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    Can you guys rank rate Ys: Memories of Celceta for me, please?

    I saw a copy for $34 today, and I'm unsure whether I really want to spend that much. On the other hand, it's not available for cheaper anywhere else right now...

    I could also get this game for $24.95 on PSN at the moment, but that means I'm locked in and can't onsell the game if I don't like it. HMMMMMMM

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      Rank it how?

      Ys II > Ys Seven > Ys Celceta > Ys Origin > Oath in Felghana > Ys VI > Ys I > Ys V

      IMO it's one of the top 10 games on the Vita. Maybe top 5.

      Or do you want an actual description? Have you played any Ys games before? Familiar with the franchise at all?

        I am not familiar with it, beyond knowing it's an RPG. So would you say it's worth the aforementioned price? Anything you can tell me, really, to endorse it or deride it. Thanks!

        I already have Persona 4 Golden - how does this compare? Are they similar enough games that owning just one will do?

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          To preface: I paid a ton extra to import the Ys Celceta Silver Annersary CE from the US because it was celebrating 25 years of the franchise and came with a 3 CD soundtrack. So I paid way more than $35 for it. :)

          For starters, 'Ys' is said basically the same way as you say the 'eas' in 'easy'. :) Ys started as a NEC PC-8801 game in 1988. Ys II came out a few months later and improved on it in every way. The pair of games are really two halves of the one story. Ported into heaps of places. Subsequently they made Ys III: Wanderers from Ys, which got localized releases too. Then they licensed out Ys IV to two different companies who made two separate Ys games - Dawn of Ys, and Mask of the Sun. Ys V falcom pulled back in house and it was absolutely awful and killed the franchise for nearly a decade. They tested the waters with Ys VI: Ark of Napishtim, which was the first in the series to pull it to 3D, then they expanded on that game's system by building Ys Origin, set hundreds of years before the first game, and remaking Ys III as Oath in Felghana. Then they made Ys Seven for PSP, which changed things up a fair bit. Celceta is built off Ys Seven's style. The early games in the series are often compared to the Legend of Zelda, though they're far more actiony.

          Chronologically, the sequence is Origin, I & II, Celceta, Felghana, V, Napishtim, Seven. Aside from Origin, they all follow the exploits of Adol Christin, a red-headed swordsman and adventurer. Ys opens with Adol as a boy travelling to a land that has been cut off from the outside by a huge storm, and he is shipwrecked and washes up on the beach. This is a recurring theme in the series actually, just about every game starts with him unconscious somewhere.

          The conceit of Celceta is that it's set after he becomes a hero in Ys II, and the game's meta-story is about how Adol became the famous adventurer he is in the subsequent games. Celceta is a 'sea of trees'. A vast jungle on the edge of the Romn Empire that is unexplored and unmapped. The game opens with Adol stumbling out of the jungle into a town on the outskirts, terribly injured and near death. Something happened to him in there, but he doesn't remember anything. His memories have been scattered. Teaming up with his associate Duran and various other characters he meets along the way, he retraces his steps and regains his memories, unraveling the mystery of the jungle as he goes.

          Gameplay-wise it's a fun, fast hack & slash game. You have a party of three, control one character directly and the other two are AI-controlled. You can swap between them at any time, even during combat. Each character has one of three different weapon types: Piercing, Slashing and Striking, and different enemies are weak or strong to different attack types. You also have special attacks and get gear upgrades as you play and so on.

          Basically what it ends up being is like a JRPG lite. You get a JRPG storyline but you can play through the whole game in like 20 hours or so. It's got a lot of depth to it. Also amazingly good soundtrack, though that's a given for all of Falcom's stuff. Ys Seven has a more 'epic' JRPG plot and Celceta's is more personal, going into Adol's history as a child and stuff. The amnesia thing is a terrible trope but it's handled really well in the game. Good solid cast of characters, some nice twists and turns and generally I loved playing it.

