StarCraft Units With A Post-Apocalyptic Facelift

StarCraft Units With A Post-Apocalyptic Facelift

Unlike champions in various MOBAs, StarCraft units don’t have any skins or any cosmetic features, so we have to compensate with our imagination. Artist Tamás Gyerman, for example, took a few units from the game and redesigned them to fit a post-apocalyptic world.

The latest, at the top, is a giant mecha, or even steampunk version of a Zerg Baneling, possibly still able to burrow or explode. Here’s two more below from the same artist. The Terran’s high-speed buggy, the Hellion, and a Vulture, a classic Brood War unit. They’re all really cool, I’d absolutely play a special Terran vs Zerg on a map like this.

Check out Gyerman’s gallery on DeviantART for more.


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