Remember This?

I should have known better. "Good luck," I said. "You're gonna need it." Of course that means you savants would guess it correctly in eight minutes flat. Congrats to Mack who managed to guess it correctly. Top notch.

Hopefully you'll have a little more trouble with today's game.

I doubt it.


    pls mention what the game was from the day before each time you update. cheers bro.

    Oh this was a racing car game I think
    Grand prix?

      Ah, are those the smoke puffs from the car exhaust, I had a game like that.

    Mole Mania on the Game Boy?

    Is this the top down racing game that had four players and four wheels to race against each other?

      If it's super bug I don't think it had a 4 player cabinet but was just a single player upright with a steering wheel and a cool marquee.

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        Damn, just came here to post Atari Super Bug. I think you got it.

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        The four player was a fair bit older I think. It was massive. They did a stand up two player cab. Graphics were def not as pretty as this game that's for sure!!

    looks like the arcade game super bug?

      Such a cool cab.

        I've always wanted to put up some marquees behind my mame cab and pinball machines and super bugs is one of the ones I want to get. Every time I think of actually doing it though I find something else I'd rather spend money on than wall decorations though.

          What pinballs do you have? Just curious. Got three myself - starship troopers, Elvira (the original one) and pinball magic by capcom. Cheers!!

            At the moment just whirlwind and space jam. I sold my others (ripleys and Comet) last year. Elvira and the party monsters is one I have on my watch list though, such a fun table. I haven't played Pinball magic or star ship troopers before how are those two?

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              Troopers is a Sega, so just just haven't that feel to it. It's a bit different. Got two flippers and buttons on the right hand side. The little flipper does double bug kills. A brain bug pops up, so it's got a gimmick or two. The pinball magic is fast!! Not at all like theatre of magic. The dot matrix has lots of street fighter hadukens too!! They're both on the pinball arcade, but the troopers doesn't translate well with the two buttons.
              Whirlwind is a great one. Only played a couple of times. Had a lot of fun playing the jam at time zone on my way to "uni"!!!
              Roll on!

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