          Saw your edit just now. Celceta has next to nothing in common with Persona. One is an average turn-based dungeon crawler JRPG combined with a time management game, the other is an action game with light RPG mechanics and a classic JRPG-ish story.

      I own this, and the other Ys games. I have not played them.


        You should fix that.

          I should.

          I started playing the first game on Vita.

            I can't recall if the PSP version was like the PC one or not. I think it's basically the same content. The first two games have three versions - the original, then Ys I & II Eternal which was around the 32-bit era and upgraded the visuals and music, and then Ys I & II Complete which had a further visual and music was upgraded to stuff recorded by the Falcom Sound Team band. The Steam version lets you swap between the versions of the music and visuals, not sure if the PSP one did.

            FYI, the first game is kind of average. Tips:
            - You can get a free sword by talking to everyone in the starting town and then talking to the guard dude again. IIRC he gives you the Talwar, which is the first sword upgrade and saves you grinding out a chunk of gold.
            - Save often. You can save anywhere. It's an oldschool PC game originally so it doesn't have save points or checkpoints or anything. You save often or you're going to lose progress.
            - It doesn't really tell you where to go. If you find yourself in an area where you're maybe able to take out one enemy with some effort but they take off a lot of your health, you're in the wrong place. First time I played it I was told to go to some town and it mentioned a mine and I went into a cave area thinking I was in the right place and monsters tore me three new assholes and I hadn't saved and lost like 2 hours and stopped playing the game in disgust, took ages to get around to trying it again properly.
            - The leveling up is carefully balanced such that if you're too high level relative to the enemies you kill, you get almost zero XP, and it tapers off pretty fast. Means that by the end of an area you should have leveled up to the point you're hitting diminishing returns on the enemies there, and also if you're under-leveled for some reason you'll catch up fast. It's an elegant system that makes the whole thing feel really nicely balanced.
            - When you meet Feena, it's possible to 'measure' her. You measure monsters etc. by bumping into them, but Feena follows you around a few steps behind so she's not possible to bump into except there's one particular dead-end corridor you can go into and then basically trap her there and bump away. For extra creepy, put the Mask of Eyes on so she's invisible. In the Steam version there's an achievement for this. You can also do it with one of the characters in Ys II and in Oath in Felghana so it's kind of a running joke.
            - In that same sequence, with some particular items that when used stop the enemies moving for a bit, you can actually level Feena up by making her bump through enemies.
            - Toward the end of the game, before you enter Darm Tower you must have all the Silver gear, which is the second from the top gear quality. You can't beat the final boss without silver gear (well, you can, but it's nearly impossible), and once you enter the tower you're stuck there. The silver sword is hard to get. You need to visit Reah a few times until there's a sequence where she plays the opening tune on her harmonica, and then visit both of the Rodea Trees on the map. The tree gives you the sword. The reason it's there is in Ys Origin. :)

            With a guide you can knock out Ys 1 in like 5-6 hours, it's quite short. It's worth pushing through it fast because Ys II is miles and miles better.

      I considered buying it once but then decided I needed to be more responsible with spending on games. I think it was during a steam sales hangover.

        I think I'll probably end up doing the same, unless the consensus falls in favour of this being a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

      I can't be bothered reading what the others have said (sorry Neg, I'm just tired :P) but Celceta was my first Ys game and I enjoyed it! I think Kotaku had an article before its launch and after watching the some trailer there was just something about it that "clicked" with me and the next thing I knew, I impulse purchased the collector's edition off OGS.

      It's nothing amazingly spectacular omgimustplaythis, but it's damn fun and probably a worthwhile purchase at $25. It can get pretty repetitive at times but thankfully the whole game is fairly shortish. Story/characters are meh but it's more about the gameplay! (I think this was the trailer)

      Another thing I mentioned but bears repeating: That Soundtrack.

      This is the field music for the first zone. Just a normal area.

