Tell Us Dammit: Most Romantic Moments In Video Games

If you're anything like me, you've just sorta realised that Valentine's Day is this weekend and you're scrambling to think of something romantic to do/give your partner. It got me wondering: has there ever been any properly good romantic moments in video games?

My own personal favourite is from The Secret Of Monkey Island. Guybrush and Elaine Marley, on the dock at Melee Island, declaring their (random) love for one another.

"Love Muffin"

"Sugar Boots"

"Honey Pumpkin"

"Plunder Bunny"

Seriously, how can you top dialogue like that?

But after The Secret Of Monkey Island, I can't think of anything else that really hits the right notes.



    That moment in Uncharted when Nathan Drake and Sully finally gave in and explored their first tender kiss.

    Oh wait, maybe I just imagined that...

    The part where Marcus and Dom make out and finally confirm their bromance:*VgtJ9Q2vc6efmAZ-CtwlYLAKJB2ICAvF0tKyPa9kdWrrJTs895g-vEtbgFN*zL6EO2pFm7/GearsOfWarShirtDark.jpg

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    Me and Naoto in Persona 4.
    What a lovely game

    Spoiler for Gone Home.
    That ending. Romantic by proxy, I guess, and a little cliche if you discount the build-up, but brilliantly moving.

    Johnny and Meryl hooking up on the battlefield..

    any leisure suit larry game

      Ooooor Ride to Hell: Retribution, basically a love novel but with less sound effects.

    *waits patiently for the GTA V - Lasey Jonas comment*

      Thinking more along the lines of Poppy Mitchell


    When I used all my manipulative dialogue in Mass Effect 2 to get Yvonne Strahovski, umm I mean Miranda into bed. That was love (at least that's what I told her)

    Who can forget that tender moment between Tidus and Yuna when they stand there going HA. HA. HA. HA. HA. ?

    Me, that's who, because whenever I remember that scene I force myself to forget about it again because it was so great. It's like a wonderful discovery each time I remember it.

    That time in Postal 2, when you... wait nevermind

    Huh, poring over my game collection it's really hard to think of any proper romantic moments at all.

      There's romance in sports.

        Yeah but who even owns sport games?

          I have a copy of FIFA 14 that was bundled with my PS4. It's still in its shrink-wrap.

          Anyway, romance.

          Who can forget your time in the cage with a gorilla (having been body-swapped with another gorilla) in Leather Goddesses of Phobos?

          Or there was the time I matched five hearts, triggering a cascade, in HuniePop. I could tell Aiko enjoyed it from the sound effects.

    So I actually have a serious answer.

    Alyx Vance and Gordon Freeman from HL2. When you're heading off to confront Breen, and she says "Do your worst, Gordon, but, be careful."

    I think it's even more touching because it's so understated.

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    The bit in the water in Final Fantasy X where Tidus falls for Yuna.

    I honestly thought I'd be able to think of more examples, but decent romance doesn't seem to feature too much in games.

    Mark, for someone that 15 minutes ago posted about Grim Fandango, you have a very short memory.

    When ash and misty meet up behind cerulean city, then i interrupted them. Such romance.

    My FemShep and Garrus Vakarian, in ME2 and ME3. Sigggggh. No Vakarian without Shepard, oof.

      Dude, even as Broshep that bit right at the end of ME3 where Shep and Garrus have their little moment and Garrus is all like "you were born for this" oh my god.

        Ohhh for a second there I was reading this as though you could romance Garrus as a dude, and I was like, "Holy shit, maybe I will finally play ME as a broshep." LOL NOPE.

          Well no. But I'm just saying, even with out all the coy discussions about "reach" and "flexibility" and biological compatibility, the Garrus-Shep relationship is the most heartwrenchingly sweet thing ever.

    Man, I can never remember any specific moments in games unless I'm thinking about it beforehand. So uuhhh, maybe Yuri and Alice from Shadow Hearts. Oh! Rorona and Barrels in Atelier Rorona.

      Aaaaah, Shadow Hearts. Where romance means catching the same train twice.


    Mario getting a kiss on the nose.

    ooh la la Nintendo, tone it down we only have an R rating here and don't want to see games banned.

      you get an up vote for saying ooh la la Nintendo.

    I think I have a weird one. It's toward the end of Assassins Creed Revelations.

    Ezio is really old at this point, and has found himself a new love. He basically realizes that every time he gets a question answered, it somehow delivers him more. He'd spent his whole life to that point searching for he doesn't even know what.

    He gives up his lifetime quest for his love. I actually cried a little. Okay, a lot.

    It's far from romantic in the traditional sense, but probably the most romantic moment that I can think of.

      I really liked that. While I was really unsatisfied with the modern arc's ending, that for Ezio was perfect.

    That sneaky kiss in Shadow of Mordor is the first thing that pops to mind.
    Actually, that's the only thing that pops to my mind.

    The Darkness games. Its all about Jenny.
    Watching TV with her in the first game. Dancing with the illusion of her in the second game.
    Holding her at the end of the second game indefinitely...until you finally hit that QTE...

      I came here to say that. Loved Darkness 1 and surprisingly still enjoyed #2 quite a bit too. :)

    The time in GTAV where I picked up a lovely lady, drove her up to the Vinewood sign, and overlooking the city, made sweet love to her in the front seat of my car.

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