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    Morning all!

    Transistor is a pretty fun game. Free this month for PS+. I'm enjoying it. The variety of tactics and abilities is very cool. I'm especially enjoying the challenge rooms that force me to learn exactly what these powers are capable of.

    In other news, it's only 30 days until Bloodborne!
    Here's a pretty cool new gameplay video focusing on bosses and mini-bosses.

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      Morning! I tried to load up Dark Souls to get back in the game until Bloodborne (since I'm not super great at those sorts of games), but it refuses to launch, even after validating content. Sadface.

        What is the error you are getting if any? I had it up and running a couple of months ago without any issues plus had the hd texture pack mod running as well...

          No error unfortunately - it just doesn't load. Might snoop around the internet today to see if there's anything. Or, with two 'eds being better than one, we might be able to solve it!

            Hmmm always a bit hard when there's no error. Mine was running off steam so maybe that's the difference. If the reinstall fails maybe try running it in compatibility mode by right clicking on the executable and setting a specific os. Otherwise check out the dark souls nexus webpage maybe they have some info on it. ( souls)

        Aw damn, that stinks. Are you playing the PC version? They recently switched from GFWL to Steam, I think. I don't know if that necessitates a complete reinstall or not, but it might be worth looking into...?

          Yeah the PC version with DSFix. I needed to update the client as a beta to move off GFWL so it might just be "beta" issues. Will delete and re-install tonight I think. Meanwhile I got Lords of the Fallen cheap on X1 so there's that while I wait for DS to download!

    Had a pretty great weekend. Saturday I had my weigh in, and I've lost another 1.5 kilos. The rest of the day was spent watching sport and playing PS4, which is always a good day. Yesterday was better though. It's my friend Trent's birthday today, so we had the party yesterday. We went bowling, and I managed to win the first game in the group I was playing in. Then we went to City Park and had pizza for tea. It was a costume party, and while I didn't dress up, there was some good costumes. Trent dressed as Booker De Witt, another mate dressed as Napoleon Dynamite (really nailed it) and another guy dressed as Starburns from Community (also nailed it). More weekends like that please.

      Sounds like a great weekend, and congrats on the weight loss! I've avoided the scales after being not as good as possible the last couple of weeks.

        I haven't really been all that good. I'm still eating stuff I shouldn't, although I am trying to keep myself under 1800 calories per day. Using My Fitness Pal helps me do that, it's a really good calorie counter (with barcode scanner!). Weight loss is never easy but always worthwhile.

          Thanks for the tip! It may take a while but we can get there!

    This weekend I worked cause thats all I do at the moment (OMG TOMORROW IS LAST DAY THEN 3 DAYS OFF SO EXCITED)

    Managed to go see The Kingsman last night, good movie go see it. Then when I came home there was cheesecake and I finally got to that Stone and Wood Garden Ale I put in the fridge a week ago and Played some Monater Hunter, did first expedition. Solid 6 hour weekend.

      Kingsman is fantastic.

      The church scene is fucking gold.

        Yeah, I liked the opening with the scotch as well. Also that evil secretary woman was hawt as hell.

    I love the speeches this angry guy gives at the start of all the Twisted Sister music videos.

      and by all I mean the two I just watched.

    So my weekend was consumed by the start of mardi gras, however I did by a new boardgame for Anton - So we spent a few hours playing it multiple times. Spoiler alert - it's really good :)

      Festivals! Board games! Quality time! Weekending done right.

      Yeah you would go to Mardi Gras

        I went to a science talk at the observatory and then went drinking, it was hosted by a drag queen and was a good night. It was less mardi gras than most of the mardi gras things. :)

    So my little girl started school this year, and she's starting to learn to read. Each week she brings home some new words to learn. I, a, Mum, Dad, to, it, the....

    One of the words she was learning this past week was "we". When she read it to me, it went like:
    Her: "'We'...Oh, like the Wii U!"
    Me: "Uhh...well...kind of..."

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      No even like the original Wii?

        She's too young to remember that :P

          As the youngest Sydney TAYbie, I too learnt to ready and type cause of video games.

    Homeworld Remastered this week. My body is ready. Lubricated, sweaty and ready.

