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    'Sup losers?

    Miss me?


    Oh, I guess you have to want me to miss me.

    Huh, You do want me? I knew i... oh. You want me to leave.

    * sad Hulk music *

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      Awww, Freeze

      I think I say on behalf of all of us here:

      Be careful of the step on the way out.

      I wondered where you were today... Missed your sharp black repartee.

      Edit: found the word I wanted.

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      I missed you, but was playing it cool.


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    Hmm Motley Crue & Alice Cooper tickets start at 112 bucks for the nose bleed section and rapidly increase to 180 bucks for what appears to be front row. Boy do I want front row, because i'm young enough to deal with standing right at the front and being sprayed with fake blood from Alice Coopers set is always a bonus :P

      I figure standing on the floor near the stage there's a high chance of turning around and seeing some boobs waved in Tommy Lee's direction

        Yeah but they're all from the ladies you don't wanna see naked :P

          As long as they weren't 18 years old when Motley Crue first started :P

            Well most of them will have been that's the problem haha..

            I was about to object to this, seeing as my boobs are still spectacular and I'll be 40 next year...but the I realised I was only five when their first album came out. :P

              Any chance of you appearing on Mr Strange's shoulders at Motley Crue? :P

                Hells no! :P

                  Could I get on Mr Strange's shoulders? It's Tommy Lee's last chance to see my moobs :D hahahahaha

              Haha, and you're nothing like the people i'm talking about. Which is a good thing, I think i'm still mentally scarred from those people D= I made the mistake back around the reunion tour of joining the official Motley Crue forum and then a lot of the female fans were in their late 30's or early 40's and were weird, desperate for attention from either Tommy Lee or Nikki Sixx and they were just plain creepy.

    What the fuuuuuuck.

    Monster dies, I go to carve, but then while doing that it wakes up and from full health instantly kills me. THAT'S BOGUS, MAN!

      Gypceros? You fell for its tricks?


        The purple poison-spewing thingie.

        Last life too, with Lucky Cat. Totally thought I had it. I want novacrystals :(

    Balls it seems my MacBooks keyboard and trackpad died. I am guessing the ribbon cable is shot. For an 8 year old laptop that's not too bad I guess.

    Dragonforce! There was a platform for them to jump off!

    Judas Priest! There was a motorbike ridden onstage!

    Fun night. First time seeing Dragonforce with this singer, and holy smokes does he ever have a pretty body! Especially in that little black singlet he was wearing.... Ahem! Anyway, they played my favourite song of theirs (Valley Of The Damned) , and while I hate the new album, the three songs they played from it sounded a great deal better live, thankfully. And they finished with 'Through The Fire And The Flames' which gave me nightmarish Guitar Hero broken handed flashbacks. :P

    I've never seen Judas Priest before, but definitely glad I got to see them because they're a huge part of metal history, and put on a great show. I have an old lady body though, and someone pushed me(I was in the row behind the people on the barrier) which broke me and I had to go stand up the back, looking for something to lean upon for the rest of the night which would have sucked, except I was standing near the bar, which meant one by one I saw almost all of the guys from Dragonforce go up to the bar. :D

      Oh, that's a new singer? His voice was pretty amazing. The only songs of theirs I know are thanks to Guitar Hero, and they were the opened and the finisher :P Found my fingers instinctively twitching here and there during TTFAF...

      Last edited 27/02/15 1:52 am

        Half the audience were probably standing there with their left index finger and thumb touching while their right hand poked the air next to it.

      I haven't been interested in Dragonforce for ages. Still a decent live show but like Children of Bodom if you've seen them once, you're set. My favourite album's still Sonic Firestorm though. In 2 minds over whether to get there early at Soundwave to check them out again. I might not be checking out the new 'hot' singer though :P I'm also old though so am probably just going to go for Exodus, Priest and Slipknot on Saturday and Faith No More and Soundgarden on Sunday. 5 bands over 2 days. Nice one Soundwave.

      Glad to hear Priest were awesome though :) they're one of the few bands still around that I'd like to see that I haven't already.

