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    • Morning! I tried to load up Dark Souls to get back in the game until Bloodborne (since I’m not super great at those sorts of games), but it refuses to launch, even after validating content. Sadface.

      • What is the error you are getting if any? I had it up and running a couple of months ago without any issues plus had the hd texture pack mod running as well…

        • No error unfortunately – it just doesn’t load. Might snoop around the internet today to see if there’s anything. Or, with two ‘eds being better than one, we might be able to solve it!

          • Hmmm always a bit hard when there’s no error. Mine was running off steam so maybe that’s the difference. If the reinstall fails maybe try running it in compatibility mode by right clicking on the executable and setting a specific os. Otherwise check out the dark souls nexus webpage maybe they have some info on it. ( souls)

      • Aw damn, that stinks. Are you playing the PC version? They recently switched from GFWL to Steam, I think. I don’t know if that necessitates a complete reinstall or not, but it might be worth looking into…?

        • Yeah the PC version with DSFix. I needed to update the client as a beta to move off GFWL so it might just be “beta” issues. Will delete and re-install tonight I think. Meanwhile I got Lords of the Fallen cheap on X1 so there’s that while I wait for DS to download!

  • Had a pretty great weekend. Saturday I had my weigh in, and I’ve lost another 1.5 kilos. The rest of the day was spent watching sport and playing PS4, which is always a good day. Yesterday was better though. It’s my friend Trent’s birthday today, so we had the party yesterday. We went bowling, and I managed to win the first game in the group I was playing in. Then we went to City Park and had pizza for tea. It was a costume party, and while I didn’t dress up, there was some good costumes. Trent dressed as Booker De Witt, another mate dressed as Napoleon Dynamite (really nailed it) and another guy dressed as Starburns from Community (also nailed it). More weekends like that please.

    • Sounds like a great weekend, and congrats on the weight loss! I’ve avoided the scales after being not as good as possible the last couple of weeks.

      • I haven’t really been all that good. I’m still eating stuff I shouldn’t, although I am trying to keep myself under 1800 calories per day. Using My Fitness Pal helps me do that, it’s a really good calorie counter (with barcode scanner!). Weight loss is never easy but always worthwhile.

  • This weekend I worked cause thats all I do at the moment (OMG TOMORROW IS LAST DAY THEN 3 DAYS OFF SO EXCITED)

    Managed to go see The Kingsman last night, good movie go see it. Then when I came home there was cheesecake and I finally got to that Stone and Wood Garden Ale I put in the fridge a week ago and Played some Monater Hunter, did first expedition. Solid 6 hour weekend.

  • So my little girl started school this year, and she’s starting to learn to read. Each week she brings home some new words to learn. I, a, Mum, Dad, to, it, the….

    One of the words she was learning this past week was “we”. When she read it to me, it went like:
    Her: “‘We’…Oh, like the Wii U!”
    Me: “Uhh…well…kind of…”

  • Homeworld Remastered this week. My body is ready. Lubricated, sweaty and ready.

    Also got into KanColle on Saturday as well. Now to figure out how on earth I play it! @negativezero

      • Looking forward to it! My first go at the lottery as well, got in on the second refresh on Saturday’s draw. Got some guides I need to run through, but avoided it for most of the weekend – was busy with Iron Banner on Destiny.

        Need to pick a VPN to use regularly as well, choosing a different VPN seems to trigger DMM’s suspicious activity and subsequent password reset. Which makes sense. I’m using the SoftEther VPN client – do you use the same thing?

        • When I played I used a free VPN called TunnelBear. It wasn’t particularly fast and I was limited to only about 500 MB but it served pretty well considering I didn’t use a VPN for anything else. I wouldn’t recommend using it but from what I recall TB wasn’t exactly expensive either if you feel like paying for it.

          I’m sure Neg can give you all the tips and tricks but I found to be pretty much all I needed. Gives you the layout for what enemies to expect from certain maps to how different formations work and what amounts of material you need to construct certain ships.

    • You don’t need to use a VPN any more. You can set some cookies to spoof DMM’s regioning system and make it think you’re in Japan:

      Even better, use KanColleViewer which is basically a shell with an IE window in it which loads the game, and it can do the region trick for you and also surfaces a lot of extra information from the game in a better way, including some hidden stats like morale.

      I assume you got in and logged in and everything? Which did you pick as your starter? My terrible secret is that I picked Murakumo and then forgot she was my first ship after a while and then deleted her when I had to purge a bunch of common, low-level destroyers to make room. 🙁

      It’s not a hard game to play but it does throw a lot at you at once. Some tips:
      – On sorties, if a shipgirl is hit to Red, you must not advance to the next node with her. Going into the night battle segment of the same fight is fine, but if you advance to the next node with a shipgirl in the red, she can be sunk. A sunk ship is gone forever. All equipment, all experience, all your affection and everything is just gone. This is the only way a shipgirl can sink. They must be hit down into the red zone and then you have to advance with them in that condition. This means it’s 100% your fault if it happens and it should never happen.
      – Your first focus needs to be unlocking Fleet #2 and Expeditions. To do that you need to do some Fleet Composition (Green) quests up to Quest A4 which requires you to have six ships in the first fleet.
      – Expedition #1 requires 2 ships only. #2 requires 4. #4 requires 4, and one needs to be a cruiser. These three expeditions pull in a high amount of fuel and ammo.
      – Unlocking Fleet #3 requires you to have Sendai, Jintsuu and Naka. They will come to you eventually, don’t stress. Jintsuu and Naka are generally easy – Naka is like a bad rash, honestly. Sendai’s a bit harder to get early on as she’s significantly rarer. All three are absolutely fantastic cruisers at high levels so you should hang onto them.
      – Unlocking Fleet #4 requires you to have Kongou, Hiei, Haruna and Kirishima. You’re most likely going to start seeing them toward the end of World 2 or somewhere in World 3. Don’t stress, they’ll come to you eventually. They’re rare drops but you’ll get sick of them dropping all over the place eventually.
      – There is a quest early on to sink an aircraft carrier. The first carriers appear in IIRC the third map of World 1. This quest rewards Akagi who is arguably the 2nd best carrier in the game (Kaga is the best). You will most likely get Akagi before you can afford to run her regularly, she has a prodigious appetite. So be careful.
      – Early on you have no ships and so you effectively will end up with higher construction luck, because there’s very few drops you don’t already have. Don’t do large ship construction as it’s intended for people up much higher levels, but doing a few Battleship or Carrier constructions might pay off.
      – Best common destroyers long-term (these all drop from the first map): Hatsuharu, Hibiki, Hatsushimo, Ushio, Fubuki, Ayanami, Yuudachi, Shigure. All of them have 2nd Remodel upgrades at level 50-70 which make them good value. The Mutsuki class destroyers (names ending in zuki/tsuki, except for Yayoi, but you won’t have a chance to get Yayoi for a while) are worth hanging onto a set of because they have very low resource consumption making them ideal for expeditions.
      – Best common cruisers long-term are Isuzu, Sendai, Jintsuu and Naka for their remodels (Isuzu is great for anti-sub operations, the Sendais are just great in general). You’re unlikely to see them early on, but Kiso, Kitakami and Ooi are must-haves as well, as all three can become torpedo cruisers which give you a pre-emptive attack. Kitakami and Ooi upgrade to torpedo cruiser at 10, where Kiso is at 70, so Kiso is more of a long-term prospect. Yura is also worth hanging onto as she has really solid all-around stats for a cruiser and higher than average anti-sub.
      – Generally, all the heavy cruisers are good. The best Heavy Cruisers are the Myoukou (Myoukou, Haguro, Nachi, Ashigara) and Takao (Takao, Atago, Choukai, Maya) classes. The Myoukous all have 2nd remodels at 65 (70 for Myoukou) and are generally amazing. The Takaos don’t have 2nd remodels but are competitive stats-wise anyway. Furutaka and Kinugasa have 2nd remodels but they’re not great cruisers. Mogami might drop for you somewhere early on, probably your first aviation cruiser and you will need her for clearing world 4 (unless by that stage you have Tone or Chikuma at level 70+).
      – Ideally if you can you should run all 12 of your PVP exercises every day. Even if you lose, you gain lots of XP. The higher-level the opponent the better. Remember the ship you designate as fleet flagship will get 50% more XP than the rest.
      – Focus on clearing World 1. Don’t worry about events or anything (the current event ends today anyway). Don’t waste too many resources doing construction. If you do decide you want to spend a bigger amount on construction – 250/130/200/30 (Fuel/Ammo/Steel/Bauxite) is Destroyers & Cruisers with a small chance for Submarines (I-168, I-58, I-8) and also a chance at rare destroyers Yukikaze or Shimakaze. 400/100/600/30 for Battleships (but don’t be upset when you get a heavy cruiser instead, happens a lot). 300/30/400/300 for Carriers (most likely to produce a light carrier).
      – Despite what I said up there about the ‘best’ ships, pick the ones you like! Especially as your main flagship / secretary. Sometimes necessity will dictate you level up a ship you don’t especially like but most of the time the stats matter less until you’re getting into higher-level play.
      – Remember drops are random and the RNG goddess is fickle. The more you want it the more she’ll try and stop you having it.

      • Awesome – thanks for the info, again!

        I picked Fubuki, because I didn’t realise as I was starting the game it was actually asking me what starter I wanted. Which is a little disappointing, but oh well. I figured out the red/heavy damage thing early because I read up on damage conditions and fatigue, etc – so I haven’t lost anyone yet.
        I’m unlocking second fleet and expeditions now, and just worked out what the quests are as well.

        The crafting, remodelling, etc stuff is a little lost on me at the moment, I’ll have to do some reading. Crafting especially.

        EDIT: Trying KanColleViewer, but getting the region error, despite setting the region cookie and clearing IE cache from KCV’s buttons. Will investigate further, looks like a great way to play. Thanks again!

        EDIT EDIT: Nevermind, had to login to DMM and set it to Japanese from KCV!

        • Don’t bother crafting equipment yet, you won’t get anything.

          All the starter ships are common drops so you didn’t really miss out, and Fubuki is probably the best starter at the moment because she has a Kai-2 remodel at level 70 that has a bunch of rare, uncraftable gear. She’s just super bland.

          Crafting ships is easy. You spend a bunch of resources and depending on the combo you put in, certain ships have higher or lower probability of being built. There’s no way to guarantee what you’ll get though. Could put 999 of everything in and still get Naka. The combinations that work are on the wiki. There’s also large ship construction which accessed via a button on the build interface, but that requires you to put 1500+ resources in so it’s very expensive and will wipe your resources out for several days as a low-level admiral.

          Still, it’s worth it a few times when you’re starting out because if you manage to get a rare Battleship or Carrier early it can help you get through the starting worlds quite quickly. Even low-end BBs like Fusou and Yamashiro are worth it.

  • My wife and I bought an Apple TV and signed up for Stan last weekend, so consequently all we’ve done for the last week is watch Underbelly and Star Trek. We’re halfway through the original series and apparently Deep Space 9 will be added well before we’re done with The Next Generation.

    It doesn’t have everything and some shows they only have the first season or two, but I would assume those later seasons will be added at some point. I know I certainly can’t make do with only 2 seasons of Spongebob Squarepants, am I right?

    Subscribe to Stan. It’s the opposite of terrible.

    #hailcorporate #sponsoredpost

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but the following seems logical, right? If I have proven my identity to Centrelink, and I have proven my relationship to my son to Centrelink, and I have proven that I am married to my wife to Centrelink, and she has proven her identity to Centrelink previously, and she has proven that she is the mother of our son to Centrelink previously, and has proven to Centrelink that we a married previously, AND I was told on the phone by a Centrelink worker that this is fine and counts as proving my partners identity, it should be fine, right? Right?
    I would be surprised to find a Government Department more incompetent than good ol’ C-link. Now my parenting payment has been completely cancelled and I have to start over, including taking a toddler into their offices for a huge long wait – again. Good on ya, you pack of faceless knobs who find any excuse to cause pain and suffering to your supposed ‘clients’.

    • Sympathies. =( Centrelink is just the fucking worst. Like it’s not soul destroying enough needing their help or being unemployed in the first place, then they seem to do everything in their power to make it even more painful for you.

  • Hi everybody! How were your weekends?

