Remember This?

Well done to poita, who's name seems to be popping up more and more as the winner of Remember This. Nice job friend. You appear to be good at this.

The game was Tower of Druaga, released in 1985 (I think). A pretty difficult one consider the screenshot I used was basically tessellated bricks.

Good luck with today's effort!


    man....I suck at these. Im no good at games pre SNES. track record shows me Im no good at games post SNES too.

    I know this one, well pretty sure anyway, it is a C64 game, with registering your car in the UK initials :)
    I'll leave this one for someone else.

    I'm just old, and played a shit-ton of games in my youth.

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    Kinda looks like Monty on the run.... but I'm not sure

      Yeah, it is, but the Spectrum version looking at the colours. I thought it was the C64 but I dug my speccy out and it looks like those lava colours.

        When in doubt Mark always goes the Spectrum route.

          Yeah, his porridge spattered speccy must have been his pride and joy in the 80s :D

      Everyone hum along.
      Awesome tune.

    DEFINITELY Monty on the run but as usual I am late to the game. :(

    I played so much Monty on the Run, it took years to get through it. Eventually entered in some pokes and used a guide to tell me what items I needed.

    I could get fairly far but that was one hard game.

    Bloody gremlin graphics and all their games that never ported to my BBC.

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