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    What is a mummy’s favourite kind of coffee?
    De-coffin-ated! #dadjokepagesix #hi@strange


    Episode 1 Part 2

    The party investigated the house of Tom Mallard

    - @quiz_b got a couple of sneaky beers in
    - @freezespreston hacked his wifi like a pro
    - @beeawwb tangled with the head of the estate over sleeping with mothers
    - @blaghman got hurt and then killed a mummy
    - @gingerchris86 taught a valuable lesson in gun safety

    Next time: Will the party continue to investigate the house, or will they activate the secret recursion key in the basement? Will Johannes work out what's with his creepy clay doll? What has @trjn been up to this whole time? And what does the octopus tentacle taste like with Habanero sauce? Tune in for Part 3!

    Thanks for playing guys!

    Replay video here (soon):

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      I will blow the f*** up of this place, man. You will see.


    Second post! (first on bloodborne comp)
    This community and website is great. I'm a 5 or more kotaku visits a day kinda guy for the last 3 or 4 years. But never post. I know. Boo on me.

    Anyway back to watching, waiting, hiding in the dark. Just wanted to say be proud of who you are because you are great.


      Many people that post on TAY started off lurking. Anyways good work for posting twice! Hopefully the beginning of many many posts?

        Well on a rare occasion I would put a guest post up. But maybe! :)

      Paper sharks?

      That seems unwieldy in an aquatic environment.

        You're right. Perhaps I should be waterproofpaper sharks.

        Then the shark kinda becomes null
        Paper landsharks?

      Paper Sharks watching and hiding in the dark sounds pretty creepy! :P
      Also, hello!

      Hey new person! Welcome aboard. Tell us stuff about yourself. Get yourself added to in the right state if you want to participate in meets. And add your details to for multiplayer gaming shenanigans.

      I also hope you participate in the customary welcoming ritual. We used to have an Oar of Thorns, but we decided it wasn't as humiliating as owning one of my books.

      (coupon code TAY20 for 20% off, or LESSER30000 for 90% off one ebook)

      Want some rye? Course ya do!

        I don't knead it

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    Got my Vita today. Only game I've played on it so far is Thomas Was Alone. That was a good bit of fun. Completed it. Battery held out well.

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      Should play a PS4 game on it! Just because you can! TOMB RAIDER! TOOOOOMB RAIDER!

        It's tempting, gotta admit. I'll do it tomorrow.

      What games did you get with for it so far?

        It came with Final Fantasy X, Uncharted, Persona 4 Golden, and Assassin's Creed Liberation. I've also bought digital copies of Gravity Rush, Thomas Was Alone, and the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, which are well overdue for a replay. Also got this month's PS+ games: Rogue Legacy (though I already completed this on PS4) and Fennick and Kick, which looks okay.

          That's a pretty solid lineup. When you get sick of those, you should try Hotline Miami on it, it's like the perfect device for that game. Shame the AU release of the sequel isn't happening.

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            I didn't like Hotline Miami, actually (played PS4 version). Not my cup of tea at all.

            Dude, Hotline Miami on Vita is the best way to play it, period. So gud.

    Woo, audio recovered!

    Turns out there were two songs in there I forgot about :P

    @freezespreston, @beeawwb ,@blaghman, @gingerchris86, @redartifice.

    Sorry about bailing last night. Turns out my dog of 14 years was having a stroke. Things didn't end very well, and within an hour a difficult decision was made.

    Everybody else: Hug your damn dogs/cats/ferrets/birds/ants today and tell them you love them.

      That's horrible. ='(

      Sending all the good thoughts your way.

      I am certain no one can blame you for that. It is so terrifying when a dog has a stroke, or when anything has a stroke for that matter.

      Aw no. :( Really sorry to hear that. It really sucks when it's so sudden, but there's some comfort in knowing it wasn't prolonged. Hope you're holding up okay.

      So sorry to hear that, my condolences to you. :(

      I really don't know what to say. Hope you're dealing with it okay.

    Holy shit, who was it that was talking about a gritty Ducktales reboot yesterday?

    Yaaaaay, got my first full paycheck from my job.

    Boooooo, all of those outstanding bills

      Why are you booing them if they're outstanding?