    Also got into KanColle on Saturday as well. Now to figure out how on earth I play it! @negativezero

      Prepare to waste many, many hours of your life looking after girls that are representations of WWII warships.

        Looking forward to it! My first go at the lottery as well, got in on the second refresh on Saturday's draw. Got some guides I need to run through, but avoided it for most of the weekend - was busy with Iron Banner on Destiny.

        Need to pick a VPN to use regularly as well, choosing a different VPN seems to trigger DMM's suspicious activity and subsequent password reset. Which makes sense. I'm using the SoftEther VPN client - do you use the same thing?

          When I played I used a free VPN called TunnelBear. It wasn't particularly fast and I was limited to only about 500 MB but it served pretty well considering I didn't use a VPN for anything else. I wouldn't recommend using it but from what I recall TB wasn't exactly expensive either if you feel like paying for it.

          I'm sure Neg can give you all the tips and tricks but I found to be pretty much all I needed. Gives you the layout for what enemies to expect from certain maps to how different formations work and what amounts of material you need to construct certain ships.

      You don't need to use a VPN any more. You can set some cookies to spoof DMM's regioning system and make it think you're in Japan:

      Even better, use KanColleViewer which is basically a shell with an IE window in it which loads the game, and it can do the region trick for you and also surfaces a lot of extra information from the game in a better way, including some hidden stats like morale.

      I assume you got in and logged in and everything? Which did you pick as your starter? My terrible secret is that I picked Murakumo and then forgot she was my first ship after a while and then deleted her when I had to purge a bunch of common, low-level destroyers to make room. :(

      It's not a hard game to play but it does throw a lot at you at once. Some tips:
      - On sorties, if a shipgirl is hit to Red, you must not advance to the next node with her. Going into the night battle segment of the same fight is fine, but if you advance to the next node with a shipgirl in the red, she can be sunk. A sunk ship is gone forever. All equipment, all experience, all your affection and everything is just gone. This is the only way a shipgirl can sink. They must be hit down into the red zone and then you have to advance with them in that condition. This means it's 100% your fault if it happens and it should never happen.
      - Your first focus needs to be unlocking Fleet #2 and Expeditions. To do that you need to do some Fleet Composition (Green) quests up to Quest A4 which requires you to have six ships in the first fleet.
      - Expedition #1 requires 2 ships only. #2 requires 4. #4 requires 4, and one needs to be a cruiser. These three expeditions pull in a high amount of fuel and ammo.
      - Unlocking Fleet #3 requires you to have Sendai, Jintsuu and Naka. They will come to you eventually, don't stress. Jintsuu and Naka are generally easy - Naka is like a bad rash, honestly. Sendai's a bit harder to get early on as she's significantly rarer. All three are absolutely fantastic cruisers at high levels so you should hang onto them.
      - Unlocking Fleet #4 requires you to have Kongou, Hiei, Haruna and Kirishima. You're most likely going to start seeing them toward the end of World 2 or somewhere in World 3. Don't stress, they'll come to you eventually. They're rare drops but you'll get sick of them dropping all over the place eventually.
      - There is a quest early on to sink an aircraft carrier. The first carriers appear in IIRC the third map of World 1. This quest rewards Akagi who is arguably the 2nd best carrier in the game (Kaga is the best). You will most likely get Akagi before you can afford to run her regularly, she has a prodigious appetite. So be careful.
      - Early on you have no ships and so you effectively will end up with higher construction luck, because there's very few drops you don't already have. Don't do large ship construction as it's intended for people up much higher levels, but doing a few Battleship or Carrier constructions might pay off.
      - Best common destroyers long-term (these all drop from the first map): Hatsuharu, Hibiki, Hatsushimo, Ushio, Fubuki, Ayanami, Yuudachi, Shigure. All of them have 2nd Remodel upgrades at level 50-70 which make them good value. The Mutsuki class destroyers (names ending in zuki/tsuki, except for Yayoi, but you won't have a chance to get Yayoi for a while) are worth hanging onto a set of because they have very low resource consumption making them ideal for expeditions.
      - Best common cruisers long-term are Isuzu, Sendai, Jintsuu and Naka for their remodels (Isuzu is great for anti-sub operations, the Sendais are just great in general). You're unlikely to see them early on, but Kiso, Kitakami and Ooi are must-haves as well, as all three can become torpedo cruisers which give you a pre-emptive attack. Kitakami and Ooi upgrade to torpedo cruiser at 10, where Kiso is at 70, so Kiso is more of a long-term prospect. Yura is also worth hanging onto as she has really solid all-around stats for a cruiser and higher than average anti-sub.
      - Generally, all the heavy cruisers are good. The best Heavy Cruisers are the Myoukou (Myoukou, Haguro, Nachi, Ashigara) and Takao (Takao, Atago, Choukai, Maya) classes. The Myoukous all have 2nd remodels at 65 (70 for Myoukou) and are generally amazing. The Takaos don't have 2nd remodels but are competitive stats-wise anyway. Furutaka and Kinugasa have 2nd remodels but they're not great cruisers. Mogami might drop for you somewhere early on, probably your first aviation cruiser and you will need her for clearing world 4 (unless by that stage you have Tone or Chikuma at level 70+).
      - Ideally if you can you should run all 12 of your PVP exercises every day. Even if you lose, you gain lots of XP. The higher-level the opponent the better. Remember the ship you designate as fleet flagship will get 50% more XP than the rest.
      - Focus on clearing World 1. Don't worry about events or anything (the current event ends today anyway). Don't waste too many resources doing construction. If you do decide you want to spend a bigger amount on construction - 250/130/200/30 (Fuel/Ammo/Steel/Bauxite) is Destroyers & Cruisers with a small chance for Submarines (I-168, I-58, I-8) and also a chance at rare destroyers Yukikaze or Shimakaze. 400/100/600/30 for Battleships (but don't be upset when you get a heavy cruiser instead, happens a lot). 300/30/400/300 for Carriers (most likely to produce a light carrier).
      - Despite what I said up there about the 'best' ships, pick the ones you like! Especially as your main flagship / secretary. Sometimes necessity will dictate you level up a ship you don't especially like but most of the time the stats matter less until you're getting into higher-level play.
      - Remember drops are random and the RNG goddess is fickle. The more you want it the more she'll try and stop you having it.

