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    I got Fire Emblem Awakening yesterday after trying out the demo. I'd previously watched gameplay videos of it and didn't think the combat system was something I'd enjoy, but I'm actually finding it really fun. I only have one complaint about the game so far, and it isn't even really a complaint since I find it a bit funny. I gave my character an eyepatch, but because character portraits are just flipped based on what direction they're facing the eyepatch keeps changing which eye it's covering. So far most of the time the game's shown her portrait facing right, so the eyepatch is over her left eye, while on the 3D model it's always over her right eye.

      I found it just a tad too long. I literally took a break just before the last boss.

      My n3DS purchased with my own money arrived at the parcel locker today.

      Now I just need to wait a month till my birthday before my wife will give it to me.


      Fire Emblem, Bravely Default, Luigi's Mansion 2 and Theatrythm (@freezespreston - thanks!) are on the list for initial game purchases. Have a loooong list of other recommendations waiting.

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    Hi Brisbinos,

    Less than a week until @cakesmith, @alexpants and I come to town. Let's properly organise some stuff.

    Our schedule:
    Wed 4th: Arrive a bit after midday
    Thu 5th: Movieworld (let us know if you'd like to come with us)
    Fri 6th (Day): Wet n Wild (let us know if you'd like to come with us)
    Fri 6th (Night): No plans Buffalo Bar
    Sat 7th (Day): No plans. Suggest something!
    Sat 7th (Night): No plans. Suggest something! Dinner? Drinks?
    Sun 8th: Leave

    I'd like to plan what we are doing on Friday Night and Saturday Day/Night. Any suggestions? We're up for dinner both nights, plus whatever else. We have no idea what is in Brisbane so please suggest away! Best places to go?

    Our hotel is near Central station, if that affects things.

    Thanks! Looking forward to meeting you all.

    Last edited 27/02/15 1:01 pm

      a drink or two on Friday/Saturday night I could do. Preferably Friday because I'm old and like my two days of doing nothing on the weekend :D

      I'm in for Thursday and Friday day/night.

      We should go eat dinner at the Buffalo Bar where myself and @dc had those hoagies. We've been meaning to sample their proper menu but never had a chance.

      Can't wait to meat Cake, Pants and that other guy, whatshisname.

        Sounds good to me!

          Friday is sounding best, buffulo wings for all!

        So Friday night at Buffalo Bar? Think we'll need to make reservations?

      I'll be bringing some board games for downtimes. So if people just feel like chilling at the hotel, we could totally do that and play some Betrayal at House on the Hill.

      Friday night 6th I could totally make dinner in the Valley somewhere. Except I finish at 3pm all next week, so really, anywhere might be ok. If it is gonna be the Valley, I need to know soonish so I can book the appropriate parking though. Saturday I have zero clue what's happening for me yet.

    See you all Monday. I'm off to Brisbane now for Soundwave, i'll probably post stuff on my Instagram.

    The best part about getting the first comment in an article is when someone replies to you so that they can be up top too.

    Okay B-Funk, it's been like, 5 months since you last commented on TAY, people may not even know who you are. No worries, just comment an anecdote of you being really cool, and no one will be none the wiser.

    So i went to buy the fantastically named "Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late" yesterday, and i had to wait about 15 minutes for the person at the counter to find the game, as she had no idea what it was and had to ask the other employees what it was while i just stood there awkwardly...

    nailed it.

    Reviewing my role responsibilities and designated tasks from Monday onward.

    …I've made a huge mistake.

      That was me 4 months ago.

      Just finding my feet now.

      Have fun!

      heh i felt a bit that way the other day when we were informed that we're supposed to be multi-skilled so we can take SMO calls as well as IMO calls when we go live on Monday.. reason why I felt that way... haven't received any training for the SMO stuff, but I don't feel too terrible, cos neither have the SMO's! :0 I'm sure this is gonna work out REALLY WELL!!!

    Puppy update: The home owner still says no. We need to get in touch with the Tenants' Union but their phone line is only open for an hour and a half some days, none of those days have been since this came up.

    We took her to a relative's place and the relative's dog got a little snippy. They managed to catch Alice's ear and it's a little torn and bloody but not too serious. She didn't care at all. She also didn't care when we cleaned the wound. So that's nice.

      Looks like the Tenant's union will call you back if you leave a message, so that's something. And they're on twitter too, so you might be able to get into contact or ask a quick Q there.

        They're only open some days for an hour and a half to leave a message. All other times, you just get told to try again when they're open.

        EDIT: Their Twitter only exists to tell people when they're open :(

        Last edited 27/02/15 2:43 pm

      Your situation makes me very angry for you. You seem much calmer than I would be.

        Puppies are amazing at keeping you too tired to be angry.

    Current MH playtime - 75:50


      I think I only just unlocked high rank last night.

      Single and multi progress? I've finished everything up to 8 star and haven't unlocked all of 6 star yet.

        Uhhh I just unlocked the high rank harvest missions.
    So... this actually looks pretty damn good. I know a lot of folks here are pretty excited for it. Anyone played the PSP version? Does it live up to the hype?

