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    Morning all! How were your weekends?

    I played Life is Strange and really enjoyed it. Technology-wise, it is far ahead of Telltale Games. Speaking of, I started GoT Episode 2 and am liking that so far. I also tried The Vanishing of Ethan Carter but it still crashes my GPU...

      My weekend was fun, but really full-on! I'm still a little exhausted. I moved out about two weeks ago but went back to my parents place to play tennis with friends on Saturday, then went back to my new place for a housewarming. Took 1.5 hours to drive there because of awful traffic due to the One Direction concert, haha. Slept at 4am, got woken up at 8am because my friend wanted me to come to his place on Sunday for a day full of Smash Bros. I was way too tired to actually play well at all.

    Morning all!

    I played episode 2 of Game of Thrones yesterday - it was pretty good, but overall, didn't have the impact of episode 1. I really like how tough and nuanced the choices are - it feels like a genuine addition to the GoT universe.

    I don't think things are going very well for my Forresters. I somehow managed to screw up the engagement between Rodrick and Elaena, I've lost the entirety of the Ironwood, and Mira has murdered a Lannister guard to protect a coal boy who might or might not be connected to Varys. Mira has also managed to annoy her best friend Sera more often than not, so I have no idea what's going to happen with that relationship if Sera is put to the test. I also managed to piss off everybody at the Wall, except possibly Jon Snow. \o/

    Thank God it's a Telltale game, and therefore it's likely that my poor choices will have limited impact overall.

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    FINALLY! A trailer for our buddy cop film! Enjoy! :D

      Serrels and Mashaaa. Best cameos.

      Ups for bad 80's trailers!

      I knew I was holding onto that VHS player for a reason.

      Will there be a red carpet premier?

    Bought the new 3ds yesterday there crappy transfer system doesn't work the only thing it transferred over was my network id

      I had no problems when I transferred all my stuff to my New 3DS from my older XL - I set it to wirelessly transfer everything directly between the two, and it worked fine.

        I did the wireless thing to I had to redownload all my games and there was no save data to any of Em meaning have to start luigis mansio and zelda again

    What a gross, muggy day.

      I cant hear you inside this air conditioned work room. Though the cicadas sure are loud to be heard all the way in here...

    Had a pretty great day yesterday. After church, I went to the beach with the church youth and young adults group. I didn't go in the water but it was still nice to stand on the sand and watch people enjoying themselves. When we'd finished at the beach, we headed back into town to get some chips for tea. We walked to a nearby park to eat them and sat at the skate park. A couple of minutes later, a lady came to the skate park with her two boys. She sat down near me, and I was thinking 'You look familiar.' Turned out to be a friend of mine who I'd known for 25 years or so, but hadn't seen for 16 years. Just goes to show how small a world Tasmania is.

      man i love tassie... good chance ill be heading back down there for another week in november!

    Morning TAY, getting smashed at work currently which is a good thing. University Orientation kicks off today, so it doesn't stop!

    First stop on my tour of Straya is North Sydney today and tomorrow, followed by Ballarat on Wednesday.

    Morning apples of my eye!

    Guess who has a dislocated finger and totally took a spill on her second moto lesson? *Disfiguredly points at self* THIS GIRL.

      When you came off did you try and play it all cool and Fonz like though?

        When I came off - well, actually when I was pinned under - I frantically hit the horn to let another rider know I needed help. And then I stared up at the driver of the SVU behind me who was honking his horn at me, but you know, not getting out to help or anything.

        In related news; I now know that I can heft 160 kilos of metal off myself in a pinch.

          Jeez :( that's not good to hear! Amazing the jackass in the vehicle behind didn't try and run you over.

          I do not understand the mentality of the SUV driver who honks their horn at someone obviously in distress. The fuck? Were you planning on maybe, I dunno... helping resolve the problem someone has instead of bitching about how inconvenient it is that you have to wait a minute in lazy-ass comfort?

          It's a funny story, I was actually telling DC on the train the other day back from Freeze's... I had something similar happen to me a couple years back when there was a really huge, vicious storm ravaging Brisbane. I'd been high-way driving with de-mister, windscreen wipers, high-beams, radio etc on full and a car that had an alternator too small for it (as yet undiscovered), so was killing my battery pretty effectively. I conked out in Red Hill, just after turning off the really major road (Musgrave?) onto where the side-streets started. The rain was absolutely driving down and my battery was so dead I couldn't even put on hazard lights. I had to go grab a chick from the vet clinic I'd stalled next to, and get her to steer the car while I pushed it off the road by myself. Meanwhile, there's a queue of impatient cars behind me, and some fucking SUV honks their fucking horn at me.

