Skyrim's Entire Opening Sequence, Redone With LEGO

Word cannot explain just how incredible this actually is.

It's a stop-motion LEGO version of the opening of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, all the way from the capture, to the beheadings, to the first Dragon sighting — all of it features in this top notch rendition. The details are excellent: from the Dragon breathing actual LEGO fire, to the create-a-character screen. This video elicited a substantial amount of nostalgia for me and much hilarity. My only suggestion: should have used the Macho Man Randy Savage Dragon instead of the real one. "MACHO MADNESS SKY'S THE LIMIT!"

But honestly, so much work has clearly gone into this video. Pretty incredible.


    Bahaha brilliant! I now want Lego SKYRIM!

      I'm surprised there isn't already a lego skyrim mod - there is mods for just about everything else!

        if lego minifigs had breasts that could bounce it would have been completed a long time ago.

    Nostalgia? How old is Skyrim again? Didn't it only come out like 2 months ago, or I have I gotten so old that time no longer feels like it is following a linear path of progression?

      I think it only feels shorter because time is experienced proportionately. The last 3 years or so (Skyrim was released late 2011) is ###% of your life, but when you were a kid it was a larger % of your life.

    I liked the video until he sided with the Imperials.

    What sort of self-respecting Nord would do that?

      yeah, i only did that when my character was Imperial.

      I guess this is what you do when you don't have anyone for voice acting (rather than something original). I did LOL at the skeleton when the dragon burned that guy.

    And it still looks better than the console versions ;P

      Oh hush, the console versions looked plenty nice at release :) The 360 version, anyways. My first play-through was on my 360, and I couldn't get over how nice it was. Great port.

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