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    No wolf

      In the movies defence, it had a real lion so it gets an automatic 5/5.

        I'm yet to see it.

          Not a bad movie if you have 3 hours to kill and have an interest in the life of a piece of shit wall street broker who stole a lot of money from everyone he could, did more drugs than Charlie Sheen could imagine, fucked up his life and all those around him and thought he was untouchable.

          Goodfellas only white collar crime.

            Not nearly as charming as Goodfellas, but still a fun show of decadent excess.


                Yeah! Goodfellas was brutal but it was still charming in parts - like when they're preparing that meal in prison; slicing the garlic with a razor blade just so.

                  Sure, ok. Personally didn't consider either charming. Great, great films though.

    Alright you magnificent culinary extraordinaires. I need some food ideas.

    My Mum somehow caught wind that I took an extra couple of days off next week before this Brisbane trip (I may have told her...) and also somehow got the idea to make the trip up to visit me (I may have suggested the idea...), so I ended up tasked with making lunch (I may have volunteered...)

    What's good to make for lunch these days?

      Oh, food!
      One of my only loves! :'D

      When I think "lunch", I think "sandwiches".
      BL(A)Ts are always popular, as are Club sandwiches, etc.
      Otherwise there's salads (not gross salads, but the good salads). Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Chicken Salad, yadda yadda yadda.

      You should make sandwiches and a pasta salad and go out on a picnic somewhere, like the beach, or a park! Make sure to take a drink though too! :D

      I'm much better with dinner than I am lunch.
      Lunch is the main food I rarely eat :S

        Picnic with my Mum? What do you think I am? I nice, thoughtful, caring son? HA.

          When here, what's happening on Friday night? 3DS?

            We have no plans for Friday night/Saturday day+night outside of "do something with TAYbies"

            We'll probably put up a big post tomorrow to finalise everything!

      There are a couple of super simple salads you can bust out.

      One I've been making is a chicken pesto salad. It might sound complicated but it should take less than half an hour total prep time.

      To serve two, you'll need:
      1 tablespoon pesto
      1 tablespoon wholegrain mustard
      1 lemon
      Olive oil (at least 2 teaspoons but more depending on how oily the pesto is)

      1 large chicken breast,
      Cherry tomatoes,
      Something leafy (I use red cos lettuce),
      A block of mozzarella cheese,
      Red onion.

      To make the marinade just combine all the dressing ingredients and give it a really good mix.

      Slice up the chicken into stir-fry sized strips (you can also slice it into four thin-ish slices if you want to grill the chicken) and marinate in the dressing. Leave about a tablespoon of dressing for the salad.

      After at least 4 hours (overnight is easiest if you're doing this for lunch), fry or grill the chicken (medium heat, might take two batches to fry it all without crowding the pan). While that's happening: rip up the lettuce, half the cherry tomatoes, make some cubes of mozzarella and slice up some red onion. The amount is entirely up to you but I go with one head of red cos, a large handful of cherry tomatoes, a large handful of cheese and about quarter of an onion.

      Add the chicken and juices to the salad. Thin out the marinade with some olive oil so that it looks like a dressing and add it.

      Toss and serve.

      For bonus points, have some warm bread with it. Tiger loaf or something soft, white and crusty tends to be best.

      Last edited 26/02/15 2:51 pm

      Crispy Chicken Pita Pockets (or wraps... or soft tacos)

      Pack of pita bread/pita pockets (or mini wraps.. or soft tacos)
      Old El Paso Crispy Chicken Mix
      Cos Lettuce, shredded
      Small tin of corn kernels, drained and rinsed
      Tomato, diced (for bonus deliciousness buy one of the tomato medley packs - they're pricey but taste waaayyy better)
      Capsicum, diced
      Cucumber, diced
      Cheese, grated (we use feta)
      Tomato salsa (any of the taco ones work well, or the half jar of corn chip dip you have in the fridge)

      1. Make chicken per instructions on Crispy Chicken mix.
      2. Toss all salad ingredients together with a dash of extra virgin olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Note, you can add/remove all sorts of stuff to salad - we sometimes add fresh herbs, onion, beetroot
      3. Warm up your bread to packet instructions.
      4. Present it all in nice bowls/boards/plates

      I love this dish for casual lunches because it forces everyone to get their own food and talk around the table/picnic rug as they are preparing. Plus it's a good fun fresh food.

