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    Monster Hunter peeps, where we at? I'm still milling about at HR 1 in multi but I'm hoping to remedy that today maybe with @bish. Otherwise, I've just finished up HR2, but I've still gotta trudge through that story quest, and it's a doozy. I'm having a blast only using the bowgun, and I admit the only concession I'll make is when I'm doing arena quests or if I see a heavy bowgun that I really like. :P

    Also, yeah, canada, nothing happening, etc.

      Bogan, son. It's pronounced heavy bogan.

      (I'll let you do your own Google image search.)

        surprisingly more tame than if one does a regular image search on bogan.

        Equal amount of mullets, however.

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      We at here.

      Greenius helped me get to Rank 4 last night (more like 'helped me not be so bored during that horrible quest').

      But I did get to level-up my Bug Stick yesterday. So now I've got an orange butterfly on my arm. It's as great as it sounds.

      Just finished rathalos armour in single player, bumped the multi up to HR3 over the weekend.

      Slow start, because I've been busy. Just ran into my first Tetsucabra over the weekend, and almost got him, but he hits like a truck and I was still trying to learn his behaviour. The quest was for Goldenfish, but I saw Tetsu and decided it was on.

      I actually like him - he's like a cross between an angry frog and a dog.

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        I'm definitely enjoying the variety of monster types in this one.

          I'm interested to see some of the new stuff. Tetsu made me smile. Still waiting for my first Rathalos and Tigrex. They're like old friends. =)

            I think I'm nearly up to tigrex... That'll be a first time for me since I only started at Tri.

              He was the first monster I had real trouble with in MHFU. I learnt the hard way to stay the fuck out of his way when he's enraged. He tears around like an angry truck and hits just as hard. Might've seemed harder because that was my first real foray into MH though - I assume his behaviour is still the same, too.

                It's cool learning those spots to be in for any given monster - getting in and doing damage in the middle of a chaotic melee, and emerging without a scratch.
                Other half started finding those spots by the second gore magala fight and was a lot happier than the first hunt.

                  I love that even when you know how to play the game, a new monster can still beat the tar out of you, just because you haven't learn how they work yet. I'm decent with a LS, and Tetsu still got me. There's also the environment you're fighting them in too - that can play a big part. Small or enclosed versus big and open, it all contributes.

                It might just be because I'm used to him, but Tigrex seems tame compared to Magala.
                Even a Frenzied Tigrex gave me less hassle than Frenzied Gore Magala.

                This could also be due to comparative gear level for each fight. I was almost certainly undergeared for the first Magala fight, but I had a huge gear advantage for the Frenzied Tigrex and Shagaru Magala fights.

                  Tigrex is cake with Thunder weapons, though. I didn't know that at the time, and took far too long to kill him.

                  @ynefel I have a thunder weapon and was still getting smashed by the pair of them the other night ;_;

                  Also I totally don't understand how element stuff works so I ignore it and just smash until dead regardless.

        I really dig the design of most of the new monsters. Zamtrios and Najarala are currently competing for favourite.

          Toad shark has such a versatile range, all the way from 'pretty scary' to 'now you're just being silly'

            After I switched back to Glaive he wasn't so hard, since it's very easy to get each essence quickly for the triple buff. He's still got enough "forms" to make me change tactics between each.

              Pffft. Switch axe. Apply axe to monster. Repeat until dead (or flashing for capture).

              Gotta say though, the running and jumping and air attack stuff has been so fun for our old rathian/rathalos friends.
              Especially taking a tail clean off with a big leaping air slash, felt awesome.

          Najarala pissed me off so much. Stupid infinite-ranged death machine.

      I just killed the electric unicorn. It was the first one I've actually kinda felt bad about killing, I mean it was just kinda like "hey we heard there's an electric unicorn in the woods. Bring me its head." "But he's just chilling out there, do I have to? Aw."