      And Celceta doesn't even have the best music in the series. Falcom's music should be as iconic as stuff like Final Fantasy, but hardly anyone's even heard it. :(

      Honestly though, if you wanted to sample Ys and aren't averse to digital, Ys Seven on PSP is probably available for a song in comparison to $34, and it's a marginally better experience if you don't mind the lower res. Ys I & II are best on the PC. I don't think you go for Steam though? If you did I'd totally gift you one of the Ys games. I really really like the series so like to evangelize it a bit.

        Thanks, man. I appreciate it. You're talking me into it.

          I only really got into the series a few years ago. Played bits and pieces of the series (tried Origins and Seven but didn't like them!). It didn't click until I put some effort in and finished I & II which I picked up on PC when they released on Steam and decided to sit down with a guide and put the effort in, reasoning that if there can be eight games in the series it can't be terrible. Since then I've played & finished them all except V (which was SNES and apparently crap and also never properly translated) and VI (which I got a little way into but it's kind of regressive compared to the subsequent games made on the engine, and also there were rumors of a proper translation coming to Steam instead of the crap Konami PS2 release).

          They're releasing a new Ys this year on PS4 & Vita! No details yet but it looks like it won't be called Ys Eight, probably has a subtitle instead, and it's set in between V and VI. Should be awesome, plus Xseed have been doing a great job localizing the games since they got the rights so it should actually come out in English some time. \o/

    Having a good day today! My project at work is going totally smoothly for a change, got praised by my boss, gearing up for my holiday soon.

    Everything's coming up Pow! Hope you guys are good too.

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    So, after over 100 episodes of Potaku, we're finally getting some actual industry professionals on the podcast!

    Nic Watt (No relation) And Bruce Thompson from local dev/publisher Nnooo.

    So anyone got any questions for the guys about their games or the local dev/publishing scene?

    (Please give us some good questions to make us seem less terrible!)

      Make sure you ask them what they're working on now #helping
      But then after they answer, remind them that they're not working at all right now - they're on a podcast #doublehelping

      What are their favourite/least favourite trends in game design? Not necessarily monetisation strategies, but more about the games themselves

      Can you give a rundown of what they do in the industry?

        Me? Or is that a question I should ask them?

          That one's for you. I'd be curious to ask about some details of what they do once I know the role i.e. artist, dev, design, QA, marketing, those sorts of things. Although for some Indies it can be a matter of 'all of the above'

          If you don't know the answer, you should ask them. It might help direct the rest of the discussion #stillhelping

      Ask them why they're not making my favourite game

        But Link to the Past has already been made.

          You spelt Symphony of the Night wrong

    A brief reminder to Undad backers:

    If you haven't filled in your survey, please do it soon. I want to start working on the dedication page for the book, so everything is ready to go for publication. There's only a handful (okay, a little more than a handful) of pages still outstanding at the moment, and after a quick once-over scrub, it'll be going straight to the printers.

    If all goes well, I'll be unveiling it at Supanova Gold Coast.

    So get your surveys in! Please.
    Also, thanks.

    Yep. That'll do. That's it.

      Really looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!

        Yeah, this is actually one of those rare treats I'm actually looking forward to.

        Kind of enjoying it. I don't generally look forward to much, or very often.


        Last edited 24/02/15 3:01 pm

          You edited out the bit where you said you hate me, didn't you.

            Actually, yes.


              Last edited 24/02/15 3:37 pm

                Hey, you know what The Beatles say.

                Messrs K. and H. assure the public
                Their production will be second to none.
                And of course Henry the Horse dances the waltz.

                  True pillars of wisdom. I will remember them always.

      I didn't back it!

      Because I spent WAY too much money at Christmas \o/

      WAY. TOO. MUCH.

        An excuse I can forgive. Unlike the nearly seven billion people who didn't back it and DIDN'T EVEN TRY TO EXPLAIN WHY. >:(

          What jerks!