      Edit: It's also easy to scale up and down depending on how many your preparing for. :)

      Last edited 26/02/15 3:05 pm

      Okay! Now we're talking my language! (link to image) Let me know if any of these take your fancy and I'll include the recipe!

      Mexican Lime Salsa Pork Chops -

      American Mary Mushroom Nachos>

      Sesame Honey Soy Pork -

      Lime Fennel Fish -

      Panko Calamari and Grilled Mango Salad -

      And what about dessert?

      Ridiculous Mint Choc Brownies -

      Infamous Choc Pudding -

      Pear Gallettes -

      I made all this stuff, by the way. I'm not just ganking it from some sucker's website.

        Panko Calamari & Mango salad? You are a culinary genius, I can imagine the flavours going together soooooo well.

      I replied with some recipes and links and it's awaiting moderation, so check back soon!

      A nice salad is always good, or a fancy sandwich. Fritters are easy and really delicious too.

      If you have a nice bakery nearby, maybe a buy quiche or pie and a serve with a bit of green salad. If you don't feel like cooking, just find a nice cafe nearby that does a good sandwich or all-day breakfast and coffee.

        Stealing that pumpkin salad recipe.

      Also, if you feel like going for a little adventure, you can always take your mum out to a sushi train, or yum cha, or fish and chips on the beach.

        Beach fish and chips, one of life's little pleasures! You've inspired me to have fish and chips at the park this weekend!

    ASDkjshdfliuhaoeuhglsjkfsbqpdknasfd. None of the login or password reset info is being accepted, apparently it's all incorrect EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT. And there's no listing for the phone number to call up for support. Everything is stupid. And useless.

    That tell us damnit is cool. It's really making me think what is my favourites with a lot of things. I also think I did too many lists, but it's so much fun D=

    So JB are having yet ANOTHER buy 2 get 1 free with Blu-Rays..

    Seems to be an alright list, I can already see a dozen movies I want dang it.

      If I can get to JB while I'm in Hobart, I will. Sucks not having one in Launceston (and we were supposed to get one before the end of last year).

        That upset me not having a JB in Launceston, likewise you guys don't have Dan Murphy's that sucks equally as much!

      I still have unopened blu rays laying around from previous sales they've had.

      I don't watch movies much. *looks through first few pages* Yep, not missing much. *next page* *next page* [...] *next page* *sees entire Millenium trilogy* *verifies not horrible American 2011 version*

      It's alright, I wasn't overly attached to my wallet, anyway. *sighs* *buys*

        I had no idea it was available in a trilogy pack, I went and bought them individually lol. and there's only The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo so far in English, but never fear they are making The Girl Who Played With Fire & The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest, but I think 2016 is the closest we will see the next one.

        I thought US version was okay, but I still didn't think it was anywhere as good as the original Swedish one, which I had seen multiple times before I even watched the English one. I also didn't like that Daniel Craig's character had a Swedish last name and an English accent, that was just so stupid. I also found it's for those who refuse to watch foreign language movies and have to read subtitles heh.

          There's a trilogy pack? :P Oh well, it's cheaper to buy individually with the 3-for-2 deal, anyway. And, yea, the US one wasn't as bad as I made it out to be, but compared to the Swedish version... no contest.

            Haha yeah, it was 40 bucks in the last sale. Then again I bought the trilogy in a buy 2 get 1 free, so yeah hahaha.

            I get what you mean though, I too agree. My friend who recommended the trilogy to me she shared the same opinion, that the US one is okay. But it's not a film to recommend over the original.

    I have most of Diablo III (which I love) to finish, yet I still can't bring myself to stop playing Dragon Age:Inquisition. I'm beginning to realise it's because I'm not ready to be done with these characters yet.
    I played the heck out of Origins, but because I liked the world, not the gameplay or even the characters. It all felt a bit empty to me. I thought the second game was better in that respect. It injected a bit of soul and life into the people, but the world was empty. The third game seems to have balanced the best of the two, but unfortunately only from around halfway through the game. So for the first part of the game, I thought most of my companions (and my character) were boring, and only really had just fully come to know them when the game ended. It's nice to play again, enjoying my time with them right from the start.