      Then found that there's a new charge blade available to be forged, and I have enough Dylan Moran materials to make it. But it's a little bit of a downgrade from my current one, so I dunno. Also I'm now only five novacrystals and five hercudromes short of being able to craft a new set of armour. Wish I could figure out where the hell I got my first three hercudromes, they showed up in one mission and I haven't been able to work out which one it was to go back and farm some more.

      Up to HR3 online now, HR2 offline.
      Using the bow. Very fun so far.

    Tomb Raider, still fun. Love it.

    The Order, struggling to connect with main characters. No strong feelings.

      I recently picked up the Definitive Edition for PS4. Looking forward to playing through it again.

        More appropriate clothing, shiny hair. Good.


        I'm playing through Definitive Edition as well. Plays really great on PS4 and if you're using headset the voice controls can be useful. (Though my sister thinks I'm crazy screaming out STEALTH! GUNS!)

          What about the coveralls & hair????

            I haven't been changing her clothes. I figure Lara has more important things to worry about! (Also, liked the original ones. <3)

              The alternate costumes are neat but they don't suffer wear and tear through the story like her regular clothing which, as silly as it sounds, kind of breaks the immersion. Crystal Dynamics' fault for making Lara take such a friggin beating I guess. Anyway, better to play with them when you're doing free-roam/collectible hunting in the post-game.

              I re-finished the story a couple of months back after picking up the Definitive Edition on my Xbone when the digital version was on sale and promised myself I would try and get all of the achievements, but then I remembered that there's multipalyer onces. Even though I have Xbox Live Gold again, I doubt there's going to be that much of a community still playing that those achievements are still going to be obtainiable without a huuuge time investment.

              I think it's time to shelve Tomb Raider, though if I can tear myself away from Destiny I might actually find all the collectibles this time before deleting it from the hard drive.

          Oh man, voice controls are great!
          Only thing is trying to find out the voice commands can be annoying :S
          "GRENADE! EXPLOSION! EXPLODE? FIRE FIRE? BOOM ARROWS?! Goddamn I'll just press the buttons..."

    Fun start to the week: just got back from the Dentist :(

      Wrote out a reply, about to hit submit then realised how incredibly dark it was and thought better of it.

      True story.

        You want dark?

        It took me about twenty years to get past the deep-seated fear of the dentist that was instilled in me from a very young age. Unlike Australia, in New Zealand dental care is covered under their medicare equivalent. Schools had a dental nurse and you had to go for a dental check-up at least once a year. When your name was called you'd walk, by yourself, to the clinic they'd have. Everything done on the cheap, mind you, so no high-power drills like you'd get in a modern dentist. Just the low-power ones that vibrate your teeth make that horrible grinding sound. The dental nurses all hated children and seemed like they enjoyed making them suffer. The anesthetic would dull the pain, but not take it away, and because they used shitty low-powered drills you felt it all and it took longer than it should have as well, so by the end the anesthetic would be wearing off.

        One school I went to the clinic was right up the back of the school by the entrance, away from everything else. It was the 'murder house' and there were stories about not going too close during lunch because if you were close to the top of her list, the dental nurse would grab you during the break. Distinctly remember her laughing to herself while she had a fucking drill in my mouth.

          I still remember my time at primary school where we had one of those which was basically a caravan and the guy in there was taking one of the screw tightening spanners covered (I use that term loosely) with cloth on my loose tooth to try and pull it out, I refused with great resistance, obviously. Fracking monsters, those meatbags, the lot of 'em

          I once ran away from the waiting room of the school dentist.
          True story.

    Went to Dan's going away dealy on Saturday. Was fuuuuun. It was good seeing the guys again! <3


      Wish I could make it.

      Also I realized next month that most of the Brisbane TAYbies will be overseas or out of state. D:

        You n me, beers *hard stare*

      Pic was a bit dark so I brightened it and cleared it up for you guys

      I am bitterly jealous. The weather was too bad for our original plans on Saturday, and I was hoping that meant I could go, but then it was too bad to attempt public transport. :(

        Everyone thought the same as you. City was a ghost town. Bar was pretty empty!

