The Secret Reloading Animations Of Battlefield Hardline

The Secret Reloading Animations Of Battlefield Hardline

Every time you reload a gun in Battlefield Hardline, there's a very small chance of finding a weird and secret reload animation. The developers thought it would take a while for players to discover them, but as the game's beta moves forward, they have found some rad easter eggs.

This all came to light when someone posted their discovery, prompting the creators to acknowledge there were more of them in the game and challenge players to find them:

Cue the floodgates opening, as many other secret animations were soon unearthed:

This one is probably my favourite, thanks to the subtle Star Wars nod.


    That RPG one made me laugh like a moron.

    Haha the RPG one is awesome.

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    I've been playing the beta on 360 and it's shaping up to be a real amazing game. Not only is it fun but the game doesn't feel like a beta, it actually feels finished. Adding in these reload animations is just icing.

    See EA? This is what happens when you don't force a games release date.

    Also, in the first gif. You can clearly see ZONE-tan icon. If you don't know who that is, don't look him up at work.

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      nice try EA

      All the reports are the game shouldve been a BF4 expansion

      Yeah, I've heard a lot of criticism for the lack of destruction, and people getting annoyed by the driving mechanics but I like it.

      I do think some bits could be better. The tanker truck doesn't feel like it has any momentum, and just stops if it hits anything. Also there are a few too many obstacles that slow you down or get you stuck in dust bowl. But other than that the game is pretty good. Shooting out of moving vehicles turns out to be a lot of fun.

        A lot of stuff inside buildings is destructible, but I prefer it that way. Now we don't have those tools that level entire battlefields to take away everybodys fun.

      game doesn't feel like a beta

      Thats because its a demo. Not a beta.
      Regardless of what they call it, its a demo. This close to release the game is finished.

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        Could still be beta testing the servers.

          that's pretty much what they are doing. stress testing servers and final balancing

        The beta for BF4 was far from finished and that was the month before release.

    Urgh i hate how it is impossible to see players when they are perfectly in line with objective markers!

    That three-handed one was brilliant, must have been playing as the T1000 from Terminator 2:

    I think the real story here is that battlefield isn't coming out on steam but their animator is wearing an aperture science lanyard.

      Hah, I noticed that, too.

      Game developers love great games... who'da thunk? :)

    This is a big step up from the stuff you were writing at Giant Bomb. Great stuff, Patrick.

    Loved the revolver one. Flicks the last bullet left of the screen and it re-emerges from the right haha

    I find a sense of irony in calling something a beta but limiting it to two maps.

    At least when the game hits there'll be two throughouly tested maps. I guess that's a plus.

    As for the game itself. I like most of it. Paying 50K to an AMW only to end up with a Scout Elite the next round because different team does kind of annoy me a lot. But I'll get over it.

    The only thing i can't justify is the price. It feels like a BF4 Total Conversion mod, not a full, new release game. But that could be to aforementioned limits.

    Was that Revolver reload one a nod to the FC3: BD shotgun reload animation?

    And that RPG reload one was brilliant

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