    Worked pretty much all weekend, came home last night, and after putting my son to bed he tells me that I’m the best dad in the galaxy. Don’t know what I did to deserve that, but it made me feel pretty darn great.

    In other news, The Order 1886 is a pretty cool guy, sure it’s got a lot of QTE’s and cut-scenes, but I’m having a great time with it, really digging the story so far, hopefully get it finished today.

    • My son tells me I’m “a daddy in the whole wide world”. I know what he means, but the literal interpretation is a little deflating 😛

    • Order:1886 was awesome fun. I actually really enjoy that sort of game – just enough gunplay and running around to liven things up, but also very story-driven and ‘cinematic’ with the cutscenes. Also, it’s awesome how the cutscenes almost seamlessly blend into the gameplay sections.

  • Oh good god, why is the first client of the day always an idiot? This woman has me on her speakerphone and it typing too loudly to fill the silence, ughhh. Also, she is dumb and should have her internet licence revoked. And probably also her pen licence.

    Good morning taybes <3

  • I’m up to the first major gameplay decision in Dragon Age: Inquisition again. I’m going to choose the opposite to my first playthrough, even though I’m morally opposed to it. I don’t often do this in games, it feels all kinds of wrong.

  • so i started The ORder 1886 last night.. i played about half an hour of it… i say played as i actually kept dozing off while playing it… literally. i may/may not have missed some pivotal plot points…

    yeah, i dont know if im going to be able to sit through the rest of it.

    heres what ive done so far. personally dont think there is any point in spoiler tagging it as its basically, “i moved a bit, killed some shit and done” but i figured id tag it anyway for the diehard folk. no plot points revealed.:

    Escaped the prison, killed some dudes. killed 2 lycans, chased the third through the streets. killed him with as seriously OP weapon. discovered that pressing R1 whilst equipped with the shotgun unleashes a non lethal kamehameha wave on some poor bastard the practically scares the shit out of them (wtf is that???), ran into another comrade, Lafayette, who i just massively cock-blocked (not cool man), and checked out Nikola Teslas “amazing” invention… (hint: its just your everyday shitty sniper rifle edit: oh he also makes a shitty device to overload a power circuit), at that point i fell asleep and woke up about 5-10 minutes later, my character waiting for me to move….

    …and at that point, i switched the fucker off…. so disappointed. was really looking forward to this game. Looks perty though! Very perty. i also perfectly agree that 60fps would have ruined the games aesthetic…

    im normally a fan of QTE’s when done right, but seriously WTF. no less than about 30 qte’s in 30 min.

    • I’ve probably sat through an equal amount of cut scenes thus far as I have sat there playing the game. The fact I can’t skip them makes it even worse at times :/ At one point I was playing for all of 30 seconds then I encountered ANOTHER cut scene, like why..

  • Good morning all. Hope you are all well and that no one got blown away/flooded out by the rain in Queensland. Weekend was pretty relaxed with not much going on aside from catching up with family and staying relatively dry. Played some Heroes of the Storm which was pretty fun although, as in all MOBAs, some people are just absolutely terrible. Still a fun game but yeah, can’t spend hours of my time playing it.

    • Yeah I hear it all the time, Heroes of the Storm is the absolute worst for Solo Queue because the way the gameplay is designed it’s completely impossible to carry a game like you could in DOTA2 or LoL since there are no items and everyone levels with you. The game is centered on teamwork and objectives so a full team of 5 friends can have an absolute ball with this game.

      • Mechanically, HotS ticks a lot of boxes because the mechanics are very flashy and things feel a lot more fun when activating abilities (Diablo is basically Alistair which I thought was hilarious). But yeah, people either don’t seem to quite understand that no laning is required and some champions are dedicated to doing one sort of thing only and are pretty crap at anything else, moreso than either LoL or Dota.

        • I agree, there is no laning phase, which I think is a huge boon and will be more accessible to players that are LoL/DoTA experienced and those that wanted to see what all the fuss is about. But you’re right the lack of farming to buy items (Since there are no items) turn it into a curse as well, the character you pick, everyone knows what that hero is good for with very little room for flexibility, which I guess makes team comp planning maybe more restricted than DOTA or even LoL in terms of what each character can do. Basically everyone is a LoL-equivalent of an AD carry, you only have one way that character can go in terms of build (You can but it’s far from ideal), though in Heroes you don’t even have the option. Sure there might be a short “level-up” process where some heroes are able to skirmish very well starting at level X, but it’s not a 10-15 last hitting fest that the other MOBAs do.

    • In two early areas we spot the enemy count ratcheting up much higher than on PS3 and 360. Ironclad soldiers appear in trios where we expected just the one, and – as shown in our performance video below – hollow infantry can rally into a far more sizable mob.

      Not sure about this. Biggest problem with DS2 was it’s tendency to eschew interesting challenge and design in favor of throwing mobs at you and this just seems like making the problem worse.

      • I’m not sure either. The article suggests that it’s to offset the addition of more co-op slots, but it’s gonna be a bit of an irritating proposition for solo players.

        • D’: Why must games keep doing this? “Sure, you could do it solo… but we’re balancing everything around co-op, so … good luck with that. *snigger*”

  • New idea for myself to attempt this week: All online articles I read END AT THE LAST WORD OF THE ARTICLE. There is nothing further down. Click back or close the window. Nothing to see here.

  • Oh yeah, don’t know if it interests any of you but apparently one of the voice options for your main character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse is Takahata from TeamFourStar. And yes, the voice is Ghost Nappa.

  • I just finished Thief. I had a few problems but overall I enjoyed it and thought it was ok. Coming from someone who never played the series.

  • @jocon @distantdrop Ok peeps first off I owe both of you an apology for yesterday; my patience and my head were at their limits from real life drama and I didn’t have the mentality to properly raid lead. Hence a lot of raging and general lack of a fuse of any kind on my part.

    To my next issue don and rail have both requested I sit back for the coming weekend and let them RL; as they aren’t too impressed by my performance from the last few weeks (i.e. bringing pugs in, losing my cool, not letting the raid get stuck on a boss for a few weeks and having pugs carry us). While I was caught off guard yesterday (mostly cos I just couldn’t bring myself to care) my rl stuff is now sorted and I’m back at a 100%. I’m bringing this to you two first and taking it to other raiders later today and I’m putting this to an end once and for all.

    Raiders can either follow my lead or they can’t; to date I would like to think I’ve set a somewhat decent example and I’ve never asked anything of my raiders that I can’t/won’t rise to accomplish myself. So my question is simple, are you willing to follow my lead or are you not? I can only let my performance to date stand in my defence.

    However should you decide to stand by me you should know from here on out; I refuse to have this conversation repeatedly; with every decision I make being questioned, and everyone having an opinion as to what the guild should be doing.

    • To be honest I just want to raid and we’ve reached a progression point where alternatives arn’t really an easier option Brack>Kromog>Blast Furnace>Iron Council all these bosses we’re going to be stuck on, that’s the whole point of tier bosses.

      As for operator, I must admit we cheesed that kill, and you also had every right to bring in pugs I honestly believe we would of wiped on him all night, we simply didn’t have the output.

      Which draws the question, do we go wipetastic holding our convictions or pug our shortcomings… how exactly do you tell people to ‘do better’.

      We need to find a fast fix out of this 10 man tuning and strict demands with a surge of recruitment or fix it with a pug.. because we for the most parts outgear normal brf, what the hell are we going to do for heroic.

      Whoever raid leads makes little to no difference you like to point us in the right direction and if shit doesn’t workout we try something else, rail and don obviously want to bat heads until progression is made as a guild only.

      In terms of who I follow I WILL NOT OBJECT TO YOUR’S OR DON’S LEADERSHIP however I do wish to have some input I believe my experience deserves me that right. however if you believe it borderlines on harassment and subverting let me know.

      • I’m well aware we’ve run out of alternatives; to be completely honest we’re probably ready to try the easier heroic fights like frans and gruul. I also have no issue spending time (most likely considerable amounts of it) on the remaining fights we have in normal as all those fights are ridiculously challenging either in terms of mechanics; duration or just setting a high skill bar.

        At the end of the day I have no interest in staying on a fight for 5 hours tweaking little things when the larger problem stares me in the face like with operator; where we just didn’t have the aoe dps for it. Comparing the 50k pally on operator and flamebender you could see most of our dps were up to scratch (with room for improvement) from a single target perspective. I just didn’t see us improving enough to pull of 30% worth of damage.

        However all of this is irrelevant to the underlying problem; I can’t take the guild or raid group in any direction unless the raiders agree that this is the direction to go in. If people prefer don’s idea of doing content purely with a 10man team and keeping it in guild and prefer his/rails leading style then I will step down. However they can also take on the added responsibility of keeping a full roster and managing raid timings/attendance and progression.

        It is worth noting raid leading is not just pointing a group in the right direction; it’s keeping an eye on all mechanics in play, in fights like twins/operator that means keeping an eye on the arena for the whole raid. It’s knowing which classes/roles are failing on their respective mechanics and amending the strategy accordingly to suit the raid composition. It’s keeping all the personalities that come into play in check and knowing which raiders need a push to get their full potential out. It’s things like telling everyone to calm down with strategies and centralizing what the raid is going to do.

        • So how exactly does this choice get made, because if if things go the way their going now I assume Don, Devil, Saatyne and Railgun might decide to go their own way? is there no compromise in this? however if you give up on analysis and recruiting duties it might be a slow death.

          I really think dude this ultimatum needs more fleshing out.

          • What this is red; is me being at the end of my tether in returning to this issue.

            This weekend I went through what was one of the most stressful and exhausting periods in my life in almost 2 years. I stepped down on Saturday as I didn’t want it to spread out to the guild and in retrospect I should’ve stayed out yesterday however I came on because I didn’t want to be left alone with my thoughts anymore.

            However what I am faced with while I was metaphorically down was the proverbial kick in the guts from the guild I spent countless hours trying to put together and have expended even more effort in making sure everyone’s satisfied with. So now that I’ve stepped out of my shitty situation and I take a look at something I poured a lot of myself into bringing to fruition only to have it kick me when I’m down; well let me tell you I am fucking pissed. If all I have to show for bringing this group of people together to tackle raid content with is a kick when I’m down well you can see why I am eager to clear where I stand once and for all.

            I don’t even need any bloody gear from the content we’re doing anymore! I haven’t needed it for almost 2 weeks; yet I’m still there to make sure we do it! Because I’d rather kill bosses with a group of people I’m comfortable with than a group of random idiots; however now my group of friends has just made this whole experience a lot harder for me to enjoy.

            What my ultimatum is this. From day 1 I have strived and fought to bring this group up and to take it further. I have as I’m sure you and Jo will attest to put quite a bit of myself in building us up. Will you continue to trust in my lead and advise me as we move forward or is it time for a change?

            This doesn’t mean don/rail and group are to leave; this does however mean if I continue to RL based on the outcome I will not debate when to pug; who to kill and who gets loot or what direction this guild goes in. I will debate strategies/mechanics and points of improvement.

          • If the choice was mine I would definitely want to see you continue leading I’m just a little scared of the consequences of losing every healer we have.

            If you want me hold my tongue on direction I can accommodate that’s only fair, maybe that’s probably why my guild I co-GM’d with on frostmane failed, I was far to neutral and unforgiving, the contradictions was to unstable.

            You also need to feel at home with your own guild, perhaps we need to focus on community and a focused direction that we all embrace which doesn’t hinder the GM.

            You and Don’s convictions need to be parallel.

            You’ve earnt my trust.. I just might be a little to slow to see it. or simply forget about it, if the ultimatum holds I will work on being more accommodating your needs and hopefully also defending them.

    • You have done good so far. You’ve built the guild from a loose group of puggers to an effective, if undersized, prog team. I’ll follow as I have. But part of leading is listening to your team.
      So I’ll give you my 2c here and henceforth stfu and just do what I am asked.

      We cannot catch up to the other prog guilds. Ever. We are too far behind.
      So what is the goal you have for us? We are not in the race, so I would not stress too much about how fast we are moving.
      The first couple of weekends of BRF where we were just 10 manning it were the most enjoyable raiding thus far. Even 5 hours of Oregorger lead to the most satisfying boss kill ever.
      On the face of it I’d agree with Don that that’s what I want to do. I just want to raid, as a guild.

