Sure, I'll Play This Kickstarted Ghostbusters Board Game

I have no idea why an idea this perfect would ever need to be Kickstarted, but that doesn't mean we can't get excited about this super cool looking Ghostbusters board game. Particularly since Ghostbusters is in the public discussion in the wake of remake news.

But this Ghostbusters board game is purely based on the original cast, and the original vision of Ghostbusters. It's clearly influenced by the old comic book to the extent that the artist who worked on the comic, Dan Schoening, is actually producing the art for the board game.

In just a handful of days, the Ghostbusters board game has massively exceeded its original Kickstarter goal of $250,000. It's currently sitting at $410,000 and I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up topping $1 million at this rate. Really, by investing in this Kickstarter you're essentially pre-ordering an early version of the board game. Which is cool in my book.


    Link to the Kickstarter.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of Cryptozoic. They tend to publish quite a few licensed board games and I'm struggling to think of any that would be considered great.

    This could be one for the fans.

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      I've not played any of these games. They do seem to have a substandard reputation with licenses eg Archer.

      I'm going to correct you: This could be one not for the fans.

        I don't know, it doesn't have to be a good game to appeal to the sort of person who will buy anything with a Ghostbusters logo on it.

          Agreed. This is the perfect gift for one of my friends - I know full-well it'll go straight into the cabinet, never to be opened.
          This definitely appeals to a certain type of customer; one who is useless at buying gifts, but knows their friend very well.

            Why not just get a gift card so your friend can get something from his friendly local game shop instead an ornament that was made from dead trees and fossil fuels?

    Looks ameritrashy.

    If that's your thing, go nuts. Not really for me.

    *That* is Venkman?? I guess they didn't want to pay Bill Murray for the rights to use his image or to Columbia Pictures for it.

    The Kickstarter video is definitely focused upon selling a product more than explaining what the game play is about. :-( It's put so much effort into having people say how fun it is etc but not what the characters and players do. I'd assume that there are a variety of mission types but the advertisement doesn't say - it is quick to promote the ability to use modular boards to have great replayability but stops there. It's a 1-4 player game so does that mean that even the boss characters are controlled by random or arbitrary moves?

    I'm not too impressed. I dislike the art style. I don't understand why the Slimer-type ghost is a boss - in the video games, his type is just an ordinary ghost.

      Totally agree.

      So the video's the hook. It didn't tell me anything about the game other than rotatable tiles and minis but it made me want to find out. So do you think the actual description tells me anything more other than "here's a shitload more minis"? Nooooope!

      Cryptozoic are really starting to piss me off. My personal gripe aside for how Hex is progressing, they've just taken the ghostbusters IP, ripped off the style and what I think might... May.... Uhh could be the gameplay from zombicide, and taken it to kickstarter for easy money. Annoyingly, it seems to be working too!

      Not for me. I've got general KS burnout, but even in the height of my KS backing madness I would've thought twice about this one.

        Yes, I agree. I backed Hex even seeing that was a complete rip-off of Magic's mechanics and philosophies because they seemed to incorporate some real game-changers to the feel and playing of the game that fully exploited its all digital-nature. Year and a half later, those features have yet to materialise, so in the meantime it has been just a Magic rip-off, inferior to it in every single aspect but (arguably) the UI.

        Seeing their long list of franchise boardgames (none of which has yet to appear at any boardgame event I've been to) gives me the feeling that they just have a list of mechanics that they likely have lifted from somewhere else and that they just re-dress in the colours and flavours of whatever franchise it is to obtain a quick buck from its fans.

    I'm actually positive - I like some of Cryptozoic's stuff - but they don't mention that there's a USD60 shipping charge for every game until it's time to make the pledge, which tips it from "pricey" to "you're joking, right?".

    Lets just ignore the fact that they are asking USD$80 for the base game PLUS USD$40 to ship it to australia, PLUS the fact that they plan on releasing it in board game shops anyway.

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