        Like the Scarecrow who won an award.

        Outstanding in his field

      I know that feeling. Although I think my work finally got themselves sorted and are paying me into the right bank account so HOPEFULLY outstanding bills will become less of an issue soon.

        Heh, for me it's the 4 months of unemployment. Good news is, I kept up with the rent, insurances, and credit card payments the whole time so it's not too bad.

        Have to do new tyres and a car service ASAP though

    Hey @transientmind this is that dumb thing I got...

      It's me! I was the turkey all along!

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      I saw Rikki Simons at Supanova in Brisbane in 2013. I had never seen Invader Zim, but I needed somewhere to hide away from the crowds. The scary, scary crowds. Seemed a nice guy who loved what he did. (Saw Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis too. So short.)

      One time on the way to work I saw a girl with dog-suit GIR one one calf and robot GIR on the other. I then felt like a total creep when I realised I had inadvertantly followed her past my building.

        You should've just said hi and asked if you could take a closer look! You could've got a better look and maybe a fun conversation. :)

        In my experience, people with really cool ink have been pretty flattered and keen to show off their pieces if you ask politely and seem genuinely interested. I mean, obviously it's not always guaranteed, everyone has bad days or maybe some hang-ups, but in general I think a lot of people consider their ink to be something a personal statement or (an expensive, time-consuming, and painful to get) point of pride. ...Also, I don't know for sure, but I suspect people also prefer that to sidelong glances and 'trying not to stare' stares.

        I do it every now and then when I see some amazing work I really want to appreciate up close. Never had someone look annoyed or refuse.

        I also did that recently when I saw a chick in the valley who had these pretty cool-looking stockings which look like cats toward the feet, with a tail that goes up the leg - I thought that was pretty cool. It could just be that I'm socially-retarded, because I'm not sure if stockings are something you're 'meant to' compliment people on. She seemed pretty chuffed to show them off, though; did a little modelling spin for me.

          Oh yeah, I think for the most part people with ink, especially a lot of large, bold, visible pieces, they don't mind if people look, so I don't tend to be shy about looking at them.

          It was mainly just the implication of me following some random person while staring at their legs, not noticing I'd missed my "stop", so to speak. :P

            Well... yes. Creeper. :)

            This is why you ask to look! Officially sanctioned staring (with potential twirling) instead of, uh... that.

        I once saw a girl walking through Flinders St station with a Gir backpack. I rounded on her with an overly enthusiastic 'WURRDIDYOUGITTHATFROM' and on reflection I think there was an implied 'please don't hurt me' with the offered information.
        I social good.

      Wheeeeeeeheeeheeeeee! GIR is the bestest.

      Awh, and you got the best of both worlds with dogsuit AND bot-head. Very nice.

      For years I had a custom dancing dog-suit-gir animation as my avatar anywhere and everywhere. Sadly I lost it when Livejournal (YEAH, I HAD ONE OF THOSE, DON'T JUDGE ME) decided to go 'free' or whatever and restricted the number of usericons someone could have.

      Tragic. I'll have to remake that one day. It was the cutest little animation.

        Thank you :D Also, I had livejournal for years and years and years too ;)

        I want to re-buy Invader ZIM on iTunes but I'm super confused; you can buy each volume (there's three) for $15 each. Or there's the "whole collection" which is $50. Both have the full 27 episodes. Whattttttt.

          Probably get both and have the compiled version stored somewhere (like under the tire iron in your car) for emergencies. Like, you hear someone hasn't seen Zim before.


            My ex tried to get me into it a bit. Didn't really seem to do it for me, I just thought that Gir was super creepy :P

              He IS creepy! "The knowledge.. it fills me! IT IS NEAT."
              Zim's strength is its creepiness. You must embrace it.

              You really are the anti-me. Hate the cold, love the heat, plays Nintendo, hates Steam...

                Hmm. Which is the hero, and which is the villain?

                  Gaz is the hero. Human(including alien) stupidity is the villain.

                  Ohhh, you meant between us? Me. I am the villain. Obviously. But like all the best villains, I have the best motivation and reasoning.

      Oh man, I found all my old Vasquez comix the other day.

      Re-read I Feel Sick and Filler Bunny.

      So good.