        Regardless of the new singer's appearance, he seems to be better live than ZP was. Half of the show was classic stuff, too.

        And yeah, I was surprised Priest were that good and energetic. For one, most of them are Grandpa age, and also I've found a lot of the huge classic era bands just go through the motions these days, so I'm glad Priest didn't have that attitude.

          That's true, though KK Downing retired a few years ago because he couldn't keep up with it any more.

          I'd love to see them live some day, but I don't like their material from basically the point they were taken to court over "subliminal messages" in their music.

            He a guitarist? (I know next to nothing about Judas Priest.) If so, his replacement was right in front of me and very entertaining. He fit well into the band.

              KK Downing and Glenn Tipton, one of the best lead guitar pairings in music history

          Priest and Maiden. Two bands that still show up a lot of newer bands for sheer energy. Give me that over 4 blokes on stage standing still and the most movement you see is from the drummer.

            Or bloody Tool where Maynard has his back to the audience for practically the whole show.

              He was like that during A Perfect Circle, good to know he is consistent through out the bands he is in :P

              I first saw them at Ozzfest back in 2002. Apparently Tool had this 'amazing' live show. All I could see was a guitarist and bass player rooted to the spot and a 'singer' standing at the back of the stage in darkness for the whole set. I wasn't a massive Tool fan before then (musical wankery that's not even that good musically, bit different to say Dream Theatre wankery), but that put me right off them. I just don't understand why people have a massive obsession over them and everything they (don't) do.

        I'm seeing *counts* 7 bands over 2 days. Half of which I saw at Soundwave in 2012 :P

        Well if we also count Snoregarden that's 8, who I also saw in 2012 lol.

        Last edited 27/02/15 11:10 am

    From Software's latest offering:

    @freezespreston @shane @strange

      Intriguing! Anyone played this game? What's it like?

        It's From Software so it'll be obtuse, poorly explained and have an insane barrier to entry but there will be crazy people out there that like it.

        Seriously, if you looked through their entire catalog you'd be right in coming to the conclusion that the Souls games were a fluke.

          Or an evolution.
          In which case it might be interesting to try some of the other games to see how they progressed.

      Ah dammit, I miss the PSOne days. Games were fun and didn't take themselves to seriously. No DLC either

        Join me on Vita where it's still 1996

          I did have a PSP until my cat decided it belonged on the floor and hello cracked screen :( trying to save up for a Vita so I can play classic Final Fantasies and MGS in bed. Wish I'd've kept all my PSM demo discs though I still have my PSOne under the TV somewhere

            I have a big stack of demos out in the garage, including one with all those home made net yaroze games.

            Yeah, vita is great for PSXing, just make sure you go a US account.

              For sure. I've had a massive craving to play the first Medal Of Honor (sic) for ages now, but it's not on the PS Store outside of NA :( How I miss WW2 FPSs.

              I remember those yaroze games. I remember failing miserably at the example game they had in PSM and then I saw the games people made themselves on the demo discs and just thought, 'screw you and your creativity and ability' :D

                That first Medal of Honour is the only one I enjoyed. Didn't finish it or anything though.

                Yeah, demo discs are the best, so few demos these days.

                Sign up for US, do it!

    It's looking pretty good, @negativezero

      It really is.

      Apparently the Xanadu part might be just a spiritual thing. The older Xanadu games (original one was Dragon Slayer II: Xanadu in 1985!) were sort of the precursor to Ys and were fantasy setting. They've sort of dropped hints that gameplay-wise it's descended from Nayuta no Kiseki, which played a lot like Ys Origin and Oath in Felghana. And that sounds rad. The development team are all apparently newer members of the company too, the old-timers are stepping back and letting the newer generation handle things.

      Seems like a shoe-in for a localization too. XSeed have been doing the right thing with Falcom stuff and there's several people there that champion the Falcom games so I'd expect that we'll see it announced at some point. Hopefully less of a wait between JP and US releases than Celceta was.

    I can't figure out the puppy. Yesterday she was so calm and controlled. Today she is jumping on the couch (she's not allowed there) and biting feet. WHAT HAPPENED PUPPY

      You're stressed. Dogs are very good at picking up on the mental state of people around them. If you want them to be calm you need to also be calm around them.

