Spider-Man Can FINALLY Join The Other Marvel Movies

Spider-Man Can FINALLY Join The Other Marvel Movies

Ever wonder why Spider-Man hasn’t at least made token appearances in the big Marvel movies like The Avengers? That’s because Sony Pictures, not Disney, hold the movie rights to the web-slinger. But they have just signed a deal with Marvel that will mean Spider-Man can finally appear alongside the likes of Thor and Captain America.

The Hollywood Reporter says the first Marvel movie that Spider-Man will be seen in is “likely” to be Captain America: Civil War, which is due for release in 2016. He’ll then appear in his own, new Spider-Man movie in 2017. Which is good news for Marvel and Spider-Man fans!

For more casual bystanders, though, there’s a touch of the absurd to it. It already felt too soon when Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man movies — the last of which was only in 2007! — was rebooted in 2012 with a new story and a new actor (Andrew Garfield).

Well, THR says that “Andrew Garfield is not expected to reprise the character”. If that pans out, it will mean we’ll be getting our third big-screen Spider-Man in less than a decade.

While working with Marvel during production, Sony will have final say on creative control, and will “continue to finance, distribute [and] own the new movies.”



    • Yer imo it wasnt to bad with two or three linking back to an overall arc (the avengers) but now they got antman, inhumans, black panther, spiderman, guardians of the galaxy, doctor strange – have i missed any. It’s pretty fuckin absurd tbh.

    • I understand the sentiment, but I think it’s really exciting.
      Correct me if I’m wrong, but there has never been a connected series of movies sharing one universe like this before, and I dunno that aspect is really cool to me.

      It’s just a shame movies take 2~ years to make and that actors age over time.

      • yeah i think they should instead spend more money on making high quality weekly series and less movies. Just make the movies for big events.

        Something like the shared universe of Flash and Arrow, but with a Game of thrones budget. Basically movie quality series on weekly tv.

    • If they’re smart they’ll realise that this deal can work for those movies too. Sony have basically gained every advantage of being part of the Marvel cinematic universe without losing their investment. Granted Disney/Marvel are probably not going to want a bunch of entries in their universe that they have no control over, so they might not extend this to anyone other than Spider-man.

      While I’m not a huge fan of origin stories and at this point it’s just ridiculous trying to retell Spider-man’s origin, I think this actually presents the chance to do an interesting new Spider-man origin story (if they absolutely insist on it). One where like Kick-Ass he lives in a world where superheroes are idolised. Where he gets powers and thinks that’s all it takes to get into the Avengers or join the Fantastic Four. A really nice outsiders perspective on the events of the past few years of the Marvel universe.

      • Well, there’s another wave of supers coming in who’ve never had movies and will need their own origin stories. Once they’re done, an ensemble movie can pretty much just assume that supers are popping up everywhere and incorporate them into the team. No need to revisit Spidey’s origin, considering how much of him we’ve seen on the silver screen.

        • Oh yeah. I’m totally against it. Outside of guys like Booster Gold that throw proper curves into it origin stories are more or less just an annoying formality. I just think it’s funny they’ve finally got a good angle for it but they’ve painted themselves into a corner where they’re going to look ridiculous if they go back to it.

          • Dr Strange needs some sort of origin story, simply because he uses the occult. Anyone else who follows the standard ‘superhero power’ thing though, doesn’t. I believe Marvel said they’re done with straight up Origin stories though recently.

        • It more than likely will be though. While there is desire out there for a Miles Morales Spidey film, Parker is still the major breadwinner, and Marvel can rely on the layperson having at least a passing understanding of who he is, cutting down on the need to tell the origin story yet again.

          • True, they could use peter parker as a vehicle to introduce a Miles Morales spidey following the events in Civil War however. I’m ok with peter parker but I think Garfield embodied parker/spidey far better than anyone else might hope to and they don’t want to use him in the marvel versions, could be they don’t like him or because he is associated with the sony spidey sinister six etc. but if they don’t then I think there is opportunity there to pass the reins. For the love of (non denominational deity of choice here) don’t give the role to Jaden Smith, I may cough up a lung.

    • X-men is still doing quite well atm so I doubt that’ll happen soon. As for Fantastic Four, will just have to wait and see how the new one goes I think but being Fox I wouldn’t count on any deals being made.

      Inhumans should fill the gap for Marvel anyway.

      • Xmen won’t happen yet, it’s possible they may work out a mutual deal to ‘loan’ characters for movies, it was talked about between studios *many* times in the past and it’s highly possible that’s how it will go down, ‘We will loan you Magneto and Quicksilver for 2 movies and 2 cameos’ for instance ‘if and only if you loan us Tony Stark and the Hulk for 3 movies and 1 cameo’ that sort of thing.

    • Unlike Sony, who I believe need to keep making Spider-Man movies else they lose the licence, Fox have the X-Men and Fantastic Four licenses in perpetuity, ie forever. They could shelve both franchises for 20 years and still retain the licence.

      However, if all goes well for Spidey’s MCU debut and his new solo movie, maybe that will make Fox sit up, take notice, and realise they should play nice with Marvel too!