      But you, and Red, might be right. Maybe we are about to hit a wall we just cannot get over with the team we have.
      But I keep thinking of out first Oregorger kill: yes it took us a session and a half to get down, but now we know it so well, as a team, that we have him on farm, can beat him in 3 or so tries and quickly move on.
      And you guys made that happen: analyzing and theorycrafting and testing and communicating. Maybe we can do the same with the other bosses.
      Or maybe not. In which case it’s recruit or pug. But recruiting is a big hurdle for us and pugging is an unfun, short-term solution.

      But also as Red said; if Don bails we might as well pack up and play something else. And he was getting pretty pissed at the pugging.
      Maybe consider what he is saying and throw him a bone.

      Imo, give Don and Rail what they want for a couple of weekends. Let us find out if we truly have hit a wall our 10 man style cannot overcome.
      In the meantime, start up recruiting again. And start low – 650 ilvl at most.
      As Red said, peeps at 660+ are all doing heroics. They aint gonna join us when they can join one of a dozen 6/10+ H BRF guilds that are recruiting every day.
      So target the lower level peeps that those guilds won’t take.

      But tis your call.

      2c over.

      I can’t make this coming Saturday due to rl commitments.
      Also 20/March – ~5/April I will be away on Japan trip and will not be able to attend.
      Also probably a Saturday for that landscaping I mentioned but I’ll let you know when I tee that up.
      Apart from that I’ll be there and will see if I can lift my game any.

      • @pupp3tmast3r
        tl:dr – I kinda agree with Don on the pugs but what the hell do I know about prog raiding.
        I respect what you have done thus far and will follow your lead quietly henceforth.

      • +1

        Sorry about all this poor timing of all this kronos, me and jo would never want to compound your existing problems and I’m sure Don didn’t purposely intend for this timing you both simply reached your limits at the same time. coincidental if you can believe that. I simple don’t understand why he chose to do it near the end of a raid I guess when your passionate about something proper courtesy goes out the door.

  • For people who don’t know, I work for a company that deals with hotel reservation software. This means I get to see some interesting things from time to time. Mostly guest remarks in the reservation itself. Found one today that made me laugh:

    Approximate time of arrival: between 12:00 and 13:00 hours Please could we have a nice old fashioned room, as quiet as possible? Thanks you PS, if room 8 really is haunted, i’d like to avoid it at all costs.

  • Monster Hunter peeps, where we at? I’m still milling about at HR 1 in multi but I’m hoping to remedy that today maybe with @bish. Otherwise, I’ve just finished up HR2, but I’ve still gotta trudge through that story quest, and it’s a doozy. I’m having a blast only using the bowgun, and I admit the only concession I’ll make is when I’m doing arena quests or if I see a heavy bowgun that I really like. 😛

    Also, yeah, canada, nothing happening, etc.

    • We at here.

      Greenius helped me get to Rank 4 last night (more like ‘helped me not be so bored during that horrible quest’).

      But I did get to level-up my Bug Stick yesterday. So now I’ve got an orange butterfly on my arm. It’s as great as it sounds.

    • Slow start, because I’ve been busy. Just ran into my first Tetsucabra over the weekend, and almost got him, but he hits like a truck and I was still trying to learn his behaviour. The quest was for Goldenfish, but I saw Tetsu and decided it was on.

      I actually like him – he’s like a cross between an angry frog and a dog.

        • I’m interested to see some of the new stuff. Tetsu made me smile. Still waiting for my first Rathalos and Tigrex. They’re like old friends. =)

          • He was the first monster I had real trouble with in MHFU. I learnt the hard way to stay the fuck out of his way when he’s enraged. He tears around like an angry truck and hits just as hard. Might’ve seemed harder because that was my first real foray into MH though – I assume his behaviour is still the same, too.

          • It’s cool learning those spots to be in for any given monster – getting in and doing damage in the middle of a chaotic melee, and emerging without a scratch.
            Other half started finding those spots by the second gore magala fight and was a lot happier than the first hunt.

          • I love that even when you know how to play the game, a new monster can still beat the tar out of you, just because you haven’t learn how they work yet. I’m decent with a LS, and Tetsu still got me. There’s also the environment you’re fighting them in too – that can play a big part. Small or enclosed versus big and open, it all contributes.

          • It might just be because I’m used to him, but Tigrex seems tame compared to Magala.
            Even a Frenzied Tigrex gave me less hassle than Frenzied Gore Magala.

            This could also be due to comparative gear level for each fight. I was almost certainly undergeared for the first Magala fight, but I had a huge gear advantage for the Frenzied Tigrex and Shagaru Magala fights.

          • Tigrex is cake with Thunder weapons, though. I didn’t know that at the time, and took far too long to kill him.

          • @ynefel I have a thunder weapon and was still getting smashed by the pair of them the other night ;_;

            Also I totally don’t understand how element stuff works so I ignore it and just smash until dead regardless.

          • haha.
            After I switched back to Glaive he wasn’t so hard, since it’s very easy to get each essence quickly for the triple buff. He’s still got enough “forms” to make me change tactics between each.

          • Tactics?
            Pffft. Switch axe. Apply axe to monster. Repeat until dead (or flashing for capture).

            Gotta say though, the running and jumping and air attack stuff has been so fun for our old rathian/rathalos friends.
            Especially taking a tail clean off with a big leaping air slash, felt awesome.

    • I just killed the electric unicorn. It was the first one I’ve actually kinda felt bad about killing, I mean it was just kinda like “hey we heard there’s an electric unicorn in the woods. Bring me its head.” “But he’s just chilling out there, do I have to? Aw.”

      Then found that there’s a new charge blade available to be forged, and I have enough Dylan Moran materials to make it. But it’s a little bit of a downgrade from my current one, so I dunno. Also I’m now only five novacrystals and five hercudromes short of being able to craft a new set of armour. Wish I could figure out where the hell I got my first three hercudromes, they showed up in one mission and I haven’t been able to work out which one it was to go back and farm some more.

      • I’m playing through Definitive Edition as well. Plays really great on PS4 and if you’re using headset the voice controls can be useful. (Though my sister thinks I’m crazy screaming out STEALTH! GUNS!)

          • I haven’t been changing her clothes. I figure Lara has more important things to worry about! (Also, liked the original ones. <3)

          • The alternate costumes are neat but they don’t suffer wear and tear through the story like her regular clothing which, as silly as it sounds, kind of breaks the immersion. Crystal Dynamics’ fault for making Lara take such a friggin beating I guess. Anyway, better to play with them when you’re doing free-roam/collectible hunting in the post-game.

            I re-finished the story a couple of months back after picking up the Definitive Edition on my Xbone when the digital version was on sale and promised myself I would try and get all of the achievements, but then I remembered that there’s multipalyer onces. Even though I have Xbox Live Gold again, I doubt there’s going to be that much of a community still playing that those achievements are still going to be obtainiable without a huuuge time investment.

            I think it’s time to shelve Tomb Raider, though if I can tear myself away from Destiny I might actually find all the collectibles this time before deleting it from the hard drive.

        • Oh man, voice controls are great!
          Only thing is trying to find out the voice commands can be annoying :S
          “GRENADE! EXPLOSION! EXPLODE? FIRE FIRE? BOOM ARROWS?! Goddamn I’ll just press the buttons…”

      • You want dark?

        It took me about twenty years to get past the deep-seated fear of the dentist that was instilled in me from a very young age. Unlike Australia, in New Zealand dental care is covered under their medicare equivalent. Schools had a dental nurse and you had to go for a dental check-up at least once a year. When your name was called you’d walk, by yourself, to the clinic they’d have. Everything done on the cheap, mind you, so no high-power drills like you’d get in a modern dentist. Just the low-power ones that vibrate your teeth make that horrible grinding sound. The dental nurses all hated children and seemed like they enjoyed making them suffer. The anesthetic would dull the pain, but not take it away, and because they used shitty low-powered drills you felt it all and it took longer than it should have as well, so by the end the anesthetic would be wearing off.

        One school I went to the clinic was right up the back of the school by the entrance, away from everything else. It was the ‘murder house’ and there were stories about not going too close during lunch because if you were close to the top of her list, the dental nurse would grab you during the break. Distinctly remember her laughing to herself while she had a fucking drill in my mouth.

        • I still remember my time at primary school where we had one of those which was basically a caravan and the guy in there was taking one of the screw tightening spanners covered (I use that term loosely) with cloth on my loose tooth to try and pull it out, I refused with great resistance, obviously. Fracking monsters, those meatbags, the lot of ’em

  • best community review eversssss

    People who bought it: “not that bad”

    People who didn’t: “I heard it’s shit”

    Me: some nonsense, chatting with @sughly

    So thanks everyone 😀

    2 steps forward, 1 step back
    Just had a salesperson resign and they are really needed. Going to cause a massive cashflow hit and make things a big struggle again. Gah!!!!!!
    Really feeling like punching something right now

  • Fired up Demons’ Souls. Was parrying always this ridonkulously easy in it? Like, you can parry so late that you still take the hit and lose all the health but the parry is successful anyway.

  • Call another security control room

    “Hello this is *other company name here* Chris speaking”
    “Hi its… also Chris, from *comapny i work for*”

    I hate calling people that have my name, give it back.

    • I’ve been thinking about Dollar Shave Club, I’m becoming more amenable to paying a monthly fee for a service as opposed to just buying things lately. What’s the pricing like?

      • 10 bucks for a 4 pack of 6 blade razors
        7 bucks for a 4 pack of 4 blade razors
        4 bucks for a 5 pack of 2 blade razors

        The handle seems pretty sturdy and the build quality of the razor head seems pretty nice also the 5 blade featurs a nifty little trimmer in the top of it!

        Also if you use my refer link I can get a free month, also if you use the code HARDBALL you can get your first month free 😀

        Edit: it’s 6 blades not 5 on the 10 dollar one, whoops.

        • So that’s the AUD pricing? I had considered signing up but I could only see the US pricing and wasn’t sure if we’d get slapped with shipping and exchange rate issues. I should probably like, check it from home instead of work where I’m on a US server.

          • Yep AUD, and it includes postage. Just a shame we don’t get the other shaving stuff the US version gets though. The shaving balm sounded pretty sweet.

          • Oh, so we can’t choose to add that in for an extra price, it’s only the razors that are available locally?

          • Hmm. That might keep me from jumping in for now. But I’ll take a closer look when I get home tonight.

  • TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at 7:30pm AEST, 8pm ACDT, and 8:30pm AEDT. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @sernobulus @negativezero @beeawwb @rize

    The caravan of courage and fish is nearing Newfort, the halfway point on their journey to the northern city of Vinks.

  • Ugh, I am completely shit at Lords of the Fallen. Trying to play it like a Souls game AND IT’S NOT A SOULS GAME!

    Patience seems to be the key here.

    • On the other hand, it’s so much easier to exploit in some ways. A lot of different enemies have very specific boundaries of patrol that they can be kited back to.

      I’m shit at it, too, by the way. And I’m not sure I want to invest the time to get much better, because I’m not really enjoying the grind that much.

        • I got as far as the giant one which spits poison everywhere before I had to do something else, and I didn’t get back to it.

          I’ve been meaning to get back to it.

        • Not only that, but they can be kind of unfairly punishing, too, with small windows of opportunity for attacks/counterattacks, and they hit like a truck.

  • HI TAY.


    I had an eventful weekend. played a whole heap of Hand of Fate. that’s an amazingly cool game. such a great concept. also played a bit of Far Cry 4. very pretty.
    did a family dinner thing on Friday night. so much fancy Italian foods & wine. it was pretty amazing.
    went out for lawn bowls on Saturday. any sport you can do whilst holding a beer is a good sport in my book. then there was tasty foods & beers in the city with a whole bunch of friends. spent most of the night talking shit with the elusive Anonymous Pessimist.

    started uni today. haven’t actually done anything for it yet, but whatever. I’m totally a law student now.

    I also turned 30 on saturday. so there’s that.

    so yeah…

    • Oh man don’t get me started on Hand of Fate. Bought it Friday (or Thursday), downloaded during the day, started it…

      Played about…20 hours?

      Stupid tokens and Devil’s Wagers and Devil’s Carnivals and…and I absolutely love the game and the originality of it and the art and the narrators voice can narrate any sexy dream I may have in future and it would make it 400x sexier.


      I mean, cool game. Bro.

      Edit: Also, happy birthday! May the narrator from Hand of Fate narrate YOUR sexy dreams. I mean…cool that you had a Birthday. Bro.