      Puppy phase. Mine was like that, probably just wants you to use all your energy on her playing and then more of your non-existant energy when you're worn out from playing :P

      Might also be a good time to look into something like puppy training, help get her trained, which might calm her down a bit.

    Gotta say, I'm really enjoying Uncharted: Golden Abyss. A lot. All the reviews I've read say that it can't hold up against the console Uncharted games, but hey, it's been about four years since I last played one of them, so that comparison's a non-issue. The touchscreen/gyro gimmicks aren't as irritating or embarrassing as blowing into the mic in Ace Attorney (except when I have to hold the Vita up to a light source, which means turning to face the sun). The story is serviceable and the characters are definitely enjoyable. It's not a perfect game by any means, but it feels like Uncharted for sure. And that, in my book, is a very good thing.

      I liked it. It felt like more Uncharted on a handheld. How can that be bad!?

      That said, I do think it was the weakest game so far. But a weak Uncharted is still better than a lot of games IMO.

      Last edited 27/02/15 10:38 am

        This is a much more succinct way of putting it. Exactly how I feel, too!

      I felt the same.

      I dunno if it was the hand held factor or the fact I was playing it on flights but the length seemed way too long.

      Killzone Mercenary is also worth playing too. Lots of fun.

        Honestly, I've kind of felt the too-long vibe in every Uncharted game. Even when they're very, very good and heaps of fun, I've been ready for the story to end long before it actually does :P

    Tonight I'm going to the Fringe: Yaaaaaaay
    It's Clipsal weekend: nooooooo

    Woo, got boarding pass straight off. It's great when there's no check-in hassles.

    Oh hey they have Power Rangers on. This is weird. They were like pirates? But now they're not. And now they are again. Also they have mobile phones. And ignition keys. I have no idea what's going on.

      I haven't watched the English version (and I assume they've changed everything from the Japanese version aside from the pirate theme) but Gokaiger is actually amazing.

      The basic plot is that there's some super rad awesome treasure and the rangers are a band of pirates who have come to search for it. The ignition keys (power ranger figures used to transform into different power rangers) are part of the treasure hunt.

      It was an excuse to work in as many past sentai into the show as they could. The movie bridging the previous season and Gokaiger was some amazing battle involving every single sentai.

      Oh and the 6th ranger is a sentai fanboy.

      Short version: they're the pirated version.

      The only Power Rangers I remember were the ones who answered to head-in-a-jar Zordon (or something), and fought putty men every week, and then the Wicked Witch of the West cast down some monster who kicked their asses, and then got huge, and the Power Rangers all said dinosaur names and turned into a big robot with a huge sword. Then there was some weird tacked-on high school stuff at either end of the show to translate the show to a western audience.

      Also, apparently there was a sixth Power Ranger added at some point later on (a white one?), but I was out long before that happened.

      Pretty sure this was the original original version, but I'm happy to be corrected.

      Now they're pirates? I'm so confused.

      Last edited 27/02/15 11:16 am

        Mate, Tommy the Green Ranger became the White Ranger.

        That shit is basic.

          *hangs head* I have no right to have had a childhood.

            Then the Red and Blue ranger adopted a kid who became the Burnt Sienna Ranger who had a contentious rivalry with the Chartreuse Ranger for the affections of the Light Salmon Ranger.

    @negativezero Latest Kantai episode. Spoilers and stuff abound.

    I'll be honest, I totally wasn't expecting a beach episode but somehow having a beach episode with girls that are the personifications/spirits of military naval vessels works. I kinda like how they represented Truk as well considering it was their primary forward operating base in the Pacific (with Vietnam filling in for south-east Asia). Some good relationship building stuff in this episode too. Yamato was far more sweet and kind-hearted than I was expecting but I never got her while playing though so I wouldn't really know.

    Next episode should be pretty sweet what with the whole Yuudachi Kai upgrade. Apparently the theory running is that it's going to incorporate some of the skirmishes around Guadalcanal however, if that's true, we might see more people getting sunk. Jintsuu went down in a particularly brutal fashion as well so I shall wait and see.

