dodge em - atari
    used to play it lots

    Last edited 02/02/15 12:53 pm

      Looks too high-res to be Dodge Em, which was a knock-off of Head On.

      Last edited 02/02/15 12:56 pm

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