  • I couldn’t be bothered doing anything at all this weekend so I sat and watched movies on Netflix while idly grinding in Kantai Collection on my laptop (didn’t get anything good 🙁 ).

    Films I watched:

    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
    Went in expecting this to be typical Tom Clancy neocon bullshit. It was okay though. Still not entirely sure why he had to go to Russia and everything to begin with though, aside from plot convenience.

    K-19 The Widowmaker
    After the previous one I kind of wanted to watch The Hunt for Red October which I’ve not ever seen beginning to end, but have seen enough of to know what happens in it. So I went for BASED ON A TRUE STORY K-19 instead. Okay film. Enjoyed it. Wouldn’t watch again. The thing that annoyed me the most was that it couldn’t figure out what accents it wanted. Was everyone supposed to be Russian or not? Harrison Ford spent half the movie sounding American and Liam Neeson fared better but dropped out of often enough to be mildy distracting.

    This was surprisingly good. Norwegian film, basically a fairly standard people-go-into-the-unknown-and-get-hunted-by-a-monster thing. Not that special but it was an okay watch. I don’t think I’d ever heard Norwegian spoken before, either. Was quite surprised at how much overlap in vocabulary and grammar it has with English, though in retrospect that should have been obvious.

    This one was pretty bad. Standard action film with lots of unnecessary gore and violence and a plot that barely even made sense plus a bunch of throw-away characters, several of which were complete assholes and impossible to get particularly attached to. Had some good action choreography but other than that wouldn’t recommend.

    Iron Sky
    Generally completely fucking terrible, though it did have a few amusing moments. I can’t believe I wasted my time watching this crap.

    GI-JOE: Retaliation
    I don’t know why everyone seems to be so down on these films. They’re utterly fucking stupid and over the top and campy and they’re very aware of it. Ninjas and explosions and The Rock with a Minigun and terrible bad one-liners and references to all those rad 80s toys. It’s a terrible film, but I found it immensely entertaining regardless.

    • I too enjoyed GI Joe Retaliation. Especially since the price of admission was 0 (thanks Kotaku or Gizmodo or whoever it was) 😛

    • You wanna talk about disconcerting overlaps with English, Japanese freaks me out on a regular basis. Nevermind that anything scientific drops non-Japanese (French? English? Kilometre? Percent?) terms in there, that at least is understandable, but some of the words are disconcertingly similar. Like ‘orenji’ for ‘orange’. Was the original Japanese word for orange deemed to be just a bit too shit to keep, or did two vastly dissimilar languages concurrently come up with some absurdly similar words for the one thing?

      • Oranges were imported. Japan has a bunch of local citrus – Mikan, Yuzu, Dekopon, Satsuma etc and those all have Japanese names.

        A ton of Japanese is imported words. Anything pastry-related for example? Almost guaranteed to be French in origin. Bread is ‘pan’ for example, from French ‘pain’. Cream puffs? Shoe kureimu from Choux à la crème.

        Hell, even ‘anime’ is an imported term. It’s French. They use ‘cour’ for talking about seasons of TV as well, also a French term.

      • They’re utterly dumb and ridiculous and are not good movies, but I found both of them incredibly entertaining because of that. Basically flat-out action, terrible one-liners and tons of explosions. Plus they take all the stupid shit from the cartoons and toys and stuff and run with it in a very self-aware manner.

  • Watched Gone Girl last night with Ms. Jack, and I think we may watch Nightcrawler tonight. I liked Gone Girl, but I think I’ll like Nightcrawler more.


  • What weapons is everyone using in Monster Hunter??

    Using the bug stick myself, but the charge blade was fun when I did the quest for it.

      • 23kLY from Sol… it’s a bit of a trek. That number will go up as more people start expeditions, and some of the pending treks make it there.

        Was reading yesterday, one bloke was about 6kLY away, in a Sidewinder… 😀

        • Sounds like a champ. Sidewinder’s all you need.

          I’ve got a “rogue’s gallery” of the nearly two dozen elite anacondas I’ve taken down in my Sidey. Dunno why you’d want any other ship 😛

  • Ended up watching a whole heap of films over the weekend. Hercules (The Rock one), Pompeii, Robocop (the reboot), 300: Rise of an Empire and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

    Dawn was excellent. Hercules, Pompeii and Rise of an Empire were all okay. Pompeii was probably the better of the three. It was basically a TV version of Gladiator. Robocop was surprisingly enjoyable. Given the generally poor reception people seem to have given it I wasn’t expecting much, but I ended up liking it.

  • Hahaha, they got me a bluray player. Pretty much just because they got me the Evil Dead Anthology (incredibly cool unexpected get!) and we don’t have a bluray player in the house. Even though I’ve somehow ended up with four of them now 😛

    Also my sister got me a whole stack of Nintendo music books. She does good present.

    Finally got a new wallet too. I think the last one was a 21st present, and currently has a strategically folded piece of cardboard to prevent coins from falling out the burst seam on the side. I’ve been fussy about replacement wallets in the past, because they didn’t have all the features I need in one. So apparently my sister stole my wallet to be able to figure out what a good replacement would be. See previous point 😛

      • For my money it’s so much lower-rent than the videos made it out to be. Something about the way the characters/actors interact with the scenery is very… late-90s/early-00s.

        It seems like a valiant effort at something struggling to be a different, better game, but failing.

      • Like an old PS2 brawler like Total War: Spartan.

        I’m kind of digging it in an old throwback that has no place in modern gaming way.

      • I disliked it, I respect that it tried some different things but at the end of the day it’s a video game and I got no enjoyment out of it. I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you can try it for free first. (did it get a physical release?)

  • @shane @beardymcmuttonchops
    Sorry to bother you both but I really love stories that seem to be several small stories that end up being part of a bigger thing. A great example of this is the anime and light novel Durarara.
    Do either of you, (or any other taybies) have any suggestions on how to write something like that? Because I really have no clue where to start. The only idea I have is to maybe work backwards.

    • Not a bother at all, Scree.

      I’ve learned two things in these last two books I’ve written.

      Metro 7, I went into it without a clear picture of where I wanted to go. I just had these concepts floating around my head. SPACE MARINES! SCARY MONSTERS! BINARY STAR SYSTEM! My destination wasn’t apparent. It took me 5 years to write the damn thing because I didn’t have a roadmap to follow.

      Carnifex, I had a roadmap. The plot is all done. And between November 2014 and now the first draft is almost finished. Although it has deviated a little from the initial plot map, the destination remains the same. Leave yourself some wiggle room.

      Between Metro 7 and Carnifex I reduced the first draft write time from 4 years to 4 months, and I think it’s really helped keep the momentum going with Carnifex.

      If you have a final destination you want your story to get to, make sure all the threads feed toward that destination. I know it sounds daft, but my virtual cork board and plot outlines on Scrivener have been a lifesaver this time around. You can do worse than plotting all the threads out on an actual cork board. Or a visual art diary or similar.

      Write as much as you can as often as you can. Don’t worry about whether it’ll all make the final cut, because it’s better to have too much information than not enough.

      • Me too. I tried to watch it, but I just couldn’t after watching Durarara. I think with Durarara’s supernatural element, it was just a more natural pick for me.

          • Really think you might have missed out. Shame it didn’t click for you, it’s much better than Durarara IMO.

          • It’s worth getting far enough in that the shit starts hitting the fan and you begin to get flashback bits. All the characters are interconnected and there’s heaps of history between them all. The first few episodes especially the first are quite awkward and it takes a while to get into it, where I think DRRR has a great opening episode that introduces the whole cast nicely and then kind of got a bit slow (I recently re-watched it all to get ready for the new season, which I’ve barely watched)

    • I don’t know much about this form, but here’s how I’d approach it.

      Start with one character. Write a story featuring them. As short or long as it has to be. If you’re looking to expand the world beyond that, find some unanswered questions in the story that your character won’t be able to tackle, and write about them from another perspective.


      Then when you get to the end, mix all the stories up so it looks like you’re a total savant genius instead of someone who just followed logical threads through to their conclusion.

      • Shouldn’t a little more planning go into it?
        As I said above, I am good at coming up with vague ideas and am unable to flesh them out

        • Honestly, it’s up to you. I like to start with a scene, a character, something zoomed in really close, and figure out exactly what I should be focusing on from that. This is how I ensure that my characters feel as real as possible.

          But yeah, you can start with your setting or plot if you want, definitely.

          Edit: the main benefit of my approach is that you end up with a short story as the first product, rather than a planning document… and that’s really good for motivation (even if the planning document is the second thing you produce, and you end up not using the short story at all).

          • To be honest, I don’t even know where to start. All I really have is a vague idea and a bit of a setting. I keep going back to @beardymcmuttonchops advice about secrets, but I don’t really know what to do with that either. I keep coming back to either a cult, or something to do with radiation and then removing it.

          • You could have it all: post-apocalyptic cult worships unexploded nuclear bomb, have short lifespans, occasional mutations. That should be enough to start with.

            Now write a story about a young cancer-ridden mother with one normal kid, and one deformed kid, and her heartbreaking and harrowing attempt to get them free from this cult.

            Like I said, you don’t have to use the story in the end, but one thing you will find (and I pretty much guarantee this) is that if you sit down and just start writing something – anything – the ideas will start flowing much more easily.

            You can’t make links between stories that don’t exist yet. That comes later, maybe even last.

          • Thanks. This really does help a lot. I may start carrying around a small notebook for writing while I’m out.

    • As an aside, it’s kind of hilarious and disturbing just how different the advice was from @beardymcmuttonchops and myself. I guess this just goes to show that there’s no one path to creating something – everyone beats their own way through the undergrowth.

      Also, I just realised that I’m hoping to put together a book of this nature in the near future:
      Teased here
      Lamented here.

    • Ahhhh mongrel… I never should’ve said anything!

      Can’t we face the other fear, and rig up an elaborate hoax like The Game?
      Actually nowait, let’s do the bungie thing.

    • That’s a loooooooooong way away from most of the attractions in Japan. Like on a different Island to the mainland even! Did you intend on going there already? Cos if not, that’s a whole lot of travel just to take a leap!

      • As a further thought, if you are going to make the journey all the way down there, you should definitely make a stop off at Sanrio Harmony Land while you’re out that way! It’s in Oita, which is just a little North East of Kumamoto!

  • Damn! I knew I shoulda bought my 3DS to this conference thing. I came here early and now I’m just derping around since the person I came with is apparently studying (wat a nerd)

    At least we all get our own rooms this time. Not badddd

  • “Hey, does anyone know who put up this union-meeting poster in the foyer?”
    “Oh, you’d like to know wouldn’t you! Put that back, it’s authorized to be there!”
    “No, it fell down. I’m just asking so whoever put it up can put it back, like… properly this time.”
    “OR, you pulled it down so you could ask who put it up.”
    “I’m… not even management. Besides, I think at this point it’s becoming pretty clear who put it up.”
    *defiant glare*
    “OK, well, I’m going to go put the poster over here, and if someone HAPPENS to pick it up, they can go put it back on the wall… and maybe use blu-tac instead of stickytape, this time.”
    “There’s some over on the noticeboard, in case you were wondering.”


  • MPQ Talk

    addressing concerns raised by @welbot, but equally important to anyone struggling with the new daily missions. Spoilered to save on space for everyone.

    First and foremost, it’s good to understand what purpose Deadpool’s Daily Quest is supposed to serve. It’s a supplement to regular play designed to help ease transition. If you’re in the 2* phase, it’s not just going to give you free 3* covers – although the Taco Tokens have much nicer drop rates, and the added bonus of maybe getting a lucky booster of Hero Points. If you’ve started the 2-3* transition, you get the opportunity to add a cover to a hero which you have already started. In 3* and beyond, you may want to fine tune or respec your 3*, otherwise it’s going get sold for ISO, but completing all missions each day nets you 4000 ISO, which is nearly 2 levels for a cover capped 3*, or 1 extra level for a 4*.

