That Time A Guy Tried A Hadouken In The Middle Of A Professional Fight

When I was a kid, Street Fighter II was a big deal. One time I got in a playground scrap and I tried a Dragon Punch. Didn't really go to well. Imagine I had tried a hadouken?

But that's precisely what happened in an MMA fight recently. During a fight at a recent World Series Of Fighting event, Shane Campbell managed to drop Derek Boyle with what looks like a body kick to the liver or the ribs. Boyle dropped instantly. Instead of instantly going for the kill with ground strikes, Campbell took the time to charge up a Hadouken.

(Danny Allen, our publisher, wanted to add that it could also have been a Kamehameha Wave from Dragon Ball Z. Good point).

From the above Vine it looks as though Campbell allowed his opponent to get back up, but after another body kick, Boyle crumpled and lost the fight by stoppage soon afterwards.

Of course this happened:

But none of them can match the sheer grandeur of that one time a guy tried to do a Dark Souls roll in a fight. That was the best.


    I personanlly prefer Carlos Newton's Kamehameha:

    You are wrong of course. The best thing ever seen in MMA was this beautiful kick.

      Pettis is my favourite fighter to watch. By far.

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