      I played a bit. Sort of. I didn't get very far because they announced the HD release just after I started.

      It's all broken up into short 'missions' that seem like they might be a bit light on content. I've also heard the PSP version was brutally difficult and that the plot side of things was a bit light and made no sense. On the other hand, I've heard others say it's the best FF since the PS2 era. So who knows?

      I am super keen. Played the psp version for a bit before it crapped out (fanslation patch).

      I liked what I played and have only ever heard good things :D

      I've gone ahead & ordered the $200 version like a true schmuck :D

    Trying to figure out the most acceptable place to sneak in a nap.

      I hate napping.


          I always wake up from a nap feeling worse and it fucks with my sleep patterns.

          I avoid it as much as humanly possible, and when I can't avoid it I always feel worse.

            My Mrs is the same as you, I'm the opposite.

            When I was working graveyard shifts I used to power nap on my 10 min break & it juvenated me.

        I hate that I need them. But I love what they do.

    I have a question for those who use Fitocracy. I want to add an exercise routine that doesn't require any equipment as I don't go to a gym and I don't really have anything. I can't really find much of an option which is frustrating.
    Any tips?
    Also scree on there if you want to add me.

    Last edited 27/02/15 4:32 pm

      Look under bodyweight exercises? THere's a fair few of those int he database. Failing that, find something close enough and count that.

      You've really just got to know what the bunnies CALL the exercise you're doing. If you're doing something with bodyweight, it should still be in there.

      Last I saw, the app has a recommended workouts thing, which includes bodyweight recommendations that have weird names. (Such-and-such 'blaster' etc). You can pick and choose from there.

      Also, when you go to add a custom workout, you can do a search for 'body weight' and all the ones it recognizes will be in there.

        what is body weight?

          Exercises that use no equipment, just the weight of your body. Like push ups, sit ups, chin ups.

            I JUST had to draw up my personal development plan on communication and already I've failed an objective.

              I have one for communication too...

              This is starting to get weird...

      What type of stuff do you want to do?
      You can search for it, and if no results come up, it might be worth looking into a variant of that particular exercise that they do offer :)

      You can create your own exercise routine by customising. There's plenty of good exercises that you don't need equipment for, particularly body weight stuff. I'm in the same boat as you, not going to a gym and not having equipment, but I was able to do an exercise program that taught me some good exercises to do,

      There's a whole ton of workout routines out there which are referred to as 'prisoner' or 'convict' workouts because they're completely equipment-free and bodyweight-based exercises. Their conceit is that they're "exercises to get and maintain condition while in a prison cell" but some of them are fairly decent and you can find them with a google search.

      There's a 7-minute Bodyweight Exercise routine that you can add. It has a good range of exercises and will give you a good all-over workout.

      Squats, lunges, step-ups, dips, burpees, pushups, situps and planks and mountain climbers are all great bodyweight exercises and they're all in fitocracy. And don't forget that you can do ALL of the dumbell exercises without actually owning dumbells - use something like a can of tomatoes (400g) or save a couple of milk bottles and fill (2kg) or half-fill (1kg) with water and do the exercises with them instead.

        I will have to look that up. Sounds good.
        Okay I grabbed it, but I know I cannot do that many Pushups.

        Dumbells are the small hand held ones? I have some .5 kilo ones.

        Last edited 27/02/15 5:51 pm

          Yep - dumbells are the handheld weights. When the 0.5kg ones start to feel easy, you know it's time to get heavier ones.

          And if you can't do floor pushups, start with wall ones, or table ones.

            I did the knee ones, but I couldn't do the burpees. I felt too shaky

    So, is it Black & Blue or White & Gold? :P


      I think I overheard some people sitting near me saying something about those colours.

        It's doing the rounds at my work as well, I suppose I just like how it's blowing up the internet.

      Vision* dictates that it is a very gross light shade of blue and a very gross murky shade of gold.
      Fashion sense dictates that it is white and gold.

      *my results are skewed anyway. Colourblind :3

        Also, upvoted to counteract downvote :P
        I hate seeing needless downvotes >:(

          Thanks Stew! I don't think I've ever been downvoted on TAY before, let's be honest I deserved it though. No hard feelings @freya :P

        Yup, that's pretty much what I see and my reaction after that was a solid "meh".

        My eyes also see a light shade of blue and icky gold.

      I said this on twitter, but you know what? I wish the biggest issues in the world every day were escaped llamas and dresses of ambiguous colour. And Potato CAKES.

        My biggest issue is if I really like my bookmark I'm making as down time from cosplay.

          I saw that, looks cool. If I may offer a minor critique?

          I'd bring his left hand out from his body just a little, because of how the bottom of his tunic billows out. Other than that minor quibble, it's pretty damn cool.

            No, you cannot tell me how to improve me art! =P
            Alright, I'll try that. It's actually my first time drawing directly onto the PC with a tablet. I've also got Midna in the works but I wasn't sure if I should continue.

          That is pretty damn rocking.

            I've been lazy and haven't done the fback yet. Planned for it to be two sided.