    • wasn’t he blasted in teh sony leaked emails. Some exec thought he was a massive douche and didnt want him to reprise his role.

    • Agreed, Amazing Spider-man 2 wasn’t a great film but I still think Garfield is perfect for the role – just needs some better writing.

    • I agree with this so much, i never really felt that Toby was a good fit for spiderman and i’m not really a fan of his anyway.

      Garfield was great, they didn’t beef him up and he’s naturally a smartass so perfect for Parker

  • Not sure if it is just me but for some reason I don’t find the recent spiderman actor to be the ‘person’. Tobey was alright, missing the sense of humour of spiderman. Andrew was better in this aspect but maybe because he is too young I don’t feel the much of a spiderman vibe from him.

    Hopefully the next movie they will finally be able to cast someone with strong presence and give spiderman the reboot it deserved.

  • Based on that snippet of information the 2017 movie might not be a reboot. Hopefully Disney goes into this realising that by now pretty much everyone is more than familiar with Spiderman’s origins.

    • The 2017 movie will be a reboot, but I’ll put money on it not being an origin story, if it does contain those elements, they’ll gloss over it quickly.

  • Just to add some debate.. Now that Robert Downey Jr is possibly saying he wont do future Tony Stark without more money. This would be a likely and good replacement for Ironman in avengers.

    • probably a good exit strategy for iron man, ie civil war he is a ass to everyone so i dont see how he can be an ass in civil war and then everyone be happy buddies in avengers, iron man leaves in civil war, spidey comes in

      spider FTW tho every time!

    • You know somehow I ended up in front of ghost rider 2, and at some points it did have some genuinely good bits, but then something happened and it was all crap again. I can’t remember what it was though so you can tell how well the movie stayed with me.

      The bit in the construction yard though, tops.

      • I quite liked Ghost Rider 1, but what annoyed me most about Ghost Rider 2 was all the control he gained in the first movie was gone.

        I guess that’s what always annoys me in a sequel, the character taking backwards steps. I know there are quite a few franchises that do this but off the top of my head I can only think of Ghost Rider and Highlander.

  • Even if they don’t use Garfield I hope they just use the continuity of his films with a different actor. I don’t think we need to see another origin film for Spiderman.

      • Is Sony going to keep doing the Amazing Spiderman / Sinister Six series, plus have a Marvel Spiderman in 2017 with a different actor and different continuity
        so there’s basically two ‘current’ film versions of the character going on at the same time?

  • Anyone familiar with the story about casting Donald Glover (Childish Gambino, Troy Barnes from Community) in Amazing Spider-Man? As usual with the internets, some people loved it, other people spewed the typical bile-filled rage (in an non-racist way, of course).

    Now it’s time to revisit that again, because he’s not tied down with any ongoing acting work (from what my brain could get out of IMDB), he already voices Spidey in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, and the Russo Brothers could bring him on to add to the Community love (the Russos directed eps of Community, and Danny Pudi/Abed had a tiny role in Winter Soldier).

    Calling it, but I accept that people will find this less interesting than me.

    • I would f**king love this. Although he probably wouldn’t be a good Peter Parker (he just doesn’t seem like a nervous/awkward kind of guy – at least not Tobey Maguire level), I’m sure there’s some other Spiderman character that’d fit the bill.

    • As much as i would love Donald Glover to get the role because he’s awesome in Community i’m pretty sure the reason he doesn’t have any ongoing acting work at the moment is because he’s developing and starring in his own show for FX so he might be busy with that.

  • Well, while i’m excited to see Spidey part of the universe, a bit bummed that those other movies had to be pushed back. Actually more keen to see Black Panther and Captain Marvel than a new Spiderman. 🙁

    • My preference would’ve been for the others to be introduced first, and just have Spidey kinda slot in, with the understanding that everyone knows who he is.

    • You say that now, but wait until you see how young and angsty they’re going to make him. This ain’t your slightly older siblings Spider-man no more!

  • Interesting! =) As a big Spidey fan, both the Raimi and Webb films made me cringe while there were also things I liked. They still haven’t gotten the origin and feel right yet, but Marvel are doing so well now that I have a lot of faith. All they need to do is translate ASM#31-90 or so on the big screen and boom. Looking forward to the crossovers anyway! =D

  • I want them to do the Ben Reilly saga, let Marvel develop Peter Parker side of the story and Sony develop Ben Reilly’s side.

  • Disappointed that Garfield won’t be spiderman anymore. He was the perfect spiderman/Peter Parker. I hated Toby Maguire so much in that role.

  • Great news.

    Anyone else wondering why they keep making Thor movies? Both were beyond terrible and an absolute chore to sit through.

  • It’s too bad that it’s unrealistic to expect the same kind of miracle with the Fantastic 4, at least in time for Civil War. The dissolution of the Richards marriage was one of the most poignant things about the whole kerfuffle.

  • Shame about Garfield, of the Spidey’s I’ve seen (all two of them?) he was the best, I’d be very happy if he continued.

    Saying that, from what I’ve read he kind of shot himself in the foot a bit when speaking his thoughts about how Sony were managing the films (ie badly) and not turning up for a big-wig Sony dinner, so I can’t really blame them for wanting to get rid of him.

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