          Here I am, drenched from head to foot, in driving rain, pushing a car by myself - so it's pretty god damn obvious that the car's broken down - and this PRICK is beeping their horn at me. Not getting out to help, not waiting patiently while someone makes measurable, visible progress in moving a car off the road, so they can see exactly how long they have left to wait… no. No, they're so put out by having to wait a minute in cosy, air-conditioned, DRY comfort, that they feel the need to hurry me up with a honk.

          I've only been that angry a few times in my life. I stopped pushing the car, drew myself up to my full height, turned around gradually, and standing in the light of their headlights, glared directly at the vehicle where I figured (but couldn't see) the driver's eyes would be. Holding that murderous glare, I raised a hand slowly, deliberately, to give them them the finger, by way of challenge. In that moment I sincerely hoped they would get out of their vehicle or honk their horn again so I would have an excuse. Desperately wanted them to just give me an excuse.
          They did not.

          But still. Who the fuck sees someone enduring that kind of shitty situation, and beeps at them? And that's just pushing a car in the rain, not being TRAPPED UNDER A VEHICLE. You could've been hurt for all they knew!
          People can be such pricks.

            Common thread here is SUV. Might even have been the same person! In fact, I'm sure of it.

              Clearly they didn't learn their lesson.
              *cracks knuckles*

              Janey. You get their rego?

                Burned into my memory. Let's do this. *Rides off into the sunset, doesn't crash*

                  Well, I was more thinking of making a report to police.

                  Even if you've got no evidence for them to use officially, the cops do still take an interest in reports of bad behaviour.

                  Once I was walking down some side-streets near my home and while I was crossing an intersection, a car came around the corner trying to turn where I was walking. It's hard to describe, but it's like they were trying to use the car to nudge me into hurrying up, revving the engine and playing some fucked up game of pedestrian-vs-vehicle chicken. Now, I don't dawdle - I was moving a fair and reasonable pace. They actually clipped my backpack after I'd walked what they deemed far enough for them to squeeze through.

                  I took the rego, gave the local cops a call, they looked it up and we compared vehicle models. I asked if there was anything they could do, and they said:
                  "Not officially, but we will send some of the boys around to have a word, give 'em a bit of a scare. Sometimes puttin' the fear in 'em's good enough."

                  An incredibly candid officer, that was. He actually told me the address of the vehicle's rego, which he really probably shouldn't have (and which I didn't do anything with)... I think possibly out of surprise, because the vehicle was registered to an address on the same street I'd been crossing. Driver must've been in a hurry to get home.

                  So, y'know. Worth a call.
                  ...They might slip up and give you an address. :P

            Your story makes me so mad.

            The other day there was a car broken down in the intersection near my house and I was a little disappointed I couldn't get out to help because they already had enough people that more would have just been in the way.

              Ohyeah I was mad. Almost prepared to go to jail over it, at the time. Guess you don't have to be IN a car to get road rage.

              Funny about the desire to get out and help. There's actually a question about that in the military psych evaluation which I'm reminded of. For a large part, the questions are complete no-brainers, like, "Do you ever hear voices?" or, "If you're standing on the edge of a cliff, have you ever felt the urge to jump off?" With multiple choice answers of yes, no, or 'depends'. I remember being asked to explain my, 'depends' answer to the question, "If you saw an accident, would you go to help?"

              I'm guessing they were just looking for 'yes', but when asked to explain my answer, I elaborated, "Normally I would, but it depends if there are people there already. There's no point in me getting in the way of professionals, and if there's anyone already assisting who has a phone, has called authorities, and is practicing first aid with the situation under control, the best option is not to add more cooks to the kitchen."
              "But you'd help if there wasn't anyone else on the scene?"
              "Oh, of course. I have my senior first aid and some emergency experience. But I'm not interested in butting in where not needed - all the matters is the job gets done."

              Apparently that was an acceptable answer.

      I think we all know the truth, it was some kind of bikie gang initiation.

      D: Owwwwwch! Thank goodness you're okay except your finger (and possibly your pride), though. *hugasaurus*

      A mate of mine was a motorbike courier and said it's well-known in the industry that it's not about 'if' you take a spill, but when. Looks like you got yours out of the way early! :}

        That's how I'm viewing it!

