The One Piece 'Mistake' People Are Talking About

The One Piece

The latest One Piece manga is out in the new issue of Weekly Jump. And in the above image from the magazine, there is what looks like an artist mistake. Try spotting it. Go on. Do it.

Picture: Xo_b_s_c_u_r_eX

Here's the full image,.

The One Piece

Picture: onepiecesokuhou

For those who weren't able to notice the mistake, Twitter user Takumi created this explanation (below), which has been retweeted over 9500 times.

The One Piece

Here's an arrow in case you still cannot see it.

The One Piece

That's right, Usopp's bicycle is, oddly, disjointed. The bicycle doesn't have a frame. That's because pirates don't need bicycle frames.

But, hey, no biggie! With One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda's gruelling schedule, mistakes are bound to happen.


    I thought the mistake was that Usopp had a ciggy in his mouth. Like Sanji always does.

    I thought the mistake was the illusion of the girl doing a spread eagle towards the camera, but that's probably an intentional visual gag.... that, or I have a dirty, dirty mind.

      I thought that was what they were drawing attention to as well, until I saw the explanation image.

      I thought her right leg was a stump until I realised that diamond thing was her shoe.

      Actually, her left leg does seem disproportionately long.

    Knowing nothing about One Piece, I assumed that the missing frame was intentional and it was just some wacky bike. I've seen stranger stuff in other shows. =D

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