The Next Hitman Movie Doesn’t Try To Make Agent 47 A Hero

The Next Hitman Movie Doesn’t Try To Make Agent 47 A Hero

You know what? When you have an assassin as the central character of your movie, he doesn’t necessarily need to be a good guy. He can be one hell of a villain.

If you were fearing the worst for Agent 47, then you might be pleasantly surprised by the trailer for the upcoming Hitman adaptation. At the very least, it dangles the promise of some crazy over-the-top set pieces. The movie comes out in August.

For comparison’s sake, one of the trailers for the last Hitman movie is below. Pretty stark shift in tone, right?


  • Olyphant may cop some crap for it but I thought he was good as 47. I found the movie itself to be one of those “its so bad its good” kinda deals. One of those guilty pleasures like Equilibrium that no sane person should admit to enjoying.

    Im not sold on this yet but I can see it being good. Honestly Im just glad its not Paul Walker….

    • I liked the first one, it had subtlety and mood. This new movie is just a kid’s red-cordial fueled imagination of what’s cool.

    • I thought he was a good 47 too. I dodn’t think the movie was near as bad as people made it out to be. It certainly was no Citizen Kane, but as far as films with games as the inspiration, it wasn’t in the Max Paine league of awfulness either.

      Although I’m thinking that the homeland guy will be a good 47.

    • The first Hitman movie nailed its aesthetics and sounsd, and Olyphant looked more the part than the current guy… but he was painted as a hero, and that was a problem. This new one doesn’t have as good a 47 and loses a lot of imagery, but has almost the right idea about how 47 should be portrayed. Still too talkative, though. And ripping off The Watchmen’s most popular line ever is a bit of a cringe as well.

  • After seeing ghe new trailer im disappointed to see how much of a generic action movie this is. At least the first one was more true to hitman and like Gooky said why does he have hair..If your going to commit to the role he could at least shaved his hair!
    This is how a hitman film should he done!

  • Woof, I am a big fan of Timothy Olyphant (phwoar level, you know) but the first movie was horrible. This will not be any better, I’m sure.

  • I’m on board for a pulpy action flick. It’s something hollywood does well enough to keep me interested for 2 hours of dumb fun. If you are going to work with the Hitman IP then using 47 as what would be an otherwise interchangeable generic action hero, and you don’t try too hard to go “Ohhh look at me, I’m a video game movie” (looking at you Doom) then I think they can pull it off.

  • This reminds me that I bought the Hitman HD collection ages ago and never played it… I should like get on that. Oh yeah.. also Absolution for steam lol.. to be fair it was $2, what was I supposed to do, NOT buy it??? (Xbox HD collection was $10, again.. how could I not Lol)

    I did play the original 1+2 through to the end and a few levels of Blood Money.. very fun despite me being a clumsy bugger

    Edit: also what’s up with the horrible Hendrix cover

  • I’m not buying the villain thing just yet, he just kills a bunch of faceless soldier cops.

    Chances are he will be the antagonist of the film right up to the end where his true intentions are revealed. Prob kills off the main the bad guy pulling the strings before slinking away in to the shadows.
    To be honest though, it might be a damn good way to portray him as the cold and methodical character he is without dragging him in to the traditional movie hero tropes. Let other characters provide the emotion and just let 47 be 47.

    Will be interested to see how this turns out

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