Shadowloo Showdown Is This Weekend And Its Trailer Is Ridiculous

Shadowloo Showdown is an annual, super massive competition that focuses exclusively on fighting games like Ultra Street Fighter IV, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and the likes. This weekend Shadowloo is holding one of its massive events and if you're in Melbourne you should totally go.

The event kicks off this Saturday at CQ Functions, 113 Queen Street in Melbourne at 9am and runs all the way through to late Sunday night. The line up of games is pretty definitive and — as always — the competition has attracted some of the best players from all over the globe.

But the best part for me, is the ridiculously dramatic trailers the Shadowloo team always managed to put together for their events. Seriously, I've just got done watching their most recent effort and I am pumped. Seriously, I'm about ready to go for a jog or do some squats or something. I'm ready to change my LIFE. I can be better. I can do anything!

You can find more about this weekend's event at the Shadowloo homepage or here at the Facebook event page.


    Isn't it 'Shadaloo' and not 'Shadowloo'?

    Shadowloo sounds like a dark toilet :/

    Why is it called Shadowloo? Is that a reference to Street Fighter cos I thought that was Shadaloo?

    *edit* seems like i'm not alone. lol

    Last edited 05/02/15 11:51 am

      Pretty sure it's Shadowloo because it's organised by a group called ShadowLogic.

      Last edited 05/02/15 11:56 am

        Well, that makes sense then. I approve as I love portmanteaus.

    It is a smart way to not get copyright infringement by Capcom. S.M.R.T.

    Genuinely shattered I can't make this on the weekend. The finals are always nuts.

    Disappointing the trailer didnt focus on any of their Australian champs...

      1:10 in the trailer.

    I don't know, every time I look at that picture it just says "Shadow Warrior" to me.

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