        I'm going to buy a bike and practice in my own neighbourhood (with my licensed brother) until I get confident enough to go back and take the assessment. I know I can do it. I just need time.

          Wait, you need a license for those things?

          Hope my sister's been keeping mine up to date.

            Haha, yeah! You can ride with your RE license and L plates as long as you have a licensed bike rider with you - they can be on the back of the bike, on their own, in a car or even running along beside you.

      I have never been on a motorcycle and gotten off with everything I got on with.

        I read that sentence in an entirely different way to what (I assume) you intended and it's rather disturbing. No you can't use my bike.

    One free seat on the bus, an aisle seat almost entirely occupied by some little guy sprawled out and pretending to sleep. He 'woke' a little when I muscled my way into occupying 50% of the aisle seat, and pretended not to notice when I decided that sitting with my legs in the aisle was no longer viable and said, "Excuse me," with some gentle shoves.

    Right then. I HAVE NO SHAME you selfish little punk. Let the war of commuter thigh/ass contact commence!


    I dedicate my victory to all the people who have wanted a seat but not wanted half a seat and thus had none.
    Because what's a Monday morning without distracting yourself with imaginary conflict?

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      that always annoys the crap out of me with public transport. that and watching some jerk take up one seat, and place their bag on the other, whilst everyone else has to stand.

        If you're British: "Excuse me is anyone sitting here?" roughly translates as "If you don't move your bag now, I will end you."

          Amusingly the Australian analogue to that is, "Are you alright, mate?" Such an innocuous phrase, so easily laden with latent menace; a prelude to hostilities.

      Glorious victory!

      Fighting the good fight, sir. Even if there's seats free, I'll challenge any fucker pulling that crap on PT.

      *salute* Transientmind, key representative of our glorious master race and the most interesting man on TAY.

      also, polehuggers. i mean it's fine if you are on a carriage were the seats are taken but few are standing, but some jerk always wants to wrap themselves around the pole on busy train so nobody else can hang onto it.

        I kind of do this. I have no natural balance, so I need to rest my entire weight on the pole to avoid being flung off.

        EDIT: The one time I didn't do this half my body flung off the pole, and only my hand clutching the pole remained. Because of the way my weight was divided between the pole and the part not on the pole, I was swung around. And around. My body did three loops around the pole before my leg gave out and I collapsed on the floor.

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    Morning all! how we doing?

    had a pretty busy weekend doing.... not much.... had a movie night with friends on saturday which was ok considering the stinking hot weather... then i slept in till midday sunday \o/

    I find it very difficult to even begin telling people that i really, really dislike movies... which is my primary reason for disliking movie nights. Movies usually bore the hell out of me. I would say there would be on average about 10 movies a year at max that strike the right cord with me and I actually look forward to watching. other than that, my brain just goes numb and switches off, which is great if i want to catch some Z's....

    There are quite a few TV shows that i do enjoy watching (Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Following, Bones, The 100, + a fair few others), but even with them, i need to keep myself busy doing something whilst watching them, whether its having dinner, or working on something.

    Scrapped work on my adventure game i was working on (for the moment) and begun working on another mobile game (ios/android). I'm actually able to use some of the art assets ive already finished, as i have set a goal of actually releasing something this year. The adventure game keeps getting sidetracked till i finally get the story at a point im happy with... i spent a lot of time working on art assets and not so much on getting the story to a point where i can start piecing it all together...

    Also a friendly reminder to people, when you are working on something important, remember to SAVE YOUR WORK IN STAGES. i have a bad habit of not saving till ive finished working for the day, and either a program crashes, and i lose everything, or something else.

    in the latest moment of stupidity, i was working on a 3D model of a duck, finished it, sliced it in half, mirrored (symmetry) it to duplicate it on the other side, and then collapsed the symmetry modifier and saved. 5 minutes later, i realized that i merged the two halves too close together and the feet are joined, as well as several of the details in the head are now non existent because of the merge... as it was my one and only save, i have royally screwed the model and have to fix it :/

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    Watched Birdman, amazing.
    Played some Hearthstone. Went up 8 ranks and then down 4 while messing around with a control deck variant. Fuck the meta.
    Midnight Tabletop with @freezespreston, @rize and @sernobulus is a hell of a lot of fun.
    Watched Big Hero 6, again. Still awesome.
    Played some Halo with @alexpants. Awesome.
    Played some Titanfall with @rize. Also awesome. Horde mode is ace, and challenging.
    Played some Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer with Pyrean, @blaghman and @rize. This was also awesome.

