Remember This?

Well done to Lucas. Damn! Outta nowhere he guesses one of the hardest Remember This images I can, um... remember. It was The Neverhood. Great job Lucas, that was a humdinger.

Good luck with today's effort everyone.


    Is it me, or does this look like a UV texture map? Given the number of belts it could be a Square game, maybe Vagrant Story?

      The greatest Square game ever made? I don't remember a texture that brown, but I like your thinking.

    Donkey Kong Country.

    pac man world

      Beat me to it! You need to pick a harder one, Mark! This one came up straight away in reverse image search.

        People reverse image searching is what killed Remember This last time. Pls no. :(

          99% of the time Mark picks a good partial screenshot that defeats reverse image search (not sure if this is intentional). This one was a little too big. :(

            idea 1: why not cut out part of the screenshot irregularly? Won't that help defeat GIS?
            idea 2: use a sound effect or snippet of audio from a game instead of a picture.

              I'm pretty sure Google's reverse image search finds matches by comparing the palettes (its shockingly reliable), so it doesn't matter how you cut it if the palette is still pretty similar to the original. This is why using partial screenshots works so well; half or more of the palette is missing. In the case of this Remember This it still worked because the wood is a large feature in the original screenshot.

        Ha. I'm on my phone now so can't even check.

    BTW, you've tagged this article as Tell Us Dammit, and not Remember This.

      I realised that this morning when I couldn't find the post! Thanks!

    someone will get this, it shows up on google image search...

    edit: someone already has lol

    Last edited 12/02/15 1:20 pm

    I believe this looks like it's from CBFD (Conkers Bad Fur Day

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