Someone Got Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Running On Kinect

Someone Got Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Running On Kinect

Even though Microsoft appears to have given up on Kinect as a serious gaming platform, the motion device still has some tricks up its sleeve. Programmer Paul DeCarlo found a way to play Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out by waving his fists around, and it seems to work pretty darn well!

This experiment was possible due to DeCarlo’s Kinect4NES, which he revealed last year. This isn’t happening through emulation, either, it’s actually interfacing with a real-life, physical NES.

If you look closely, you can see the NES to the left of the monitor displaying Punch-Out.

It’s not the first game up-and-running with Kinect4NES, either. Check out Super Mario Bros. 3. He doesn’t make Mario move by running in place, but uses gestures to trigger in-game controls.

Rather than just release a goofy video to the internet, DeCarlo actually broke down how he accomplished the feat on his blog. If you’d like to pull it off, the instructions are waiting for you.