Remember This?

Looks like no-one managed to guess yesterday's Remember This, so it looks like we need a second clue.

And yep, it looks almost exactly the same as the other clue. That should be a clue in and of itself!

Here's yesterday's for reference.

Good luck everyone.


    Tower of Druaga, that Gilgamesh game?

      This one:


        It was kind of like Gauntlet, except more boring.

          It was on the Namco compilation they throw out every now and then. Very unmemorable and really not worth the effort in the end. Never saw it in the arcades thankfully.

    I'd guess one of the later wonderboy or alex kidd games based on the door and animation style but I haven't played enough of the later ones to know them that well

    Shame that my clue for yesterday took all night to somehow appear on the site. Oh wells, at least someone got it today...

    ha, really thought someone had it yesterday with Krusty's Fun House....

    Mario Vs Donkey Kong?

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