    Finally, goddamn Nagato and Mutsu shenanigans. Definitely my favourite characters at the moment although Shoukaku and Zuikaku are starting to grow on me as well. They've done really well with the relationships between sister ships so far however I doubt we'll see any other ships as we're fast approaching the end of the season.

      The reason people are assuming Guadalcanal is that Yuudachi's Kai-2 upgrade (and also Shigure's) has elements and lines that reference it. The two of them have hair bits that stick out in their Kai-2 forms that the artist said he deliberately designed to look like dog ears. Shigure is the faithful hound, and Yuudachi is the ferocious hound, reflecting their service records. Yuudachi also gets an eye color change to blood red and her battle lines take on a more sinister tone and her night battle line she declares she's going to show the enemy the "Nightmare of Solomon" reflecting the fact she was involved in the sinking of multiple ships in the Solomon Islands campaign. Officially 2 destroyers and damaged a cruiser, but unofficially claimed many more ships but no one knew who hit what during a lot of those encounters at night.

      Incidentally it's also a Gundam reference. Anavel Gato in Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory was nicknamed the 'Nightmare of Solomon'. This might be a dumb joke from the development team, because Shigure's back-mounted guns make her look like a Guncannon. Shigure's 'faithful hound' thing is because she survived almost the entire war, including being the only survivor of the southern force at Leyte Gulf (her hair ornament looks like a broken part of Yamashiro's) and having been involved in multiple engagements where she was badly damaged but kept fighting. I'm still disappointed she hasn't been in the show.

      And yeah, Yamato is exactly like that in the game. Really nice. Helps that Ayana Taketatsu has a really nice voice as well. I was quite happy that I predicted there'd be a scene where she's eating with Akagi and ends up consuming even more - the only reason I barely ever use her in the game is because of that prodigious appetite. I did use her for one map in the recent event though and she reminded me how awesome her firepower is. One-shot the boss one time. :)

      I thought it was kind of funny that Fubuki was worried she'd be clumsy and slow at sea. In fact, the Yamato-class was amazingly agile for its enormous displacement, able to out-turn any contemporary battleship, most cruisers and even some of the less agile destroyers. It was also fast for a slow battleship, able to make 27 knots, faster than the Ise, Fusou and Nagato classes but slower than the Kongous. Still didn't matter thought, the carrier fleets were much faster and so Yamato and Musashi tended not to be used because of how much fuel they consumed and because they couldn't effectively work as carrier escorts like the Kongous could.

    Even though in my second playthrough I just got to the part of DA:I where it opens up, I somehow feel the need to start again to see how it feels being a male character. I think I might need an intervention. At least there's only a month-ish until Bloodborne. That might cure me. And begin a whole new obsession. :D

      I don't think I've ever been so engrossed in a game that I've gone and started another playthrough immediately after finishing it. Sure I might go check out a few YouTube clips to see what would have been different if I had done X instead of Y but never start again from scratch. I feel I would burn out far too quickly.

        There's only been a few that I've done it for. Usually, when I see the ending I'm done, even if I'd planned to go back and get some trophies or finish some quests/collections, and don't even feel like going back for DLC.

      What sort of intervention? Do you need people to make you play more DA:I?

    BLOODBORNE (26 days!)

    Bloodborne could be the anti-Order-1886, but apparently we're all really just passing time until Uncharted 4:

    Weird-looking hoodies!

      I hope Bloodborne doesn't disappoint you guys after all this build up :P

        It better not. It's by far the most expensive game I've bought in ages, and is the main reason I bought my PS4 too.

      The writer of that first one could not sound more disinterested in Bloodborne if he tried.


    Something a little random happened last night around midnight, prooved logged on(remember the possible HPAL guy) asking for a ginvite for his resto shaman he was also going on about reasons for qguiting his old guild.

    So you might possibly have a new healer... I guess its up to you to talk to him and see if his a right fit. however I believe he strongly has his eyes set on heroic progression unsure if he'll have the right attitude. be careful.