        Those were my early days of non-mainstream comic books and that made me extra-weird in my small town, haha.

    Uncharted Golden Abyss is a very, very pretty game. The dialogue so far has been pretty good too, with some amusing banter.

    So many controls, though! It uses all of them: two thumbsticks, four face buttons, a d-pad, two shoulder buttons, and two touchpads!

      Just wait until you get to the section that's controlled entirely by your eye-blinks!

        That's... that's a joke though, right? Because I remember some people talking about handheld games that make you talk to them or blow on them and stroke them and... yeah, that's starting to sound a bit odd, and batting eyelashes would just be the icing on the creepy cake.

          You may or may not be able to blow into the mic to cause a gust of wind to cause skirts to flutter upward in certain modes in Senran Kagura...

          3DS makes you blow into the mic in Ace Attorney. You literally cannot progress in those games if you're not willing to shake the console, blow into it, and generally look like a tool on public transport.

          But then, those games make you look like a tool anyway, what with the tears of laughter... so, whatever.

          Last edited 26/02/15 11:58 am

            Yes. I cannot remember which game it was, but I was playing a puzzler in public and like, blowing into the mic and opening and closing the lid and moving all around with the gyroscope. People next to me in the food court were teasing me but I honestly did not give a shit at the time.

      Ah, Launch titles.

      Remember how every PS3 launch title used the sixaxis?

        It took me so effing long to put two and two together with Heavenly Sword, where you had to hurl shit using six axis.

          Oh man, I love Ninja Theory, but hated the controls in that game. More Enslaved, less Heavenly Sword. :P

          Hellblade seems a nice compromise.

      It's like they made it with a mandate that every single function the system could have had to be used. So you get shit like the return of awful gyro balance beam stuff from Uncharted 1 that I simply couldn't do. I stopped playing after they put one of them in where you had to quickly get across one - and I absolutely can't do gyro controls, they break my brain - and then there's a firefight starting as you're crossing. :( I also found that the game was unplayably hard in combat because it requires the same level of headshot precision as Uncharted 3, but the sticks on the vita don't have enough throw to be sensitive enough to have that level of precision. Didn't get very far in with it before I decided I hated it. The fact it came out quite close to Uncharted 3 which I absolutely fucking hated didn't help it much either I think. Was very disappointed by it.

        Yeah, shooting is pretty tricky, I noticed. Hoping I can get used to it. And I can't do the balancing either. We'll see if I make it to the end!

        I'm put in mind of a parent who is standing over their children demanding, "I don't wanna hear it! No, no, and no! I put too much effort and too much money into this god damn pool/trampoline/motion-control gimmick, I don't care if you want to do something else, you are going to GET IN THERE AND USE IT, and you will be HAPPY and we will have CHERISHED FAMILY MEMORIES."

      It's a very pretty game for a handheld. Blew me away the first time I fired it up on my shiny new Vita. Great game too, just a bit excessive on the touchscreen controls - but launch title 'HEY NEW FEATURE, IT'S AWESOME! USE IT, AD NAUSEUM, TRUST ME, YOU'LL LOVE IT.' syndrome. Definitely worth playing though.

        I'm still in the very early stages of the game, but I'm digging it so far.

      I'm a little sad to say the only thing I remember about GA are the parchment puzzles. Very cool use of the rear camera, imo, even if there were times it needed the light of a thousand suns to work properly. I think I ended up grabbing my phone and using a torch app to blind the Vita for most of them...

      That game goes on forever.

      The worst bits are the rowing portions. Get ready.

    What does a Mexican put under his carpet?

    Underlay underlay underlay

      What did the first pancake say to the second?

      I'm batter than you...

      I went out with a girl called Simile, I don't know what I metaphor.

      I went on a two week holiday to the south of France.
      It was Toulon.

      A pirate walks into a bar with a ship's wheel on his belt buckle.

      Bartender: What's that on your belt?
      Pirate: Arrr, It's drivin' me nuts!

      Me: Doctor you've got to help me, I'm addicted to Twitter.

      Doctor: I don't follow you.

      I saw a good one for the World of Warcraft fans*.

      "What do you call a Gilnean church?"

      "Worgenized religion."