          It does mean that there are 7 billion Christmas cards you don't have to send. The savings alone would fund another graphic novel.

            I don't send Christmas cards (I do this instead).

            But I would really like to fund another graphic novel, so maybe I'll make plans to send seven billion Christmas cards... and then cancel them!

              I might do the same for my next film. Also, poor countries could do this.

              Shane, we just ended world hunger.

              I don't know about you, but I think this has been a very productive day.

      Pretty sure I filled in the survey. I think.

        You're all set, man. If you've gotten some rewards from me (you should have gotten all the digital books and Undad #1, IIRC), you're up to date with rewards.

    PSA: Wearing a wrist brace for an extended period of time makes my hand smell like feet.

      Oh yeah, me too. I've had to leave mine off because I keep forgetting to wash it. It's probably gone mouldy by now, now that I think of it.

      I learned this in high school. Also doing anything to mask the smell will just make said smell 10,000 times worse.

    Papa Roach 3-pack... yay for more angsty rock, I guess. Kinda hard not to chuckle when listening to the lyrics, considering I first heard them thanks to Weird Al's Angry White Boy Polka, and can't really separate them from that song. Oh well, at least Last Resort has a neat riff. :P

    Fuck couriers.

    Trying to track down a parcel for my mother-in-law. It was addressed to Forster, but apparently delivering it to a post office an hour away is close enough.

      Mama! I didn't know you swore! :O
      This changes all preconceived notions I had of you...

        What, you thought I was all tea and cupcakes?

          ...umm, I dunno...

          Ok, I kinda did :3

            Everyone swears when they burn themselves. Not me though. Probably

              I usually go, "Argh, fffmmmmppphhhhh (sucking in air through closed lips), aaaahhhhh".
              I do my bestest to avoid swearing :3

              I don't usually swear when I burn myself.

              Burned myself enough times over the years.

              Actually I'm amazed that I never really learned my lesson, and kept touching hot shit...

                Yeah I grabbed the steam wand every day as a barrista

                  Once grabbed a chemistry practical sample out of the oven at uni and burnt myself. Rather than use the hand that had the PPE on, I used my unprotected hand. Because I'm a moron.

        Reminds me...

        When I was fresh into high school, our school had the bright idea of doing 'services' on Friday afternoons. For some that meant volunteering at the RSPCA (they thought it would be petting kittens and puppies... it was mostly cleaning out shit and hefting storeroom supplies). For others that meant mini-SES-training, the Art Services group ended up building backstage structures and set-pieces, and the group I joined... visited the old folks' home.

        I don't know who was responsible for the idea, but whether it was self-selection or teacher-driven social engineering, the group who ended up visiting the old folks' home were the school's rogues and brigands. Those skirting the edge of expulsion, the regular detention crowd.
        ...And me.

        I strongly suspect that the irreverent, juvenile nature of our group of delinquents is probably what brought out the... best? Worst? Something 'different' in our charges. The old people seemed to feed off our delight in their free and casual use of swears, subverting our expectations of 'prim and proper nannas' with glee.

        We listened with rapt fascination as we got told the worst stories of the unsavory things they'd got up to in their youth, and gruesome stories of the wars. A group of horrible children and horrible elders, thoroughly enjoying the freedom of being horrible. Some of the ladies liked to pretend that we were gigolos.

        An afternoon tea spread was always put out by the home, and some of the residents hoarded away bottles of various types of soda for us to take away and drink on the way back.

        Meanwhile, the RSPCA kids were covered in animal shit, hollow-eyed from too much exposure to animal sadness, and the ACES crews were slogging their guts out in the heat clearing reclaimed bushland as foundations for obstacle courses and camp-sites or doing road-side litter-cleaning.

        There seemed to be something fundamentally unjust about how much fun the worst-behaved students in the school were having while everyone else worked their asses of. Not that we were complaining.