    Last edited 27/02/15 11:16 am

      Well dude joined on his pally so that he would become a healer if he geared and levelled his pally up and we never heard from him effectively again. Let's see how he is; if he's online today I'll have a chat with him and trial him out.

      However from what you've said he seems unstable/unreliable just going off how he's gone about the guild swap; so not really holding my breath at this point.

      @jocon Separate issue now; I was thinking of running a chilled out raid group later today either norm HM for alts or some MoP content for Xmogs; you two interested in either?

        I'm down for some mythic mop transmog runs, as for N HM unless you bring a ton of guildies on alts or mains I probably won't be bothered dealing with the stress.

          Nooooooo =P I'm sure there's a few alts running around who wouldnt mind and a few lower guildies. Go level an alt red sheesh!

          That said I just want to chill out tonight doing something in a guild group; not entirely up for Mythic MoP cos I doubt we could faceroll the mechanics with the numbers we have and defs not keen on pugging >.

        Yeah might be up for MoP transmog runs.

    Friday morning question... because I'm chowing down on chocolate at 10:30 in the morning. D=

    Favourite chocolate bar?

    Me: Violet Crumble.

      Anything. ANYTHING D:


        Sorry... I completely forgot about your posts yesterday... My bad!

        Last edited 27/02/15 11:36 am

          Haha, it's all right. I'm listening to Zeitgeist, which is going into chocolate as well. It's my own fault for over-over-overindulging in the past.

      This is literally the topic we open this weeks Zeitgeist with.

        Coconut ice, iced vovos... this is torture :\

        Also, I was Googling the health benefits of sparkling water the other day. It's a little unnerving just how on-topic this week's episode is.

        And yes, before you ask, I know that it's you in the bushes outside.

          Enlighten me on the benefits of sparkling water?

          Call me a skeptic but I can't imagine water saturated with carbon dioxide would be any better for you...?

          I love sparkling water, but not because I think it's better for me... I just love the bubbles!

          Last edited 27/02/15 11:49 am

            I also find a lot of them have too much sodium in them, which as a result only makes me more thirsty.

            It's not. My wife has been drinking heaps of it, and has been feeling a bit rundown. I wasn't sure if the carbonation would make it less valuable than drinking 'real' water, so I was looking it up.

            Spoiler: assuming no other added ingredients, it doesn't seem to be any different from water in terms of health.

            Last edited 27/02/15 12:00 pm

      Darrell Lea Rocklea Road (y)

      Their glace ginger in dark chocolate is also pretty win :P

      All the answers above (including yours I'm sorry Sunsoar) need more Reeses Buttercups.

        I thought we were supposed to be listing good chocolates.

    \o/ Soundwave tomorrow! Off to Brisbane later today to stay at a mates for the weekend. Might be available Sunday for a lunch meat if anyone is interested? Won't have much TAY access over the weekend though, but i'm on Twitter & Instagram as @virus__

    I think I'll be sad that this is probably going to be the only 2 day Soundwave even though the punters kept asking for it, they have responded by complaining that it's now too expensive to go for 2 days, despite a ticket is the same price as one day last year. But their reasoning having to buy alcohol 2 days in a row along with food and an extra night of accommodation. Given there's plenty of cheap accommodation in the Brisbane area it seems null & void to me, and you don't *need* alcohol at a festival. Though the food part I agree, it's way over priced for what it is, mostly shit :P

      Uhmmmm Langos?

      They're like the best thing about music festivals.

        They're those Hungarian pizza things right? I haven't seen them in years.

          Yeah man, deep fried dough covered in cheese and garlic.

          Fucking dynamite.

          Every Saturday @ Rocklea Markets.

          I love that they try to make it healthy with a 'salsa' on top. It's deep fried bread. Oh, and it's covered in sour cream and cheese.

            Can't make it there :(

            Guess I have a project on Sunday.


              The guys who make it at Rocklea have a small bath of cooking oil kept hot on what looks like a converted BBQ...

        At Soundwave? Come on, last year they had, Nando's, Eagle Boys, Subway and other similar over priced and shitty food at Brisbane.