      *I saw it on a google search result after someone in /trade last night asked to be cheered up. For some reason I thought googling 'WoW Dad Jokes' would give me what I needed to cheer up this person.

    I shaved so my facial hair will be at the exact right levels of scruffy for next week. Anyone else do that? :D

      Yep, I definitely used to. But I was cultivating a bum fluff beard, so it didn't actually work as well as I'd hoped.

      But I always remember that scene in Six Feet Under where David has stopped shaving because he has a date that night, and Nate informs him that unfortunately, his scruffy appeal will peak at noon the next day :P

      I used to.

      I've given up caring about my appearance though. Which should probably be worrying.

        You've transcended vanity!

          Or I got even fatter and gave up on life.

          One of the two.

      I usually shave when I'm told I look like a hobo again... Something tells me I should take more care of how I look but eh, effort

        I had drinks with Dan and friends last Saturday and Karl's brother has this majestic beard that I put my hand through while in line for the bathrooms. (I WAS DRUNK, OKAY?) Makes me wonder if I can grow a beard half as good! *looks into distance all haunted like*

        That's my approach.

        That being said, I'm a few days past peak ho-bun.

      I also wash my clothes so they are the right levels of clean before I wear them.

      Ah, the crazy things we do.

      Last edited 26/02/15 10:19 am

        What a strange and off-putting young man!

      I shave on Monday mornings then let myself become scruffy over the course of the week, usually cleaning up my neck on Wednesday/Thursday. I think it gives me a certain business-casual distinguishedness. It probably doesn't, but I think it does, and I figure the principle of "fake it til you make it" has served me pretty well so far.

      I thought I had a meeting today, so I'm clean shaven.

      Meeting cancelled. I'm smooth skinned for nothing!

        I should clarify


        The chin real estate around it is clean.

      All the time... Usually don't shave on Friday's so I have a nice stubble happening by Saturday arvo if we're meeting friends.

      Not too much because I don't want to look like a sloth, but not clean shaved... Who has time for weekend shaving when you can sleep in?!

        Sloths are adorable! There's nothing wrong with emulating their majesticness!

          So so majestic:

          There is also an R Kelly Version:

            Any creature that looks like it's straight from Jim Henson's creature shop or Flight of the Navigator is adorable! :P

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      What's next week?

        Pow, Alex and Pants are in town for the week, which means potential for meats!

          Ah, that's right.
          I knew I was forgetting something :3

            Worst stalker.

              I've just lost interest in you.
              Once I got your toenail clippings, I kinda felt complete.
              Well, my shrine to you is complete.


          He used my real name!

          EDIT: I don't care :P

          Last edited 26/02/15 11:15 am

            I was referring to Alex Pants. The 'and' was for extra dramatics. You're coming too? :P

      I only shave Monday & Wednesday. Leaves me clean shaven most of the week & growing stubble on casual Friday. By the weekend I have appropriate stubble.

      Oh yeah, I definitely used to do that (before getting over my fear of BEING A MAN and embracing my inner beardiness). My middle brother and his boyfriend and I would compare notes on when we were at optimal handsome-scruffiness and adjust our schedules to suit.

      Then I discovered that after a while of not replacing my razor blades, my razor dulled to the point that it was so ineffective that attempting to use it actually resulted in a 5 o'clock shadow. I treasured that razor, because it meant daily shaving still yielded optimal stubble.

        That razor is the holy grail. A prophecy foretold in the scriptures!

      Always. Two days in advance seems to be the right amount of time.

      I guess it's similar to the way I wash my hair the day before I have to go somewhere because my hair is too fluffy on the first day, and just right on the second.

        I do that too! Shampoo the day before, usually just wash with water on the day I got to go somewhere. :P

        Hahaha, I used to do that too for the same reasons.

        Once upon a time...

      Shave? What's that? I'm currently doing the yeard (year of beard). No trimming. No shaving aside from cheeks and lower neck.

      No touching the damn beard.

      Scruffy? I left scruffy behind last month. I'm currently at Hobo heading warp speed to Pirate.

      I expect an invite to ZZ Top by November.

    Oh good, another one of those days where I'm wearing headphones for over an hour before I realise that I haven't switched my music on. /o\

      Worst part is you were singing along the entire time too.