        ...There was a point to this reminiscing. I forget what it is. People who seem 'proper' like a good old swear every now and then? Oh, and that life isn't fair and good things will happen to bad people.

      How can you hate couriers when Captain Bamboo exists?

      Now to ruin the joke by explaining it: Captain Bamboo is a custom courier in Dota 2.

        Thank you for explaining it, because I would never have got the reference!

          Llama Llama is the best courier for the record.

      Is that Forster NSW? My parents moved there a little while ago and run a cafe there, seems to be in a postal system hole, everything we send back and forth takes longer than it should, Express post is like 3 days to anywhere from there so my folks were informed at the post office.

        Yes. Parcel was addressed for Forster and somehow got left at the post office at Pacific Palms. So helpful!

        OK @gutsoup, I have to ask, which café in Forster? Always on the lookout for good café lunches in Forster to take Grandma to.

          It's called Chilli Jam, the portions are very generous, nice little cozy spot. You can tell them Shaun sent you and they'll look after you :)

    Watching the live updates from the Gillian Triggs hearing is kind of gross. Any semblance of a shred of respect I had for the current government is pretty quickly evaporating. If my seven year old starting doing what they're doing she would get an extremely stern talking to yet here are out leaders doing exactly that.

      It's utterly absurd.

        It saddens me that it reminds me so much of me and my sister when we were little.

        Me: You did it.
        Her: Nahhh. You did.
        Me: No. You did.
        Her: No. You did.
        Me: No. You did.
        Her: No. You did.
        Me: No. You did.
        Her: No. You did.
        Me: No. You did.
        Her: No. You did.
        Me: No. You did.
        Her: MUUUUMMMMM!!!

        Edit: "it" meaning parliment for the last... 7 years?

        Last edited 24/02/15 5:50 pm

      There was a great tweet by a friend of mine who works for the greens that sums it up in all its tragedy.
      Only in Australia's Parliamnt do ppl face full days of offensive questioning for daring to stand up for rights of children behind razor wire

      Last edited 24/02/15 10:27 pm

    Well I got a "result" from my bank about my disputed transaction with Wednesday 13's merchandise company about never fulfilling a pre-order and dodging my inquiries about it. They said since it has been more than 4 months since the transaction was made they believe I am breaching their 'Deposit Product Terms & Conditions Clause' and because of that will not reimburse me my lost money because the merchant failed to deliver the goods on the pre-order date or a refund or even communicate back. Given the pre-order was meant to be filled almost 7 months later I can't act on that until then anyway. I'm, mostly pissed off because the merchant in question has not only done this to me but many other fans and have no issued a refund like had been indicated.

    What also annoyed me was, the teller I dealt with at the bank seemed disinterested and couldn't comprehend it was a pre-order that was to be filled at a much later date and that I had tried to get in contact with the merchant because I wanted my damn goods.

    Oh well, i'll just ring the customer relations number they have here and talk to someone who may comprehend what has happened and why I am disputing it.

    Huh, just got an email from Supanova spruiking this year's events and listing all their guests.

    Adam Baldwin isn't listed. Interesting.

    Also holy shit Dolph Lundgren? I may for the first time ever and probably ly the last consider paying to see someone.

      There's no 'ad' in 'contractual obligation'

      Dolph is fucking awesome. I also love that he's really really smart as well as action-hero superstar material.

    Man I've been sitting on Page 3 for like 2 hours wondering why it was so quiet.

    Gearbox has sent me two emails this afternoon saying Homeworld Remastered arrives this Wednesday. I'm happy your excited gearbox but I have no idea what that is.

    Last edited 24/02/15 5:09 pm

      You're... you're kidding, right? About the long-awaited remaster of the world's greatest space RTS?

        Company of Heroes?'

        oh wait space.... Dawn of War 2?!

