The New 3DS Vs Wii Graphics Comparison You’ve Been Waiting For

The New 3DS Vs Wii Graphics Comparison You’ve Been Waiting For
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Which has better graphics? The New Nintendo 3DS or the (old) Nintendo Wii? Let’s compare and find out.

We’ve seen graphic comparisons between the Wii U and the regular 3DS (thanks, Smash Bros.!). But since Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is a port of the Wii original and a New Nintendo 3DS exclusive, we get a very good idea of how the two pieces of Nintendo hardware line up.

Have a look in this comparison from Nintendo World Report TV:

So. Which do you think looks better?


  • The New Nintendo 3DS or the (old) Nintendo Wii

    So pretty much all articles talking about Nintendo hardware are going to sound like an Abbott and Costello skit from now on eh?

      • “I’d like to buy a new 3DS please”
        “sure, here’s a 3ds”
        “no, a new 3ds, not a 3ds”
        “an old 3ds?”
        “no a new 3ds”
        “a new new 3ds or a new old 3ds?”
        “an old 3ds”
        “so a 3ds?”
        “new or old?”
        “forget it, I’ll just take a wii”

  • Th Wii of course. I have the New 3DS XL and love it but it is still a Nintendo handheld. Never been known for having much power. Would love it if Nintendo actually kept up with Sony with its Handhelds and both Sony and Microsoft with its consoles. A truly next gen console with Nintendo quality games? Hell yes!

    • I agree the Wii version looks better – looks cleaner and sharper. There isn’t much in it though, it must be said.

      One of the things that most impressed me about the Wii version was the size of the environments and the draw distances. The video didn’t really show any of that so it would be interesting to see how the 3DS stacks up in that department.

      By the way, the fact that the recent Nintendo consoles are technically underpowered doesn’t seem to be hurting them too much. The Wii was the best selling console of last generation, the 3DS outsells the Vita by a country mile, and the Wii U is really starting to hit its stride now and probably has the best exclusive game lineup.

      • Oh I agree with the Nintendo consoles. They have a quantity of great games if not technical power of the consoles. I own a Wii, Wii U and a New 3DS XL but would still love for their next console to actually be on par with the other companies. Seems they are almost always a generation behind at least.

        • “Almost always” a generation behind isn’t true at all. Only been true since arguably the Wii.

          The Gamecube sat between the PS2 and Xbox, power-wise
          The N64 was more powerful than the PS1 and Saturn
          The SNES was more powerful than the Mega Drive

          Their handhelds have been a different story, ever since the Gameboy they have more or less been technically inferior to the competition (except for the Gameboy Advance, which was a little beast of a machine compared to what else was on the market at the time), but that hasn’t seemed to really hurt them too much. One advantage to portable systems having less power is longer battery life, and I’d argue longer battery life is a more important feature for a portable gaming system than slightly better graphics.

          • I guess it just feels like a lot longer since they had anything resembling the other 2 console brands in terms of actual power. As for the handhelds, given the massive spec difference in nearly all regards between Vita and the 3ds I am actually surprised there is only a few hours difference in battery life. But understandable given the much bigger screen and specs.

      • That’s because the only ones that tout the Nintendo console’s relative “low power” as a clear sign of imminent (but in reality, never close) doom are the people who are already fanboys of the other two consoles and who love to split differences and declare “winners” over such features so transparently divorced of fun as “frame rate” or “polygon count”.

        Nintendo is intelligent. Instead of trying to cater to those guys (who may or may not be swayed in the end) and compete against two major corporations in a game of budgets, they just keep doing their thing, pleasing the crowd that already love them and breaking into new, non-competed markets with games that are as extremely polished in gameplay and abundant in fun as they are “deficient” in processing power or other ultimately irrelevant matters.

  • Is a YouTube video a good way to compare them? I mean, Xenoblade looks headache inducingly blurry and rough on a 60″ TV but these things have a tenancy to look great when displayed on a smaller more pixel dense screen.

    • yer this is my thought as well. On a decent size tv the wii version was very pixelated and blurry and really showed how underpowered the wii was compared to other rpgs that had come out on the other consoles at the time. Hopefully the 3ds version having a smaller screen should fix this problem.

      • So far playing Wii games on the Wii U game pad has worked wonders. I know it’s stupid but games I couldn’t look at without feeling sick are now perfectly playable on the little screen. Still sucks that I can’t enjoy them on the big screen though.

        • Cool i forgot you could use the wii u pad to show the wii games might gove me the push to play some of my old wii games aswell

  • There’s not a lot of difference in that first gif, but that won’t show things like framerate etc.

    There’s a big difference in the embedded video “thumbnail” though, the 3DS doesn’t even look like it has any lighting at all on the models.

    Watching the video, you can see that a lot of the characters look worse on the 3DS, missing all the shading effects that are on the Wii version.

    I’m still pretty impressed with the 3DS version overall though, the scenery is very close to the Wii version.

    I wonder what this game would look like on some of the recent Android/iOS devices for comparison.

    • Who said they removed it? The player in the 3DS version just may not have been wearing it at the time. Unless you’re only talking specifically about the video.

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