      I routinely walk through the city with headphones in but nothing playing. I can hear my surrounds and pretend I don't hear people who want me to sign things!

      Last edited 26/02/15 10:43 am

        Yeah, but that's deliberate.

        I've recently quit snacking in an attempt to keep weight from getting out of control, and I'm a little concerned that my brain is trying to get back at me by making me look as stupid as possible as often as it can.

          See, it's weird, I've never been a huge snacker. The odd pack of chips or something, but I've never had a snackfood stash in my desk drawers unlike what seems to be the majority of people I've ever worked with.

          An arvo coke or Iced Coffee though...

            Your coke habit is getting out of hand!

              Unless he plays for the Titans he should be fine.

            I was never a huge snacker, but I have VERY poor portion control impulses. If I buy a bag of chips, it's gone in one sitting. A bag of M&Ms, gone in one sitting. A wheel of brie, one sitting. An apple pie, I'll go back for more and more until it's gone. That sort of thing.

            And the last few months, it's been a nearly-everyday thing... and now I think about it, there may be some correlation with the passing of my dog in November.

              I handle things from the opposite direction. I pretty much have to force myself to eat. Well, sometimes I do.

              Having a desk drawers full of Pocky, fun size Snickers, Tiny Teddies and muesli bars is pretty rad.

              I wonder if there's any way to split the difference between our two approaches so that I'm eating enough and you're not eating too much.

                I hope there is, because I really, REALLY miss snacking :(

                Video games do that to me.
                If I'm REALLY into a video game and get a long enough session going, I will entirely forget to eat or drink. And sometimes sleep, depending on if I have work.

                I call it the 'obsession diet'. It's probably the primary reason behind my middle-brother's skinny build - I'll ask him what he had for dinner last night and he'll guess, "Uhm... a packet of chips?"

              I blame office life.
              If there isn't a morning tea celebrating some shit then some mum will bring in cake she baked last night.

              People actually offer to buy me snacks at times.

              I just refuse everything now & bore them with my healthy excuses til they fuck off.

      I do that sometimes driving to work. Me driving without music is exceedingly unusual. I usually notice when I'm almost at work, and then realise I'm either really tired, or been deep in thought about something for the whole drive and not noticed.

        Arriving at your destination without remembering anything about the drive whatsoever is one of the more terrifying experiences I can recall.

          Yes, this so much. I tried to explain to someone how terrifying it is ages back, but they didn't understand. I mean, because I do the same drive, to and from, 5 times a week - I think it's an autopilot task for my brain tbh. But still, it's a little odd to think I drove 2 tonnes of metal at 100km/h hurtling down the Monash Freeway for a good 15 minutes with thousands and thousands of other road users and have almost zero recollection of it.

          Last edited 26/02/15 12:25 pm

            "What? Everyone does that."

              *imagines a populated motorway with thousands of zombified motorists not paying a single jot of attention to the task at hand*

              *ceases driving*

      I was just thinking who would do that, then I realised I had an earphone in for the last hour with no music.

    @distantdrop @jocon Peeps after the hugely successful pug last night interested in a heroic Hansz and Fransz later tonight? probably earlier than yest though; perhaps 7-8.30?

      If its a good group maybe do Flame Bender as well?, the fights basically the same as Gruul.. lotsa heals and tank swaps if both those are checked its basically a free kill.

        IF =P we'll see how many guildies we get in; for a fight like flamebender the more guildies the better. Hansz and fransz is just dont stand in shit and spread out basically.

        Also Iron Maidens looks to be a bitch of a fight.... I think blast furnace might actually be the easiest out of the 4 remaining fights which is insane >.

          perhaps we can treat it a lot like we did our Atheon portal team? send the most reliable people/less likely to mess up to do the boat dancing eventually over time the rest will learn to handle the cluster of abilities the shipyard throws at us

            Yeah given we run a 10man team it seems all the dps except one will be going across; and given all the boat phases are movement heavy it'll end up being Boggle who stays behind as he's stationary. We'll have to cycle healers per phase so as to prevent any of them from ooming on raid heals. Lets focus on BF first I guess though and we also have heroic IMP to kill.

              yeah this 10 man situation is starting to really be a massive encumbrance... #behindthecurveproblems. not to mention kromog might be impossible for us.. 600k shields? how to hell do we break that within 15 seconds.