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        Awesome - thanks for the info, again!

        I picked Fubuki, because I didn't realise as I was starting the game it was actually asking me what starter I wanted. Which is a little disappointing, but oh well. I figured out the red/heavy damage thing early because I read up on damage conditions and fatigue, etc - so I haven't lost anyone yet.
        I'm unlocking second fleet and expeditions now, and just worked out what the quests are as well.

        The crafting, remodelling, etc stuff is a little lost on me at the moment, I'll have to do some reading. Crafting especially.

        EDIT: Trying KanColleViewer, but getting the region error, despite setting the region cookie and clearing IE cache from KCV's buttons. Will investigate further, looks like a great way to play. Thanks again!

        EDIT EDIT: Nevermind, had to login to DMM and set it to Japanese from KCV!

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          Don't bother crafting equipment yet, you won't get anything.

          All the starter ships are common drops so you didn't really miss out, and Fubuki is probably the best starter at the moment because she has a Kai-2 remodel at level 70 that has a bunch of rare, uncraftable gear. She's just super bland.

          Crafting ships is easy. You spend a bunch of resources and depending on the combo you put in, certain ships have higher or lower probability of being built. There's no way to guarantee what you'll get though. Could put 999 of everything in and still get Naka. The combinations that work are on the wiki. There's also large ship construction which accessed via a button on the build interface, but that requires you to put 1500+ resources in so it's very expensive and will wipe your resources out for several days as a low-level admiral.

          Still, it's worth it a few times when you're starting out because if you manage to get a rare Battleship or Carrier early it can help you get through the starting worlds quite quickly. Even low-end BBs like Fusou and Yamashiro are worth it.

      My reply went to moderation for some reason :(

        *waits impatiently*

        EDIT: Update: I was using the SoftEther VPN because that's what was recommended in the guide, but I since switched to my usual VPN I use for sailing the seven seas, and that works fine.

        I've figured out how to run sorties, resupply, repair and do all the basic stuff too.

        Last edited 23/02/15 12:45 pm

          Its only got one link so I can't get it out of mod hell by removing them. Mainly was giving some tips and pointing out you don't need a VPN at all.

            oh, cool? no vpn?

