Risqué Mods For Dead Or Alive Last Round Could Put Team Ninja Off The PC

Team Ninja's Dead or Alive franchise has never been one of subtlety. In fact, the developers have been more than willing to discuss what's involved in making their games more "realistic". That said, there is a line they're unwilling to cross and with the impending release of Last Round on PC, Team Ninja has politely asked the modding community to treat the game in a "good moral and manner".

In an interview with MCV UK's Matthew Jarvis, Last Round director Yohei Shimbori cautioned would-be modders of tinkering with the game in a less-than-wholesome fashion:

"We have to deal with mod issues from an IP holder perspective," he explains. "We would like to ask PC users to play our game in good moral and manner. Otherwise, we won't be able to release a title for PC again."

It doesn't take a genius to read between the lines; just take a look at the more adult-orientated content that's been produced for games such as Skyrim. Actually, make than any Bethesda game released in the last 10 years.

Jarvis goes on to question Dead or Alive's representation of women in general, for which producer Yosuke Hayashi offered the following explanation:

"Our characters, male and female alike, are created in a fantasy setting and are using extraordinary abilities to compete with each other in a clearly light-hearted, over-the-top universe," he states. "Their abilities are very balanced and we want to present all of them as dynamic, strong, sexy and confident."

When asked about the need for a current-gen re-release, Hayashi said that the developer had "a lot of requests" for an Xbox One / PS4 version and it didn't want to "simply port" the game. It took the opportunity to update the graphics and "exploit" the better hardware, as well as add more content so owners of the original have something new to experience.

As for the PC crowd, the game's Steam release was pushed back to 30 March from 17 February, so players and modders alike will have to wait a few months anyway.

The Big Game: Dead or Alive 5: Last Round [MCV UK, via IGN]


    I have seen mods like this for the Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of their games so I don't think they are gonna have much luck with this request.

    Hilarious. They're really threatening to take their toys and go home.

      How is it hilarious?

        because its the same devs that talked at length about how they made boobs jiggle with the analog sticks on a controller

          Not sure how that makes their request funny.
          I can see the irony if you just look at it from a joke standpoint, but they are asking people to not cross the line they have danced so close to for so long.

          While I think they are deluding themselves to think the modding community will listen, I can understand from the IP ownership perspective of not wanting to have some things directly linked to an already risque game.

    If mods bother them then they should see the art community.

    Last edited 08/02/15 2:14 pm

      The difference there being doujins are normally tolerated since their not the actual "product" in question. Modding basically means messing w/ the real game itself. Something i don't think KT want at this point =P

    Pretty sure there was nude mods for Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball back on the original Xbox.

    Well this is easily the most hilarious thing I've read today.

    The cynic in me translates this to: "We've never been allowed to make a nude mode so no one else is allowed to have the fun we never got to have." I'm curious as to what consitutes "Good morals" though given the game's standards.

    IF the facebook community is anything to go by, the majority of future mods might end up being more conservative than anything Team Ninja have done with costumes really.

    They effectively just triggered a "fuck the police" type response where everyone is going to make nude mods out of spite.

    I remember seeing on reddit - this is a mistranslation.

    What they're actually asking for is for modders not to make the DLC content free via mods.

      THAT I respect and understand. But everything else is just, lol jiggle physics, nope.

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