    First up, the 1* required mission. This mission is straight forward 2 goons and a single 2* character. Get Juggernaut for this. He’s got a ton of health, you can Headbutt the opposing hero, and then just try to match away any countdown tiles. Dmg recoil from Headbutt should not be an issue – he’s got pretty fast healing outside of battle, and you can use 2* heroes for the other nodes.
    2* Survival. This has got a level range of 20-50, so any 2* characters that you’ve got maxed should cruise through this one.
    2* Final node (vs 3x 3* characters). It looks like these enemies average level 72. 2*’s still out damage 3*’s at that level, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this. The first two missions are as close to freebies as you’re going to get. The third shouldn’t be too much hassle, but it could make you stop and think about your matches depending on your roster. All done, these three missions give you 1500 ISO and a Taco Token.

    The remaining two missions are certainly trickier. If you’ve only got a single cover on the required character, then that mission could mean you’re effectively playing 2 v 3. In which case you need to swing the balance back in your favour. The enemy team is 2*’s averaging level 62, so bringing your max level 2*’s is going to help. Go with power couples. 2* Stormneto is crazy fast damage – collect purple to fuel Mags Polarity Shift, try and make some match 5’s when you generate blue, and then use Wind Storm, targeting the beefiest opponent so that they are stunned. You can easily make this a 3-turn mission. OBW+Wolverine for strike tiles+espionage, or OBW+Ares/Thor for just big hits.

    Lastly we come to THE survival node. This is listed as level range 99-132, so even your maxed 2*’s are punching above their weight; although not as much as you might think, since 3*’s don’t get stronger than 2’s until about level 112. Here’s where there’s a lot more strategy involved. Since the survival waves are in the pattern goons, characters, goons, characters, the general idea is to use the goon waves to generate AP, and then blow through the character waves as fast as possible. The real trick is making the goon waves last exactly as long as you want them to. You want to try and take little-to-no damage from goons. OBW pays huge dividends. Recon to steal AP, Anti-grav device to increase enemy countdowns, and Espionage for more stealing and double dipping on damage. This is finally a chance for 2* Captain America to shine – at max level both his red and blue can overwrite any tile, and return nearly the same AP once their cooldown ends. He’s a little slow to get started, but once you’re on a roll, you should be able to avoid a lot/all damage. Thor also really shines – since he’s a slow character as well, however you’re essentially fighting 4 missions back-to-back, so his “late game” really kicks in around the middle somewhere. Yellow does big damage and generates green for his AoE. You can still use Team Ups from 3* characters, so you might want to consider Ms Marvel (she is tanky and has an activatable Black ability which is nice, but on the whole not too great for offence).

    • My only real issue is like yesterdays mission when they put someone like Black Panther in the last wave. Unless I get a free turn on the last turn of the minions before the final wave, the computer smashes me with everything they have before I even get a chance to have a turn. I’ve been saving a lot of gems to use in the last wave, the problem is, I don’t get the chance to use them! 😉

      • I had the same thing. Think I needed to get a few OBW AP steals in before I hit that last wave.
        I was stocked up on AP but so were they and that first turn took out my BW and put the other 2 right down.
        Also didn’t help that I always forget about my team ups

        • I didn’t have the option of team ups unfortunately. I haven’t had any for a while.. got lots of boosts though, but they do stuff all to protect you from getting your arse raped! 😉

  • TAY RPG Pathfinder finished for another night. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @sernobulus @negativezero @beeawwb @rize

    GM Summary: Tonight was Troll Night. I should know, I was the two biggest trolls.

  • GUYS





    • Oh yeah, that’s right. Judas Priest and Dragonforce day on Thursday. Better remind my parents they’re hanging out with the kids that night!

      • I’m jealous of you (and @mrtaco) getting to see Judas Priest and Dragonforce, but then I remember I’m seeing Foo Fighters and Rise Against on Monday, and it’s all good.

  • Nvidia finally fessed up to why my GTX970 would run fine, then suddenly run slowly, apparently only the first 3.5GB of the card’s memory runs at full speed, and the last 512MB runs much more slowly.
    This was driving me nuts when using it in Davinci Resolve which maxes out the ram on the pair of 970s I am running.
    I’m sending them back and getting 980s.
    Seriously, who gimps a card like that and doesn’t tell anyone??

  • Morning taybes <3

    I haven’t picked up my motorbike yet, but I totally already joined the Polecats – my wifebeater came in the mail yesterday 😀

    Also, with the Invader ZIM news, all I want to do is go home, dig out my imported boxset (bought from Underworld Realm, for any Brisbabes who might remember that place!) of the DVDs and hook up my old CRT to binge through it. Aww yess.

    • It wasn’t terrible (try .hack//ROOTs for terrible), mainly had some really bad pacing issues.

      But yeah, the soundtrack was amazing. I’d still rate it as Kajiura’s best work.

  • Weirdly I’m finding myself really enjoying Bound by Flame. It’s not a good game by any stretch. But it’s not bad either. It’s competent at what it does without excelling at anything turning it into a rather bland fantasy brawler with super cliched character but I’m having fun with its uncomplicated and straightforward game play and narrative.

    Meanwhile I think I’ve given up on Lords of the Fallen. I beat three Lords yesterday. The chunky armoured guy with a shield, the chunky armoured guy with a shield and the chunky armoured guy with a shield. Man it was fun getting to them all, fighting through all the chunky armoured guys with shields. And that miniboss, the chunky armoured guy with the shield, damn. And why do all the bosses have so much goddamn health with so little openings to hit them and do so little damage to you. The fights are just long boring slogs with the biggest danger being falling asleep. So much of the game showed amazing potential completely ruined by being so badly designed.

  • THE STRANGE (@strange?): THE SERIES

    Episode 1 Part 2

    7:30 Wednesday SA Time

    The Party has a name: Tom Mallard. But who is he? Does the estate know anything? And will Viktor have slept with his mother? Who knows?

    @beeawwb @blaghman @freezespreston @quiz_b @gingerchris86 @trjn

    • I said I needed a monkey not a duck. I’m surrounded by imbeciles making my life difficult and holding back true greatness.

      • Excellent! Would you mind filling out this questionnaire please? It would be fascinating to study how the specimen I injected my mother with changes upon sexual transmission. Please don’t mind the burning and the chewing sound coming from within your skull and if you would keep a journal of any physiological changes.

  • I’ve plugged my PS3 back in. Left it on for a couple of hours, no worrying noises. Turns out all it needed was a couple of years to rest up. It might even last me long enough to play some of the exclusives I never got a chance to play.

    On my list:
    Heavy Rain (owned)
    MGS4 (owned)
    Beyond Two Souls (not owned)
    ICO/SOTC re-release (not owned)

    Demon’s Souls (replay, owned)
    The Uncharted trilogy (replay, but not owned)

    Any others I should be making room for? Anyone planning to jettison some old games that I can pick up for cheap (I’m happy to beat any EB trade offer! :P) or looking to swap for some 360 games?

    Should be getting my Vita in the next day or two as well. Looks like I’ve well and truly jumped ship to Sony. How did that even happen?

  • I’m a guy who is pretty forgiving with games. I liked Murdered: Soul Suspect and I can usually find the fun if there’s any to be found, but I’m struggling with The Order.

    Here are some thoughts I posted on Twitter: The Order reminds me of when a parent gives their toddler a controller so they can pretend they’re playing too. The illusion of helping. All we’re trusted to do is walk from one cutscene to another. The environments look stunning, but it feels empty and soulless. There’s nothing to do in any of them. You can look but you can’t touch. Even when you can pick up an item to examine it, there’s no point. There’s no dialogue. You’re instructed to tilt objects from side to side for absolutely no reason at all. :\

    I feel like I’m being negative and cynical about this game, but I can’t help it. :'(

    So many moments of potential awesome and fragments of a good game here. Frustrating.

  • GAMES PLAYED THIS YEAR ([*] for finished, [+] for finished with)

    [*]Diablo III
    [*]The Last of Us
    [*]Infamous: Second Son
    [*]Infamous: First Light
    [*]Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
    [*]Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice
    [*]Game of Thrones: The Lost Lords
    [*]Rogue Legacy
    [*]Tales of the Borderlands 1

    Transistor (in progress)

    [+]Surgeon Simulator
    [+]Lords of the Fallen

    • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
      The Swapper
      Grim Fandango Remastered
      Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

      In-progress episodic games:

      Life is Strange
      Game of Thrones

    • Games finished this year:
      – Tomb Raider
      – Dark Souls 2
      – The Swapper
      – inFamous: Second Son
      – inFamous: First Light
      – The Walking Dead season 1 (is that one, or five games?)
      – Wolfenstein: the New Order
      I feel like I’m forgetting something… Oh well!

      Almost finished the Order: 1886, then I’ll work on my PS+ backlog 🙂

      • I’m not sure how to record the episodic games. I’m choosing to give myself an advantage by multi-counting them because I’ve played each episode prior to the release of the next. *nods*

    • My list:

      [*] Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
      [*] Dragon Age Inquisition
      [*] Danganronpa
      [*] Danganronpa 2
      [-] Sunless Sea
      [-] Infamous: Second Son
      [ ] Tales of Hearts R

      About 30 hours into Hearts now. Didn’t get much time with it over the last week or so because I was busy collecting battleship ladies but hoping to knock out the rest of it this week. Then I have no idea what I’ll do next.

  • So, after over 100 episodes of Potaku, we’re finally getting some actual industry professionals on the podcast!

    Nic Watt (No relation) And Bruce Thompson from local dev/publisher Nnooo.

    So anyone got any questions for the guys about their games or the local dev/publishing scene?

    (Please give us some good questions to make us seem less terrible!)

  • Trying to decide if it’s worth buying a halfway decent camera to take on holiday or just to use the camera on my phone.

    • A good camera is probably wasted on where you’ll mostly be posting it, if it’s instagram/twitter/etc. Good for framing and shit after the fact, but comes with the hazard of having to sort through and cull hundreds of duds and agonize over the shortlist to the point that you never actually get around to it.

      If you use your phone camera, for the love of John Oliver, empty it before you go.

    • Really depends on what kind of photos you want to take. The effort of lugging around a DSLR can often outweigh the convenience of a cameraphone photo. Remember: The best shot is the one you actually take.

      • I thought the best one was the one you imagined, and your camera does a poor imitation at best. But I never took photography, so I could be wrong about that. (I’m drawing on a combination of writing experience and low self-esteem.)

        • I know you’re joking, but I’ll still expand on the point.

          Let’s say I’ve got my camera, filter glass, tripod. All that fun stuff. And I’m walking along and see a gorgeous sunset. I whip out my phone and take a quick snap. It’s not as good as it could be, but it’s still a shot. Then I unpack my tripod, set up the camera, plug in the trigger, screw on the filters, line everything up and now 5 minutes have passed and so has the moment. All that equipment is no substitute for being ready for the shot when the shot is ready for you.

          My camera is good at taking fast shots. And realistically, those are the only shots it can do that my phone can’t. Everything else is just icing, but it’s the cake that matters.

          Now I want cake.

    • What phone are you taking and what is halfway decent for you?

      Your photo’s will only be as good the camera you have with you at the time. So does your phone have a set of features your happy with. Or do you want more features/functions?

      I have an Olympus XZ-1 that is basically a point and shoot on steroids. Has everything I need and more… That being said my wife is outgrowing it, so next stop will be a compact mirrorless for her.

        • That RX100 is a neat bit of kit.

          Would definitely recommend taking something like that on your trip… Just what Red said below… For showing off the trip a good compact will give results miles ahead of a good phone.

    • I used both on my last two trips, and I’m glad I did. Phone for the quick snap look where I am, actual camera for the I want to get this up on my wall or actually show where I’ve been photos.

      My camera isn’t a DSLR, it’s a $300 or so decent digital one. Not too much to lug around, decent quality. That’s what I’d look at. Other people on my last trip also had the waterproof rugged cameras which are cool too

    • I’m hitting similar issues. I have a DSLR (an old Canon 550D) but the battery is completely dead in it so need to buy a new one. And it’s big and heavy and bulky and also I’m a moron who knows nothing about photography so the pics I take with it are generally shit and I can’t use the viewfinder in it because I can barely see out of my dominant eye any more, even with glasses on – the glasses correct my ability to see with both eyes, but the improvement they add to my right eye is pretty small.

        • I was thinking I might go get a decent point & shoot, but I have a Lumia 930 and the camera in it is supposed to be fairly competitive with a point & shoot as it is.

          Will probably either take my DSLR & get a battery replacement, or replace the body with a mirrorless. Issue is that the Canon mirrorless apparently aren’t very good but if I went with anything else I wouldn’t be able to use my lenses.