              Yeah, there's some cookies you can set that spoof DMM into thinking you're in Japan.

                Cool, I'll wait for your moderated reply. Cheers!

                  I wonder if it's something weird to do with the link or what.

                  This is the link:



                  Nice! That's the page I got the proxy instructions from, but didn't notice that. Seems I can access KanColle without a VPN. It's under maintenance though. Are there implications for accessing it from a flash enabled browser on iOS? Wondering if it'd be risky, ie: incurring ban wrath or something.

                  Thanks for the info, it's appreciated.

    My wife and I bought an Apple TV and signed up for Stan last weekend, so consequently all we've done for the last week is watch Underbelly and Star Trek. We're halfway through the original series and apparently Deep Space 9 will be added well before we're done with The Next Generation.

    It doesn't have everything and some shows they only have the first season or two, but I would assume those later seasons will be added at some point. I know I certainly can't make do with only 2 seasons of Spongebob Squarepants, am I right?

    Subscribe to Stan. It's the opposite of terrible.

    #hailcorporate #sponsoredpost

      As an employee of nine network of australia I am obliged to say YAY SATAN! I mean *cough* STAN!!!

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the following seems logical, right? If I have proven my identity to Centrelink, and I have proven my relationship to my son to Centrelink, and I have proven that I am married to my wife to Centrelink, and she has proven her identity to Centrelink previously, and she has proven that she is the mother of our son to Centrelink previously, and has proven to Centrelink that we a married previously, AND I was told on the phone by a Centrelink worker that this is fine and counts as proving my partners identity, it should be fine, right? Right?
    I would be surprised to find a Government Department more incompetent than good ol' C-link. Now my parenting payment has been completely cancelled and I have to start over, including taking a toddler into their offices for a huge long wait - again. Good on ya, you pack of faceless knobs who find any excuse to cause pain and suffering to your supposed 'clients'.

      Sympathies. =( Centrelink is just the fucking worst. Like it's not soul destroying enough needing their help or being unemployed in the first place, then they seem to do everything in their power to make it even more painful for you.

      I'm sure they do it on purpose as a form of encouragement to get a job.

      I see where you went wrong here, you put the concept of logic and Centrelink in the same thought, never do this

    Hi everybody! How were your weekends?

    Worked pretty much all weekend, came home last night, and after putting my son to bed he tells me that I'm the best dad in the galaxy. Don't know what I did to deserve that, but it made me feel pretty darn great.

    In other news, The Order 1886 is a pretty cool guy, sure it's got a lot of QTE's and cut-scenes, but I'm having a great time with it, really digging the story so far, hopefully get it finished today.

      My son tells me I'm "a daddy in the whole wide world". I know what he means, but the literal interpretation is a little deflating :P

      Order:1886 was awesome fun. I actually really enjoy that sort of game - just enough gunplay and running around to liven things up, but also very story-driven and 'cinematic' with the cutscenes. Also, it's awesome how the cutscenes almost seamlessly blend into the gameplay sections.

    Hola Tay

    Too fucking hot this weekend. Evacuated my hot unit for my parent's air-conditioned place, where PUPPY

    On Sunday played Ticket to Ride and Iota, then came back to my (slightly cooler) unit. Finally got some reading done too.

    A Monday morning question: Best animal in a video game?


      That canine saved my hide far more than any other animal, ever, or even character, ever, in Fallout(s).

      Jake in Dog's Life. He was great. I only played the demo, but that was a pretty fun and unique game.

      Rathalos or Tigrex from Monster Hunter. Rathalos is just a cool looking beast, the quintessential hunt for me. TIgrex was the first monster I hunted that took me a couple of days of trying off and on the first time I encountered him (MHFU, from memory), and I shat bricks the first time I actually dropped one.

      BTW, I'mma say Agro from Shadow of the Colossus

        I was going to say this. A huge part of what makes Shadow of the Colossus so powerful as an experience is that horse.

      Dog in Fable II perhaps?

        This is probably part of why @dc thinks I'm a monster, but I didn't like that dog. I found it annoying. Don't bark at treasure chests, I like to find them on my own, dammit!

      The Mabari Hound companion in Dragon Age Origins was kind of awesome.

