Team Beats Destiny's Toughest Raid Without Using Guns

Team Beats Destiny's Toughest Raid Without Using Guns

"WHY IS THIS WORKING???" My thoughts exactly, Destiny raid group that somehow beat all of Crota's End without firing a gun.

So. OK. If you don't play Destiny, you might not appreciate the magnitude of this accomplishment, but I promise you, it's not easy to beat the game's toughest raid without using your weapons. Yet thanks to a group of melee-specced Titans and some smart teamwork, this raid group (via Reddit) pulled it off.

Here's part one — which really starts around 2:30 — comprising the intro and the abyss (aka: the thrall run):

Part two (the bridge and the shrieker tunnel):

And part three (Deathsinger, Crota):

Not pictured: all of the many, many times these folks must have wiped trying to put this ridiculous run together.

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    Most impressive. Would be a huge amount of work to get this done right.

    Oh man, I did this solo a few nights ago but I haven't had time to upload the video yet. Now my thunder has been totally stolen :(

      Waht! you did it solo? thats awesome. Can I come with you? (ps4) Reubenatrix. I want to learn how to do that!

    There is no "magnitude". It's not that surprising, nor is it that hard.

    That was impressive and fun to watch. Amazing what good teamwork can do in this game.
    I for one can't believe the magnitude of how hard or surprising that was!!

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