The Sources Of One Piece. It Seems. 

The Sources of One Piece. It Seems.

Ever feel like you've seen One Piece characters somewhere else before? It's not just you who thinks that.

Picture: Eiichiro Oda/One Piece

In the past, Kotaku has profiled the ways that One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda allegedly borrowed from other cartoons. There was also that image showing the famous people that appear to have inspired numerous One Piece characters.

Via One Piece fan site Logpiece, here's an even more detailed look at those alleged character sources. It's from a few years back, but still fascinating and exhaustive. This might be the most comprehensive source image I've seen. Click the upper corner to expand to full size.

The Sources of One Piece. It Seems.

Picture: sabaody_news

The image is in Japanese, but most of the photo connections, which show good sleuthing and logical conjecture, should be self-explanatory.

It's not necessarily bad that Oda wears his influences on his sleeve. One Piece isn't created in a vacuum, and these influences allow a new layer of understanding in how he appears to work.


    Since Kotaku's image viewer is garbage, the link to the full sized image is here.

    I've never thought of them this way, but suddenly they all make sense. Franky is a combination of Ace Ventura, Popeye and Elvis Presley. It surprised me that Admiral Kizaru that someone in real life could look the same way though o_o

    Last edited 17/02/15 12:06 pm

    Sure this isn't just a table of google image search results?

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