        Freeze and I got Mexican food before hand. You would've liked it! D:

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      Awh. @dkzeitgeist will be missed. It's always good to hear his enthusiastic voice at a meat.
      I had dramas Saturday, but it's probably just as well I missed out... I'm not sure how to handle hugging.

    best community review eversssss

    People who bought it: "not that bad"

    People who didn't: "I heard it's shit"

    Me: some nonsense, chatting with @sughly

    So thanks everyone :D

      Imagine if it had been a launch title...

        Universal acceptance?
        (I have no idea) :D

          Pretty much, yeah.
          Put it alongside knack and ryse, and yeah...

        I think it would've gone over better if was a launch title and around the 60-70 dollar price range.

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    2 steps forward, 1 step back
    Just had a salesperson resign and they are really needed. Going to cause a massive cashflow hit and make things a big struggle again. Gah!!!!!!
    Really feeling like punching something right now

      Times like that I try to take a 10-15 minute walk around the block, as soon as you get a chance for a break. Good to step away and cool off.

        And the moment I went outside it started to rain. Pretty much summed up my day right there

          Yeah, I'm in the office and just noticed it got reeeaaaally dark out.

    Fired up Demons' Souls. Was parrying always this ridonkulously easy in it? Like, you can parry so late that you still take the hit and lose all the health but the parry is successful anyway.

      That's some good parry

    Call another security control room

    "Hello this is *other company name here* Chris speaking"
    "Hi its... also Chris, from *comapny i work for*"

    I hate calling people that have my name, give it back.

      I hope this is not Chris's blood

    Not even lunch & I'm bored & yawning


    @greenius my dollar shave club gear came today, top tier is really nice. Should last me 2 months this amount of razors haha.

      I've been thinking about Dollar Shave Club, I'm becoming more amenable to paying a monthly fee for a service as opposed to just buying things lately. What's the pricing like?

        10 bucks for a 4 pack of 6 blade razors
        7 bucks for a 4 pack of 4 blade razors
        4 bucks for a 5 pack of 2 blade razors

        The handle seems pretty sturdy and the build quality of the razor head seems pretty nice also the 5 blade featurs a nifty little trimmer in the top of it!

        Also if you use my refer link I can get a free month, also if you use the code HARDBALL you can get your first month free :D

        Edit: it's 6 blades not 5 on the 10 dollar one, whoops.

        Last edited 23/02/15 1:44 pm

          I think I saw the free month code expired in mid Feb, but hopefully not!

          So that's the AUD pricing? I had considered signing up but I could only see the US pricing and wasn't sure if we'd get slapped with shipping and exchange rate issues. I should probably like, check it from home instead of work where I'm on a US server.

            Yep AUD, and it includes postage. Just a shame we don't get the other shaving stuff the US version gets though. The shaving balm sounded pretty sweet.

              Oh, so we can't choose to add that in for an extra price, it's only the razors that are available locally?

                Yeah sadly. Even the Canadians get short shafted on that, they also only get the razors.

                  Hmm. That might keep me from jumping in for now. But I'll take a closer look when I get home tonight.

      1) Stop shaving
      2) Have beard
      3) Be awesome because of beard
      4) ???
      5) Profit

        I have a beard, I find it meh most of the time cause I sweat like a motherfucker :P

    Ugh, I am completely shit at Lords of the Fallen. Trying to play it like a Souls game AND IT'S NOT A SOULS GAME!

    Patience seems to be the key here.

      On the other hand, it's so much easier to exploit in some ways. A lot of different enemies have very specific boundaries of patrol that they can be kited back to.

      I'm shit at it, too, by the way. And I'm not sure I want to invest the time to get much better, because I'm not really enjoying the grind that much.

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        The bosses suck. They have way too much health and the fights become boring less than halfway through.

          I got as far as the giant one which spits poison everywhere before I had to do something else, and I didn't get back to it.