                Yeah there's no way I can dish out 600k in 15 seconds; at my current dps of about 23-24k I can do about 450k with ideal procs. So yeah.... it's fucked.

                I need to recruit that extra healer... also I want us to try you soaking the inferno slices by yourself this week on Gruul. Seed will use groups; you will use all your cd's + healer cd's

                  Can i take 4 in a row? i honestly reckon guard + dampen with fort extra on the 3rd the first 3 and zen med the 4th is doable.

                  Let me do it :o trust me it'll be entertaining. seedy will prob reroll if i pull it off.

                  Edit: actually forget that.. with seedy with that many stacks of overwhelming blows he'll be a dead man.

                  Last edited 26/02/15 4:10 pm

      No can do, got stuff on.

        All good!

        Edit: Means I can free-roll on mail items =P not gonna invite any other mail users!! MUAHAHAH

        Last edited 26/02/15 2:38 pm

    What should I eat for lunch today?

      Crispy pork fried noodles, or some sort of delicious savoury muffin, or soup.

        Where's good in the cbd for crispy pork fried noodles?

          Man, I miss going to uni... a bunch of the exchange students in my classes always knew the BEST hole-in-the-wall places to eat. They'd take you there and be talking in foreign to the staff and stuff, and without knowing what you were getting, you would then be served the most god damn delicious food on the earth at stupidly low prices.

          I go back looking for some of those places years later, and none of them are there anymore.

          Kind of like those wandering shops from fantasy stories that disappear after the hero acquires the cursed item of dubious destiny and tries to return it. Only instead of magical macguffins, it's just really, really good chinese food.


          I realize none of this helps you. Uhm... In the CBD, I recommend King of Kings Chinese at the George St end of the mall (near where Hooters... was?) for their crispy beef. Across the other side of the mall near the bank building up some stairs in a hole-in-the-wall type location was a Chinese place that does a $5 lunch of absurdly huge noodle and rice dishes.

            Same. Not that I attended uni.

            I will have a wander later.

    A bit late on this train, but I just got around to watching Birdman.

    Oh man, the long takes, the use of diegetic background music, the whole meta narrative, that fucking casting. Brilliant. Super duper wanky, like, oh man, so wanky, but so good.

      Yesssss. The long takes and West Wing-style walk and talks! AMAAAAZING!

      I hate musicals and theatre (unpopular here, I know), but I really really enjoyed it. When they opened with that Raymond Carver poem (that I actually knew!), I was stoked. Also, the street drummer, hoo boy.

        ...wait. Birdman is a musical?

          No, but it's about the theatre. The wanky, wanky, lovely theatre.

        Ehh, there's a whole bunch of people here who don't like musicals.

        Or well, there was when I last brought it up as a question, which now that I've thought about it was probably near the end of 2010 and holy shit I'm old.

        But nobody likes to mention it anymore because I shouted obscenities at them via the internet until they all decided that it was less effort to lie to my face repeatedly. Or something.

          Musicals are cool.

          Many of them are not made into good films.

        Oh yeah, like @blaghman said, put me in the 'hates musicals' category.

        Whenever I road trip with my middle brother there is an intense, invisible war going on over the amount of musicals soundtracks we are exposed to. He LOVES them, and thinks that playing songs to me (which are utterly meaningless out of context and utterly devoid of the sentimenal value that actually enjoying the show gives them) will show me what I'm missing.

        He is mistaken. Such exposure only drives my vindictive creativity as I imagine ways to exact my revenge.

          I don't mind musicals, but would never subject someone to that on a road trip.

          A road trip is sacred. You don't sully them with show tunes. D:

            When I go on trips with my sister it's ALL SHOW TUNES ALL THE TIME.

            But we have an agreement there, so it's fine.

              Mine would be all Arcade Fire, all of the time.

              Which I understand might be someone else's idea of hell. :P

                My father thought Arcade Fire was "too rock-y" when I road tripped with him.


                  I can think of one song of theirs that I'd call 'rock' and even then, it felt like a parody or homage to the real thing. :P

                  @dc weirdest part is, he's into rock music. I think it was more "This is not my music" than anything.