      Perfect time for an expansion pack! *glares at BioWare*

    Uh oh! I've got to go to an all-boys high school tomorrow to do website training for work.

    Going to have to dodge no-good punks all day! I'll have to wear my most intimidating shirt or something. Get a face tattoo. Scrub off the geekiness before they catch me.

      Wear your sportsball shirt. All the kids will think you're cool, because sports, OR, the intense sunlight bouncing off that most fluorescent of oranges will repel them all. this is sounding really rad. Ys / Nayuta-inspired action RPG gameplay with a modern setting and Persona-style elements? Yes please.

    Finished the Order: 1886 the other day.
    I thought it was great!
    Yes, it was very linear, and took a while to really get going, but I thought it was pretty solid overall!
    I liked the way they handled gameplay, and even though there was a fair few QTEs, I thought it was fitting with the blending of narrative and gameplay that they were trying to achieve.
    Obviously for the inevitable sequel I'd like to see gameplay be far more open, and a more diverse range of enemies (which was heavily hinted at as the focus of the sequel) but as a first attempt at a new IP, I really enjoyed it!

    Though I wanna play as Lafayette :(
    Never have I been so captivated by a video game character! :*

      I haven't heard much about the game which I thought strange, I wish I had a ps4 to play it on! I need to find some new friends to steal from me thinks..

    Dear Club Nintendo Member,
    Thank you for registering Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS as part of the Super Smash Bros. Club Nintendo Promotion. Due to a delay in the production of the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS & Wii U: Premium Sound Selection double CD set, this item will not be dispatched to you as originally planned. Originally planned for dispatch from the first quarter of 2015, the new dispatch timing for the double CD set is planned for April 2015. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this delay.
    Nintendo Australia

    Should not have read this article at work.

    BRB, coffee time

      usually up to 12 hours or more

      Yup, you should not have read this article :p

      Seriously though, cold drip is the shit. It's almost like wine with how wanky you can get over certain flavours (sure, you can do that with espresso too but cold drip is made almost exclusively by hipsters so it's much more prone to it).

        I've made cold press in a plunger in my fridge before.

        Worked well, but I spilled half the fucking plunger over my kitchen which dampened my enthusiasm. Might be time to revisit it, but I want a coffee grinder so I can moderate the size of the grains.

          I've heard that you can make your own teabag type setup to help do it, although it's still going to be a lot cruder than the proper filter setup. A coffee grinder is still 100% needed though.

            Only ones I could find when I was looking were pricey electronic ones, though I didn't do my online or coffee-specialist-store due diligence. I like Doctorow's method here for simplicity though


              Yeah, a proper filter setup is pricey. A quick search turns up this and it's about the only style I'd consider.

              Grinders are cheap as hell though.

              Most importantly, I need an aeropress. Those things are such a no brainer for simple home coffee options.

                You can filter in a plunger for cold press.

                I'm doing my daily multiple coffees in a Vietnamese filter. Other than being a bit grainy at the bottom of the cup I'm finding they work pretty well

                  I know. If I was going to do a quick and dirty attempt, I would but I think I'll end up just using an aeropress for 90% of my home coffee needs. Eventually.

    Argh. Just caught myself with the bowl I ate lunch in, about to lick it clean. Right here in the office.

    I miss snacks :(

    Last edited 26/02/15 3:35 pm

      Chew some gum.

      Just don't let yourself get to the point where co-workers are transforming into ice cream cones and chicken drumsticks before your eyes.

        Noooo, I can do this. I can break the irongrip that sugar and saturated fats have over me.

        It's gotta be like smoking, right? Just hold on long enough, and the cravings start to decline.

          A couple of the more perspicacious coworkers like to take note of when I'm 'smoking' my pen, as apparently the only useful indicator of my stress levels, with a rough catalogue of the types of stress and corresponding smoker's gestures.

          Apparently some habits never die.

          Last edited 26/02/15 3:50 pm

            I only smoked for about three weeks but I've always chewed pens.

          Maybe start drinking more water? :P I don't really get snacky at work because of the amount of water I guzzle.

          I'm a regular in the office bathroom though. The toilets and I are on first-name terms.

            I get to do the walk of shame past the reception desk and all the patients whenever I have to use the bathroom, and when you're peeing six times in a day, that can be problematic!

