The Worst Taxi Driver In The History Of Grand Theft Auto

I've had some excruciating taxi rides in my life, but at no point in my life has a taxi driver taken his car off the road, driven onto train tracks and driven head first into an oncoming train.

But this is Grand Theft Auto V. Anything can and will happen.

Yet this is still hilariously weird. I'm a big fan of taking taxis in Grand Theft Auto, because I don't really like driving in games, and I like to play through the story missions quickly, but I've never had anything remotely crazy happen in a taxi. Sure, they'll often crash into other cars but that's it.

It looks like it must be some sort of error in path-finding or something. Either way, hilarious.


    Hang on Mark, you don't like driving in games, yet you play GTAV ??? Most of the missions DEMAND that you drive at some point...

    After years and years of short fares and torment, he'd finally given up.

    I love the way the first person view camera does the whole side to side looking thing as if "Hey, are you sure we're going the right way? Ummm, is that a train? OH SHIT!"

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