        Last edited 24/02/15 5:36 pm


          You too, @freezespreston. (Although Sins is actually pretty good, and Dawn of War 1 was too, which is why I know CJ's taking the piss when he says DoW2 because urrrrgh esporty crap)

            Don't worry, I'm on your side.

            *stares anxiously at CE order page "Not yet dispatched"*

            Nah. Dow 2 is way better then one. Dow 1 is all numbers and bad path finding.

              DoW2 was all MOBA-wannabe small-squad micromanagement esports bullshit, no base-building and massive armies! Worst. DoW. Ever. The series peaked at Dark Crusade.

                Yeah but the massive army's were just numbers, attack move done. I agree DoW2 suffered from a linear tech tree but base building is overrated. DoW2 was fresh and interesting and loosing a unit was a big deal. Even as the only Tyranid player in the entire world. (still more common then ork players) That said Retribution ruined the multiplayer. Stupid imperial guard sentinals.

                  Who the hell plays multiplayer? That's not the point of Dawn of War or RTSes in general! :P

                DoW Dark Crusade had a cool single player. DoW 2 Chaos Rising is the best single player campaign the series has had.

        (I may be upvoting all these comments, but I do love me some Homeworld)

        I know what it is but never played it and have zero interest in the remake and I don't know how gearbox got my email address :(

        I actually don't know what it is either and when they announced it at PAX Aus and everyone else was clapping I was just like mmm okay? *shrug*

        Apparently I'm getting a free copy from them though for that PAX Aus thing a coupla years back :P

      I got one and hit that unsubscribe button with the speed of a thousand startled gazelles.

    Ha, just got linked this.

    As I'm sitting here wearing my Castlevania shirt :P

      I think I've had this shirt since I was in highschool. Its got squiggles on it, dont own any cool gaming shirts.

      Last edited 24/02/15 5:38 pm

    Back from my mini conference thing!

    I ate and drank too much :P. Bleh. It was totally FREE though SO I GOTTA EAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE

    I'm kinda sad to be leaving Healthcare and moving to another division. I want as much benefits and conferences as possible! :'(

    EDIT: Oh and I was talking to some Perth management dudes and they asked for me to come back :P. Doubt it'll happen though because I'm needed back in VIC. Was also talking to some New Zealand peoples and they seem keen to have more people on board too. I also doubt that'll happen but of course I wouldn't mind another free "holiday" :D

    Last edited 24/02/15 6:14 pm

      Greedius :P

      or is that Gluttonius?

      I am confuse.

      Last edited 24/02/15 6:49 pm

      Where in New Zealand are they? Makes a big difference as to whether it's worth trying to wrangle a placement over there.

        About 15 mins out from Auckland

          15 mins from Auckland CBD I assume you mean (it's actually a fairly big city). Auckland's a really nice place to live. Good climate, never stupidly cold but rarely gets above the 30 degree mark, great beaches on the northern side of the city. When I lived there I was just a kid, and my school was in a really snobby area so for half the year every Friday we'd go down to the boat shed they owned that was on the shore of the big lake nearby and spend all morning sailing yachts. We also had a really nice house for a while when living there that was only 5 mins walk from Milford Beach which was one of the nicest beaches on the North Shore.

          Only problem is that Aucklanders aren't very friendly and the rest of the country kind of hates them. :P

            I just typed the office address into Google Maps and "Auckland" :P

            They used to do grad rotations there but not anymore :(.

    Haha, so apparently my local EB have already had a few return The Order 1886, with total disappointment. At least i'm not alone I guess.

    Just going to throw this out there, @blaghman is super rad.

    After adopting Alice, I've been exhausted and stressed out. I've been eating terribly and have visibly lost weight. Freya is on nights at the moment, which is always disruptive, so I've basically been all on my own this week. Throw in a puppy that gets very vocal when left alone and the steaming pile of shit that is the situation with the home owner rescinding permission to have Alice and you can imagine that I'm not in the best mental shape right now.

