Someone Just Got The Rights To Make Settlers Of Catan: The Movie

Someone Just Got The Rights To Make Settlers Of Catan: The Movie
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Movies of video games. Yes, we know about those. Movies about board games though? I’m sure this particular feat has been achieved before, but the only thing that comes to mind that’s remotely related are the D&D films, and that’s technically a pen-and-paper RPG. Settlers of Catan on the other hand… where does one even begin?

Fortunately, that’s not a question we have to answer. Nope, that one will be fielded by Air Force One producer Gail Katz, who just picked up the rights to make a film and/or TV show based on the popular game by designer Klaus Teuber.

According to Deadline, Katz has been keen on a translation of Catan to moving picture form for a while now:

“I’ve been wanting to see an adaptation of the game for years, ever since my Catan-obsessed college-aged kids introduced me to it,” said Katz in a statement. “The island of Catan is a vivid, visual, exciting and timeless world with classic themes and moral challenges that resonate today. There is a tremendous opportunity to take what people love about the game and its mythology as a starting point for the narrative.”

I didn’t realise the game had much of a mythology and I’ve been playing it for on-and-off for almost a decade. Often I’m just desperate to secure all the grain and ore, along with the odd bit of wool and brick so I can spam cities and development cards until my opponents collapse in defeat.

I don’t think that strategy would make for much of a movie.

Gail Katz On Board With ‘Settlers of Catan’, Lands TV & Film Rights [Deadline, via Nerd Approved]


  • A simple Young Man who is bored with life and wonders if there’s more to it, he’s the greatest at putting hexagonal cards on a table in his village.
    Told by parents that he should stop putting cards on table and work the fields to put food on the table instead.

    One day evil authority figure takes all the fields, young man and Sidekick character escape by putting hexagonal cards on a table.

    Young Man runs into Attractive Female who is secretly princess of evil authority figure, they don’t get along but they bond over putting hexagonal cards on a table.
    Young Man and Attractive Female face challenges which are solved by putting hexagonal cards on a table.

    Evil Authority figure hatches plans to destroy all hexagonal cards, Sidekick character is killed and Evil Authority figure kidnaps Attractive Female. Young man realises she is Princess and he is just simple farmer and he’s not strong enough at putting hexagonal cards on a table to rescue her.

    Young Man gets words of wisdom from Mentor, taught a secret technique at putting hexagonal cards on table.

    Young Man uses secret technique to defeat Evil Authority figure. or does he? turns out Evil Authority figure is best at secret technique, Young Man will need to search deep inside himself.

    power was inside him all along and Sidekick character you thought was dead returns with special hexagonal card.
    Evil Authority figure is defeated, Young Man celebrates victory with Attractive Female. Her real name is revealed as Princess Catan.
    special edition movie box set of Settlers of Catan $99 on Amazon.

        • Especially the idea that at initial release, different theatres were given different endings and the general public was left to be confused/intrigued as hell as to what the next man may have experienced..

      • I guess I am the only one old enough to remember when there was a TV series produced in Australia in 1992 based upon Cluedo.
        (And yes, it starred Jane Badler, who portrayed the villainous Diana in the original mini-series and TV series of V.)
        It also featured a live studio audience who got to question the cast members at the end of every episode… and the cast members would have to dodge questions such as “Was the crime scene bloody?” to not reveal too much.

        • I thought the only thing the audience got to do was enter their conclusion to who did it? It’s been a very long time since I watched it.

          • No, there was definitely question asking. I remember the questioners occasionally being a little overly insistent with their accusations and the actors becoming mock-upset.

            A rare example of Australian commercial TV not being entirely asinine. I don’t think we’ll ever see its like again.

            Man, I even still remember that musical sting that popped up between scenes.

  • I’m waiting for the day when someone licenses a game and then makes a really serious movie out of it. No comedy, no action, just a dramatic tale about the lives of the Settlers of Catan over the course of a few generations. It uses the games name and lore but not in any way that they gain anything over just using a generic setting.
    Imagine how great it would be if someone forked over the massive amount of money it would take to get the rights for a Mass Effect movie, and then you get to the cinema and it’s the Krogan equivalent of Roots. There’s a few war and some violence but those scenes focus on the emotional toll rather than the action.

  • I haven’t really played much Settlers (of Catan), but isn’t Spice and Wolf pretty close to what a Settlers series would be like?

  • I remember going to see Twister in the 90’s… Yes Bill Paxton & Helen Hunt did a great job, but it was nothing like the game. So disappointed.

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