Remember This?

Congrats to sumpunk, who was first to guess yesterday's Remember This. It was Pac-Man World on the PlayStation. Nice job.

Good luck with today's effort and a friendly reminder: just because you can use reverse image search doesn't mean you should. Have fun.


    Mortal Kombat 3

      I think my favourite part of that game was where you did a fatality and when the body exploded it somehow had more body parts then it was supposed to e.g. 3 hands, 4 legs, multiple ribcages, etc

    warcraft 2?

    Don't think it is but this one looks familiar.

    Mk Mytholgies..uh, Cold ninja? forgot his name...

    *edit* Sub-zero. Thats the one

    Last edited 13/02/15 12:44 pm

      I will forever refer to Sub Zero as Cold Ninja now. Thank you

    Art style seems similar to WA: Lord of the Clans...

    But you wouldn't taunt me like that by screen-shotting an unreleased game that still hurts me to think about, would you Mark?

    Prince of Persia

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