    Anyhow, Blaghs has come over twice this week to help out. Sure it's for purely selfish reasons, so he can play with the puppy, but it has been a massive help for me. He's puppy sat when I had to go to Bunnings and do groceries and today he gave me a chance to catch up on some precious, precious sleep.

    Oh, I've also tricked him into doing manual labour by erecting part of the puppy fence and got him to play Android: Netrunner with me.

    All in all, really massive things for me.

    If Kudos was still a thing, he'd have it on lock this week. And I say that as someone who thought it was a bit of a circlejerk.

      I hear he's a jerk who only drops by to get Puppy Pics.

      Or for more Puppy Pics.

      (I feel exhausted after today, and I didn't actually do ANYTHING)

        That's not true at all. You lost at Netrunner three times.

          I think it's a safe bet that if you ever want to win a game, play me at Netrunner.

          I am to Netrunner what GingerChris is to Splendor.

            I don't think it's possible for anyone to be as bad at a game as @gingerchris86 is at Splendor.

            Anyhow, I'm probably going to try putting together some decks with all my cards. Might get something a little more consistent than the starter decks. CJ managed to beat me the last time I did that, so who knows, you might have half a chance.

              @blaghman @trjn I'll have you both know that I have won, twice. Every other time i have played awfully and threatened to burn it with fire however :p

                You can understand why I have my doubts.

                About the successes, not the threats. I've witnessed the threats.

                Last edited 25/02/15 9:52 am

        Thank you so much for helping Bun and I out. We really appreciate it. I'll mention it to your dad the next time I fail to review a patient he wants me to :P

      Blaghs is a pretty rad dude.

      Early days of puppy owning can be stressful, but it does get better.
      Hope things turn out well re: home owner.

        I'll be doing much better once I start getting better sleep. Only getting a couple of disrupted hours a night and a few half naps during the day has really kicked my ass. Freya has just finished her first night shift, so that means there's going to be more time where I can go get a nap or even some real sleep.

    Today I made like a dozen new friends.
    They were all dogs, I'm not good with people :P.
    (did a day of dog washing for moneyz)

      Yeah but at least dogs are always happy to keep you company & see you (unless they have been extremely naughty). People really vary sadly =(

        Yeah dogs are easy, they either like you or don't.

        Last edited 24/02/15 9:24 pm

          Yep. Then there's the dogs which are just assholes who hate everyone, they must have the cat gene in them haha :P

    You guys! Maximum Choppage on ABC2 is great!

      Ah damn, I missed it. It'll be on iView I suppose. I'll check it out tomorrow.

        Definitely on iview. It was even better than I was expecting :)

    I don't even know what TAY thread is current. Whatever. I'll leave this here for nostalgia reasons.

      Welcome (again?) Zombie Jesus!
      You just kinda jump in with TAY. There is no real current thread. Everyone around here tends to keep up with it alright (except little @phlanispo, who is usually a couple of days behind :P)

        What was it? Don't yell at Phlanispo? Nah, that's okay.

          Hahaha, I was just saying that you usually fall behind on TAY was all, and that you try to catch up on the weekend (usually :P)

            Yeah, I kind of knew that, I was just making an extremely poor attempt at a Simpsons reference. It would have made more sense if I posted it all at once. Original dialogue.

              I just realised how late I replied to this. I am slow.

      If there are two TAYs, it's always the second one on the most commented that is current.

    So. Dragonforce were pretty good. I've always heard people say that their live gigs suck, they can't even play their own songs, etc. I didn't really get that impression at all, but then I guess I'm not overly familiar with them so who knows :P Kinda wish the vocals could've been a little louder, but hey.

    Priest... I was expecting it to be mostly stuff from Redeemer, but there was actually a whole tonne of older stuff in there. So awesome.

