Remember This?

Congrats to Claymore35 who guessed that Friday's Remember This was Monty on the Run. But Poita is so good at this now he just leaves it for other people. Man, this guy. He is the new Crotchdot.

Congrats to both of you, and congrats to everyone else who guessed it.

Good luck with today's effort.


    Edit: Removed due to popular demand. Criticism duly noted.

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      You should feel dirty!

      I really wish people could hold off on doing the reverse image search for a few hours at least, it's what killed Remember This the first time, and this is my favourite part of the day... even when Mark picks weird Spectrum games that I've never played.

        Agreed, reverse image search just wrecks it.

      I don't want to say you can reverse image search this

      Then don't....

        I just get a bit annoyed when someone correctly guesses some obscure Atari game 2 minutes after Mark posts it, and it's obvious it comes from reverse searching. At least I am upfront about my cheating.

          It won't always be cheating, especially when it comes to Atari, I was an Atari addict back in the day, very little out there I hadn't played. But I agree with the general gist, don't stick it in a spoiler, don't announce it can be found that way, just enjoy the challenge.

            I get it. When Mark put up an image of MoO2, I got it immediately (alas, I was a few hours too late!). I just have a healthy sense of scepticism when the first person to comment guesses it correctly in the first 2 minutes of the image being up, particularly when it's from obscure old games.

            That being said, I'll just keep quiet and hope Mark figures out a way to beat the reverse search in the future.

      Do it to satiate your curiousity if you must, but DON'T ruin it for everyone by posting the answer...

    @markserrels maybe next time run it through some kind of photoshop filter, or desaturate the colors. Reverse image search is the bane of this game....

      He can try all he wants but we all know its really Biker Mice from Mars

    Nope ,I got nothing. Looks like the NES though.

      It is NES! It's Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! I saw the redacted first message, and figured someone had already guessed it as I assumed it had just been searched, but HUZZAH! I can actually get my legit stab first for a change! Usually these are dead and gone before I get home!

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