That’s Certainly A Metal Gear Rising Looking Number Two Right There

That’s Certainly A Metal Gear Rising Looking Number Two Right There

Appearing incredibly briefly in a Sony flavour reel shown during the Taipei Game Show, this is definitely the sort of two one might expect to find following the words “Metal Gear Rising.”

While Metal Gear’s big boss Hideo Kojima didn’t mention a follow-up to the over-the-top crazy that was Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance during his appearance at the show, fans have been pointing to this blink-and-you’ll miss it digit from around 2:46:39 in the Tapei Game Show Twitch broadcast (via NeoGAF) and Kojima tweets about a visit to Platinum Games late last year as proof that a sequel is in the works.

Without confirmation it’s just a fancy number two that would be right at home on the case containing a sequel to Mr. Raiden’s Opus.


  • I really hope this is coming. A lot of people I know complain that its not a “real” Metal Gear, but it was just as batshit crazy as anything I would expect from Kojima.
    It’s not quite as insane as Platinum Games Bayonetta, but really, what could be?
    If you haven’t tried Revengeance but like a decent action game, grab this. Well worth the ride.

    • Ruin? How did they ruin the franchise? Did you not play the first one? It’s an excellent quality action game.

      • Let me list the ways. Weak characters, generic plot, aimless pacing, empty corridor-like worlds, repetitive and largely unoriginal enemies, same-old boss fights, ear-grating music, non-existent stealth gameplay and general lack of any continuity with any MG game that came before. Not to mention the most stupid name that has ever graced the cover of a video game case.

        I appreciate that Rising is a spinoff, but did it really have to drop trou and take a massive dump on the legacy of one of the greatest VG franchises of all time? This game has zero redeeming features. And after Platinum ruined any chance of a decent game set in the Avatar world now as well, I think they should just give up on this video game thing. It’s clearly not their thing.

        • …and yet, the creator of the series fucking loves the game and personally said on several occasions that if a sequel ever happened he wouldn’t let anyone except Platinum touch it.

          You don’t have to like it, but I’m pretty sure the creator of the series gets more say in where the series should be going than one angry dude on the internet.

    • Rising was a brilliant game. It had plenty of flaws, it was (not very well) made by a dev team and then was sent to Platinum to salvage. The fact that not only was it decent, but it was an extremely fun and technical action game is testament to how great Platinum are at what they do.

      If this is really MGR2, my only reaction is “FUCK YES” and I’m pretty sure you are going to be in the minority with your party pooping.

      • Platinum is great at what they do. Unfortunately what they do is ruin established franchises.

        • So out of the 9 games they have shipped, almost all have received very good reviews. Some even critical acclaim. Anarchy Reigns got mixed reviews, I guess?

          The only established franchises they’ve ever taken on were Rising (which got good reviews across the board and is a huge cult hit) and Legend of Korra (which got pretty solid reviews).

          You’re just really mad about someone doing A Thing with your beloved Metal Gear. Did you hate Twin Snakes as well?

    • You obviously don’t know what a spin-off is.

      You also obviously didn’t actually play MGR.

  • MGR was one of the best action games of the generation. Alongside Vanquish and Beyonetta. Interesting how they were all made by PG 😉

    haha, yes that’s because PG are the masters of action games, they make some seriously cool shit. Vanquish and MGR were two of the most challenging games in history to get the Platinum trophy, and was the biggest gaming achievement of my life getting it.

    If this really is true, I hope it is PS exclusive (for shiggles) and I can NOT freaking wait. I have rarely had as much fun playing a game as I did with Vanquish and MGR.

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