              You need to invest in a large, discrete jug.

              Better yet, fill urine-sample bottles throughout the day and supplement your income in the side alley after work.

                Pop down to centrelink any day of the week and i'm sure someone out front needs to buy clean piss.

            Why on earth would you do that to someone you're on first-name terms with?

              Just don't call me anything other than 'Pow' next week or it might trigger some sort of automatic response.

                I think you'd be in more trouble than @transientmind if that happened.

                Unless you're... wearing 'tena for men'...


            Yeah, one thing I'm good at is that. I have at least 2L every work day.

    Games with Gold is getting better every month. March gives Xbox One users Rayman Legends (potentially a great game to get gf involved) and Xbox 360 users Bioshock:Infinite and Tomb Raider. Wish I still had a working 360 grrr. Soon XB1 will hopefully start getting some big release names such as Ryse, DR3, Forza, etc.

    And in April, we get DOUBLE the amount of two XB1 games and 4 360.

    Woo, Brisflights booked! Finally :P

      When you flying? Planning on meating folks or just doing other things this time?

        In tomorrow morning, out Monday morning. All I've got planned is Soundwave, dunno what's outside of that :P

        Gotta message my friend to let him know what's going on. He's letting me crash at his place, but dunno when I'm meeting up with him or anything.

        Flight gets in around 11 so if anyone wants to meet up for lunch then I'm up for that.

    @SPAGHETT'S Last Song Played Game!

    The Society of the Crossed Keys - Alexandre Desplat

      The last song from Dr Horrible's sing-along-blog.
      "Everything you ever"

      Last edited 26/02/15 4:08 pm

        Now the nightmare's reeeeeal!

          "And I won't feeeeeeeeeeel... a thing."

          I had many mixed feelings about that show.

            The empty Universal backlot they use for the action sequence bugs me. It's not dressed properly and looks like a backlot. Geeeez, it's like they shot this on an incredibly low budget or something. :P

            Last edited 26/02/15 6:17 pm

              Ohyeah, it definitely felt pretty low-budget, but I always pegged that as part of the charm. Like as if all the bit-parts and extras were all cast/crew friends/family or long-time Whedonites. A personal amateur project worked on by a bunch of professionals for less than they're worth, much like Felicia's work, The Guild. (Which I loved. It was far less morally troubling to me than Dr Horrible. Sympathizing with a creepy stalker with serious socialization issues is a bit weird.)

                Oh yeah, completely agree on the collaborative, indie feel of it.

                And also the creepy stalker part.

    @powalen, @cakesmith, @alexpants: What days are you doing stuff in Bris? THINGS! Refined the schedule yet? (Mostly thinking of the big gathering on Friday or Sat or whatever!)

    Last edited 26/02/15 4:06 pm

      Talking at the moment! We'll put up another big tagging post tonight/tomorrow!

        Sweet! No probs! Depending where you wanna go in city, we might have to make reservations or something early next week. (Or wing it.)

        I guess this means I should probably check my emails...

      I want to go to that place what where you always take a photo while you're waiting around.

        The skyline shot? Done! That's the Cultural Centre at South Bank. (Where all the touristy stuff is surrounded.) There's also Rocking Horse on the Mall. That's where all the other touristy stuff is surrounded.

          Are bum-bags required? Sensible hats?

            Cork hats.


      :O You guys didn't do this when I was in Brisbane on Wednesday, I see how it is... :(

      Hah, nah I have been spending a lot of time in Brissy lately so I'd be keen for a Meat one time when I'm there and not getting off the plane at 6am lol

        The key is telling us you'll be in town and not guilting us afterwards. :P

    The lack of people, or at least discussion, around here lately is bumming me out.
    We used to be up to double digit pages by now...

      Everyone's on Twitter, though. TAY's just migrated.

        I don't like it.
        I don't mind twitter, but it's no TAY.
        My interest in twitter has been decreasing lately anyway.

          I prefer Twitter, to be honest. My interest in TAY has been decreasing. D:

            Eh, to each their own.
            I don't mind twitter, but I don't like how you can't really have much of a conversation there due to character limits, and how conversations can be so fast paced with people replying.
            I've been kicked out of my own conversations numerous times cause people kept replying too fast for me to jump in or keep up :S

            It also highlights how mundane I am, which is kinda disheartening, haha!

