The Internet Reacts To The Colour Of That Dress

The Internet Reacts To The Colour Of That Dress

Today the internet lost its collective mind, and so everyone finds themselves arguing about what colour a dress is.

This dress, in case you haven’t seen it:

The Internet Reacts To The Colour Of That Dress

Some people see it as white and gold. Others, black and blue. As a result of this optical madness, the internet is tearing itself apart…and also making jokes, as it tends to do. The dress has become a meme! God isn’t real after all.

Here are some of the nerdier jokes about the dress floating around the web:

People have even found the dress on Amazon, and are leaving silly reviews for it:

The Internet Reacts To The Colour Of That Dress

This is how the world ends.

[Top photo source: iCarbons]


    • Yep, white and gold. I can’t see how you can see it as black and blue unless you are colourblind.

      • It’s crazy though, because people in my office are seeing both on the same monitor. Was reading that the gold (black) and white (blue) fall on the the edge of the spectrum of colour change so it’s just how your brain reacts to it.

      • I don’t know where the ‘white’ is coming from, but I see blue and gold. For the record, Adobe just tweeted that it’s conclusively blue and brown-ish gold via Lightroom.

    • I clearly saw white and gold earlier today and now i see blue and black on the same monitor.
      I don’t know whats real any more.
      I’m gonna have to reevaluate my life…

  • I don’t get it. I can see both sets of colours depending on if I focus on the dark or light stripes. =/

    • For me I can see both depending on the angle I’m viewing it on the monitor. Accurate digital colour reproduction depends on a lot of factors. If I view it on my phone I can tilt the phone and view all the various colours!

    • All I could see was white and gold, but after reading your comment I did ye olde magic eye trick and then I could see blue and black. After I refocused my eyes, it went back to white and gold.

      That was a fun minute or so.

  • Articles like this make me wish I follow better people on Twitter, so many good reactions.

  • It is just a bad picture nothing more.

    for the record i see blue and black and blue and gold not at all do i see white.

  • It’s definitely blue and black, everyone else has the wrong colour profile set for their monitor.

    • The problem with claims like this is people are seeing it completely different upon seperate inspections despite viewing on the same monitor. I think that’s why it blew up in part. It’s easy enought for MOST to dismiss individual differences, but when your own perception is altered in an uncontrollable way. It’s pretty trippy to experience first hand, I could only see white and gold a few hours ago no matter how hard to stared, now it’s the opposite.

      Either way there’s a post floating around that explains it in relation to rods and cones, and if my undergrad days aren’t too rusty , this seems like the most sensible answer when you factor in altered perceptions under identical viewing conditions.

      • Its not its a blue and Black dress. The blogger that posted the dress showed it is a blue and black. Heck the news just covered it half an hour ago….

  • It’s blue and black. The original is blue and black. This image is edited so the contrast looks different to some people so the colours look different.

  • I see blue and gold and, for some strange reason, I now hate everyone who disagrees with me!

  • It’s gold and pale blue, I don’t see what the big deal is.
    If people are seeing black they must have their brightness turned waaaay down.
    The pale blue could also easily be white depending on the lighting.
    But the gold bits are gold. Like the top of it is mustard coloured not vegemite coloured.

  • I see black and blue all the time, on a wide variety of screens. According to a article I’m pretty sure it is technically black and blue.

  • Im gunna be that guy and go ahead and say, who gives a shit. its a dress, whoopdefuckingdoo and it doesnt belong on this site or is kotaku US now also fulling the role of popsugar and the vine?

  • The above pic – white & gold.

    Other pics I’ve seen, Blue and Black.

    I think in-person it is white & gold.

  • Seriously, look at the dress, go outside, come back and look at it again. People are messing with their brightness and contrast settings? That’s the best theory you geniuses come up with? What about every other colour that doesn’t get constantly misconstrued on a grand scale? Like, why isn’t that your first thought? Entirely eliminates the dumb theory.

    It’s your eyes.

    This is the best one though:

    It’s not about what color the dress is. It’s about ethics in gaming journalism

    • I still can’t see the black…

      Unless maybe it’s one of those “black” colours that are actually gray…

  • The actual dress in real life is black and blue. This photo has screwed up lighting that makes it look white and gold.

    • No, cretin, the actual dress is white and gold. Get your brain checked man, coz u must be trippin.

  • wait, people seriously see this as black and blue?

    i honestly thought it was a huge joke…

    is it? fuck i’m confused.

    • It’s an accidental optical illusion, I took it for junk until I was scrolling through my FB feed and saw the post for the second time and it had changed, I originally saw it as white and gold and now suddenly it was black and blue, then when I came back later white and gold again. On this page I was able to control it by staring at the WoW cape and back at the dress and its black and blue again. It’s all about additive and subtractive colour perception that our eyes go through when light levels change, pretty amazing stuff.

  • I was always terrible at these ‘magic eye’ things…. is it a pony, or a dolphin? I don’t know….

  • Its blue and black. I see light blue and a very dark copper/gold, which is obviously due to lighting.

    How anyone can see the blue as white is beyond me. The only way is to turn the brightness way way up, and even then its still light blue unless you’re squinting and really entertaining the idea that its white. The original picture is still clearly blue.

    Apparently its about the rods in your eyes and how they adjust for lighting, but its confirmed to be blue and black. White and gold people just have inferior vision. I was next to someone in my office who still claimed white, amazing.

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