            Now, see, what everyone knows is that road trip music is meant to be the eclectic but cool shit you used to listen to from the 00s in uni and first jobs, newer stuff that is from the same bands and usually not quite as good, some stuff you like that the other person hasn't heard yet but you really hope they like too, and some of the amazing classics from the 90s, about half of which will give you a chuckle to listen to again, but after a while you both decide, "Yeah, OK actually it wasn't that great and it's starting to wear on me. NEXT!"

              Yessss! I would road trip with this guy! (And be completely useless at navigating and not driving. :P)

              Oh, you mean those songs I got into in 2010 at uni and my first job (there were no songs, by the way, all the music I heard back then sucked)? :P

                There is nothing shameful about my love for Tori Amos from those days at all.

      Wanky? Nah, wanking is self congratulatory.

        It gave me an excuse to use the term "diegetic background music". By itself that's enough to classify it as wanky.

          I haven't heard the term diegetic since film school.

          Last edited 26/02/15 12:06 pm

            The only reason I remember it (learned it in year 9 Media, promptly forgot it) is because a friend of mine uses the handle "Non Diegetic Sound".

              A lecturer went on and on about it and then in the tute someone mentioned it to our tutor who actually made films. She looked blankly. "I've never heard that word before."

              We all agreed it was far too wanky. :P

                I think it's great to remember the concept, because playing with it can be a lot of fun (just look at Birdman), but yeah, totally wanky. Which I'm okay with, because I'm a bit of a tosspot.

                  Words to be inscribed on the Blaghs statue!

                I know if because of Buffy (The Body)

                Also The Wire

                  Jesus Christ. That episode... I don't know Buffy well enough to know the names of episodes at all, I haven't seen the series for years and only watched it through once. But that episode... That episode I remember the name of.

                  I kinda cannonballed the entire series (including Angel, with some weird fan-recommended viewing orders where the seasons were concurrent) with multiple hour viewings every night for weeks.

                  The high-speed evolution was amazing.

                  I am not at all surprised that Buffy fans are the reason exists.

                  @transientmind I went through all of it in my second year at uni, though I started with Firefly... probably nearly exactly 9 years ago today (definitely watched it over my second O'week)

                  I consider Firefly one of TV's greatest tragedies. The potential that show had... unfulfilled and squandered with Serenity. You can never go back. That moment was a snapshot in time, a nexus of talent and timing, and once it was lost, it was lost forever.

                  You can't stop the signal... but you're only broadcasting the same, precious, short thing.

                  @redartifice, there are precious few shows that are willing to experiment with format. Buffy was one. Scrubs (to a limited degree) was another. For my money, though, I believe M*A*S*H did it best, and did it longest (and was possibly among the first). They did a dreams episode, a real-time clock-ticking episode, a POV episode, basically if they could shoehorn a stylistic idea into a wartime dramedy, they went for it.

                  Okay, so just rewatched The Body. My eyes are leaking.

                Man, I dunno about eye-leaking from The Body. I had more... I dunno. Gut-clenched and emotionally-scoured. Just empty and stunned.

          I disagree.
          that is all.

            I consider guitar solos swanky because they'd sound the same without the rest of the band.

            Movies require massive amounts of team work, so unless the whole thing is a love letter to themselves, I can't apply it.

            Showing off for showing offs sake is swanky but I felt birdman transcended wankiness by delivering a strong, important, self-aware message about both sides of the fence in the entertainment industry.

    Hello, old chums.

      This guy! THIS GUY!

      I missed you. :')

        Hello bae! Thanks guy, I've been so busy with this job it's meant I've not played a video game in earnest for a month, I struggle to read an article a day here at the best of times :(

        Secretly I stayed away to see if anyone would tag me to say they missed me ;) *looks at no notifications* sob.

        Hope all is well guy!

          I thought about you and why you weren't posting, but had no reason to tag you. :P

          I am well! Good to see you back!

      Hey hey! How you been?

        Hey mate, thought of you last night when I was eating a 6 dollar plate of Karaage Squid lol. You have opened my eyes to something greater my friend. How are you travelling? Everything well I trust??