            Also, I'm gonna put it out there, but it always seems like everyone is trying to out funny each other on twitter.
            I like actual discussions, and proper talking.

              There's definitely a place for both of them. :)

              I just can understand the migration. Especially in the light of GamerGate and controversy after controversy. Makes me weary about going to gaming sites.

              Last edited 26/02/15 4:36 pm

                Twitter is a GG minefield. Which is why I'm hardly around there anymore. I have no idea why anyone would migrate away from TAY due to GG and controversy, the only person I've noticed sympathetic to GG around here is Phlaiman.

                  But there's way more than video game stuff on Twitter. It wasn't GG that made me post less, just a feeling that I needed to distance myself from this gaming culture. Plus I can block people and mute people and bury my head in the sand. :P

                  Last edited 26/02/15 5:30 pm

                  @dc To be fair, there's hardly any gaming stuff on TAY. :P
                  I get that you feel like you might want to distance yourself from "gaming culture", I've been there myself. Especially when the Quinn thing exploded. But then I realised if I did that it would be letting the people like GG morons and people who believe anything they say win. It would be giving them exactly what they wanted: a far less diverse "gaming culture". Fuck them. I'm not letting them take ownership of my pastime or the culture surrounding it.

                  ...Or you could just beat me to the point more succinctly and concisely.
                  Ironically, in almost as few characters as would fit in a tweet. :P

                I'm hesitant to critique something you like in case it offends, and I often casually toss out a lot of exaggeratedly emotive or evocative vocabulary, which can lend an impression of passion that isn't indicative of my actual academic interest.

                So, if you don't mind a more academic tone:
                I find an interesting irony in your reasoning re: culture, in that I've seen tonnes more gamergate shit on twitter than here, which is a good part of why I avoid it. Not necessarily people on the wrong 'side' of it, but the people who I DO want to follow who get unfortunately dragged into arguments with assholes or insist on saying, "OMG, can you believe this guy said this stupid thing, somewhere you'd normally never see it?!" and the stupid thing didn't make it into my feed thanks to my curation, but the otherwise cool person responding to it sure did, so now I've seen it anyway.

                Twitter culture feels uglier to me than 'gaming culture', in my opinion, which isn't helped by the fact that any time someone brings up something ugly in gaming culture, you can bet that most of the time it was something someone tweeted anyway... But aside from that, you've also got ease of and temptation to retweet every pithy bit of social commentary they agree with or disagree with, without actually being able to add their own quotes to it or elaborate except in a follow-up tweet which may or may not have already been buried in dozens of other tweets in between... and there won't be any meaningful discussion around it either, it's just "I agree/disagree with this. Like/dislike/ignore?" as if the retweet's message were self-evident. (If it even makes sense when it stands on its own, as opposed to being a sound-bite-worthy sample of an ongoing conversation with people you weren't following and don't care about, so now you have to do your homework to understand what the hell anyone's talking about.)
                The brief-by-necessity language of twitter is not a friend to nuance. That sentence alone would damn near be one tweet - the entire 'culture' is, owing to its restrictions, a culture lacking in depth.

                Plus the social tools are seriously frustrating. Curating isn't as easy as all that...
                If you post in TAY, you're a TAYbie, you belong there because that's where you go to do that. You don't have to keep track of who's who and have advance knowledge to add them to a list in order to see what they're saying, and TAY doesn't have the problem of then also exposing you to any other unrelated conversation those people have elsewhere.

                And tagging isn't easier, it's HARDER, because every person you try to involve in the discussion cuts away at how much you can actually discuss, based on how many characters are in their damned name. Try tagging the Bristaybies for an event coming up - by the time you've posted everyone's handle, there's no room for the actual message. That's IF you were able to get all the tags into one tweet. (And if you have notifications set up on Kotaku, you do actually still get an email just like from twitter, when someone tags you, which eliminates email notification as an advantage.) Objectively, I can't see much benefit to Twitter at all, except that some people are using it who aren't using TAY - which isn't a benefit as much as a circumstance - and it's easier to get to on a phone (thanks for shitty mobile site coding, Kotaku).