        My biggest issue of the day was learning that some 34yr olds would rather fight you to the death than admit that they are in their mid-30s. Pro-tip: Do not show them the maths... it only enrages them. Especially diagrams on the whiteboard.

        Downvote for the ridiculous cake comment.

        I thought better of you Red. I really did.

          I was always #TeamBlackLlama.

            Sudden paranoid urge that it wasn't clear I was joking about it supposed to be scallop. If it didn't come across that way I apologise.

              There was no part of that Potato cake comment that wasn't Schmuck bait

              Though @35 beat you to it :

        Why would you make a cake out of potato? Unless you're doing some kind of Heston thing.

      Don't know, but I'm hoping that Black & Blue beat Green & Gold tomorrow. :P

        The Kiwi's will be black and blue after the the pasting they'll get!!


        Having said that, it may happen.

          Either way, I win.

          But this literally the first time NZ has ever had a solid, competitive team in living memory so I'd really like to see them take the cup. Previously they've always had some quality players, but never enough of them to make a complete team around and so they were never consistent. Sometimes could cause upsets especially when chasing down a target.

            They've got one of most balanced attacks and a very strong batting lineup. Southee and McCullum were brilliant against the Poms and Williamson is fast becoming one of my favourite batsmen. Australia haven't played for a couple of weeks after the washout against Bangladesh which is not in their favour. I think whoever wins tomorrow becomes favourite to win the World Cup.

              I'm betting NZ will win, Australia / NZ final, NZ chokes and Australia wins the cup.

      It was more I didn't want to see this discussion. I thought it was funny to downvote you but I apologise if I offended you!

    So everyone in Australia is ok with data retention now? Don't they have enough things to be incompetent about already??

      Data retention sucks.

      Silly policy: poor articulation of outcomes, obvious provision for over-reach, no good for privacy, expensive and no worked examples.

        Completely confirmed when TA was asked if Monis would have been flagged any higher if they'd had access to metadata and the answer was pretty much a no or unlikely.

          Pfft, as if they want it for Terrorism.

          It's entirely so they can track down the filthy pirates that are stealing the food off the plates of their Big Media corporate overlords.

      And we still have no explicit definition of "metadata," from what I've heard.

        'um um ummmm um umm um um ummmm' - George Brandis

      I don't think it's a case of being okay with it, I think it's more the general public have about as much of a clue of what it is than the government does themselves.

        Shrug. That, the anti-piracy measures, and the results of our position in the TPP are election issues for me. I've told my local member as much.

        I really don't think they give a shit, and am pretty sure they went, "Whelp, that's a vote I'll never get," and tossed it in the bin. But y'know. Yay democracy.

        It's not even about security anymore; all you need to do to bypass their proposed data retention is to join companies that don't function in Australia i.e. swap from an iinet e-mail to a gmail account.

        Everything this imbecile Brandis has brought forward has been pro-American media corporations and anti-civil liberties. UGH.

          Ironically the US doesn't have any mandatory data retention policies.

      I liked the bit on Micaleff the other night. About how the census cuts will save 400mill, but the data retention will cost about the same. Something something ditching all the info we willingly provide so they can involuntarily take it instead, etc :p

        The ASB are the ones that want to cut the census though, not the government.

    Is anyone picking up Dying Light today? I feel like I may be the only one lol.

      I want to play it, but I need to find out if it makes me motion sick on PC

      Looked at it, but might wait till the price drops a little bit first

    Regarding the Sarkeesian article (spoilered because I know some people don't want to bring that in here but I want to vent):
    Every single time someone says "but why doesn't she talk about men?" I want to punch them in the face. Why does she have to talk about men? Why muddy the water? It just screams about "but what about my own personal stake in this?" It's not about you. Just fuck off. Fuck off and accept that she has a valid point to make that is not related to the one that you care about.
    I'm not some sycophant that hangs on her every word. To be honest, I actually don't care too much for her arguments and feel like they could be much more compelling. You'll notice that I never bring that up in the comments about this stuff because it's not addressing the points she is making. It's ignoring the real issue.

    Leeching power in the food court while monster hunting. Because I ate too much battery today. Oops.

    Hahahaha my friend was out with Dragonforce after last night's concert, til like six in the morning. Got a nice pic being held in some kind of headlock by Sam Totman. Typical :p

    We Happy Few looks amazing. Instantly has become one of my most anticipated games!

      Kind of Bioshocky? Not sure if I can take the disappointment of another game like that.

    Battleship sure is a dumb film
    Enjoyable though

      I liked it. I don't understand how it gets all the hate it does. Rihanna surprised me, she was pretty badass. A pretty fun schlock fest, with Liam Neeson doing his thing (which is always fun).

        It's amazingly silly really. But who cares as long as it's entertaining? B movies can be great. I loved the little bits of the game they'd incorporated, like the aliens shooting exploding pegs and the firing in the dark using a grid bit.

    Been given a tour/intro to The Valley. Doesn't seem so bad :p

    I stole a tiki mug. Because they were dicks, trying to throw Laggy out for no reason.

    And then I helped his cousin fix his sister's busted dress zipper. And Morgan Freemans are pretty good. And oh we're home now.

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