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      Titanfall on PC??? WHERE WAS MY INVITE???

        We actually went to, but you were away on Origin :(

          damn it, it must be that automated bullshit... i dont think ive ever changed my status on steam/origin.. EVER...

          give me a yell next time, would love to get some more titanfall action in...

            I put a thing on Twitter but had forgotten who to tag...

      Titanfall on PC? Horde mode? No invite?

    Had to play tennis and get drunk for work on Friday night, which (although I had a pretty good time) set me up for feeling sore and apparently getting really sick over the weekend. So of course I bounce back and feel great this morning, after spending all weekend blowing my nose and feeling miserable.

    Oddly a number of my work colleagues seem slightly under the weather this morning, I wonder if they had similar weekends or it took them longer to come down with whatever this bug is.

    I really need to try and play something other than Destiny for awhile. It's still 3 months until the next DLC and apart from the possibility of doing raids to obtain and level up raid gear, there's no point into continuing to play it hours upon hours each week and burning myself out.

    Time until release: 43 days

    There's a bunch of news that dropped over the weekend. Get this in you.

    Apparently, the graphics are going to be even better than we've seen in videos so far. Sounds like marketingspeak to me, but what do I know. Also, there's very firm confirmation that the game will not be released on PC (even stronger than the Dark Souls 2 denial :P).

    Making Bloodborne Part 1: Souls Evolved. IGN video.

    Bloodborne will have shields after all.

      very firm confirmation that the game will not be released on PC

      Aw man, looks like I'm not playing it any time soon then.

      Guess I'll just have to finally play Dark Souls 1 instead...

        It's not that surprising - it looks to be under the same exclusivity deal as Demon's Souls was.

      No PC release? Damn! Now I won't get to play this game for a good number of years :P... Looked good too

      I'm getting overhyped now that I have a pre-order. I should also be finished with Dragon Age by then so I'll be more than ready for something new and awesome to sink my teeth into.

      The Souls game are the only games I've ever really worried about defense and shields in, even in fighting games I don't defend much. So I'm surprised how worried I am that shield turtling and standing back and waiting don't seem to be good ideas in Bloodborne.

      As for the no-PC thing, seems like a proper exclusive finally. Which means it will hopefully be the first game to really show us what the PS4 is capable of.

        I still can't decide which version of the game to get. I definitely want the artbook, because those are always awesome for FROM games. But I'm not entirely sure whether it's worth an extra $70 for the book-shaped box and some red ink.

          I really don't think it necessarily is worth all that extra moneys. Nice to have, but not really justifiably "worth it". Souls games are games we both play though, so theoretically paying double is okay because we certainly get our moneys worth out of hours used to play it. So yeah, get Mrs. Shane to play it too. :D
          We were just lucky in that Mr. Strange still had US$200ish left on his work bonus card after our trip (which was basically "free" money to begin with), plus with the US dollar being strong it worked out around $140 AU for the superspecial edition. Otherwise we would have just got the regular version. Plus, it's my Valentine's Day present too, so there's that....

        I gotta confess... as a habitual turtler, I kind of have doubts about the potentially unsubtle nudges towards a faster, more mobile playstyle. If it's anything like Souls, that may well translate into fake difficulty. Ie: Faster actions equals more potential for brutally punishing mistakes; unforced errors. It seemed like it has the potential to feel a little cheap. Probably a baseless fear. Hopefully.

          I think there's something to this. We've seen that the game will be encouraging players to move quickly, as enemies will patrol constantly and dynamically, and we've also seen that enemies hide and ambush the player deliberately.

          There doesn't seem to be an obvious play style that can adequately protect against both those things, which means that players will be in for punishment whether they play conservatively or aggressively.

            I mean, I have some faith. Once I grokked the style of Dark Souls, I eventually fell in love with how tight their controls are. You only have to play things which seem surface-level similar like Lords of the Fallen or Bound by Flame to see how masterful the designers have been on that front.

            It's potentially just different, is all. I'm hoping it'll retain the signature smoothness and responsiveness that makes the action feel tricky-but-fair.