        I thought that hound was adorable. So vicious in battles but then you're back at your camp and it just looks at you and rolls on its back when you choose to pet it.

      Missile, Ghost Trick.

      *wipes tear from eye*

    Oh good god, why is the first client of the day always an idiot? This woman has me on her speakerphone and it typing too loudly to fill the silence, ughhh. Also, she is dumb and should have her internet licence revoked. And probably also her pen licence.

    Good morning taybes <3

      What do you do?

        She's in charge of internet licences so don't mess with her! :P

          But my pen licence is safe right?

        Medical software development.

          This one time I html'd in a highschool computing class.

            Gotta start somewhere. Although, when I was in high school, we learned to type on electric typewriters.

    Monster Hunter is the reason I'm anti-social.

      i call bullshit! MH is the very reason you are socialising at this very moment! your post directly contradicts itself!

      It has been expressed that MH multi progress should be a local cooperative activity in our house. The gore magala hunt was interesting with only two hunters in HR1 gear...
      The challenge is fun at least.

        I did the Gore Magala multi urgent the other day as only two hunters. I was still in HR1 gear, but I think my friend had higher gear (he was HR4 at the time).
        Fun fight.

    I'm up to the first major gameplay decision in Dragon Age: Inquisition again. I'm going to choose the opposite to my first playthrough, even though I'm morally opposed to it. I don't often do this in games, it feels all kinds of wrong.

      it happens to me on second playthroughs some times. i keep telling myself ill do things differently see how the events will unfold, and end up playing the game same way as the first time because i morally object to the other decisions laid out.

      This happened when I tried a Paragon playthrough of ME3. It just felt... wrong. The whole way through.

      You think that's bad? My wife has an ME3 playthrough where she shot Mordin.

        And she's still your wife?

          I have discussed this with her and I believe she feels genuine remorse for her actions.

          Mordin was always my favorite. Probably the only character I'd voluntarily go and see on the Normandy just to talk to him.

      Oh man...companions are berating me for my decision. Shut up, I agree with you, dammit! :P

      I have to roleplay a character to be able to do this. They have to have motive for me to do it, not just "cos I want to see what happens"!

    so i started The ORder 1886 last night.. i played about half an hour of it... i say played as i actually kept dozing off while playing it... literally. i may/may not have missed some pivotal plot points...

    yeah, i dont know if im going to be able to sit through the rest of it.

    heres what ive done so far. personally dont think there is any point in spoiler tagging it as its basically, "i moved a bit, killed some shit and done" but i figured id tag it anyway for the diehard folk. no plot points revealed.:

    Escaped the prison, killed some dudes. killed 2 lycans, chased the third through the streets. killed him with as seriously OP weapon. discovered that pressing R1 whilst equipped with the shotgun unleashes a non lethal kamehameha wave on some poor bastard the practically scares the shit out of them (wtf is that???), ran into another comrade, Lafayette, who i just massively cock-blocked (not cool man), and checked out Nikola Teslas "amazing" invention... (hint: its just your everyday shitty sniper rifle edit: oh he also makes a shitty device to overload a power circuit), at that point i fell asleep and woke up about 5-10 minutes later, my character waiting for me to move....

    ...and at that point, i switched the fucker off.... so disappointed. was really looking forward to this game. Looks perty though! Very perty. i also perfectly agree that 60fps would have ruined the games aesthetic...

    im normally a fan of QTE's when done right, but seriously WTF. no less than about 30 qte's in 30 min.

    Last edited 23/02/15 10:07 am

      I've probably sat through an equal amount of cut scenes thus far as I have sat there playing the game. The fact I can't skip them makes it even worse at times :/ At one point I was playing for all of 30 seconds then I encountered ANOTHER cut scene, like why..

    Good morning all. Hope you are all well and that no one got blown away/flooded out by the rain in Queensland. Weekend was pretty relaxed with not much going on aside from catching up with family and staying relatively dry. Played some Heroes of the Storm which was pretty fun although, as in all MOBAs, some people are just absolutely terrible. Still a fun game but yeah, can't spend hours of my time playing it.

