The Order: 1986 -- No, That Is Not A Typo

We already know what The Order: 1886 looks like. What would The Order: 1986 look like? Or The Order: 1996 or that matter?

This is marketing for The Order: 1886, but it's probably the best piece of marketing I've seen in ages. Seriously, for the first 30 seconds I actually, truly believed that.

What the hell is wrong with me.

This video is absolutely spot on. It almost harks back to the glory days of Sony's super weird advertising that somehow just worked and was super cool. Also: the rendition of The Order: 1996 is A+. Absolutely pitch perfect. This is seriously 100% better than any cinematic trailer for any video game I've ever seen.


    Hahaha that was awesome.

    I'll hold out for the 1986 version of the game.

      Maybe they can do it as some kind of standalone expansion, like the Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon thing.

        Oh god yes.

        Even though being a Sony thing I'll never end up playing it anyway.

      With the soundtrack from GTA Vice City to boot.

      Last edited 04/02/15 11:12 am

    Awesome. Coulda sworn it was a College Humour/Funny or Die parody.

    Pressue now on sony to produce The Order 1986 DLC, follow the path taken by Far Cry Blood Dragon.

    Last edited 04/02/15 11:14 am

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