Rooster Teeth Animator Monty Oum Has Passed Away


    Its been a difficult time for me lately and this news really hurts to hear.
    Rest in Peace Monty Oum. You will be missed dearly and I hope the members of Rooster Teeth and Monty's family can find comfort in that there is a whole community ready to support them through this difficult time.
    There's no such thing as love without the anticipation of loss, and that spectre of despair can be the engine of intimacy.
    RWBY was the first show I was able to be a core fan right at the start so I thank him greatly for that.

    Yikes dead at 33? Thoughts to the man's friends and family. Oum's stuff was great for a laugh to show people who hadn't seen it before the anticipation of a new Dead Fantasy became a thing with many of my friends. Good times.

    Monty had a passion most of us would never have and he dedicated himself to it harder than most people could handle. It's really unfortunately his dedication is partly responsible for his passing. The toll it took on his body and mind, he didn't have the strength to recover from the ordeal.

    I'm glad he was able to reach his dream of creating his own anime style show and fill it with his stylish animation. RvB and RWBY will never be the same, but I can only hope he was as happy as he seemed from the public eye.

      Do enlighten us by what you mean by the toll that it took I don't follow

        Presumably he's referencing the fact that Monty was a hardworking master of efficiency, who would frequently work 18 hours at a stretch, sleep in his office, then wake up and continue working. However, I don't think it's fair to say he overworked himself to the point that he was in poor health and that contributed to his passing, that's speculation.

          Particularly when he went in for a simple elective medical procedure and had severe allergic reaction to some of the drugs he received. When that sort of thing happens, it has nothing to do with physical fortitude and everything to do with luck.

    R.I.P oum, this dude had great tastes in powerful women, from having a female spartan vs samus to rwby, which was influenced by fairy tales, plus he had an obsession of putting nu-13 expies all over the place

    One death might seem small in the grand scope of things but I can't think of a more applicable word than "tragic" when referring to the death of a young, successfyl, dynamic, well-loved young man from something as obtuse as an allergic reaction during a minor medical procedure.

    As a long-time fan of both Rooster Teeth and Monty's other works, I'm in shock.

    Man, this is sad news indeed. I am a huge fan of Monty's work and his fight choreography is some of the best I've seen. My thoughts go out to those left behind.

    wow... i remember discovering his content when i was a teenage (back in the old dial up days) and absolutely loving it. When i heard rooster teeth picked him up i was so excited, fast forward a bunch and he announces RWBY and i was over the moon, it was great. His sudden death has come as a real shock to me though and i find myself more saddened by this than i initially thought i would be. RIP Monty, my thoughts are with your family and your friends

    I'm doing a 3D animation course at uni this year and i did it because Monty's work inspired me, his sense of style in his fight choreography is the best i've ever seen, no one can do fights like him.

    This is hitting me harder then i thought.

    Rest in Peace Monty, and i hope his family and the Rooster Teeth crew can be strong after this, and wish RWBY all the success in the world, it was Monty's dream production, and i'm glad it's become so popular.

    Oum's work is sooooo good.
    A young man who I have a been fan of.
    RIP and best wishes to his family and friends

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