      Yeah I hear it all the time, Heroes of the Storm is the absolute worst for Solo Queue because the way the gameplay is designed it's completely impossible to carry a game like you could in DOTA2 or LoL since there are no items and everyone levels with you. The game is centered on teamwork and objectives so a full team of 5 friends can have an absolute ball with this game.

        Mechanically, HotS ticks a lot of boxes because the mechanics are very flashy and things feel a lot more fun when activating abilities (Diablo is basically Alistair which I thought was hilarious). But yeah, people either don't seem to quite understand that no laning is required and some champions are dedicated to doing one sort of thing only and are pretty crap at anything else, moreso than either LoL or Dota.

        Last edited 23/02/15 10:43 am

          I agree, there is no laning phase, which I think is a huge boon and will be more accessible to players that are LoL/DoTA experienced and those that wanted to see what all the fuss is about. But you're right the lack of farming to buy items (Since there are no items) turn it into a curse as well, the character you pick, everyone knows what that hero is good for with very little room for flexibility, which I guess makes team comp planning maybe more restricted than DOTA or even LoL in terms of what each character can do. Basically everyone is a LoL-equivalent of an AD carry, you only have one way that character can go in terms of build (You can but it's far from ideal), though in Heroes you don't even have the option. Sure there might be a short "level-up" process where some heroes are able to skirmish very well starting at level X, but it's not a 10-15 last hitting fest that the other MOBAs do.

    A reasonably detailed look at the upcoming PS4 re-release for Dark Souls 2. Dammit, FROM, now I need to find some more money for you. Anyone want to buy a kidney?

      In two early areas we spot the enemy count ratcheting up much higher than on PS3 and 360. Ironclad soldiers appear in trios where we expected just the one, and - as shown in our performance video below - hollow infantry can rally into a far more sizable mob.

      Not sure about this. Biggest problem with DS2 was it's tendency to eschew interesting challenge and design in favor of throwing mobs at you and this just seems like making the problem worse.

        I'm not sure either. The article suggests that it's to offset the addition of more co-op slots, but it's gonna be a bit of an irritating proposition for solo players.

          D': Why must games keep doing this? "Sure, you could do it solo... but we're balancing everything around co-op, so ... good luck with that. *snigger*"

    New idea for myself to attempt this week: All online articles I read END AT THE LAST WORD OF THE ARTICLE. There is nothing further down. Click back or close the window. Nothing to see here.

      Happiness levels increase exponentially. Even being select about what articles you click on can boost said happiness levels even further.

      But Freeze, there are people who are wrong. On the Internet!

    Oh yeah, don't know if it interests any of you but apparently one of the voice options for your main character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse is Takahata from TeamFourStar. And yes, the voice is Ghost Nappa.

      HAHAHAHA Awesome!

      If there's something strange
      in your neighbourhood
      guess who it is

    I just finished Thief. I had a few problems but overall I enjoyed it and thought it was ok. Coming from someone who never played the series.

    @jocon @distantdrop Ok peeps first off I owe both of you an apology for yesterday; my patience and my head were at their limits from real life drama and I didn't have the mentality to properly raid lead. Hence a lot of raging and general lack of a fuse of any kind on my part.

    To my next issue don and rail have both requested I sit back for the coming weekend and let them RL; as they aren't too impressed by my performance from the last few weeks (i.e. bringing pugs in, losing my cool, not letting the raid get stuck on a boss for a few weeks and having pugs carry us). While I was caught off guard yesterday (mostly cos I just couldn't bring myself to care) my rl stuff is now sorted and I'm back at a 100%. I'm bringing this to you two first and taking it to other raiders later today and I'm putting this to an end once and for all.

    Raiders can either follow my lead or they can't; to date I would like to think I've set a somewhat decent example and I've never asked anything of my raiders that I can't/won't rise to accomplish myself. So my question is simple, are you willing to follow my lead or are you not? I can only let my performance to date stand in my defence.

    However should you decide to stand by me you should know from here on out; I refuse to have this conversation repeatedly; with every decision I make being questioned, and everyone having an opinion as to what the guild should be doing.

      To be honest I just want to raid and we've reached a progression point where alternatives arn't really an easier option Brack>Kromog>Blast Furnace>Iron Council all these bosses we're going to be stuck on, that's the whole point of tier bosses.