          I've been meaning to get back to it.

          Not only that, but they can be kind of unfairly punishing, too, with small windows of opportunity for attacks/counterattacks, and they hit like a truck.

    HI TAY.


    I had an eventful weekend. played a whole heap of Hand of Fate. that's an amazingly cool game. such a great concept. also played a bit of Far Cry 4. very pretty.
    did a family dinner thing on Friday night. so much fancy Italian foods & wine. it was pretty amazing.
    went out for lawn bowls on Saturday. any sport you can do whilst holding a beer is a good sport in my book. then there was tasty foods & beers in the city with a whole bunch of friends. spent most of the night talking shit with the elusive Anonymous Pessimist.

    started uni today. haven't actually done anything for it yet, but whatever. I'm totally a law student now.

    I also turned 30 on saturday. so there's that.

    so yeah...

      So old! Welcome!

      Congrats on the uni thing too!

      Oh man don't get me started on Hand of Fate. Bought it Friday (or Thursday), downloaded during the day, started it...

      Played about...20 hours?

      Stupid tokens and Devil's Wagers and Devil's Carnivals and...and I absolutely love the game and the originality of it and the art and the narrators voice can narrate any sexy dream I may have in future and it would make it 400x sexier.


      I mean, cool game. Bro.

      Edit: Also, happy birthday! May the narrator from Hand of Fate narrate YOUR sexy dreams. I that you had a Birthday. Bro.

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    I couldn't be bothered doing anything at all this weekend so I sat and watched movies on Netflix while idly grinding in Kantai Collection on my laptop (didn't get anything good :( ).

    Films I watched:

    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
    Went in expecting this to be typical Tom Clancy neocon bullshit. It was okay though. Still not entirely sure why he had to go to Russia and everything to begin with though, aside from plot convenience.

    K-19 The Widowmaker
    After the previous one I kind of wanted to watch The Hunt for Red October which I've not ever seen beginning to end, but have seen enough of to know what happens in it. So I went for BASED ON A TRUE STORY K-19 instead. Okay film. Enjoyed it. Wouldn't watch again. The thing that annoyed me the most was that it couldn't figure out what accents it wanted. Was everyone supposed to be Russian or not? Harrison Ford spent half the movie sounding American and Liam Neeson fared better but dropped out of often enough to be mildy distracting.

    This was surprisingly good. Norwegian film, basically a fairly standard people-go-into-the-unknown-and-get-hunted-by-a-monster thing. Not that special but it was an okay watch. I don't think I'd ever heard Norwegian spoken before, either. Was quite surprised at how much overlap in vocabulary and grammar it has with English, though in retrospect that should have been obvious.

    This one was pretty bad. Standard action film with lots of unnecessary gore and violence and a plot that barely even made sense plus a bunch of throw-away characters, several of which were complete assholes and impossible to get particularly attached to. Had some good action choreography but other than that wouldn't recommend.

    Iron Sky
    Generally completely fucking terrible, though it did have a few amusing moments. I can't believe I wasted my time watching this crap.

    GI-JOE: Retaliation
    I don't know why everyone seems to be so down on these films. They're utterly fucking stupid and over the top and campy and they're very aware of it. Ninjas and explosions and The Rock with a Minigun and terrible bad one-liners and references to all those rad 80s toys. It's a terrible film, but I found it immensely entertaining regardless.

      I too enjoyed GI Joe Retaliation. Especially since the price of admission was 0 (thanks Kotaku or Gizmodo or whoever it was) :P

      You wanna talk about disconcerting overlaps with English, Japanese freaks me out on a regular basis. Nevermind that anything scientific drops non-Japanese (French? English? Kilometre? Percent?) terms in there, that at least is understandable, but some of the words are disconcertingly similar. Like 'orenji' for 'orange'. Was the original Japanese word for orange deemed to be just a bit too shit to keep, or did two vastly dissimilar languages concurrently come up with some absurdly similar words for the one thing?

