Teenagers Don’t Understand The Power Glove

I think we can all agree that the ‘Elders React’ series is way, way better than the ‘Teens React’ series, particularly when it comes to video games. But this is different. This is the Power Glove.

In fact, this is ‘Teens React’ in a perfect nutshell. Step 1: take one weird, hilariously strange product from the distant past. Step 2: place said object in the hands of teenagers born way after we’ve all tried to forget how terrible it was.

Step 3: profit.

Unlike say, the Game Boy, almost all of the teenagers in this video have no idea what a Power Glove is. Once it’s explains: “oh, it’s like the Wii before the Wii?”

I guess that’s one way of looking at it. The real disappointment here is the fact that no-one, not one single person mentioned The Wizard.

Our planet is doomed. We’re leaving this world in the hands of people who have never seen The Wizard.

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