Smooth McGroove Sings More Glorious Zelda Themes In Acapella

Smooth McGroove isn't called 'smooth' for nothing. His Acapella renditions of popular video game themes are magnificent, multi-layered beasts. What a set of vocal cords this guy has. Also: great beard. In his latest video he returns to the Zelda series, and he's keeping things relevant with version of the Deku Palace theme from Majora's Mask. Glorious.

I'm currently playing through Majora's Mask for the first time on the 3DS, so this great timing for me. I love this.

But it isn't the first time Smooth McGroove has covered Zelda. In fact, this is the third Zelda song in a row for him. He's on a bit of a Majora's Mask rampage.

I'm totally not complaining. This is great stuff. I'd listen to this guy sing the phone book. Beautiful.


    this guy is super talented, not only can he duplicate himself but he can also control all of his copies in harmony for some sweet tunes

      It's a shame not all of his forms are cat people.

    This man is a treasure. May his beard never tangle.

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