                It is to shrug. Litany of my not that significant that I'm not signed up to it objections aside, I don't think there's much problem with any kind of segmentation.
                They serve different purposes to me. To my inexpert, outsider eye, twitter seems mostly to be for cute one-liners, pictures, event/product/service-promotion, complaining to or praising companies, meet-up fine-tuning ("I'm at the place, where are you?"), light status updates, ("At the place with @peeps!" Peeps: "Did you just tag me while I'm sitting next to you?"), and late-night/daytime couch bite-size philosophy.

                Some of it I would like to see and miss thanks to the hyperactivity of the system, the rest I don't care about, so twitter holds no appeal to me. If that stuff were on TAY, it'd probably be too fast for me anyway. Hell, sometimes, depending one workloads, TAY can be too fast, too!

                  You can critique things I like, I won't get offended. I agree with most of your points too.

              Twitter is the natural environment of the bon mot

            Really? I hate Twitter.
            Twitter moves too fast, doesn't nest comments as neatly, is TERRIBLE for at-a-glance viewing, and is full of other peoples' bullshit. A LOT more political etc, too.

              Twitter is only as good as the followers you curate.

              I don't think there's any thing wrong with TAY, though. (Don't get me wrong.) Just where I'm at in life right now I find Twitter more convenient and less time consuming. Also very helpful that I can find my uni friends there too and people outside of gaming.

              Last edited 26/02/15 4:51 pm

              Twitter's comment threading is annoying as fuck too. Makes it impossible to keep track of conversations sometimes.

                Different Twitter clients handle threading differently. I haven't used the official one in some time and have no issues following conversations.

                  @transientmind Mostly Tweetdeck although I just have an old version of the official client on my laptop because it doesn't have anything fancy and is sleek enough for my needs.

                  On phone, I'm trying to find a new one because Plume was too battery intensive and everything recommended isn't available any more.

                  I have a Windows Phone :(

                  Which is why primarily I have it open in a browser tab at work. Not really any alternative ways to engage with twitter in a browser except for the twitter site itself, which means inescapable shitty threading :(

            Twitter sucks for most things TAY is good at.

              But people are actually using Twitter where they would use TAY before. It's the difference between refreshing here with no new responses for hours or getting content from the faces you know in a different, maybe inferior medium. But yeah, I know what you mean. :)

                I tend to post stuff in both places but TAY gets more idle bullshit. I could post more in here too if it was necessary.

                  That's true. You're not going to get meat write-ups on Twitter or longer form writing. :'(

        But what good is Twitter? Where's the 1200 word discussions on mise en scene in Japanese Cinema?

        Oh right, we never had those here anyway. Nevermind.

          And we still have epic rambles about Buffy the Vampire Slayer there. It's easier to share photos. It's easier to tag someone. (And they get a notification on their phone instead of relying on checking in on gaming sites.) Also it's better for when video game culture interest shifts. I mentioned I'm not too keen on gaming culture at the moment last week, so it felt very strange to go to a video gaming site just to talk to my pals. These things change, though. Right now Twitter is where it's at for me! :D

          Also all the lapsed TAYbies are on Twitter. It's nice to see those guys! :')

          Last edited 26/02/15 4:20 pm

            Downside is that due to its length, it's hard to get a proper conversation going, not just disparate rambling.

            I still appreciate the fact that I can make comments on episodes as I'm watching them and get a response from you though, that bit is super handy.

              Also lack of spoiler space too. Would've been helpful discussing upcoming events last night. :D


                ALSO, JUST FINISHED EPISODE 10 (Into the Woods), AND OH GOD THAT ENDING.

                Good speech from Xander though. Two good speeches, actually.

                  Don't spoil. You got good stuff coming up that's all the better not knowing what's about to go down!



      Hey, I've attempted to kickstart like 6 discussions in the last few pages.


        That gritty reboot thread was pretty great.

          That was a lot of fun.

          I think PLANET has legs.

            But what good will they do if it's just floating around in space?


        Remember I'm usually behind though by 2 hours :P
        I miss out on a large chunk of morning talk :P



      Also, yeah, what do you want to see here?

        It's not that I want to see anything, it just seems to me that TAY is declining, which is bumming me out cause I like TAY :'(

          It's happened before and usually recovers. Old faces transition away, new faces fill the void. It's the circle of TAY.

            From the day we arrive, on the TAY-net
            Blinking, step into the suuuuun...