      As for operator, I must admit we cheesed that kill, and you also had every right to bring in pugs I honestly believe we would of wiped on him all night, we simply didn't have the output.

      Which draws the question, do we go wipetastic holding our convictions or pug our shortcomings... how exactly do you tell people to 'do better'.

      We need to find a fast fix out of this 10 man tuning and strict demands with a surge of recruitment or fix it with a pug.. because we for the most parts outgear normal brf, what the hell are we going to do for heroic.

      Whoever raid leads makes little to no difference you like to point us in the right direction and if shit doesn't workout we try something else, rail and don obviously want to bat heads until progression is made as a guild only.

      In terms of who I follow I WILL NOT OBJECT TO YOUR'S OR DON'S LEADERSHIP however I do wish to have some input I believe my experience deserves me that right. however if you believe it borderlines on harassment and subverting let me know.

      Last edited 23/02/15 1:34 pm

        I'm well aware we've run out of alternatives; to be completely honest we're probably ready to try the easier heroic fights like frans and gruul. I also have no issue spending time (most likely considerable amounts of it) on the remaining fights we have in normal as all those fights are ridiculously challenging either in terms of mechanics; duration or just setting a high skill bar.

        At the end of the day I have no interest in staying on a fight for 5 hours tweaking little things when the larger problem stares me in the face like with operator; where we just didn't have the aoe dps for it. Comparing the 50k pally on operator and flamebender you could see most of our dps were up to scratch (with room for improvement) from a single target perspective. I just didn't see us improving enough to pull of 30% worth of damage.

        However all of this is irrelevant to the underlying problem; I can't take the guild or raid group in any direction unless the raiders agree that this is the direction to go in. If people prefer don's idea of doing content purely with a 10man team and keeping it in guild and prefer his/rails leading style then I will step down. However they can also take on the added responsibility of keeping a full roster and managing raid timings/attendance and progression.

        It is worth noting raid leading is not just pointing a group in the right direction; it's keeping an eye on all mechanics in play, in fights like twins/operator that means keeping an eye on the arena for the whole raid. It's knowing which classes/roles are failing on their respective mechanics and amending the strategy accordingly to suit the raid composition. It's keeping all the personalities that come into play in check and knowing which raiders need a push to get their full potential out. It's things like telling everyone to calm down with strategies and centralizing what the raid is going to do.

          So how exactly does this choice get made, because if if things go the way their going now I assume Don, Devil, Saatyne and Railgun might decide to go their own way? is there no compromise in this? however if you give up on analysis and recruiting duties it might be a slow death.

          I really think dude this ultimatum needs more fleshing out.

            What this is red; is me being at the end of my tether in returning to this issue.

            This weekend I went through what was one of the most stressful and exhausting periods in my life in almost 2 years. I stepped down on Saturday as I didn't want it to spread out to the guild and in retrospect I should've stayed out yesterday however I came on because I didn't want to be left alone with my thoughts anymore.

            However what I am faced with while I was metaphorically down was the proverbial kick in the guts from the guild I spent countless hours trying to put together and have expended even more effort in making sure everyone's satisfied with. So now that I've stepped out of my shitty situation and I take a look at something I poured a lot of myself into bringing to fruition only to have it kick me when I'm down; well let me tell you I am fucking pissed. If all I have to show for bringing this group of people together to tackle raid content with is a kick when I'm down well you can see why I am eager to clear where I stand once and for all.

            I don't even need any bloody gear from the content we're doing anymore! I haven't needed it for almost 2 weeks; yet I'm still there to make sure we do it! Because I'd rather kill bosses with a group of people I'm comfortable with than a group of random idiots; however now my group of friends has just made this whole experience a lot harder for me to enjoy.

            What my ultimatum is this. From day 1 I have strived and fought to bring this group up and to take it further. I have as I'm sure you and Jo will attest to put quite a bit of myself in building us up. Will you continue to trust in my lead and advise me as we move forward or is it time for a change?

            This doesn't mean don/rail and group are to leave; this does however mean if I continue to RL based on the outcome I will not debate when to pug; who to kill and who gets loot or what direction this guild goes in. I will debate strategies/mechanics and points of improvement.

              If the choice was mine I would definitely want to see you continue leading I'm just a little scared of the consequences of losing every healer we have.