            One of the things I really loved about Dark Souls was that so much of the game was about walking carefully through these massive, awe-inspiring environments with sometimes only one or two opponents. And even though you could see them well in advance and take your time in approaching, it didn't make a damn difference how carefully you approached them if you didn't have the skills to take them out in a straight fight. I kind of feel like DS2 diminished that somewhat by shifting the focus from solitary, formidable foes, to overwhelming you with smaller, weaker foes and ambushes.

            There's a definite difference in attitude between the game that has to ambush you or outnumber you, versus the game that stands there with an unimpressed look on its face and an attitude of, "Well? I'm waiting. Take your shot, little man."

              I get what you're saying, but for my part, I think Dark Souls and Dark Souls II had pretty similar approaches to combat. I know this is a minority opinion, but I thought Dark Souls was equally unfair at times (with ambushes or numerical disadvantage).

              After playing some of Lords of the Fallen, I do agree with you 100% about the superior, well thought out game design of FROM games, though. I'm still dead keen for Bloodborne - I'm just concerned that it'll humiliate me many times before I get the hang of it :)

                I'm just concerned that it'll humiliate me many times before I get the hang of it :)

                Go on. You'll be disappointed if it doesn't.
                Souls vets experienced disappointment at the hands of DS2 because they didn't get to experience the same humbling learning experience that they did the first time, the gradual dawning of mastery.

                You want this. You want to be humbled. ;)

                  I have three small children. I am humbled regularly and repeatedly on a daily basis. I crave mastery. MASTERY.

                Hah. I must be projecting, then. I crave mastery too... although more 'mastery earned', not inherited.

                  I'm the same, but I'd be almost as happy (and considerably more relieved) to have already 'earned my wings' in Dark Souls games and just go straight to domination... :P

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                I'm just concerned that it'll humiliate me many times before I get the hang of it You've played XCOM as well haven't you? It sounds like you're into that kind of thing...

                  I didn't find XCOM all that tough, tbh... at least, after I gave up on Ironman mode :P

          They'll probably up the mobility of your character, let you dodge easier and punish you less for missing an attack. I mean, the boss design at least will need to be different.

          Personally I never finished Dark Souls (O&S is too hard for me :( ) but I played an agile character and used light armor. Picking off guys from afar with a bow and preferring to dodge around most enemies rather than block. The shield was nice to have but I really only used it to block archers.

          (Which incidentally is probably why I have so many issues getting roadblocked in the game, since I have shit reflexes and would take hits a lot because I didn't block stuff I should have :( )

            From what I've seen so far, mobility is indeed way up (at least in comparison to medium/heavy armoured characters in Souls games), hits seem to do less damage (though can be quickly chained for massive carnage against you), and there seems to be a health recovery mechanic for each successful hit you land in retaliation.

    I think my entire weekend was spent building things in Besiege then spamming Weekend TAY about them. Pretty cool game, it'll be great once some of the kinks and such are ironed out. Would be nice if we could choose what faces bind to what parts.

    Remembered about the robot restaurant last night, turns out tickets had appeared in the meantime and already all gotten snapped up. Dammit.

    Got caught up in some traffic this morning, this poor girl was trying to parallel park but had totally messed it up, which everyone stuck queued up behind her. Very much looked like she wanted to curl up and disappear when I went past, kinda wanted to pass on the trick I got taught but didn’t really want to hold up traffic myself so just gave a sympathetic smile instead :P

    Then ended up running into a school friend on the train, one I ran into at climbing a couple of months back. Turns out it’s his last week too, then he’s off to some Silicon Valley startup. Fancy. Talked 3DS for most of the trip.

    Oh yeah, FINAL WEEK! WOO!

    Remember when I was all like "Canada!" and you guys were like "Hey!" and I all was, like, "Eh!" and then then nothing happened?

    Good times.

      I helped a Canadian backpacker lady on the bus today, and had to resist saying "Say hi to Bish and Saturday for me!" when we parted ways. :P

        Oh, you met Sandra? She's a bitch, I'm glad you didn't say that.

        Canadian backpackers seem to be a minority. Only ever met the other one, and although we were bros we had to split due to him prancing off to thailand. Forgot his name, too. Only ever referred to him as his hometown: Calgary.

        I miss him.

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          Man, that's weird. I met quite a few when I was doing the harvest trail. And a couple recently in jobs I wouldn't have thought of as typical 'backpacker jobs', like the Canadian removalist who helped with my last move, and a pizza delivery driver.