          • The problem I’ve found with phone cameras is that yes, they are capable of some brilliant quality shots (the Z2 has a 20MP camera with a host of features) they tend to struggle quite badly if the light isn’t perfect whereas a point and shoot will generally give much better results in those instances.

    • I have a little Canon powershot D10
      Small enough to fit in your pocket (not overly comfortably) and at 12 megapixels can give good shots. Small zoom, sturdy and waterproof I found it has been great.
      Keep in your backpack or whatever when in transit and then slip into your pocket when you are going into somewhere that you know you will want shots of.

  • If the slogan on this wrapper is correct, you cant top the taste of twirl. So then why does Cadbury make other flavours.

    These are the pressing issues at work I must face.

  • Can you guys rank rate Ys: Memories of Celceta for me, please?

    I saw a copy for $34 today, and I’m unsure whether I really want to spend that much. On the other hand, it’s not available for cheaper anywhere else right now…

    I could also get this game for $24.95 on PSN at the moment, but that means I’m locked in and can’t onsell the game if I don’t like it. HMMMMMMM

    • Rank it how?

      Ys II > Ys Seven > Ys Celceta > Ys Origin > Oath in Felghana > Ys VI > Ys I > Ys V

      IMO it’s one of the top 10 games on the Vita. Maybe top 5.

      Or do you want an actual description? Have you played any Ys games before? Familiar with the franchise at all?

      • I am not familiar with it, beyond knowing it’s an RPG. So would you say it’s worth the aforementioned price? Anything you can tell me, really, to endorse it or deride it. Thanks!

        I already have Persona 4 Golden – how does this compare? Are they similar enough games that owning just one will do?

        • To preface: I paid a ton extra to import the Ys Celceta Silver Annersary CE from the US because it was celebrating 25 years of the franchise and came with a 3 CD soundtrack. So I paid way more than $35 for it. 🙂

          For starters, ‘Ys’ is said basically the same way as you say the ‘eas’ in ‘easy’. 🙂 Ys started as a NEC PC-8801 game in 1988. Ys II came out a few months later and improved on it in every way. The pair of games are really two halves of the one story. Ported into heaps of places. Subsequently they made Ys III: Wanderers from Ys, which got localized releases too. Then they licensed out Ys IV to two different companies who made two separate Ys games – Dawn of Ys, and Mask of the Sun. Ys V falcom pulled back in house and it was absolutely awful and killed the franchise for nearly a decade. They tested the waters with Ys VI: Ark of Napishtim, which was the first in the series to pull it to 3D, then they expanded on that game’s system by building Ys Origin, set hundreds of years before the first game, and remaking Ys III as Oath in Felghana. Then they made Ys Seven for PSP, which changed things up a fair bit. Celceta is built off Ys Seven’s style. The early games in the series are often compared to the Legend of Zelda, though they’re far more actiony.

          Chronologically, the sequence is Origin, I & II, Celceta, Felghana, V, Napishtim, Seven. Aside from Origin, they all follow the exploits of Adol Christin, a red-headed swordsman and adventurer. Ys opens with Adol as a boy travelling to a land that has been cut off from the outside by a huge storm, and he is shipwrecked and washes up on the beach. This is a recurring theme in the series actually, just about every game starts with him unconscious somewhere.

          The conceit of Celceta is that it’s set after he becomes a hero in Ys II, and the game’s meta-story is about how Adol became the famous adventurer he is in the subsequent games. Celceta is a ‘sea of trees’. A vast jungle on the edge of the Romn Empire that is unexplored and unmapped. The game opens with Adol stumbling out of the jungle into a town on the outskirts, terribly injured and near death. Something happened to him in there, but he doesn’t remember anything. His memories have been scattered. Teaming up with his associate Duran and various other characters he meets along the way, he retraces his steps and regains his memories, unraveling the mystery of the jungle as he goes.

          Gameplay-wise it’s a fun, fast hack & slash game. You have a party of three, control one character directly and the other two are AI-controlled. You can swap between them at any time, even during combat. Each character has one of three different weapon types: Piercing, Slashing and Striking, and different enemies are weak or strong to different attack types. You also have special attacks and get gear upgrades as you play and so on.

          Basically what it ends up being is like a JRPG lite. You get a JRPG storyline but you can play through the whole game in like 20 hours or so. It’s got a lot of depth to it. Also amazingly good soundtrack, though that’s a given for all of Falcom’s stuff. Ys Seven has a more ‘epic’ JRPG plot and Celceta’s is more personal, going into Adol’s history as a child and stuff. The amnesia thing is a terrible trope but it’s handled really well in the game. Good solid cast of characters, some nice twists and turns and generally I loved playing it.

        • Saw your edit just now. Celceta has next to nothing in common with Persona. One is an average turn-based dungeon crawler JRPG combined with a time management game, the other is an action game with light RPG mechanics and a classic JRPG-ish story.

          • I can’t recall if the PSP version was like the PC one or not. I think it’s basically the same content. The first two games have three versions – the original, then Ys I & II Eternal which was around the 32-bit era and upgraded the visuals and music, and then Ys I & II Complete which had a further visual and music was upgraded to stuff recorded by the Falcom Sound Team band. The Steam version lets you swap between the versions of the music and visuals, not sure if the PSP one did.

            FYI, the first game is kind of average. Tips:
            – You can get a free sword by talking to everyone in the starting town and then talking to the guard dude again. IIRC he gives you the Talwar, which is the first sword upgrade and saves you grinding out a chunk of gold.
            – Save often. You can save anywhere. It’s an oldschool PC game originally so it doesn’t have save points or checkpoints or anything. You save often or you’re going to lose progress.
            – It doesn’t really tell you where to go. If you find yourself in an area where you’re maybe able to take out one enemy with some effort but they take off a lot of your health, you’re in the wrong place. First time I played it I was told to go to some town and it mentioned a mine and I went into a cave area thinking I was in the right place and monsters tore me three new assholes and I hadn’t saved and lost like 2 hours and stopped playing the game in disgust, took ages to get around to trying it again properly.
            – The leveling up is carefully balanced such that if you’re too high level relative to the enemies you kill, you get almost zero XP, and it tapers off pretty fast. Means that by the end of an area you should have leveled up to the point you’re hitting diminishing returns on the enemies there, and also if you’re under-leveled for some reason you’ll catch up fast. It’s an elegant system that makes the whole thing feel really nicely balanced.
            – When you meet Feena, it’s possible to ‘measure’ her. You measure monsters etc. by bumping into them, but Feena follows you around a few steps behind so she’s not possible to bump into except there’s one particular dead-end corridor you can go into and then basically trap her there and bump away. For extra creepy, put the Mask of Eyes on so she’s invisible. In the Steam version there’s an achievement for this. You can also do it with one of the characters in Ys II and in Oath in Felghana so it’s kind of a running joke.
            – In that same sequence, with some particular items that when used stop the enemies moving for a bit, you can actually level Feena up by making her bump through enemies.
            – Toward the end of the game, before you enter Darm Tower you must have all the Silver gear, which is the second from the top gear quality. You can’t beat the final boss without silver gear (well, you can, but it’s nearly impossible), and once you enter the tower you’re stuck there. The silver sword is hard to get. You need to visit Reah a few times until there’s a sequence where she plays the opening tune on her harmonica, and then visit both of the Rodea Trees on the map. The tree gives you the sword. The reason it’s there is in Ys Origin. 🙂

            With a guide you can knock out Ys 1 in like 5-6 hours, it’s quite short. It’s worth pushing through it fast because Ys II is miles and miles better.

    • I considered buying it once but then decided I needed to be more responsible with spending on games. I think it was during a steam sales hangover.

      • I think I’ll probably end up doing the same, unless the consensus falls in favour of this being a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

    • I can’t be bothered reading what the others have said (sorry Neg, I’m just tired :P) but Celceta was my first Ys game and I enjoyed it! I think Kotaku had an article before its launch and after watching the some trailer there was just something about it that “clicked” with me and the next thing I knew, I impulse purchased the collector’s edition off OGS.

      It’s nothing amazingly spectacular omgimustplaythis, but it’s damn fun and probably a worthwhile purchase at $25. It can get pretty repetitive at times but thankfully the whole game is fairly shortish. Story/characters are meh but it’s more about the gameplay! (I think this was the trailer)

    • Another thing I mentioned but bears repeating: That Soundtrack.

      This is the field music for the first zone. Just a normal area.

      And Celceta doesn’t even have the best music in the series. Falcom’s music should be as iconic as stuff like Final Fantasy, but hardly anyone’s even heard it. 🙁

      Honestly though, if you wanted to sample Ys and aren’t averse to digital, Ys Seven on PSP is probably available for a song in comparison to $34, and it’s a marginally better experience if you don’t mind the lower res. Ys I & II are best on the PC. I don’t think you go for Steam though? If you did I’d totally gift you one of the Ys games. I really really like the series so like to evangelize it a bit.

        • I only really got into the series a few years ago. Played bits and pieces of the series (tried Origins and Seven but didn’t like them!). It didn’t click until I put some effort in and finished I & II which I picked up on PC when they released on Steam and decided to sit down with a guide and put the effort in, reasoning that if there can be eight games in the series it can’t be terrible. Since then I’ve played & finished them all except V (which was SNES and apparently crap and also never properly translated) and VI (which I got a little way into but it’s kind of regressive compared to the subsequent games made on the engine, and also there were rumors of a proper translation coming to Steam instead of the crap Konami PS2 release).

          They’re releasing a new Ys this year on PS4 & Vita! No details yet but it looks like it won’t be called Ys Eight, probably has a subtitle instead, and it’s set in between V and VI. Should be awesome, plus Xseed have been doing a great job localizing the games since they got the rights so it should actually come out in English some time. \o/

  • Having a good day today! My project at work is going totally smoothly for a change, got praised by my boss, gearing up for my holiday soon.

    Everything’s coming up Pow! Hope you guys are good too.

  • Repost for new page

    So, after over 100 episodes of Potaku, we’re finally getting some actual industry professionals on the podcast!

    Nic Watt (No relation) And Bruce Thompson from local dev/publisher Nnooo.

    So anyone got any questions for the guys about their games or the local dev/publishing scene?

    (Please give us some good questions to make us seem less terrible!)

  • A brief reminder to Undad backers:

    If you haven’t filled in your survey, please do it soon. I want to start working on the dedication page for the book, so everything is ready to go for publication. There’s only a handful (okay, a little more than a handful) of pages still outstanding at the moment, and after a quick once-over scrub, it’ll be going straight to the printers.

    If all goes well, I’ll be unveiling it at Supanova Gold Coast.

    So get your surveys in! Please.
    Also, thanks.

    Yep. That’ll do. That’s it.

  • Papa Roach 3-pack… yay for more angsty rock, I guess. Kinda hard not to chuckle when listening to the lyrics, considering I first heard them thanks to Weird Al’s Angry White Boy Polka, and can’t really separate them from that song. Oh well, at least Last Resort has a neat riff. 😛

  • Fuck couriers.

    Trying to track down a parcel for my mother-in-law. It was addressed to Forster, but apparently delivering it to a post office an hour away is close enough.

          • I usually go, “Argh, fffmmmmppphhhhh (sucking in air through closed lips), aaaahhhhh”.
            I do my bestest to avoid swearing :3

          • I don’t usually swear when I burn myself.

            Burned myself enough times over the years.

            Actually I’m amazed that I never really learned my lesson, and kept touching hot shit…

          • Once grabbed a chemistry practical sample out of the oven at uni and burnt myself. Rather than use the hand that had the PPE on, I used my unprotected hand. Because I’m a moron.

      • Reminds me…

        When I was fresh into high school, our school had the bright idea of doing ‘services’ on Friday afternoons. For some that meant volunteering at the RSPCA (they thought it would be petting kittens and puppies… it was mostly cleaning out shit and hefting storeroom supplies). For others that meant mini-SES-training, the Art Services group ended up building backstage structures and set-pieces, and the group I joined… visited the old folks’ home.

        I don’t know who was responsible for the idea, but whether it was self-selection or teacher-driven social engineering, the group who ended up visiting the old folks’ home were the school’s rogues and brigands. Those skirting the edge of expulsion, the regular detention crowd.
        …And me.