    Spoilering the setlist in case people still want to be surprised on Thursday or whatever :P

    Devil's Child
    Metal Gods
    Victim of Changes
    Halls of Valhalla
    Love Bites
    March of the Damned
    Turbo Lover
    Redeemer of Souls
    Beyond the Realms of Death
    Breaking the Law
    Hell Bent For Leather
    You've Got Another Thing Coming
    Living After Midnight
    Defenders of the Faith

    Can't wait for Saturday.

    Last edited 26/02/15 1:37 am

      Dragonforce have improved a lot over the last 6 or 7 years. Back in '07 they were apparently rubbish, but by '09 they'd started to improve a lot.

      Did you have your Castlevania shirt on?

        Yes. I think they accepted me as one of their own, I blended right in with the sea of black.

    What happened to TAY?

    It's Wednesday and it's not on page 15 yet.

      I think it's because not much is going on?

      I don't know but it works for me. I've missed so much online, only having a few pages of TAY to catch up on is pretty good.

      All the old guard disappeared off to Twitter or god knows where else for some reason :(

    @distantdrop @jocon A little more raiding tonight peeps? Maybe an hour? Do heroic Gruul again =P

    And did you guys hear what the pugs said about running a 10man group? lol

      I don't really like the way they set up the new profession plans, I have to either wait for a inordinate amount of time for it to show up or try visiting others garrisons.. what a a pain.

      Don't like the new blood elf's models to.. the complexion looks way to glassy in lieu of a better word to describe it... have to wear a helmet to cover the shame!

      I do realize these have nothing to do with what you asked. they are important points however!

      But yeah I think its a good idea, 6.1 has hit so lots of the raiders will log on to feel out the new changes, should be able to round up quite a few.

      Last edited 25/02/15 9:34 am

        We'll just get a rotation of visits going within guildies who log on regularly.

        And way to comment completely on a tangent red =P Who even cares about the new models?!

        So lets try and pug another heroic group today, also I'm thinking of being more selective on what bosses we kill, i.e. skipping oregorger and possibly gruul on normal if no one needs gear from them and start working on Blast Furnace. This way we get the bosses that drop tier gear on farm and skip the idiots who drop trash.

          Oregorger and Gruul need to die for that wooden gate to open for blast furnace =/ you also cant fall off the ledge i've tried.

          Last edited 25/02/15 1:41 pm

            ..... I hate this raid.

              just tell members who struggle on oregorger to run lfr and practice his movements, we still have members who rely on the raid leader/following people to avoid him, give or take a week we should have him on 1 shot.

              I'm sure you've noticed our melee dps and tanks have mastered that fight.. we mostly spread out and break boxes to speed up the phase.

              Last edited 25/02/15 1:53 pm

      Maybe, I'd like to get stuck into the couple of new quests first off. Get the ball rolling on that legendary follower.

      And yeah, even the pugs thought it was the 10 man holding us back.

        I believe Garona is obtainable after Chapter 3, I believe were all a good 2-3 months away from getting her.

        Yeah which is nice to hear we've got the skillset required and its numbers holding us back; but on the flipside its the fucking numbers holding us back!! *cries*

        God just one healer would be a godsend at this point so we can fill out the remaining dps spots.

        I've been advertising for 650 ilvl but I think what's holding us back partly is our raid timings and secondly if I advertise too low an ilvl the experienced raiders will skip over the ad all together thinking we're too lowbie for them.

          Skip the ilvl part then. I have seen numerous other guild ads without it.

    Telltale games are making a TV show?

      Sounds pretty interesting actually. Would be cool if they do some sort of parallel-world story so the game/show can affect each other without sharing the same set of characters.

      Not sure how the game would be able to affect the show. Unless they shoot scenes multiple times for each possible choice? Changing the game depending on if you watched the show first sounds like an interesting idea though.

      Looking forward to hearing more! Hopefully it happens.

      "The idea is for Telltale to create its own TV/video game hybrid series, where a new episode of the show would always be released along with a new episode of the game."

      So months between each TV episode?

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