        Oranges were imported. Japan has a bunch of local citrus - Mikan, Yuzu, Dekopon, Satsuma etc and those all have Japanese names.

        A ton of Japanese is imported words. Anything pastry-related for example? Almost guaranteed to be French in origin. Bread is 'pan' for example, from French 'pain'. Cream puffs? Shoe kureimu from Choux à la crème.

        Hell, even 'anime' is an imported term. It's French. They use 'cour' for talking about seasons of TV as well, also a French term.

      I haven't seen any of the GI-Joe movies. They look stupid but if they are stupid fun I might have to check them out

        They're utterly dumb and ridiculous and are not good movies, but I found both of them incredibly entertaining because of that. Basically flat-out action, terrible one-liners and tons of explosions. Plus they take all the stupid shit from the cartoons and toys and stuff and run with it in a very self-aware manner.

    Watched Gone Girl last night with Ms. Jack, and I think we may watch Nightcrawler tonight. I liked Gone Girl, but I think I'll like Nightcrawler more.


      Gone Girl was fine, but it's far from Fincher's best (ie it's not Zodiac)

        I never realised what an amazing repertoire he had until looking him up just now. Haven't seen Zodiac, will have to watch.

    What weapons is everyone using in Monster Hunter??

    Using the bug stick myself, but the charge blade was fun when I did the quest for it.

      Switch axe. Because I'm too lazy to learn a new weapon while also charging ahead under geared and relying on MH3U experience to keep me alive.

      Everyone is using the Insect Gliave because it's shiny and new.

      I just wanted a big bug sitting on my arm.

        Why climb a cliff and drop down on the monster when you can just pole vault onto it.


        Like normal bow? I dont understand that weapon at all. Normal bowgun was probably my fave of the 3 range but it was boring. Hammer I found surprisingly enjoyable.

          Normal bow, much more interesting then the Bowgun. Very hard to master.

      Charge blade because it's cool and I figured I'd need a shield. Even if I kinda forget to use it most of the time.

        Love the animations on it, if I get sick of bug stick I'm probably gonna swap to it.

      LS, always and forever. I'm enormously stubborn, and my LS purity penchant is often to my detriment when there are better suited weapons for the job. But goddamn the LS is good. Get in there, go to town. No blocking, no safeties - and pulling off a massive combo and knocking a monster on it's arse is incredibly satisfying.

      Hunting bow.
      Enjoying the flexibility of the different coatings.
      Not enjoying the poverty of being a gunner class.

    According to Frontier, 53 people have visited Sagittarius A*... That's not my destination...

    Harmless, Peddler, Scout.

      That is surprisingly small. I would've thought it'd at least be in the triple figures.

        23kLY from Sol... it's a bit of a trek. That number will go up as more people start expeditions, and some of the pending treks make it there.

        Was reading yesterday, one bloke was about 6kLY away, in a Sidewinder... :-D

          Sounds like a champ. Sidewinder's all you need.

          I've got a "rogue's gallery" of the nearly two dozen elite anacondas I've taken down in my Sidey. Dunno why you'd want any other ship :P

      Mostly Harmless, Dealer, Mostly Aimless. I really should start playing again... need to find the time.

        Well if you didn't keep me up 'til 1am on Destiny... :-p

    Ended up watching a whole heap of films over the weekend. Hercules (The Rock one), Pompeii, Robocop (the reboot), 300: Rise of an Empire and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

    Dawn was excellent. Hercules, Pompeii and Rise of an Empire were all okay. Pompeii was probably the better of the three. It was basically a TV version of Gladiator. Robocop was surprisingly enjoyable. Given the generally poor reception people seem to have given it I wasn't expecting much, but I ended up liking it.

      Is that the first of the ape moives? I caught it on TV in China, was good, had chimps.

      A lot of the people whinging about RoboCop ruining the franchise forget that RoboCop 3 did that already.

        Robocop 2014 is the second best Robocop movie ever made.

      I thought Pompeii was absolute arse.