        I strongly suspect that the irreverent, juvenile nature of our group of delinquents is probably what brought out the… best? Worst? Something ‘different’ in our charges. The old people seemed to feed off our delight in their free and casual use of swears, subverting our expectations of ‘prim and proper nannas’ with glee.

        We listened with rapt fascination as we got told the worst stories of the unsavory things they’d got up to in their youth, and gruesome stories of the wars. A group of horrible children and horrible elders, thoroughly enjoying the freedom of being horrible. Some of the ladies liked to pretend that we were gigolos.

        An afternoon tea spread was always put out by the home, and some of the residents hoarded away bottles of various types of soda for us to take away and drink on the way back.

        Meanwhile, the RSPCA kids were covered in animal shit, hollow-eyed from too much exposure to animal sadness, and the ACES crews were slogging their guts out in the heat clearing reclaimed bushland as foundations for obstacle courses and camp-sites or doing road-side litter-cleaning.

        There seemed to be something fundamentally unjust about how much fun the worst-behaved students in the school were having while everyone else worked their asses of. Not that we were complaining.

        …There was a point to this reminiscing. I forget what it is. People who seem ‘proper’ like a good old swear every now and then? Oh, and that life isn’t fair and good things will happen to bad people.

    • Is that Forster NSW? My parents moved there a little while ago and run a cafe there, seems to be in a postal system hole, everything we send back and forth takes longer than it should, Express post is like 3 days to anywhere from there so my folks were informed at the post office.

      • OK @gutsoup, I have to ask, which café in Forster? Always on the lookout for good café lunches in Forster to take Grandma to.

        • It’s called Chilli Jam, the portions are very generous, nice little cozy spot. You can tell them Shaun sent you and they’ll look after you 🙂

  • Watching the live updates from the Gillian Triggs hearing is kind of gross. Any semblance of a shred of respect I had for the current government is pretty quickly evaporating. If my seven year old starting doing what they’re doing she would get an extremely stern talking to yet here are out leaders doing exactly that.

      • It saddens me that it reminds me so much of me and my sister when we were little.

        Me: You did it.
        Her: Nahhh. You did.
        Me: No. You did.
        Her: No. You did.
        Me: No. You did.
        Her: No. You did.
        Me: No. You did.
        Her: No. You did.
        Me: No. You did.
        Her: No. You did.
        Me: No. You did.
        Her: MUUUUMMMMM!!!

        Edit: “it” meaning parliment for the last… 7 years?

  • Well I got a “result” from my bank about my disputed transaction with Wednesday 13’s merchandise company about never fulfilling a pre-order and dodging my inquiries about it. They said since it has been more than 4 months since the transaction was made they believe I am breaching their ‘Deposit Product Terms & Conditions Clause’ and because of that will not reimburse me my lost money because the merchant failed to deliver the goods on the pre-order date or a refund or even communicate back. Given the pre-order was meant to be filled almost 7 months later I can’t act on that until then anyway. I’m, mostly pissed off because the merchant in question has not only done this to me but many other fans and have no issued a refund like had been indicated.

    What also annoyed me was, the teller I dealt with at the bank seemed disinterested and couldn’t comprehend it was a pre-order that was to be filled at a much later date and that I had tried to get in contact with the merchant because I wanted my damn goods.

    Oh well, i’ll just ring the customer relations number they have here and talk to someone who may comprehend what has happened and why I am disputing it.

  • Huh, just got an email from Supanova spruiking this year’s events and listing all their guests.

    Adam Baldwin isn’t listed. Interesting.

    Also holy shit Dolph Lundgren? I may for the first time ever and probably ly the last consider paying to see someone.

  • Gearbox has sent me two emails this afternoon saying Homeworld Remastered arrives this Wednesday. I’m happy your excited gearbox but I have no idea what that is.

  • Back from my mini conference thing!

    I ate and drank too much :P. Bleh. It was totally FREE though SO I GOTTA EAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE

    I’m kinda sad to be leaving Healthcare and moving to another division. I want as much benefits and conferences as possible! :'(

    EDIT: Oh and I was talking to some Perth management dudes and they asked for me to come back :P. Doubt it’ll happen though because I’m needed back in VIC. Was also talking to some New Zealand peoples and they seem keen to have more people on board too. I also doubt that’ll happen but of course I wouldn’t mind another free “holiday” 😀

        • 15 mins from Auckland CBD I assume you mean (it’s actually a fairly big city). Auckland’s a really nice place to live. Good climate, never stupidly cold but rarely gets above the 30 degree mark, great beaches on the northern side of the city. When I lived there I was just a kid, and my school was in a really snobby area so for half the year every Friday we’d go down to the boat shed they owned that was on the shore of the big lake nearby and spend all morning sailing yachts. We also had a really nice house for a while when living there that was only 5 mins walk from Milford Beach which was one of the nicest beaches on the North Shore.

          Only problem is that Aucklanders aren’t very friendly and the rest of the country kind of hates them. 😛

          • I just typed the office address into Google Maps and “Auckland” 😛

            They used to do grad rotations there but not anymore :(.

  • Haha, so apparently my local EB have already had a few return The Order 1886, with total disappointment. At least i’m not alone I guess.

  • Just going to throw this out there, @blaghman is super rad.

    After adopting Alice, I’ve been exhausted and stressed out. I’ve been eating terribly and have visibly lost weight. Freya is on nights at the moment, which is always disruptive, so I’ve basically been all on my own this week. Throw in a puppy that gets very vocal when left alone and the steaming pile of shit that is the situation with the home owner rescinding permission to have Alice and you can imagine that I’m not in the best mental shape right now.

    Anyhow, Blaghs has come over twice this week to help out. Sure it’s for purely selfish reasons, so he can play with the puppy, but it has been a massive help for me. He’s puppy sat when I had to go to Bunnings and do groceries and today he gave me a chance to catch up on some precious, precious sleep.

    Oh, I’ve also tricked him into doing manual labour by erecting part of the puppy fence and got him to play Android: Netrunner with me.

    All in all, really massive things for me.

    If Kudos was still a thing, he’d have it on lock this week. And I say that as someone who thought it was a bit of a circlejerk.

        • I think it’s a safe bet that if you ever want to win a game, play me at Netrunner.

          I am to Netrunner what GingerChris is to Splendor.

          • I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to be as bad at a game as @gingerchris86 is at Splendor.

            Anyhow, I’m probably going to try putting together some decks with all my cards. Might get something a little more consistent than the starter decks. CJ managed to beat me the last time I did that, so who knows, you might have half a chance.

          • @blaghman @trjn I’ll have you both know that I have won, twice. Every other time i have played awfully and threatened to burn it with fire however :p

          • You can understand why I have my doubts.

            About the successes, not the threats. I’ve witnessed the threats.

      • Thank you so much for helping Bun and I out. We really appreciate it. I’ll mention it to your dad the next time I fail to review a patient he wants me to 😛

    • Blaghs is a pretty rad dude.

      Early days of puppy owning can be stressful, but it does get better.
      Hope things turn out well re: home owner.

      • I’ll be doing much better once I start getting better sleep. Only getting a couple of disrupted hours a night and a few half naps during the day has really kicked my ass. Freya has just finished her first night shift, so that means there’s going to be more time where I can go get a nap or even some real sleep.

  • Today I made like a dozen new friends.
    They were all dogs, I’m not good with people :P.
    (did a day of dog washing for moneyz)

  • So. Dragonforce were pretty good. I’ve always heard people say that their live gigs suck, they can’t even play their own songs, etc. I didn’t really get that impression at all, but then I guess I’m not overly familiar with them so who knows 😛 Kinda wish the vocals could’ve been a little louder, but hey.

    Priest… I was expecting it to be mostly stuff from Redeemer, but there was actually a whole tonne of older stuff in there. So awesome.

    Spoilering the setlist in case people still want to be surprised on Thursday or whatever 😛

    Devil’s Child
    Metal Gods
    Victim of Changes
    Halls of Valhalla
    Love Bites
    March of the Damned
    Turbo Lover
    Redeemer of Souls
    Beyond the Realms of Death
    Breaking the Law
    Hell Bent For Leather
    You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
    Living After Midnight
    Defenders of the Faith

    Can’t wait for Saturday.

  • @distantdrop @jocon A little more raiding tonight peeps? Maybe an hour? Do heroic Gruul again =P

    And did you guys hear what the pugs said about running a 10man group? lol

    • I don’t really like the way they set up the new profession plans, I have to either wait for a inordinate amount of time for it to show up or try visiting others garrisons.. what a a pain.

      Don’t like the new blood elf’s models to.. the complexion looks way to glassy in lieu of a better word to describe it… have to wear a helmet to cover the shame!

      I do realize these have nothing to do with what you asked. they are important points however!

      But yeah I think its a good idea, 6.1 has hit so lots of the raiders will log on to feel out the new changes, should be able to round up quite a few.

      • We’ll just get a rotation of visits going within guildies who log on regularly.

        And way to comment completely on a tangent red =P Who even cares about the new models?!

        So lets try and pug another heroic group today, also I’m thinking of being more selective on what bosses we kill, i.e. skipping oregorger and possibly gruul on normal if no one needs gear from them and start working on Blast Furnace. This way we get the bosses that drop tier gear on farm and skip the idiots who drop trash.

        • Oregorger and Gruul need to die for that wooden gate to open for blast furnace =/ you also cant fall off the ledge i’ve tried.

          • just tell members who struggle on oregorger to run lfr and practice his movements, we still have members who rely on the raid leader/following people to avoid him, give or take a week we should have him on 1 shot.

            I’m sure you’ve noticed our melee dps and tanks have mastered that fight.. we mostly spread out and break boxes to speed up the phase.

    • Maybe, I’d like to get stuck into the couple of new quests first off. Get the ball rolling on that legendary follower.

      And yeah, even the pugs thought it was the 10 man holding us back.

      • Yeah which is nice to hear we’ve got the skillset required and its numbers holding us back; but on the flipside its the fucking numbers holding us back!! *cries*

        God just one healer would be a godsend at this point so we can fill out the remaining dps spots.

        I’ve been advertising for 650 ilvl but I think what’s holding us back partly is our raid timings and secondly if I advertise too low an ilvl the experienced raiders will skip over the ad all together thinking we’re too lowbie for them.

    • Sounds pretty interesting actually. Would be cool if they do some sort of parallel-world story so the game/show can affect each other without sharing the same set of characters.

      Not sure how the game would be able to affect the show. Unless they shoot scenes multiple times for each possible choice? Changing the game depending on if you watched the show first sounds like an interesting idea though.

      Looking forward to hearing more! Hopefully it happens.

    • “The idea is for Telltale to create its own TV/video game hybrid series, where a new episode of the show would always be released along with a new episode of the game.”

      So months between each TV episode?

  • Something is wrong. I’m really enjoying Bound by Flame. Everyone is telling me it’s terrible and it is currently sitting on an average of 4/10. Yet I’m enjoying it more than 90% of recent games I’ve played in the past year.

    I think the games cycle has officially broken me.

    Edit: I’m getting so much more from this $18 game than the $250 I spent on Destiny…

  • I’m probably the only person here who is actually looking forward to Monday. I’ll be going to Hobart to see Foo Fighters and Rise Against. I still can’t believe both those bands are coming to Tasmania. The tickets sold out really quickly, and I wasn’t able to buy one, but my friend wasn’t able to go, so he gave me his ticket. I haven’t been this excited for anything in quite a while.

    • I watched their Austin City Limits episode the other night. Daves voice does not handle the new material live very well it seems :/ That or it’s the fact he’s trying to dance whilst performing and it takes it away from him 😛

    • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiit. You’re coming down here?
      Oh man let me shout you lunch/coffee somewhere. Please?

      Not that I’m lonely or anything. The extent of my conversations during the day tend to focus on poo, children’s TV and how much my little guy likes oranges. It’s getting so bad, I’m tempted to introduce him to Mario…

      • I’d have to talk to my parents, as they’re driving me down. Not even sure when I’m getting to Hobart. If it can be arranged, that would be great though.

  • Old man rant about nothing important incoming:

    Man, I was not a fan of that Power Rangers short at all.

    Not everything needs to have a gritty reboot. The “Power Rangers” stuff felt incredible shoe-horned in. As @trjn pointed out on Twitter, replace the Power Rangers costumes with judge costumes from the latest Judge Dredd movie (surprisingly produced by the same guy) and it still works. I’d say it would’ve worked better.

