Remember This?

I thought yesterday's Remember This was going to be brutally hard. Congrats to littlejulesy for guessing correctly! It was B.C's Quest For Tires. According to poita it was too easy! Oh man...

Good luck with today's effort you filthy animals. Don't let me down!


    Ninja Gaiden

    EDIT: Nah, the bricks don't look right.

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    Immediate thought was a tmnt game of some sort, but just in case filthy animals was a clue, Home Alone

      It has the look of one of those old side fighters, like TMNT or Streets of Rage, or NES Batman, that kind of thing.
      This one is under my skin.

        It has that look of the side scrolling fighters just which one.

    Reminds me a bit of Goonies, and yes, yesterday's was too easy :D

    Batman: The Movie (C64)

    Was going to say Michael Jordan Chaos in the Windy City.... But also unsure if there's a cryptic clue

    Looks like one of those old Apogee PC games.

    Bio Menace?

      You just brought back memories I forgot I had. Thanks

        Good memories I hope :)

        Alas, I don't think the answer is right.

      Featuring the best "Snake" of all: Snake Logan, in his lime green v-neck and jheri-curl mullet.

    I want to say Ghostbusters 2, but I know it's wrong.

    Krusty's Super Fun House

      Damn, beat me to it. That was my guess too!

    The Itchy and Scratchy game for Sega Mega Drive?

    TMNT on pc. That one with the ridiculous under water level.

    Raph got caught! Who's next?

    Never heard of this game! (but I could find it easy enough)... Only clue I will give is the sequel was on Remember This a long time ago and a character of the sequel kinda looks like wonder woman. HAHA

    It looks like captain planet or the incredible machine to me

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