          I always assumed Saturday..... Sunday?? what...

          was your home town.

    Morning all. It was my Grandpa's 85th birthday yesterday. Unfortunately I couldn't go see him because I had a bad migraine. I'll try catch up with him some other time this week though.

    Got my first platinum trophy on Playstation. It was for Infamous: First Light so it's not the most impressive of feats given that it was for an expansion rather than a full game and it wasn't like their were any particularly hard trophies, just a lot of grinding. Still, I'm glad I have at least one.

      Those challenge rooms were pretty tough. A platinum in that game is pretty impressive in my book.

      In comparison, my Shadow of Mordor platinum was really very simple to get, and is the only one I've got so far.

        My only platinum is Dark Souls. Inspired by the efforts of Shane and Freeze.

          My only platinum is in Sleeping Dogs Malibu Stacey Edition

      Oh, forgot to mention. When I 100% First Light Fetch said something along the lines of "if you keep playing the game anymore I'll start to think you're stalking me", which was a cool little touch.

    I'm between jobs. About to go and face the evil of EB to trade a bunch of games in the faint hope of being able to afford a copy of Civilization Beyond Earth for the lovely wife for Valentine's Day.
    Wish me luck.

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    After 4 brutal weeks of having a crappy replacement phone following my S4's death, I was able to upgrade my contract on Saturday. Picked up the Note 4 and I am in all the loves with it.

    In other news, One Finger Death Punch (on Android) is the best game I have played in 2015!

    My weekend consisted of a game of star trek attack wing, being ill and grumpy on saturday, and being hot and grumpy yesterday. Also included taking photos to celebrate the engagement and a game of cards against humanity. I may have laughed so hard I had a nose bleed.

    arrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh... This GTX970 is annoying the living crap out of me. Trying to get MSY/Gigabyte to authorize a return on it as ive gone through one unit with extreme microstutter that ended up frying, to a replacement which also microstutters like crazy...

    definitely not my pc causing the stutter, as i have tried it on two other builds with the same results. not sure if it has anything to do with the whole 3.5gb+0.5gb saga with the 970's at the moment, but i've jumped onto that bandwagon if it helps get this return done. i basically just want to spend the extra cash and grab the 980...

    it feels like im staring at most older games through a zoetrope, that constant stutter... i cant even play duke nukem 3d megaton edition smoothly...

    Gigabyte is being a pain about it. I opened another support ticket, that went as follows:

    Me; Hi gigabyte... serious microstuttering... blablabla examples blablabla... here is my card details, serial number, purchase details and a scan of my receipt

    Gigabyte: The GTX970 is a great card with no issues

    Me: again, i am experiencing severe issues... here is my card details, serial number, purchase details and a scan of my receipt again.

    Gigabyte: sorry for your frustration. please send a copy of receipt.

    Me; Here is a copy of my receipt AGAIN, for the 3rd time. Serial number is xxxxxxxxx. it is also noted on the receipt.

    Gigabyte: Thank you for the receipt. What is the serial number on the card.

    me: *facepalm* SNXXXXXXXXX as per my previous 4 messages and as noted on the receipt, also attached again.

    Gigabyte: thank you for the details. we appreciate you are having problems. if you could please provide a copy of your receipt, we can look at how we can resolve this matter for you.


    the most annoying part of this ordeal is that it takes them two working days to respond to each ticket each time. so this is baout 2 weeks of convo.

    Last edited 09/02/15 10:56 am

      Err shouldn't consumer law here protect you and allow you to either get a replacement or a refund because the product is faulty?

        yup it does,

        as per one of my responses to gigabyte, stating an extract of said laws. My claim would also be covered by the ACL that regulates misrepresentation of goods or services thanks to nvidia's backflip on the actual specs of the 970

          It should be the retailer's responsibility to fix or replace it under consumer law, not the manufacturer...

            yeah i get that, but for some reason, gigabyte seems to be handling these details directly, whilst msy simply "dont want to know about it".

            should i not be able to resolve this through GB at some point this week, i will be taking it up with msy under the ACL, not gigabyte.

              Yeah, MSY can't just fob it off to the manufacturer. They should be taking it from you & replacing and then handling the RMA bullshit themselves.

                As I explained this on the nvidia forums, we should technically be going with the return process as follows

                1. Customer Returns Card to Retailer ->
                2. Retailer Refunds Card based on fault ->
                3. Retailer Returns Card to Card Manufacturer ->
                4. Card Manufacturer refunds card to Retailer based on fault ->
                5. Card Manufacturer to seek compensation directly from nvidia.