    The fact that they used Power Rangers seemed like a cheap way of world building by using an established universe and trying to bank on 90s nostalgia. Sure, it was well shot and produced. Even the acting was alright and I will take any opportunity to appreciate Katee Sackhoff.

    Material doesn’t need to grow with its audience. Mortal Kombat worked because the games were already violent (and the short worked better than the serious which grounded it too much in reality).

    Now if they went the Speed Racer route…

  • I finished The Order 1886 last night. Wow, the ending was just bad. I was finding the plot alright up until the end. Oh well. The graphics were really nice & the gun selection was cool even if I did find myself wanting to use the combo rifle the Knights use as standard more than anything else and a six shooter pistol. They were easily the most versatile and powerful normal guns in the game I found. The thermite rifle & arc lance were pretty rad though 😛 Albeit kinda annoying to use at times.

    Downside, very linear game, not much room for exploring sadly, cut scenes were not skippable, too many cut scenes as well. I also really disliked the black bars, if you’re gonna advertise it as 1080P on the back of the case it better be 1080P not something like 900P with whacking huge black bars top & bottom of the screen >=[

    Still wouldn’t recommend it as a must have game. It’s more of a pick it up pre owned for cheap or brand new cheap.



    It is the far future.

    Society has collapsed, leaving behind only scattered tribes ruled by warlords

    Roads were destroyed

    There is now only rail, patrolled by bandits and savage tribes. Each society must rely on its cadre of death dealing engines

    The free people have one last hope. One engine to protect them

    A TANK engine


    SUMMER 2016

    Rated R for RAILROADS

    • In the near future, a hard hitting cop is wrongly convicted of the brutal murder of a society heiress and is sent to a prison island complex where the prisoners are left to roam free and fend for themselves. Ruled by a motorcycle gang “The Sisters” he must fight his way to freedom.


      Redemption: Shank or be Shanked.

    • The future.

      Earth is now home to the Alien utopia known as The Spot. Outside human society has collapsed leading to a bloody, chaotic existence.

      A young girl, a victim of unspeakable violence, dies reaching for her one friend. His eyes reflecting the horror he witnessed, his fur speckled with blood. The broken robotic teddy bear can do nothing but watch, and record all he sees.

      Eventually the toy is discarded only to be happened upon by a rogue alien scientist exiled the the outer regions who repairs and augments the mechanical creature.

      He is now savior for the people.

      A redeemer of his creators sins.

      A Super Ted!

    • A dark room. It looks like an apartment, at least it started as one. There’s sirens and yelling from the street. This isn’t a good part of town. Hell, it’s not even the bad part of town. This is the bottom of the barrel, down on your luck, last stop before the end part of town.

      A tattered, torn and beaten arm chair faces a wall. A gloved hand reaches from the chair to the side table. To the revolver. The glove was white once, but it looks like it’s been through hell.

      CLACK. The hand flicks the revolver open. It’s empty. It loads a bullet into the chamber. Then another.

      Eyes, black and tired watch the glove from the recesses of the chair. They flick from the chamber to the wall. From the bullets to the clippings. From death to death.

      The articles paint a bloody picture. Violence is sweeping LA. Cops are being gunned down and kidnapped. The Hollywood PD had a bomb planted in it’s basement.

      “That was a close one.” The mouth grins. But the grin gives way to a scowl, the sharpened teeth clenched.

      ZZZZZZZZZZ CLACK! The hand spins the chamber and snaps it back into the gun. The scowl weakens and disappears, replaced by nothing.

      The figure rises from the chair, it’s orange, matted hair stands out against the crisp, clean blue of the uniform.

      The hand holsters the revolver and moves to a rabbit’s foot hanging around the figure’s neck.

      It grasps the foot and the dark eyes well. They close.

      “Fall Apart…”

      The eyes snap open. The hollow blackness is gone replaced by a mad, burning purpose. The eye’s of insanity.

      The eyes of Bonkers.


      The environment is in chaos. Greedy megacorporations exploit the natural resources of the planet, leaving people to starve.

      One cell of multiethnic ecoterrorists plan to change all of that

      They have created the unthinkable

      A living, sentient bioweapon

      More powerful than nature



    • A man with a hood over his head is being led through a south African slum by several armed men. They find a dilapidated shack and shove him inside. There they move aside a board to reveal a steel door. They knock twice, then once, then four times. A small panel slides aside and a gun barrel sticks put aiming at the man knocking. The man responds “Valhalla’ and the gun retracts and the door opens.

      The men push the hooded man down a dimly lit set of stairs until they reach a room at the bottom, surrounded by heavily armed men and shove the man into a chair and remove the hood. In front of him sits a large, muscular woman with a mohawk and covered in tattoos. One of her legs is missing from the knee down, replaced with a crudely made prosthetic from iron reinforcing bars. Next to her sits an ugly scarred dwarf, ears have been clipped to a point and nose has been smashed in and destroyed, lending him an almost feline appearance. The dwarf lights a cigar and takes a long drag.

      “I hear you have a problem.”

      The woman leans forward.

      “A big problem.”

      Smash to title.

      PEG + CAT

    • The far future.

      Society has collapsed everywhere in the world. There is no longer any interconnectiveness. There is no longer any mass communication, nor telephones, nor Internet – even the radio is silent.

      A post-apocalyptic wasteland stretches as far as the eye can see. Burnt to ashes by nuclear war from thousands of years ago, humankind – or what is left of it – has barely reached the middle ages of technology again. The crippling of the human race has left an almighty power vacuum at the top of the food chain, and those creatures we once called “animals” have mutated and evolved. Some are even able to shift their shape and looks on will, to mimic the animals of old.

      Slowly, vegetation has begun to grow back. Slowly, agriculture is developed. But the desert is always there, always looming – the large expanse of sand and wind and sun that will quickly kill even the hardiest creature.

      Having been left to their own devices, the supercomputers of the world have slowly gained sentience. Their original mission – to ensure the survival of their country, their people – still stands. Whilst the ruling elite of all countries are as long gone as the arbitrary lines on a map that showed where the country was and was not, these computers still take an active and sometimes interventionist interest in their people.

      Humans, animals – they worship these computers as gods.

      But, as always, there is trouble. Be it from internal strife, warring bands of bandits, or external war, something is always needing to be quelled, to be suppressed, to be fixed, to be done.

      One of the great god computers has slowly degraded over the millenia of running the country it is programmed to nurse. It has identified some circuit boards it needs – but they are on the other side of the country, through the desert, through the lawless areas. It needs a champion – a being that can journey and find these ‘holy scriptures’, a being hardy enough to survive almost anything, to be almost immortal. Driven to the point of arrogance. Able to live – and thrive – in the desert. Able to bring other powerful beings either to his side, or overcome them.

      The computer needs a champion.

      It turns to the old technology secreted upon the highest mountain in the land and there it blends DNA to create the ultimate, immortal champion.

      A spark of lightning finishes the process, and the egg cracks open as the champion explodes out.



      HIS NAME IS:

      • Oh man, they should totally do a post apocalyptic “gritty” Journey to the West.

        I’d be Enslaved to my screen.


        *stares at feet*

        *mumbles* I’m sorry.

    • “I swear, I swear, I don’t know where it is!”

      The thief struggles against his bindings but they’re tight. His three captors have done this before.

      “We don’t believe you.”

      “Look, I was just told to rob the place. We took all the stuff we grabbed and gave it to Flint. That’s all I know, I swear. Please.”

      A cigarette burns in the darkness and illuminates a red baseball cap, flanked by two hulking figures. One clad in a green, immaculately pressed shirt, the other in a Seahawk’s jersey.

      Another drag on the cigarette. Another plea from the thief.

      From nowhere a fist slams into his face, shattering his cheek. His mask loses it’s grip, the eye socket it rested so comfortably against now nothing more than mashed bone and cartilage.

      Another hit. Another plea.

      “Blease. S… sdop… I tolb you eberything.”

      The baseball bat makes short work of his wrist. The blood smears into the black and white lining of his shirt.

      He pleads. The brothers attack.

      He pleads with himself to pass out. To not wake up.

      “Hugh. Stop. Unca’s here.”

      He tries to see through the mangled mess that was his eyes.

      The pin striped suit. The cane. The top hat.

      He pleads that it’s not him.

      A chair is scraped against the hard concrete floor of The Bin.

      His voice, with it’s scottish accent, echoes and bounces around the empty vault.

      “Let me tell you a tale, my dear Beagle Boy.”

      • Kicking off the Duckburg Cinematic Universe?
        You’d probably need to do separate origin movies for both Gizmoduck and Darkwing before you brought them together as a superteam though.

    • He can’t see me.

      I’m okay.

      He can’t see me.

      I’m okay.

      He can’t see me.


      I’m okay.


      He can’t see me.

      I’m okay.


      He can’t see me.

      You’re okay.

      He can’t see you.

      You’re okay.


      I gotta get up.

      He can’t see you.

      I gotta get going.

      You’re okay.

      I’m gonna see a friend of mine.

      • There’s a bear in there
        starving, angry and strong
        And a chair as well
        With straps and a blood channel in the seat
        There are people with games
        they play with your head
        And stories to tell
        ALL LIES
        Open wide, come inside
        You’ll never leave
        It’s “Play” “School”

        • “There’s a bear in there. Oh, and a chair as well.”

          I nod in agreement. I enquire about his clientele.

          “Oh we get people with games, stories to tell.”

          He leads me deeper, past more cells with square, circle and triangle windows. Past more screams. Past more shouted orders of “Open wide”

          “Come inside.”

          He snaps me back. His latex, gloved hand motioning to the empty chair across from his.

          I ask him what it’s called.

          “Play School.”

          This is the place.

          I’ll find you.

          • The Bear we keep for some of clientele with special proclivities.

            The chair? We tie you to it, if that’s your kink

            We have all sorts of games to get you in the mood.

            And we tell stories, but we keep our clients utmost discretion.

            Open wide. It’ll feel good

            Come inside.

            It’s time for you to play

            It’s time for you to be schooled.

  • Got the email I was dreading. The real estate agent spoke to the home owner at length and the owner has stuck with rejecting Alice.

    We were initially given permission to adopt a dog, pending body corporate approval. At every step of the process, I kept the real estate agent informed. After adopting Alice, the owner changed her mind and rescinded permission on Friday afternoon. The owner feels that the unit is too small for Alice and that the body corporate will reject the application to let us keep her.

    On Sunday, I sent the real estate agent a lengthy email explaining everything and basically appealing that Alice would be fine in a house this size and what we were going to do in order to train her etc.

    It wasn’t enough. The owner has not changed her mind.

    Now we have to really work out what our rights are here, what we can do if we want to dig in our heels and if we really want to.

    Alice is amazing and I’ll feel like a complete asshole for surrendering her back to the RSPCA. Renting sucks.

    • Seriously, fuck ’em.
      I cannot stress this strongly enough.

      You’ve taken every reasonable step through this whole process, and they cannot withhold reasonable consent – if they think they have good enough reason, they can take it to ACAT, and unless they get something upheld there they have no ground to stand on.

      Stonewall them with ‘ACAT’.
      No more negotiation. The lease is signed, the terms were agreed then, nothing changes.

      *Not legal advice but unless the lease states ‘no pets’, then you’ve done your bit. The owner is looking for less hassle by denying a dog, so make them deal with the full hassle of the tribunal.

      Edit: I’m actually getting a little worked up about this.
      Alice is Your Dog now. The owner / real estate should understand now that getting rid of her is not an option – she was part and parcel of your rental agreement. If they can’t get that through their skulls, then invite them to document and send what they believe to be reasonable grounds to rescind their permission, followed by a Notice to Remedy. At which point it will be challenged and overturned at ACAT.
      Unless they want to put their documentation where their mouth is (and real estates HATE documentation, because they don’t make money having to actually *work* on properties where their cut is already fixed and paid up front), then there’s nothing more to be said.
      Stand your ground and the real estate will want the owner to back off, since they’ll always go the path of least resistance.

      • The only wrinkle would be if the body corporate rejects it.

        Fucking body corporates. 99% of the time they’re pain in the ass retirees with a far too high opinion of themselves and not enough to do.

        Like seriously. Fuck them. There’s very few organisations I hate as much as them. Had to deal with them constantly as a locksmith and I’ll reiterate, Fuck them. Petty, power hungry dick waving, small minded, empty lived douchebags.