The Big Question: Best Mario Game Of All Time?

Okay, I've opened Pandora's Box and now we're doing votes on video game franchises. Why not?

Today it's Mario. Which is terrifying because even if we remove the Mario Tennis games or the Super Mario RPGs of this world, there are still a hell of a lot of games to choose from.

Let's settle this!

Turns out this is quite the list. Personally, I think there are a great number of games you can discount almost instantly. For me it's probably a choice between Super Mario World and Super Mario Galaxy.

What are your thoughts?


    Mario 64! But..Awww..Super Mario World too. Hmm...

    Surprising number of people getting it right today.

    Normally nearly everyone else in the world is wrong.

    Without yet selecting an option or looking at the current results, I hope that nothing after 64 has any significant portion of the votes submitted so far. Seriously people, don't disappoint me.

    Edit 1: I can guess why there isn't, but there should be an option for Super Mario World 2.

    Edit 2: Galaxy has more votes than the original? Really, guys?

    Last edited 25/02/15 2:11 pm

      Yeah. Galaxy (or Galaxy 2, perhaps) is my favourite game of all time. And I've been playing since my older sisters owned an Atari 2600. And I've 100%ed pretty much every Mario game. So I know the claim I'm making. And Galaxy (or Galaxy 2, perhaps) rules supreme.

    No option for Paper Mario? :(

    Well my vote goes to Paper Mario 64 anyway.

    Dammit, the correct answer is Super Mario Advance 4 but it's not on there!

    SMA4 > SMW > SMB3, I think. By a hair's breadth on each.

    3 is the rightful winner for being basically the blueprint of modern platform design. However, SMW is all that given sheen by a painstaking amount of polish. SMW is unmistakably better than SM3 when not accounting for nostalgia or legacy. It is hard for me to understand how the "New" 2D Marios ever since never managed to capture that magic again. Most of them are just polished SM1s, not SM3s.

    However, SM3DW is basically SMW done in 3D, and done right AND with an additional layer of polish. Super Mario 3D World is my pick.

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