                Last edited 09/02/15 1:35 pm

                  Yes, that's the process that should be followed. So many hardware retailers think they can fob you off to the manufacturer though. It's pretty crap. Stuff like that is why I haven't bothered to use MSY for a long time, but honestly I'm not sure that PCCG would be any better and I know that CPL aren't. Though that said, when the PSU in my NAS died, PCCG handled getting it fixed under warranty for me, I didn't have to talk to QNAP... Took 3 months to get fixed though. :(

        im just hoping not to go down that path, as id be waiting 3 months + for resolution, and escalation.

    Good morning all. Another day and all that jazz. Hope everything is good.

    Weekend RPG Storytime for those who are interested. This time with 40K Dark Heresy with me as GM:

    The party had cornered the chief cultist down in the Deep Hive of a city where he had taken refuge inside an ancient radioactive containment chamber (basically where they stored spent plutonium rods and such). Of course, they were keen to crack that nut and kill him because the cultist was a Nurglite psyker who may/may not have been empowering himself through the radiation. They spent a day preparing to acquire rad/void suits and anti-rad drugs to get them through when things started going haywire and something big and daemonic tore its way out of the actual Deep Hive itself and cleaved through the protective dome of city. The daemon then tore off into the sky and flew off towards a nearby train line. Yeah, the Nurglite psyker summoned a Rot Fly of Nurgle at the group.

    But then I was kind/logical and said that the local PDF did have Valkyries available and they blasted the crap out of the Rot Fly with Hellstrike missiles. Also for good measure they destroyed the track of the train line because the Rot Fly had been suckling/infecting an entire 40K-sized passenger train of people of approximately 1,000 people that was heading to a separate city. The Rot Fly did manage to close into and latch onto the players' Valkyrie and tried to feast on the tasty, tasty human flesh inside however liberal application of psychic and actual fire put paid to that.

    They then flew down to the gargantuan sized breach in the hull of the Hive City and deployed in their rad-protective gear to hunt down the psyker once and for all. When they got there however, the rad chamber had been completely torn open with debris everywhere and they don't know if he ran away or hid elsewhere. What they did find though was a huge mutated chaos spawn that was part-way through fully transforming. It was fortunate that they found it when they did because otherwise it quite possibly could have torn them to shreds. As it was though, liberal application of psychic fire and mono-bladed weapons made mincemeat of the thing that was basically twisting and mutating as they were fighting it.

    Now the group is likely to head off to a nearby Forge World as there was evidence of corruption there. Unfortunately they're going to find the Mechanicus officials to be completely unhelpful. >:D

    Spoiler for the above story if you at all want to keep it unknown for future storytime.

    The Nurglite psyker didn't actually mutate into the chaos spawn but escaped the Hive City in the pandemonium that resulted from the Rot Fly. For his actions, the psyker was rewarded with a Mark of Nurgle which makes him incredibly powerful and is going to pose a pretty severe problem when the party encounters him again. Especially as he has also been granted the boon of being able to inflict Nurgle's Rot on people which is very, very effective on mere mortals.

    NEW 3DSXL / Majora's Mask / Good job! simulator

    SO MUCH HYPE! *shaking intensifies*

      I cant wait to pick mine up Saturday morning before work and then spend the next 8 days at work on 12 hour rotations unable to use it!!

        Hooray! I get double street passes! except I'll be in New Zealand.

    Busy weekend for me... Decided to modify (read: Cut the crap out of) my desk to make it more comfortable for gaming... The result is a desk that surround you more so everything is easily accessible (particularly my HOTAS) and awesome! Had to buy a 2 arm monitor stand to have my monitors high enough and at the right angles but side from that I used all the original materials and it's so much better!... Them I just played a crap toon of grim fandango? And for some reason I can't explain started replaying Wind Waker HD... SUCH A GOOD GAME!

      Oh I need to do this. I had one of those hovering monitor stands at work and it was brilliant. Not only easy to get in the right spot, but also gives you extra desk space underneath.

        Exactly! It's pretty damn amazing... Picked one up for $69 and works fantastically! Well worth the price of admission

    Why is that Battlefield article stickied? Sure, it's neat but it's not some super important thing.

      Apparently a lot of people are really excited for it? I dunno. I don't get the hype.

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