    How Anita Sarkeesian Wants Video Games To Change

    Pretty sure it would be a very bad idea to even look at that article in case I accidentally see a comment.

      I made the dumb mistake of commenting once (as I always seem to do). Got a predictably dickhead response, and I won't be trying again.

        Been trying to learn up bluemaxima on Twitter from the position of a fellow idiot.

        Going about as well as expected really.

        Don't worry, I stuck up for you, Shaney! :D

          Thanks, man. But you don't have to do that. I'm not going to be venturing back in there. I'm kind of getting sick of being downvoted for having a moderate, humanist opinion... not because I care what mouthbreathers think, but mostly because I like being able to post multiple links per post.

          Last edited 27/02/15 1:44 pm

            As of speaking, you're currently on 19 upvotes and only 2 downvotes anyway :P

              Say what? I was on -1 (2 up, 3 down) when I checked last.

              Well, that's okay then.

              Last edited 27/02/15 2:07 pm

    Might start playing EU4 again this weekend. Been getting the urge after watching some Civ V a few weeks ago... [side note: anyone else get an urge to play a certain game after watching a let's play... but not the game you watched? For some reason Civ LPs always make me want to play EU4...] Anyway, saw an update got installed this morning, so went looking for the change notes. Turns out a new expansion got released this morning; how... convenient. I now have an excuse to drop back in :3

    Time to brush up on the mechanics... and decide on a starting nation.

      Not exactly what you were asking but everytime I play Rogue Legacy I get a strong urge to play Demons Souls. Not Dark or Souls games, Demons specifically. No idea why.

        Interesting... pretty much what I was wondering. When you play (or watch someone play, or hear discussion of) a certain game (eg. in my case, Civ V) do you get the urge to play something else? And if so, is it always the same game? In my case, I enjoy watching Civ V more than I enjoy playing it, but it still makes me want to play something, which, of late, has turned into wanting to play EU4; in a similar vein, seeing people play Starcraft or hearing about WCS has reignited my interest in Anno for the past few years.

        Watching the first hour or so of a playthrough of The Order made me wonder about this; most times, watching an LP makes me want to play something, even if it's not the game I watched. After an hour of The Order, I stopped watching and thought "okay, now what?"; had no urge to play anything, really. Which made me start taking note of what certain LPs make me want to play, and realise that I tend to gravitate to specific games when exposed to games that are barely related in any way.

        Don't mind me, just a moment of idle introspection - mental wankery and what have you. :P

      I need to get back to my game with Japanese colonised WA

      Although... DB Xenoverse is out now. Dammit, I need a holiday to work through my backlog... it just seems to be getting longer. Do I screw with DB continuity or RL history... hmm.

    Next 8 weeks will be having a 'new' indie / small-scale releases on PS4 and in some cases also PS3 and PSV as well:
    - Helldivers (March 3) (PS3/PS4/PSV) (Cross-buy)
    - Hotline Miami 2 (March 10) (PS3/PS4/PSV) (Cross-buy)
    - Jamestown+ (March 17) (PS4)
    - Metal Slug 3 (March 24) (PS3/PS4/PSV) (Cross-buy)
    - Axiom Verge (March 31) (PS4) (Vita version later, Cross-buy)
    - Bastion (April 7) (PS4) (Vita version later, Cross-buy)
    - Titan Souls (April 14) (PS4/PSV) (Cross-buy)
    - Shovel Knight (April 21) (PS3/PS4/PSV) (Cross-buy)

      Next 8 weeks money was wasted on an overpriced CE of T0 :(

      I'm looking forward to seeing the EU/AU line-up. I'm guessing it won't be too different. Also, they're rather late announcing the PS+ free games list for next month (apparently, probably won't be out today - maybe tomorrow).

        PAL should be the same, add +1 day. AU will have a gap on March 10 full of sadness and broken promises :(

        EDIT: I'm betting the PS+ thing is because they're trying to figure out if they can do the DriveClub version they promised this month or wait for next...

        Last edited 27/02/15 2:20 pm

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