      It could've been so much more than just a TV version of Gladiator. The story of it is so remarkable and yet they Pearl Habour'd it and turned it into a story about how a volcano exploding got in the way of love.

      But that's just me.

    Its basicly 4 oclock, 2 hours till home time \o/

    Hahaha, they got me a bluray player. Pretty much just because they got me the Evil Dead Anthology (incredibly cool unexpected get!) and we don't have a bluray player in the house. Even though I've somehow ended up with four of them now :P

    Also my sister got me a whole stack of Nintendo music books. She does good present.

    Finally got a new wallet too. I think the last one was a 21st present, and currently has a strategically folded piece of cardboard to prevent coins from falling out the burst seam on the side. I've been fussy about replacement wallets in the past, because they didn't have all the features I need in one. So apparently my sister stole my wallet to be able to figure out what a good replacement would be. See previous point :P

    Last edited 23/02/15 4:04 pm

      Is there anything you can't do with cardboard?

        Not so long as I also have double-sided tape and/or velcro with me.

      Don't you have PS3, PS4 or XB1? They all play blu-rays lol.

      Also is this a parting gift from the people you worked with at the ABC? If so that's pretty awesome!

        Why would I have any of those? :P

        And no, from my family. Because old. All I got from the ABC was a card, but even that was pretty nice. Didn't think they'd have so much to fill it out with.

          I dunno, was a poor assumption on my behalf :P

          Oh right, haha. Makes more sense :P

    Well that was different. There was a live performance of Everything Is Awesome from The Lego Movie at The Oscars.. The break dancing workers in fluro is great.

      I'm constantly baffled by how many people seemingly ignore how sinister that song is...

        They only hear the chorus, not the wickedly biting verses.

    From Demon's Souls to Lords of the Fallen to Bound By Flame.

    Such variety today!

      And such declining quality. (Actually Lords of the Fallen isn't meant to be too bad).

      How does Bound by Flame play?
      It looks interesting, but I've never seen anything on it.

        For my money it's so much lower-rent than the videos made it out to be. Something about the way the characters/actors interact with the scenery is very... late-90s/early-00s.

        It seems like a valiant effort at something struggling to be a different, better game, but failing.

        Like an old PS2 brawler like Total War: Spartan.

        I'm kind of digging it in an old throwback that has no place in modern gaming way.

        I disliked it, I respect that it tried some different things but at the end of the day it's a video game and I got no enjoyment out of it. I wouldn't really recommend it unless you can try it for free first. (did it get a physical release?)

        Last edited 23/02/15 7:30 pm

          Yeah, I'm pretty sure it did. I see a few copies at my local second-hand place every time I go in there.

    God I wish I had a cat. Stupid renting.

    @shane @beardymcmuttonchops
    Sorry to bother you both but I really love stories that seem to be several small stories that end up being part of a bigger thing. A great example of this is the anime and light novel Durarara.
    Do either of you, (or any other taybies) have any suggestions on how to write something like that? Because I really have no clue where to start. The only idea I have is to maybe work backwards.

      Not a bother at all, Scree.

      I've learned two things in these last two books I've written.

      Metro 7, I went into it without a clear picture of where I wanted to go. I just had these concepts floating around my head. SPACE MARINES! SCARY MONSTERS! BINARY STAR SYSTEM! My destination wasn't apparent. It took me 5 years to write the damn thing because I didn't have a roadmap to follow.

      Carnifex, I had a roadmap. The plot is all done. And between November 2014 and now the first draft is almost finished. Although it has deviated a little from the initial plot map, the destination remains the same. Leave yourself some wiggle room.

      Between Metro 7 and Carnifex I reduced the first draft write time from 4 years to 4 months, and I think it's really helped keep the momentum going with Carnifex.

      If you have a final destination you want your story to get to, make sure all the threads feed toward that destination. I know it sounds daft, but my virtual cork board and plot outlines on Scrivener have been a lifesaver this time around. You can do worse than plotting all the threads out on an actual cork board. Or a visual art diary or similar.