              If you want me hold my tongue on direction I can accommodate that's only fair, maybe that's probably why my guild I co-GM'd with on frostmane failed, I was far to neutral and unforgiving, the contradictions was to unstable.

              You also need to feel at home with your own guild, perhaps we need to focus on community and a focused direction that we all embrace which doesn't hinder the GM.

              You and Don's convictions need to be parallel.

              You've earnt my trust.. I just might be a little to slow to see it. or simply forget about it, if the ultimatum holds I will work on being more accommodating your needs and hopefully also defending them.

      You have done good so far. You've built the guild from a loose group of puggers to an effective, if undersized, prog team. I'll follow as I have. But part of leading is listening to your team.
      So I'll give you my 2c here and henceforth stfu and just do what I am asked.

      We cannot catch up to the other prog guilds. Ever. We are too far behind.
      So what is the goal you have for us? We are not in the race, so I would not stress too much about how fast we are moving.
      The first couple of weekends of BRF where we were just 10 manning it were the most enjoyable raiding thus far. Even 5 hours of Oregorger lead to the most satisfying boss kill ever.
      On the face of it I'd agree with Don that that's what I want to do. I just want to raid, as a guild.

      But you, and Red, might be right. Maybe we are about to hit a wall we just cannot get over with the team we have.
      But I keep thinking of out first Oregorger kill: yes it took us a session and a half to get down, but now we know it so well, as a team, that we have him on farm, can beat him in 3 or so tries and quickly move on.
      And you guys made that happen: analyzing and theorycrafting and testing and communicating. Maybe we can do the same with the other bosses.
      Or maybe not. In which case it's recruit or pug. But recruiting is a big hurdle for us and pugging is an unfun, short-term solution.

      But also as Red said; if Don bails we might as well pack up and play something else. And he was getting pretty pissed at the pugging.
      Maybe consider what he is saying and throw him a bone.

      Imo, give Don and Rail what they want for a couple of weekends. Let us find out if we truly have hit a wall our 10 man style cannot overcome.
      In the meantime, start up recruiting again. And start low - 650 ilvl at most.
      As Red said, peeps at 660+ are all doing heroics. They aint gonna join us when they can join one of a dozen 6/10+ H BRF guilds that are recruiting every day.
      So target the lower level peeps that those guilds won't take.

      But tis your call.

      2c over.

      I can't make this coming Saturday due to rl commitments.
      Also 20/March - ~5/April I will be away on Japan trip and will not be able to attend.
      Also probably a Saturday for that landscaping I mentioned but I'll let you know when I tee that up.
      Apart from that I'll be there and will see if I can lift my game any.

      Last edited 23/02/15 10:24 pm

        tl:dr - I kinda agree with Don on the pugs but what the hell do I know about prog raiding.
        I respect what you have done thus far and will follow your lead quietly henceforth.

      ps: I hope your rl situation gets better soon man.


        Sorry about all this poor timing of all this kronos, me and jo would never want to compound your existing problems and I'm sure Don didn't purposely intend for this timing you both simply reached your limits at the same time. coincidental if you can believe that. I simple don't understand why he chose to do it near the end of a raid I guess when your passionate about something proper courtesy goes out the door.

        Last edited 23/02/15 7:39 pm

    For people who don't know, I work for a company that deals with hotel reservation software. This means I get to see some interesting things from time to time. Mostly guest remarks in the reservation itself. Found one today that made me laugh:

    Approximate time of arrival: between 12:00 and 13:00 hours Please could we have a nice old fashioned room, as quiet as possible? Thanks you PS, if room 8 really is haunted, i'd like to avoid it at all costs.

      As if you wouldnt want to stay in room 8.

    So, judging by the 15 minute wait for coffee... semester's started? Bloody students...

        I'll clarify: "bloody students at a certain Sydney uni's cafe." No offence meant to any students not queueing for coffee at said uni cafe. :P

      Damn, just missed getting more StreetPasses.

    The rain ruined all my plans, how was everyone else's weekend?

      Read plans as pants. Was a much better story.

        It almost did. Hot & sunny Sunday fooled me into hanging my work pants outside.

        Sudden storm almost ruined my pants plans for the week.

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