              There's more to say than can ever be said, more to game than can ever be won...

          as @dc said, a lot of the old conversation that used to happen here is now on twitter.

          When I started here, I was in the minority of people who had a twitter account (My twitter account would be starting school this year)

            I only have a Twitter account because of TAY, so it's a weird natural evolution. XD

              I seem to remember you needing a lot of arm twisting to get a twitter account.

      I remember the glory days of 25-30 pages.


      I think this is the most comments on TAY ever.

      Last edited 26/02/15 4:30 pm

        Page 2 by 10:30 on a Monday.

        The old days indeed.

          I was just having a flick through it. It's interesting to see so many familiar faces but also people who used to post heaps that don't anymore (Pez, Batgirl, Harli, Rocketman etc)

          I kind of miss those days.

            It's weird, though. I remember when I first started posting I felt like such an outsider. There was this tight knit community that I wasn't really a part of. Now I feel like there's a different tight knit community I am a part of and wonder if newbies feel like I did when I arrived. *random musings*

              I lurked for so long. So very, very long. It definitely felt weird when I started posting. Especially because I knew a lot about everyone due to the lurking.

              EDIT: It's also funny that I now consider a few people on here/there some of my closest friends.


              Last edited 26/02/15 4:49 pm

                It's the same here, man.

                Some of the core Brisbane group know me better than any one.

                Last edited 26/02/15 4:52 pm

              I found it very hard to jump on to the TAY train when it moved that quick. Eventually I just did. You kind of had to be really assertive in the old days.

                That's a lot of what stopped me jumping on board. (There's far too much to take in here, more to find than can ever be found)

              That's my problem with Twitter too!
              It's so much more personal.
              I don't know most of you guys that we'll.
              Makes trying to jump into conversations weird :3

        Ahh, the bad ol' days of unemployed Blaghs. May they never be repeated.

          The days when I hated my job and didn't give a shit so was just on the Internet all day...

          Was also a pre-Sydney Cakesmith. Fun fact for you.

      Haha! It's funny, though. Usually once a year we have one of these state of TAY conversations. It's a good thing. Allows people to speak up if they're having problems. For a while I thought TAY was getting way too negative, but that's passed now for the most part.

        Except for this negative post... :3

          Ah, I like to think I'm not a negative guy but call me out if I am. I also think people can post about problems without feeling a need to censor it with an always on smile. It was just persistent negativity for a while. It was just an observation and I feel like sometimes its good to point these things out.

          Last edited 26/02/15 5:33 pm

            I was talking about my negative post, if you weren't aware :P

              I thought you were talking about me. I got sad. Same point applies though. You're allowed to be not 100% happy as long as every single one of your posts isn't like that. :P (Which they're not!)

              Last edited 26/02/15 5:36 pm

                I could tell from your reply that you thought I meant you, but I meant my core negative post :P
                That's my bad for a lack of clarification :S
                Yours wasn't negative at all, just an observation really :P

                Oh, and sorry for making you sad!

                Last edited 26/02/15 5:38 pm

                  Let's hug it out!



      Well the split of TAY and Twitter to be honest has been making me feel more disconnected with everyone. I never will get or want a twitter account (What TransientMind said really hits the nail on the head in terms of why). I'm only in occasional contact with Scree for the cosplay, and the RPG guys when we're actually playing through hangouts, that's about it these days. I can never be bothered to go onto TS anymore either cuz usually the others are all playing something else that I don't play and it ends in just me sitting there in the channel saying nothing. You might have noticed I don't comment much these days either, cuz I've really got nothing to really contribute in these discussions.

        Start your own discussions! Post your thoughts. Most of us that are still here will read it all even if we don't necessarily respond.

        I much prefer TAY to twitter.
        I don't like the split very much either myself. I only really have Twitter because that's where most people are these days. Kinda sucks when you're not a huge fan of twitter though.
        I think I've slowly started to become less active on both, cause TAY has been feeling kinda dead lately, but I have nothing interesting to put on twitter either :S

      TAY has always fluctuated in activity. It's not going anywhere.

      All I want to talk about is Dragon Age and nobody wants to talk about it with me! :P
      I noticed further down the page you mentioned that the lack of TAY talk made you stay away a bit. Maybe more people are thinking like that, too? So if everyone who was hesitant to post because of a lack of other people's posts actually started some discussions, TAY might be pretty lively. :D

        I've been playing a bunch of Dragon Age Multiplayer lately!