      Write as much as you can as often as you can. Don't worry about whether it'll all make the final cut, because it's better to have too much information than not enough.

        I know I have always been interested in making a incredibly story based game on an abandoned town. But I want there to be the inhabitants stories and that they all tie into why everyone just suddenly left. So I kind of wanted it to be like everyone just up and left. That's all I really have so far.

          Just out of curiosity have you played Vanishing of Ethan Carter? It has a similar kind of theme (Bunch of small stories that make up the overarching plot)

          There's nothing creepier than a small town where everyone has their own secrets.

            They're all a bunch of murderers?
            Another question. I'm great at having vague ideas but I never know how to fully flesh them out.

            Last edited 23/02/15 9:18 pm

      Scree! Those are my absolute favourite types of stories! Ever.

      Have you seen Baccano? I think you'd really like it!

      Last edited 23/02/15 8:55 pm

        Me too. I tried to watch it, but I just couldn't after watching Durarara. I think with Durarara's supernatural element, it was just a more natural pick for me.

          Baccano does have a supernatural element though?

            I didn't get that far into it. Sorry

              Really think you might have missed out. Shame it didn't click for you, it's much better than Durarara IMO.

                I can try again, but yeah, I'm not sure why

                  It's worth getting far enough in that the shit starts hitting the fan and you begin to get flashback bits. All the characters are interconnected and there's heaps of history between them all. The first few episodes especially the first are quite awkward and it takes a while to get into it, where I think DRRR has a great opening episode that introduces the whole cast nicely and then kind of got a bit slow (I recently re-watched it all to get ready for the new season, which I've barely watched)

      I don't know much about this form, but here's how I'd approach it.

      Start with one character. Write a story featuring them. As short or long as it has to be. If you're looking to expand the world beyond that, find some unanswered questions in the story that your character won't be able to tackle, and write about them from another perspective.


      Then when you get to the end, mix all the stories up so it looks like you're a total savant genius instead of someone who just followed logical threads through to their conclusion.

        Shouldn't a little more planning go into it?
        As I said above, I am good at coming up with vague ideas and am unable to flesh them out

          Honestly, it's up to you. I like to start with a scene, a character, something zoomed in really close, and figure out exactly what I should be focusing on from that. This is how I ensure that my characters feel as real as possible.

          But yeah, you can start with your setting or plot if you want, definitely.

          Edit: the main benefit of my approach is that you end up with a short story as the first product, rather than a planning document... and that's really good for motivation (even if the planning document is the second thing you produce, and you end up not using the short story at all).

          Last edited 24/02/15 8:33 am

            To be honest, I don't even know where to start. All I really have is a vague idea and a bit of a setting. I keep going back to @beardymcmuttonchops advice about secrets, but I don't really know what to do with that either. I keep coming back to either a cult, or something to do with radiation and then removing it.

              You could have it all: post-apocalyptic cult worships unexploded nuclear bomb, have short lifespans, occasional mutations. That should be enough to start with.

              Now write a story about a young cancer-ridden mother with one normal kid, and one deformed kid, and her heartbreaking and harrowing attempt to get them free from this cult.

              Like I said, you don't have to use the story in the end, but one thing you will find (and I pretty much guarantee this) is that if you sit down and just start writing something - anything - the ideas will start flowing much more easily.

              You can't make links between stories that don't exist yet. That comes later, maybe even last.

                Thanks. This really does help a lot. I may start carrying around a small notebook for writing while I'm out.

      As an aside, it's kind of hilarious and disturbing just how different the advice was from @beardymcmuttonchops and myself. I guess this just goes to show that there's no one path to creating something - everyone beats their own way through the undergrowth.

      Also, I just realised that I'm hoping to put together a book of this nature in the near future:
      Teased here
      Lamented here.

        I'm terrible at getting things past the conception stage.
        Best of luck with your endeavors though!

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