        But that doesn't really help, since I'd imagine you want to talk about the single player. :P

          I've been tempted to try the multiplayer but, well, you know. People.

          How is it, though? What does it actually consist of?

            It's fun with four people but it can get very repetitive. You basically go through the same mini-dungeons and hear the same bits of dialogue repeatedly and there's only a little variation, but the gameplay is fairly solid and it's a nice way to explore character types different to the one you use in single player, because you can easily switch out roles between games.

            I've played more of it than I have the singleplayer. I think the simplicity of it is quite appealing for me. :P

              Sounds interesting. Maybe I'll get drunk and give it a go one day!

        I read your Dragon Age posts, but can't contribute cause I haven't played it! :O
        It sounds fascinating, but I've never played any of them, so don't really think I can jumping to the third instalment :S

          You should play all the Dragon Age games. At least for the romances. Some of them are pretty fun.

        We will talk Dragon Age in person soon.

        That sounds vaguely ominous.

        I am guilty of speaking with upvotes.

        I do it frequently to indicate that I have read and approve this message.


      It's like that time facebook ruined forums forever by stealing all the everyone.

      I pine for the old internet :P

        New internet is awesome, though. Even for stuff like YouTube alone.

        How great is YouTube, guys? Pretty great!

        Also new internet gifs are better than the old internet flashy siren/under construction ones! :P

          05-09 was prime internet time for me. So Youtube was a thing. Although at the same time, I kinda miss how Flash animations were the best way to get any form of sound or video anywhere :P

          What I don't miss is the jerks who would hide a single-pixel, music-playing flash video somewhere on the page.

          Woo, Web 2.0.

          I remember, back in year 11, we had a test in ITM, and one of the questions was "What is Web 2.0, and what are three examples of it."

          Half the class got it wrong because we assumed it was some wankfest.

          Last edited 26/02/15 8:47 pm

      This post has triggered lots of conversation. :P

      Bro, TAY was pretty dead by the time you joined. It used to be cray cray

        This is the only TAY I know though.
        You forget I haven't been here that long (retrospectively).

    @sernobulus @greenius @powalen @mrtaco and any other Monster Hunters
    What rank are you guys in the Gathering hall and Village? I wanna see how far behind I am. I did just finish and upgrade my Arc armor set, took a bit to get Shagalu Magala bits but it does look cool.

    Last edited 26/02/15 6:32 pm

      I don't know what that means.

        Oh sorry I thought you were playing it.

          I am.

          I don't know what the Hunter Assembly Village is :P

            Oh sorry I meant what hunter rank are you in the Village and in the Gathering Hall (online bit).

            Last edited 26/02/15 6:32 pm

              Ah. Um.

              I'm up to the mission where you have to kill the giant enemy crab. And he is a bastard and I can't do it. Haven't even touched online.

                Is that the queen Seltas? Just realized the place I was talking about is called the Gathering Hall not assembly, derp. I'm Up to HR3 online and Rank 6 Village missions,

                  It's the 6 Star Urgent/first 7 Star quest (Daiymo Hermitaur or something)

                  Yeah what Greenius said :P

                  Tried wasting time on other missions, hoping to get some other materials up since it seems like my ones aren't up to scratch. But I need five novacrystals for the armour I've got my eye on, and I can't get them til after I've beat this mission. Tried some alternative weapons, but no love there either. Beating my head against a wall.

                  @mrtaco I just beat that crab dude a little while ago, what weapon are you using? I just bounce around like crazy with my insect glaive,

                  I'm a charge blade guy. I found out he was weak to thunder, which my current blade just so happens to be, so I used the discharge thing on that and kept super close to him so he actually had a fair bit of trouble hitting me. Also got really lucky in that he went for area 2 early on, which is probably the best area to take him on, what with that ridge atop the dune there. Best spot to take him, both being able to hide from attacks and being able to just the jump to spring him.

                  My main problem was that he's just so damn fast and has such huge range on his moves, so many times I'd trigger an action and the very moment after I'd done it, he'd go and do something like bury himself underground then spring up from beneath me before I had a chance to move, or other similar "haha you're dead now" bullshit like that water cannon.